17 Best Restaurants in Evansville, IN [2023 Updated]

Taking in the sights around Evansville and fancying a bite to eat? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve found THE list of the best restaurants in Evansville.

All the addresses and websites are included, so if you like what you see, you can find it. Want to make that stomach stop rumbling? Well, read on….

The Log Inn

$$ | (812) 867-3216 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Evansville, IN The Log Inn

Locals have called The Log Inn’s fried chicken the best in the area. And no one can complain about German fries. Not only is the food tasty, but the location’s unique too. It was built in 1825, and it is the oldest inn and stagecoach in the United States.

You can really feel the history in this place. There’s a feeling that someone’s going to pull up in a horse-drawn carriage any second. To top it all of, the staff are friendly here too!


Turoni’s Pizzery and Brewery

$$ | (812) 424-9871 | WEBSITE


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To stand out in such a transitory neighborhood is really something, and Turoni’s does just that. Among so many great eateries, Turoni’s takes the cake.

Or pie! They make some of the best pizza in the area. It tastes great. They also have quick and friendly service, and the beer’s good too.

They even make their own sauce and sausages. So what you see on the pizza is homemade. Just bear in mind, they have a small staff. It might take a while for you to be served, but it’ll be worth the wait.


BRU Burger Bar

$$ | (812) 302-3005 | WEBSITE


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Do you like pets? Well, so do Bru! You can bring your dogs into the restaurant with you, and the staff will give you complimentary food and water for your little friend.

And it’s not just the animals that get quality service here. Their burgers are delicious with a wide range of choices. The staff really go above and beyond to make sure that you (and your dog!) have the best time you can.


Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano

$$ | (812) 421-0800 | WEBSITE


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True to its authentically Italian name, this is an authentically Italian experience. You’re made to feel like family at Biaggi’s. Service is quick and friendly. The food arrives quickly, and in good portions.

Word to the wise: you might want to share some dishes between two people. The servers are also very knowledgeable about their food, And you know that it’s not just the customers who are treated well. The servers themselves seem just as happy to be there as the customers!


Gerst Bavarian Haus

$$ | (812) 424-1420 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Evansville, IN Gerst Bavarian Haus

A German settlement like Evansville wouldn’t be complete without a good German restaurant. Located off Evansville’s historic West Franklin Street, Gerst Bavarian Haus is the only full-service German restaurant in town.

It’s full of classic German dishes and American classics. The schnitzel comes highly recommended! On top of that, the service is excellent. They are very attentive and friendly, and they’ll do whatever they can to make sure that you have a great time.


Bandana’s BBQ Evansville

$$ | (812) 401-9922 | WEBSITE

Evansville, IN Best Restaurants Bandana’s BBQ Evansville

This is a great spot for lunch with decent portions of meat and sides. There is an extensive menu, and it can be hard to choose what to eat.

Luckily, there’s a solution: the 3 meat combo platter. This way, you get a combination of brisket, ribs, and chicken all on one plate.

Although people have said that the chicken is so good that they could eat it on its own. You’ll also get fantastic service at this place. But be warned, service might take a little longer than usual as this is such a popular spot. If you visit, you’ll see why.


Cork ‘n Cleaver

$$ | (812) 479-6974 | WEBSITE

Evansville, IN Best Restaurant Cork ‘n Cleaver

You wouldn’t think it, looking at the laid-back and friendly atmosphere of this place, but the food here is high-end. You can have a quality dining experience at the Cork ‘n Cleaver without the price tag, or any feeling of snootiness.

You can enjoy treats like mushroom caps, filet mignon, and scallops. The service is excellent. They could be entertaining you and a party of ten, and you wouldn’t see any dip in quality. It’s a great place for a treat with friends.


Angelo’s Italian Restaurant

$$ | (812) 428-6666 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Evansville, IN Angelo’s Italian Restaurant

Some people have called this the best place in town. Found in the middle of downtown Evansville, there’s a lot of competition for Angelo’s. But the restaurant stands a chance at living up to its title. It’s a very relaxing experience.

The staff couldn’t do enough for you. No matter your needs or tastes, they will do their best to accommodate you. To top it all off, the food’s delicious.

Authentic Italian food. Even if you don’t have an Italian grandma, it feels like you’re eating one of her recipes.


Jimmy Gao’s Associates

$$ | (812) 479-7600 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Evansville, IN Jimmy Gao’s Associates

You know how sometimes you find a hidden gem, try the food, and it’s out of this world? Then you go back a second time, and it doesn’t live up to your expectations? Well, that doesn’t happen here. Yes, this place is a hidden gem.

Yes, the food is out of this world. But it still holds up on the second visit. The food is not only delicious but abundant for the price. And they have an extensive menu: from General Tso’s chicken to crab rangoon. There’s something for everyone here.


Thai Papaya

$$ | (812) 477-8424 | WEBSITE

Evansville, IN Restaurants Thai Papaya

This is a great place for a delicious Pad Thai. With their consistent quality, it’s a great place to come back to again and again. There are plenty of dining options too. You can sit inside, on their outdoor seating, or you can get takeout.

Each dish is prepared to order too, so you can choose how spicy it is. If you’ve never tried Thai food before, this would be a great introduction to it. To top it all off, the people running the restaurant are kind and helpful. Great for an occasional treat.


Deerhead Pizza Tavern

$$ | (812) 425-2515 | WEBSITE

Evansville, IN Restaurant Deerhead Pizza Tavern

With a vast menu and reasonable prices, Deerhead’s got something for every taste and budget. They’ve got some of the best pizzas and their salads are plentiful. The service is excellent and considerate too.

The owner’s dad has been known to come to your table to ask how the food is! And people tend to answer that the food is excellent. There are all sorts to choose from, from double-decker pizzas to boneless wings.


Kite and Key Cafe on Franklin

$$ | (812) 401-0275 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Evansville, IN Kite and Key Cafe on Franklin

This hidden gem is perfect for breakfast. They make delicious classics like scrambled eggs, oatmeal, a fry-up: you name it. All the portions are a healthy size: not too big, not small. Just right. Perfect for porridge!

You will also be seated and have your drink served immediately. Everything’s cooked to order, so you can make requests. To top it all off, the service is friendly and efficient. Everything you need for a perfect breakfast.


Little Italy

$$ | (812) 401-0588 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Evansville, IN Little Italy

The restaurant is so inviting, you can tell just by looking at it. It’s full of authentic, homemade Italian classics. Local favorites are the chicken tortellini with pesto, the chicken parm, and the baked ziti.

And the food looks so good that plenty of people regret not getting a picture before digging in. It’s also got the most wonderful ambiance. It’s the perfect place for a date. Very quiet and intimate. It’s no wonder this place is a hit with the locals.


Bar Louie

$$ | (812) 476-7069 | WEBSITE


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This is a great place for a bite to eat. Lots of American classics like burgers and fries. They even make desserts here. But the stars of the show really have to be the drinks. They have such an extensive drinks menu and a full bar.

Even if they somehow don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll be sure to make it for you. And the staff are so accommodating. They’ll do all that they can to make sure that you have the best visit you can.


DiLegge’s Restaurant

$$ | (812) 428-3004 | WEBSITE

Evansville, IN Top Restaurants DiLegge’s Restaurant

Delicious Italian food at a great price. So many locals rave about this place. They serve everything from classic spaghetti bolognese to crab-stuffed mushrooms in Alfredo sauce. You get ample portions, so there’s no way you’re going hungry at this place!

The real star of the show is the sauces in each entree. They make the food into little flavor bombs. You’ll also be treated to excellent service. If you want a classic Italian experience, this is the place to go.


Pie Pan Restaurant and Bakery

$$ | (812) 425-2261 | WEBSITE

Evansville, IN Top Restaurant Pie Pan Restaurant and Bakery

This place is known for its breakfast service. And it’s no surprise why. They have an extensive selection of breakfast foods, from the classic omelet or even a more modern avocado toast. They even have lunches, like country fried steak, or fried chicken and waffles.

Whatever you order, it’ll be cooked perfectly. They also have some real superstars working as waitstaff. They’ll do what they can to give you the best breakfast, lunch or dinner you want.



$$ | 812-473-0001 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Evansville, IN Cleavers

This is a proper hometown treat. The food here is the kind of stuff that you go and get when you’re visiting your mom and dad. All sorts of American classics are on offer, from pancakes to waffles, to omelets.

The perfect food to have on the go while you have a much-needed catch-up with your family. It’s open for every meal of the day, and there are vegetarian options, so everyone can join in. Plenty of local people call Cleavers a five-star experience.



So there you have it: the 19 best restaurants in Evansville, Indiana. With a mix of German, Italian, Chinese, and Thai options, you can feel like you’re traveling the world without leaving Indiana.

There are also plenty of decent portion sizes and options to suit every diet. There’s something to keep everyone happy in Evansville.

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