12 Best Restaurants in Mesquite, NV 2023

To Nevadans, Mesquite is known as the last town before or after you cross the state line from or to a small pocket of Arizona.

People in the state are also aware that it is a popular spot for spotting wild horses that roam the desert landscape. However, Nevada is a big state and Mesquite might be a good place to stop and rest before heading anywhere else. That also means finding a good place to eat.

This list of the best restaurants in Mesquite factors in the price of the meal, but it also takes into account how good the food is at the given establishment.

As there are a few casinos in town, that is a nice indication that delicious food is there to be had. Here are a few places you can check out when you’re there.

12 Best Restaurants in Mesquite, NV 2023

  1. 1880 Grille
  2. Golden West Restaurant and Casino
  3. Sierra’s Buffet
  4. D Thai Bistro
  5. di’ Bella Pizza
  6. Cafe Rio: Mexican Grill
  7. Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner
  8. Gregory’s Mesquite Grill
  9. Samurai 21
  10. Wedgies Sports Bar
  11. Katherine’s Steakhouse
  12. Terrace at Wolf Creek

1880 Grille

$$ | 702-346-4292 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Mesquite, NV

Located on the grounds of the Conestoga Golf Club, the 1880 Grille is known for its offerings of chicken wings and beer. The 1880 Burger is one of its signature dishes and is made from black Angus beef. The 16-ingredient secret sauce is also part of why diners find the burger so tasty.

The 1880 Wings are the spot’s other house specialty and are famous for being the largest wings in Mesquite. Buttermilk ranch sauce is served on the side and regular patrons keep going back for more.



Golden West Restaurant and Casino

$ | 702-346-7500 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurants in Mesquite, NV

One of the best things about Golden West Restaurant and Casino is that it is open 24/7. So, this is a great spot for anyone that is traveling to grab a bite to eat. Casinos are known for having affordable food. So, the prices at Golden West are comparatively reasonable.

Starters include typical appetizers like onion rings, chicken fingers and wings, and mozzarella sticks. Chili is served every day and clam chowder is served every Friday. Classic hamburgers and mushroom burgers are available.

There are also plenty of sandwich options, including club, grilled cheese, and tuna melts. Steak dinners and fried chicken are also on the dinner menu.



Sierra’s Buffet

$ | 877-438-2929 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurant in Mesquite, NV

Located in the Virgin River Hotel and Casino, Sierra’s Buffet is a buffet-style restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner during designated hours. It is one of several eateries in the casino. However, it is the most comprehensive when it comes to ordering a full meal, restaurant-style.

Different nights have different menu themes, such as Steak Night, or Prime Rib and Crab night. Seafood and Home-Style Cooking are two other dinner themes offered throughout the week.

While Sierra’s kitchen is open 24/7, dinner hours do run later than many other area establishments. Between the price and different offerings, it makes the list for being a viable dining choice in Mesquite.



D Thai Bistro

$$ | 702-613-0442 | WEBSITE


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D Thai Bistro is a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine. Menu items include coconut shrimp, Crab Rangoon, shrimp tempura, chicken satay, and fried tofu as appetizers. Chicken and beef salads are available, as well as a papaya salad. There are several soup options, including tofu and Tom Yum soups.

Entrees include spicy eggplant and orange chicken. Curries, such as Panang and green curries are available.

Noodle soups are the biggest part of the menu and there are many different types to choose from and order. Of course, Pad Thai, one of the most popular Thai dishes in the states, is also a popular menu item at D Thai Bistro.



di’ Bella Pizza

$$ | 702-346-5566 | WEBSITE


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Anyone in Mesquite who has a taste for pizza can visit di’ Bella Pizza to satisfy their craving. This place prides itself on creating authentic pasta and pizza dishes.

Breadsticks and mozzarella sticks are part of the appetizer menu. There are also spicy fries, regular French fries, and onion rings available. Antipasto and chicken Caesar salads are two highlights of the salad options.

Pasta entrees include dishes like lasagna, Fettuccine Alfredo, baked ziti, spaghetti, and baked ravioli. Diners can also order calzones and stromboli.

Both are generously portioned and can count as more than one meal. There are also gourmet pizzas. Hot and cold sandwiches are available, as well as hamburgers, chicken tenders, and wings.



Cafe Rio: Mexican Grill

$$ | 702-675-9605 | WEBSITE


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Cafe Rio is a Mexican restaurant that offers typical Mexican fare. However, considering that Nevada is a southwestern state, Mexican food leans closer to being more authentic and better tasting. Appetizers include tortilla soup, chips and salsa, chips and guacamole, or chips and queso.

There are different sides to choose from, including beans, cheese, and various salsas and sauces. Entree menu items include burritos, tostadas, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos, and salads. Cafe Rio also has a kids’ menu of different types of quesadillas.



Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner

$$ | 702-345-6747 | WEBSITE

Mesquite, NVBest Restaurants

Peggy Sue’s is more than a 50s-style diner. It is a Mesquite institution. Built in 1954, it was a typical roadside diner that was very prevalent during that time. By the 1980s, new owners had decided to restore it to its original glory and it has been a place of celebration for Mesquite ever since.

What is also nice is that the food is good. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cheeseburgers are prominent menu items. However, other types of sandwiches, including Philly cheese steaks and different types of melts are also popular with diners.

Each menu item is named after someone famous from that era, which makes for a fun menu. Deep-fried pickles are also something diners like to experience at Peggy Sue’s.



Gregory’s Mesquite Grill

$$ | 702-346-4646 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Mesquite, NV

Gregory’s Mesquite Grill is housed within the Eureka Casino and Resort. The restaurant is a steakhouse and grill. So, the main specialties are steakhouse meals. However, it does also serve a few Italian-based dishes, too.

Appetizers include shrimp cocktails and seared scallops. Diners can also order prime rib Wellington, crab cakes, steak brochettes, and seared Ahi tuna as starters.

French onion and lobster bisque soups are two standouts from the soup and salad menu. Entrees include dishes such as chicken marsala, Steak Susan, Filet Oscar, and grilled salmon.



Samurai 21

$$ | 702-345-8636 | WEBSITE

Mesquite, NV Good Restaurants

Samurai 21 is a Japanese steakhouse that specializes in sushi and Hibachi-style cooking. It is a first-come, first-serve restaurant and a rather popular place to dine in Mesquite. So, diners looking for a seat shouldn’t bother making reservations. It’s best to just show up.

Being that it is also a sushi restaurant, there is a wide variety of seafood-based dishes on the menu. Starters include mussels, shrimp, crab, and poke dishes.

However, vegetable tempura and fried tofu appetizers are also available. Wonton and miso soups are popular, as are the cucumber and seaweed salads. Entrees include filet mignon, snapper, lobster tail, and chicken.



Wedgies Sports Bar

$$ | 702-346-0999 | WEBSITE


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Wedgies Sports Bar is a great place to dine, particularly if you enjoy the ambiance and food that a traditional sports bar has to offer. One of the bonuses of dining at Wedgies is that it is open 24/7. So, whenever hunger strikes and you’re in Mesquite, you can head over to this place.

The menu is a typical sports bar menu, but that’s also good for diners that enjoy pizza and burgers. There are other menu options like different types of hot sandwiches, including classic Reuben and Italian beef. Entrees include steak, grilled salmon, and chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Of course, there are house wings and potato skins on the menu, too.



Katherine’s Steakhouse

$$$ | 702-346-6846 | WEBSITE

Mesquite, NV Good Restaurant

Located within Casablanca Resort and Casino, Katherine’s Steakhouse is famous for being one of the most romantic restaurants in the country. The menu seems to reflect that distinction, as many of the dishes are on the upscale side.

Steamed clams, steamed mussels, oysters, calamari, and escargot are available as appetizers. Prime rib, filet mignon, New York Strip, and Porterhouse steaks are some of its well-known beef dishes. Entrees include meals such as Veal Piccata, Steak Diane, and Shrimp Oreganata.



Terrace at Wolf Creek

$$$ | 702-345-6701 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Mesquite, NV

Terrace is located at the Wolf Creek Golf Course and overlooks a massive, beautifully landscaped spot built for golfers. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at this restaurant.

Breakfast includes Southwestern favorites like Denver omelets and breakfast burritos. Lunch options include burgers and sandwiches, including Mushroom Swiss burgers and Chicken Club sandwiches.

The dinner menu includes items such as filet mignon, rib eye steak, prime rib, chicken Alfredo, and its signature “Dinner Burger”, an elevated burger that includes black Angus beef, gruyere cheese, and garlic aioli.




So, whether you’re just rolling through or planning to spend some time in Mesquite, make sure to check out some of the restaurants on this list.

Best Restaurants in Mesquite

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  1. Golden West has the best food in town! Hands down!!! 1880???? Katherines and Gregorys for fine dining!! And Eureka’s buffet!! 100 percent!


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