16 Best Restaurants in Alpine, WY [2023 Updated]

Besides the number of tourists that come in yearly to experience the wonderful life in Alpine in Lincoln county, its beautiful sceneries and exciting activities are also part of the things that make it unique.

The meals are to die for, too. Below is a list of restaurants you should visit for lovely meals if you ever visit Alpine.

Yankee Doodles Cafe

$ | (307) 654-7507 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Alpine, WY Yankee Doodles Cafe

Also known as America’s most delicious pit stop, Yankee Doodles Cafe is a place to go for a hearty and home-cooked meal. A step into the restaurant, and you’d be drawn in by its warmth and homely feeling.

It serves its customers good, quality, and healthy food, with top-notch service that makes them feel like family. If you are out and need a quick meal that touches your heart and tummy, Yankee Doodle is the right place.

Except for Wednesdays, it serves breakfast and lunch throughout the week. When you stop at Yankee, ask for some of their deep-fries mozzarella,  The all-American cafe is conducive for kids and has numerous vegan options on its menu.


Brenthoven Restaurant

$$ | (307) 654-7556 | WEBSITE

Alpine, WY Best Restaurants Brenthoven Restaurant

Owned by The Cringer family, Brenthoven is located in Nordic Inn and is just a stone’s throw away from Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton. If you are visiting Alpine and need a place to stay, Brenthoven is just for you.

You could get a cozy place in the Nordic Inn and excellent meals at Brenthoven Restaurant, and some nice liquor at the Stag Bar. The restaurant opens every day, from 8 am to 5 am.

Even if you don’t stay at the inns, you could make a reservation to dine in. Enjoy the beautiful sight of Alpine and the filling taste of their Cod Parmesan as you sit outside.


Flying Saddle Resort

$$ | (877) 772-4422 | WEBSITE

Alpine, WY Best Restaurant Flying Saddle Resort

Like Brenthoven, The Flying Saddle is a two-in-one package, having cozy rooms for visitors and a restaurant to ultimately win your tummy over. Its restaurant is family-friendly and the only one located on the banks of Snake River.

The Flying Saddle Steakhouse provides everything steak and meat, while the restaurant serves freshly cooked meals daily.

The Flying Saddle is surrounded by an endless sea of mountains that make for a stunning sight. It also allows for easy access to many tourist sites and places in Alpine.


Driftwood Pizzeria

$$ | (307) 654-5050 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Alpine, WY Driftwood Pizzeria

If you are searching for a place to get one of the best pizzas, then Driftwood is just the right place for you.

With hot and tasty pizza made from the freshest ingredients, it is no wonder why a study in 2018 and 2019 announced that Driftwood had the best pizza in the west.

Located at the western edge of downtown Alpine, the restaurant has more than pizzas. The menu also includes varieties of sandwiches and salads.

The restaurant opens from Tuesday through to Sunday. On the weekends, experience a mix of the offerings, which comprise Peppered Tri-Tip Sandwich, Barbeque Sub, etc.



$ | (307) 654-7299 | WEBSITE


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As one of the world’s largest restaurant brands, it is no surprise that Subway found its way to Alpine, Wyoming. With its signature footlongs and 6″ Sandwiches, Subway has been one of the restaurants feeding the locals.

The Subway at Alpine combines new flavors and recipes with existing ones to create exhilarating, convenient, and affordable meals.

They sell gift cards also, with which you can sponsor a loved one for an excellent time at the restaurant. It is an ideal place for having fun and work and lunch.


Bull Moose Saloon

$$ | (307) 654-7593 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Alpine, WY Bull Moose Saloon

Founded in 1998, this restaurant is open all year round. Bull Moose combines a lodge, a saloon, a restaurant, and a liquor store for visitors and locals at Alpine.

Its restaurant is warm and cozy, courtesy of the enormous fireplace and customer-friendly workers.

The menu is filled with various meals, from burritos to salads and sandwiches. It offers diners smoked prime rib and briskets and steaks during the weekend.

The dining area is large and can fit a gathering of any number. It is an ideal place to hold an event or celebration.

They also have a private dining room if you wish to hold an official meeting. If you want a surprise, ask for their daily special.


La Cabaña Del Tequila

$ | (307) 654-8377 | WEBSITE

Alpine, WY Restaurants La Cabaña Del Tequila

La Cabana is a Mexican restaurant in Alpine. If you find yourself in Alpine, Wyoming, and wish to have something Mexican, make your way to the restaurant.

They sell authentic and tasty food in very generous portions. You could try their Campechahos or some Carne Asada tacos.

They serve one of the best margaritas from their full liquor bar for their drinks. You can take your friends and family along.

The restaurant is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm, meaning you have 10 hours to sit in the outdoor setting and enjoy the wonderful scenery.


Punkins Coffee Shop

$ | (307) 654-7657 | WEBSITE

Alpine, WY Restaurant Punkins Coffee Shop

Another wonderful Coffee Shop in Alpine,  Punkins, serves exceptional lattes, cappuccino, chai, etc., from Monday to Sunday.  It was established on January 3rd, 2022, by Stacey Jones, a lady with over 30 years of experience.

Besides the coffee, Punkins also serve guests amazing exquisite meals like their Chicken Salad Croissant. They also offer weekly specials to keep you thrilled each week.

The coffee shop also offers e-gift cards, an excellent gift idea for a loved one. If you are up for a cup of tasty coffee early in the morning, then make a quick stop at Punkin’s Coffee Shop for a refreshing cup.


Delish Donuts & Coffee

$ | (307) 654-9833 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Alpine, WY Delish Donuts & Coffee

If you are looking for a place that offers a sweet and tasty breakfast, then Delish Donuts and Coffee is just for you!

Delish Donuts serves its guests delicious donuts and desserts to satisfy your cravings and fill your tummy. Enjoy some donut cakes with a cup of any coffee outdoors.

If you want something different from coffee, ask for a cup of hot tea. It is also an excellent place to take the kids and go solo. Their Drive-Thru only menu consists of mouthwatering, grab-n-go breakfast burritos, hand-glazed mini donuts, etc.


Tavern On The Greys

$ | (307) 654-4667 | WEBSITE

Alpine, WY Trendy Restaurants Tavern On The Greys

The tavern is a pub and bar that serves terrific alcoholic beverages and food. The bartenders are friendly, and the service is top-notch. It is a beautiful place to hang out with friends, and the pool table in the bar only proves it.

If you are up for a night out with friends, you could book a reservation with them and enjoy good drinks at the bar.

You could also get a bite of some of their tasty meals like the Honey Sriracha Chicken, Fish Taco Plate, etc. Tavern On The Greys is open from Monday to Sunday, meaning you can enjoy a wonderful time there any day.


Taco Bus

$ | (307) 248-2525 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurant in Alpine, WY Taco Bus

Open from Monday to Saturday; Taco Bus is a Mexican restaurant on a bus. A perfect example of fast food, Taco Bus serves one of the best Mexican foods in Alpine. They take reservations so you can pick a date to relish their tasty tacos, Fajitas, and Salsa.

Their friendly staff are full of life and ever ready to serve. Also known as Taqueria El Vaquero, Taco Bus is the food truck in Alpine to look out for if you want that Mexican taste in your mouth.

If you are vegetarian, there are vegan options for both tacos and other meals just for you. The environment around the cute little food truck is not only enthralling but also elegant, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene.


Little Caesars Pizza

$ | (307) 654-9983 | WEBSITE


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Little Caesars is a household name when it comes to serving pizza. First established in Detroit, it has expanded to the 50 states in the U.S.A and 27 other countries.

The restaurant in Alpine is located in KJ’s  Superstore and is a perfect stop to fill your tummy after a long day. It is open from Monday to Sunday daily serves fresh and hot meals daily. Their pizza is mouthwatering and excellent, just like the wings they do.

Try out other meal options, too, for a complete experience. If you are trying Little Ceaser’s Pizza for the first time, give any of their Hot-N-Ready dishes a try, it is always hot, tasty, and fresh out of the oven.


Rivers Coffee Company

$$ | (307) 654-7508 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Alpine, WY Rivers Coffee Company

Located beside Yankee Doodles,  Rivers Coffee Shop is where to go if you love coffee. They have a large variety of coffee types on their menu, whether brewed coffee or espresso drinks. If you don’t want coffee, try other beverages like tea latte.

In addition, they also have a wide variety of chocolate drinks to pick from. You can either get your beverage from their drive-thru or dine in. Whichever you choose, you’d be sure to have a fantastic drink.



Melvin Brewing

$$ | (307) 654-0427 | WEBSITE


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It was started by Jackson Tofte in 2009 in Jackson Hole at the back of a Thai restaurant and has grown and expanded into a big success. Since then, it has grown from a 20 gallons brew system to a 3 barrels brew system.

Melvin Brewing is home to various beers in Wyoming, but it doesn’t stop there; it also serves tasty meals. You could enjoy an excellent time out with friends or schedule lunch at Melvin Brewing.

If you feel you need more than a human company, you can also take your pet because the brewing company is pet friendly.


Alpine Tesoro

$ | (307) 654-0100 | WEBSITE

Alpine, WY Top Restaurant Alpine TesoroAlpine Tesoro

Located at a gas station where the US. Highway 89 intersects with star lane, Alpine Tesoro is a fast food restaurant that serves sandwiches, desserts, and other food.

Its location makes it easy for travelers and people on the go to restock as they make a quick stop.

Alpine Tesoro allows for pickups and also contact-free delivery. For a hearty, sweet, and healthy meal on the go, you should make a stop at Tesoro.


Greys River Resort RV Park

$$$ | (307) 880-2267 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Alpine, WY Greys River Resort RV Park

Located at the Greys River Cove Resort, RV Park is a great place to eat and have fun with friends.

It has a fantastic, wonderful scenic view as you can indulge yourself in as you excite your taste buds with their meals. The Saloon and Grill also offer wine and beer and is absolutely pet friendly.

Just a stone’s throw from the National Park, you could make a stop to refresh yourself before exploring the beautiful city. The atmosphere is fun and western-themed. It is a great hang-out spot with friends.



Alpine in Lincoln county is great for a thrilling and adventure-filled vacation. If you decide to experience the fun and check out the friendly people there, don’t forget to visit the restaurants listed above and enjoy their best meals.

You can also take your family and friends along; the more, the merrier. Ensure you obey local laws and make the most of your experience!

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