15 Best Vegan Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN [2023 Updated]

Following a specific diet depends on people to people. If you do so, it can be harder to find restaurants that fit it. However, in this day and age, no need to worry too much about where to eat; instead, is the food tasty? Here are the 16 best vegan restaurants in Indianapolis, IN.

Three Carrots Fountain Square

$$ | (463) 221-3669 | WEBSITE


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Three Carrots Fountain Square is an open and airy restaurant for those who want a halt or are visiting for a break and to chill. They serve vegan and vegetarian American and Midwestern cuisine, allowing you to enjoy the classics without meat! They are perfect for everyone because the food is so good!

There’s always a different method to do something, and Three carrots Fountain Square proves that to be true. They ensure that everything they serve is fresh and have a “from scratch” method to ensure this even more consistently. Whether you want a vegan brunch or dinner, they’ve got it.


10th Street Diner

$$ | (463) 221-1255 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN 10th Street Diner

This vegan hangout has exposed brick and a modern warehouse feel, giving it a relaxed feel. Aside from good food, the high ceilings, natural light, and clean lines add to the place’s charisma. Fried pickles, salads, chili fries, blueberry pancakes, and much more healthy cuisine are on the menu at this establishment.

They make sure their menu offers new stuff, making it more exciting and an avenue to try new things. 10th Street Diner also has an excellent online presence, so you can check them out on your social media platforms to get updated on their events, promos, and announcements.


Cul De Sac Kitchen

$$ | (317) 744-9622 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Indianapolis, IN Cul De Sac Kitchen

Cul De Sac Kitchen offers one of the best vegan dishes in town. Their main goal is to make sure they serve tasty food that’s made with the freshest ingredients. The simple place gives off a really comfortable vibe and the basic seating style and time are to be expected.

Cooks at Cul De Sac Kitchen prepare the food as you order, so your meal arrives hot and fresh at your table, and you are sure it’s not just a reheated dish. If you are dining here because you are hungry, you are in the right place as the portions are generous, and the food is delicious and really filling.


3 Sisters Cafe

$$ | (317) 257-5556 | WEBSITE

Indianapolis, IN Best Restaurants 3 Sisters Cafe

3 Sisters Cafe offers a simple but classy feel, just like when you take your breakfast in a well-kept garden. They serve inventive American breakfast and lunch selections, vegan options, and other good food in a cottage-style eatery.

This place is popular, and you might be subject to waiting, but once you experience their service, you will realize it’s worth it. They offer quite a list of dishes, which includes customizable ones. This place is a good place for a quick brunch or whether it’s a slow day and you want to enjoy a calm morning.


Public Greens

$$ | (317) 964-0865 | WEBSITE


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Public Greens is a simple but hearty place that serves New American dishes. The area has a contemporary, cafeteria-type, and comfortable feel to it. What’sWhat’s even better about this place is they make sure they give back to charity.

Public Greens has a pleasant atmosphere and, honestly, one of the prettiest places to visit; neat and green! Spending time in this restaurant ensures you have a good time whether you are eating alone or are with someone.

The food is excellent and healthy with fresh ingredients. They have quite a lot f options for you to choose from too. It’sIt’s always a joy to eat healthily and at the same time help other people.



$ | (317) 410-9507 | WEBSITE

Indianapolis, IN Best Restaurant Tlaolli

Sometimes, you just got to have some tacos. It might be hard to find vegan tacos in some places, but Tlaolli got you and serves one of the best vegan tacos in town. You will have to worry about having no vegan options when you go with your friends because Tlaolli offers great vegan taco options.

Tlaolli offers not only good food but great service as well. As a restaurant, it’s always essential to make sure that your staff is approachable and equipped with ample knowledge about the menu. Tlaolli also makes sure that they provide consistently good quality food and place.


Tinker Street Restaurant

$$$ | (317) 925-5000 | WEBSITE


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Tinker Street Restaurant is where you want to go when you want good quality wines, beers, and seasonal fare in a classy terrace and welcoming atmosphere. This place has a lively mood that keeps the spirits up and the excellent food. The food is served on a balcony of their new outpost, giving you a lovely spot for fresh air as you enjoy your food.

They make sure their food is cooked to perfection, whatever dish you may pick from the menu, which will quite be the challenge because everything just sounds tasty. Overall, Tinker Street Restaurant is a consistently rated excellent restaurant, and they deserve it.


Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

$$ | (317) 964-0580 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

Axum Ethiopian Restaurant is an artistic place serving various traditional Ethiopian dishes. Their vegan combo is one of the most recommended by regulars and first-time dine-in customers. There’sThere’s still a lot to explore on their menu and you can take your time choosing as they have a calm atmosphere.

Their vegan platter is also a good choice if you are dining with other people. Vegan or not, Axum Ethiopian Restaurant’sRestaurant’s food is sure to serve a meal you will enjoy. Ethiopian restaurants are also known for their spicy dishes, so if you are in the mood for spicy, you might want to visit.


CoreLife Eatery

$$ | (317) 537-9815 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Indianapolis, IN CoreLife Eatery

CoreLife Eatery offers some of the best food experiences in town. Though it can be hard to pick from the variety of their choices, whatever you do will be great, and you will surely enjoy it. They have plenty of good options, and some are customizable too, so it will be more fun for you as you build your own dish.

CoreLife Eatery also has house-made drinks for you, with plenty of options to refresh you and be the cherry on top of your healthy meal. These drinks are not only healthy but also delicious, an excellent way to finish a nice meal.


The Garden Table

$$ | (317) 737-2531 | WEBSITE


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The Garden Table lies in the heart of Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis and aims to serve you fresh and healthy dishes. This place makes sure that they do food made from locally-sourced ingredients. It’sIt’s got to be one of your favorite neighborhood restaurants and juice bar.

The Garden Table has a lot to offer on its menu, from seasonal food to fresh-pressed juices. You may think you need to spend a lot of money on good food, but this place is about to change your assumption. They serve not only fresh and good, but all of them are also at reasonable prices. The Garden Table is a place that never disappoints.


Bewer Bakes

$ | (317) 643-0330 | WEBSITE


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Perhaps you are looking for some good vegan cookies and other baked goods; this is a place for you. It may be hard to find a vegan cookies store that’s of good quality and actually tasty but worry no more. Bewer Bakes is a cookie bakery that ensures excellent quality goods for you and your family.

They are an utterly plant-based establishment specializing in baking and making your favorite pre-baked and pre-packaged cookies with organic ingredients. The cookies are free of milk, eggs, soy, and animal byproducts. Their tasty goodies are also nut-free, so you won’t have to worry if you happen to be avoiding nuts too.


The Healthy Food Cafe

$$ | (317) 476-2361 | WEBSITE


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From the cafe’s name alone, you can ensure this is a place serving healthy food. The Healthy Food Cafe is a health-focused restaurant that provides fresh and organic ingredients. They serve different organic and vegan dishes that you can enjoy without a doubt.

And to top of your meal, they also serve healthy coffee, juices, and smoothies that will make your dining experience a whole lot better. Their dishes are perfectly cooked, not lacking, and not too much, ensuring the perfect texture for your palate.

This is very important, especially for vegetables; cook them too short, they’re still hard; cook them too long, they become soggy. Good thing The Healthy Food Cafe makes sure everything is excellent.


Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe

$$ | (317) 974-1770 | WEBSITE


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Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe is up for any of your vegan and halal Turkish dish. This place is the very first Turkish restaurant in the state and the sole establishment in Indianapolis, with a varied menu including authentic Turkish Mediterranean appetizers, salads, entrees, soups, and desserts.

Each dish is made from scratch using traditional methods and is crafted with creativity and pure love for food. The place is cozy and comfortable, with friendly and helpful staff.

Their vegan dishes are superb, and they ensure that they have no animal byproducts involved. In addition, like the other food on their menu, made with the freshest ingredients.


Canal Bistro

$$ | (317) 254-8700 | WEBSITE

Indianapolis, IN Restaurant Canal Bistro

Canal Bistro is a posh restaurant and bar with an elegant atmosphere. This place has both indoor and outdoor seating, so you have a choice of view, enjoying the excellent and sleek interior or the equally elegant outdoor seating with an extra breath of fresh air.

They have a canalside patio where you may dine on enjoying their Mediterranean dishes from their varied menu. Canal Bistro makes sure that their staff is knowledgeable and approachable, always ready to help you with your inquiries the best they can.

While the menu is varied, they still ensure that all the food is delicious, including their vegan options.


Broad Ripple Brewpub

$$ | (317) 253-2739 | WEBSITE


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Broad Ripple Brewpub is Indianapolis’ very first restaurant to serve its own brewed beer. This brewpub is excellent for you if you are up for some good food with beer.

Customers have been coming back for their award-winning beers and a menu that contains something for everybody, thus the title, something-for-everyone menu. They have something for you from pizzas, British dishes, and vegan options. Overall, the place is a great laid-back hangout place with many possibilities.



Looking for a vegan place to eat? Worry not, as here are the 16 best vegan restaurants in Indianapolis, IN. It pays to have prior and brief knowledge about a restaurant before visiting it. This is especially true when you follow a strict diet; not every restaurant has a vegan option for you.

Vegan Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

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