15 Best Thai Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV [2023 Updated]

Thai cuisine is known for its spicy and aromatic dishes. Most of these are easy to do, that is why everyone enjoys them. Thai cuisine is only a walk or drives away, whether in a different part of the world.

Hence, this blog will list the 15 best Thai restaurants in Las Vegas, NV. These are the affordable diners in the area.

Le Thai

$$ | (702) 778-0888 | WEBSITE


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The location of the first Le Thai restaurant is on the famous street of Fremont; hence the owner of the place wants the customer to enjoy good food and great ambiance simultaneously. There is also another branch in Las Vegas called Le Thai 2.

Le Thai is known for their curry dishes that differ in color. From yellow to red to green, all these are affordable and tasty. They also serve Thai coffees and tea as beverage choices.

Reservations are accepted if you want to visit, but they are optional.


Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert

$$ | (702) 734-7799 | WEBSITE


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The dishes in this restaurant are very considerate. They offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. The chef can replace meat ingredients with tofu and veggies if the customer prefers.

The food tastes excellent because they make it from fresh ingredients. Desserts in this place are also a must-try. Moreover, the prices are reasonable. Overall, the place’s service, food, and vibe are worth your money. No doubt, the customers gave helpful reviews in this Thai diner.


Weera Thai Restaurant

$$ | (702) 873-8749 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV Weera Thai Restaurant

The one located on Sahara Avenue is the first founded branch of Weera Thai. However, they have put up other affiliates in different areas in Las Vegas, so do not be confused if you encounter some of them.

Specifically, Weera Thai Restaurant on Sahara Avenue has an intimate atmosphere that welcomes weary guests. They have outdoor seating, free wifi, and television for the customers to enjoy.

The place is open every Saturday to Sunday from 11 AM to 10 PM. They also have a parking lot, and the restaurant is accessible even with wheelchairs.


Lotus of Siam

$$ | (702) 735-3033 | WEBSITE


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With only a reasonable price, you would not believe this place has become a favorite Thai restaurant in Las Vegas. Chef Giada’s must-see Las Vegas attraction on CNN aired this spot. This famous place received numerous recognitions as well. Moreover, many people eat at Lotus of Siam and do their food review vlogs.

They have exceptional pad thai, soft shell crabs, and golden tofu. Lotus of Siam has vegan and gluten-free options as well as vegetarian-friendly dishes.


Pin Kaow Thai Restaurant

$$ | (702) 638-2746 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV Pin Kaow Thai Restaurant

Among the popular dishes in Pin Kaow Thai restaurant are pad thai, pad see ew, curries, spring rolls, chicken satay, tom yum soup, and many more. As usual, they have vegetarian and vegan options.

The restaurant’s features include catering services, private parking, happy hour specials, reusable tableware, and free wifi.

Pin Kaow also accepts android, apple, and credit card payments. It is way convenient for customers. No wonder this diner is included in the most visited Thai restaurants in Las Vegas.


Komol Restaurant

$$ | (702) 731-6542 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Restaurant Komol Restaurant

Komol restaurant is another award-winning Thai restaurant in the city. It has won prestigious awards since its founding year in 1986. Tourists and locals love this place too.

Like the others in this list, Komol prioritizes vegan and vegetarian guests. They only use soy bean sauce, spicy herbs, and vegetable oil in vegetarian meals. They stick to MSG-free recipes to make them more authentic.

You can choose from regular, vegetarian, lunch special, dinner special, and drinks & desserts categories in their menu.


Thai Cuisine

$ | (702) 459-6009 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine offers delicious and authentic Thai food. The management of this restaurant is devoted to ensuring that every customer will have satisfied buds using the most quality ingredients.

Thai Cuisine has a comprehensive menu list, including their lunch specials that consist of glass noodle chicken, pad thai, chow mein chicken, etc.

As for the amenities, the restaurant has its bike and parking space. It is also recommended for a group setting because the noise is moderate. They accept Apple pay and credit cards too.


Archi’s Thai Kitchen

$ | (702) 880-5550 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV Archi’s Thai Kitchen

Archi’s Thai Kitchen is the original spot among the restaurant’s branches in Las Vegas. This place is a family business operating since 2002.

This chain restaurant serves Thai cuisine alongside wine and beer. The spot is small and simple but has a private parking lot and is wheelchair accessible. Catering services are also available.

The menu is categorized into appetizers, soups, salads, curries, noodles and rice, side orders and dessert, and lunch specials. You need to make a booking if you like to experience their service and food.


Thai Street Cafe

$ | (702) 462-9944 | WEBSITE


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This Thai restaurant uses traditional Thai ingredients to maintain the authenticity of its food. As the owner promises, you will feel the vibe of Bangkok even if you are in a different part of the world.

Some of their popular dishes are crab fried rice, tom yum soup, papaya salad, green curry, pad thai, and crispy rolls. Thai Street Cafe also has vegetarian alternatives on the menu.

Free wifi services, free television viewing, and private parking space are some of the amenities they have in this restaurant.


Sun’s Thai Food & Jerky

$ | (702) 272-1381 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Best Restaurants Sun’s Thai Food & Jerky

Located at North Ranch Plaza in Las Vegas, Sun’s Thai food and Jerky offers a simple and casual atmosphere with occasional relaxing live music. The food, service, and price are all worth it.

They are open from Monday to Sunday and can cater to pick-up and delivery requests. The live music they offer is also one reason why people visit this place.

In Sun’s Thai food and Jerky, you can order a variety of Thai dishes like pad thai, curries, fried wonton, salads, noodles, and many more. You can buy all these at a very reasonable price.


Lucki Thai

$ | (702) 629-2910 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Best Restaurant Lucki Thai

LucKi Thai restaurant can serve different types of customers. Their food is available from the usual palette to vegetarian and vegan choices. It is a casual place that serves simple dishes.

It is a tiny diner, but the food and price don’t go below the standard Thai restaurant. The menu contains noodles, curries, entrees, rice, lunch specials, and more. LucKi Thai has delivery and take-out services too. One amusing feature of this place is that they offer military discounts.


Amazing Thai 2

$$ | (702) 909-8987 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV Amazing Thai 2

Amazing Thai 2 is famous for giving modern twists to classic Thai cuisine. They have exceptional customer service and superb food. Some of their dishes are curries, fusion and authentic appetizers, desserts, noodles, and much more. However, the most popular are pad thai and spicy basil fried rice.

The features of Amazing Thai restaurant also include take-out and delivery services, gender-neutral restrooms, and television and wheelchair access. This Thai restaurant also has another branch in North Las Vegas, Nevada.


Ping Pong Thai Restaurant

$$ | (702) 228-9988 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Restaurants Ping Pong Thai Restaurant

If you visit their website, you will know that Ping Pong Thai restaurant is a world-renowned business operating for 16 years. They also claimed that they are supporting a foundation in Southern Nevada.

The business is open from Sunday to Friday. They have dine-in, take-out, and contactless delivery. You can enjoy the great dishes they offer for a price range of ten to twenty dollars per person.

Everything is excellent at this place, from food to service to the price; customers say it is favorable.


Ocha Thai Cuisine

$$ | (702) 386-8631 | WEBSITE


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This spot has two branches, and the other one is called Ocha Thai Express. The one included in this list is the place where this family-owned business began. Since 1989, the owners have been committed to ensuring that the restaurant serves a family-friendly ambiance.

According to the owners, their customers love tom yum soup, pad thai, stuffed chicken wings, beef jerky, and papaya salad. The dishes and service met the guests’ standards. It is also an advantage that food prices are affordable.



Honestly, there are so many Thai restaurants you can choose from, but we made sure that the ones in this list of 15 best Thai restaurants in Las Vegas, NV, are the finest you could find. These are also budget-friendly diners. Add all these to your bucket list, and let us know your feedback!

Thai Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV

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