10 Best Restaurants in Castine, ME [2023 Updated]

Castine is a small and old coastal village along with Hancock County. It has been a shipbuilding, shipment, and maritime center since the town is established.

Along with the excellent activities and many museums to explore, the historic town also offers many eating spots to enjoy. Here are the twelve best restaurants in Castine, ME, that you must try.


1. Castine Variety

$ | (207) 326-9920 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Castine, ME Castine Variety

The Castine Variety is esteemed with fresh and delicious seafood favorites. Particular menu items such as fish and chips and BBQ pulled pork are best sellers and an absolute must-try.

Their food is locally sourced, so you can ensure that they are fresh and tasty. With their affordable prices and excellent service, you will surely love to dine at Castine Variety.

The restaurant is also located near the dock, offering a scenic view of the sea and ships guaranteed to elevate your meal. Enjoy the fresh air, good food, and relaxing area view with Castine Variety.


2. The Castine Inn

$$$ | (207) 326-4365 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Castine, ME The Castine Inn

If you are a tourist in the Castine area, we could not recommend this bed and breakfast inn more. Built-in 1898, The Castine Inn serves as a historical landmark and excellent. The inn offers breakfast in their dining area consisting of American favorites such as scones, muffins, and coffee.

If you don’t fancy their breakfast menu, Madockawando’s Pub is also available. With their cozy wooden bar, you can unwind after a day of exploring Castine. The pub offers many cocktails, wine, and light snacks in their bar. If you want a place to stay with historical rooms and great food, you will surely love The Castine Inn.


3. Markel’s Bakehouse

$$$ | (207) 326-9510 | WEBSITE

Castine, ME Best Restaurants Markel’s Bakehouse

If you want a one-stop-shop for your sweet cravings, look no further than Markel’s Bakehouse. The café offers various delicious cupcakes, cookies, pies, and beverages. Get their freshly baked goods with coffee, and you are in for a relaxing dining experience.

The café has been serving the Maine area for twenty years and has become a mainstay with the locals. The bakehouse also offers gluten-free and vegan options, so the shop is very inclusive of whatever diet you have.

Except for sweets, the bakehouse also provides many choices of sandwiches, soups, and sides. They are great whether you are looking for a snack or breakfast.


4. The Captain’s Catch

$$ | (207) 460-212 | WEBSITE

Castine, ME Best Restaurant The Captain's Catch

Sitting near the Town Dock, The Captain’s Catch seafood restaurant offers a fresh and delicious selection. You can ensure their seafood is the tastiest in Castine from crabs, fish, and lobsters. They offer a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers, and many sides.

The restaurant is also superb when it comes to location. As The Captain’s Catch sits at a dock, you are treated to the sea’s marvelous views and the ships that come and go. Check out this fantastic seafood restaurant if you love superb seafood and excellent service.


5. Compass Rose Books Cafe

$$ | (207) 326-5034 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Castine, ME Compass Rose Books Cafe

Just up from Maine’s town dock, Compass Rose Books Café is an independent bookshop that offers excellent books and fantastic coffee. Established as a bookshop at first, Compass Rose books decided to have a café as an addition to their services. It’s a terrific idea as books with tea, coffee, and snacks essentially go together.

The bookshop serves locally sourced pastries with freshly brewed coffee and tea. The café is designed to be inclusive and environmentally friendly, with the option to bring your own cup. If you are looking for a cozy place to stay where you can enjoy books and a warm cup of coffee, this café will have your back.


6. Windmill Hills Garden and Market

$$ | (207) 460-1719 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Castine, ME Windmill Hills Garden and Market

Fresh plant produce and delicious food are available at Windmill Hills Garden and Market. The store offers hydroponic plants such as cabbages and basil. However, Windmill Hills serves many fresh foods such as chowder, cheese, and soups.

You can ensure that every dish they have is made with locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Whether you are looking for ready-to-eat food or components for your next dish, this local Castine store is a great option. The shop also offers a large variety of wine and beverages. If you want

to explore a local store, you should check out Windmill Hills Garden and Market.


7. Danny Murphy’s Pub

$$ | (207) 326-1004 | WEBSITE

Castine, ME Restaurants Danny Murphy’s Pub

Good times and good beer, you can find all of that and more in Danny Murphy’s Pub. The inviting atmosphere of the pub will ensure you will have a good time. The restaurant also offers Irish fries, sandwiches, and a delicious standard pub menu.

There are also games such as billiards and television sets to entertain you and your company. Danny Murphy’s Pub will surely hit the spot if you look forward to a night out. Excellent bear, good vibes, and a lot of fun are available at this pub.


8. The Patio at Castine Golf Club

$$ | (203) 331-2687 | WEBSITE

Castine, ME Restaurant The Patio at Castine Golf Club

A café and the prestigious Castine Golf Club, The Patio, offer excellent quality food and scenic views of the golf course. If you love some green juice and avocado toast, you will surely get it from the café. Their excellent service is also known to their many patrons.

The Patio has an excellent location with an outdoor dining area. The incredible view and cozy feel of the café will surely make for a relaxing dining experience. You can also enjoy the golf course, yacht activities, and many outdoor activities with the Castine Golf Club.


9. T and C’s Grocery and Restaurant

$$ | (207) 326-4818 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Castine, ME T and C’s Grocery and Restaurant

A restaurant and grocery, T and C’s have your needs at their one-stop-shop. Whether you want to buy some wine, essential goods, or a great beer, they have it all for you. The establishment has many options if you want a quick bite of snacks and good-quality booze.

Their chicken wrap, sandwiches, and pizza are some of their best-sellers. If you are wondering for a place to have all your food needs, then definitely check them out. The grocery and restaurant are especially famous in the area for their excellent quality food and products at affordable prices.


10. Pentagoet Inn & Wine Bar

$$$$ | (207) 326-8616 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Castine, ME Pentagoet Inn & Wine Bar

If you love a fancy, excellent, high-quality dining and inn, look no further than Pantegoet. The well-known inn offers many accommodations, including a bed and breakfast and a dining area. If you are a tourist at Castine, their wine bar should be on your list.

The establishment offers many meals from any hour of the day. However, our focus is their wine bar. Their bar is a guaranteed best place for intimate dinings such as dates or anniversaries. With the cozy lighting and live music, you will surely love the dining experience at Pentagoet.


In Summary

Whether you like seafood, cafes, or pubs, the small town of Castine is here to serve it to you. Better check out their fresh and tasty menu so you can enjoy your stay in the area. We hope that you can discover the eating spot for you with this list of twelve restaurants in Castine, Maine.

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