15 Best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV 2023

Las Vegas, otherwise known as Vegas, is one of the most populated cities in the United States. It is a metropolis and central economic hub in the state of Nevada Indeed, this is undoubtedly a place that needs no further introduction.

The city has five-star hotels and resorts, shopping malls, incomparable entertainment, and world-class restaurants. Indeed, there are many adventures that you can try when you’re in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This includes dining in an Indian restaurant. Over the years, Indian restaurants have grown in popularity and number in Las Vegas. It is undeniable that people are attracted to Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, especially Indian delights.

We are prepared to offer you the best if you’re looking for the best. In this restaurant write-up, we discuss everything you need to know when finding Indian restaurants in Vegas.

So, here are the 15 best Indian restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada, that you could visit and try. Come along and give them a shot!

Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine

$ | (702) 473-5466 | WEBSITE

Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine

Located near Flamingo Business Center, Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine takes the top spot on our Indian Restaurants write-up. If you’re up for something spicy and flavorful, congratulations! You just arrived at the right place.

Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine proudly brings their guest a taste of India in a warm and cozy spot. If it is your first time in an Indian Restaurant, you can try their best-selling meals, such as Chicken Tandoori and Paneer Tikka, for $13.99.

And here’s the exciting part. There are a lot of soft and fluffy Indian loaves of bread for you to indulge in. Come, and have a bite of their Butter Naan, Garlic Naan, and Onion Kulcha. This Indian restaurant will be perfect for your next snack break!


Al Madinah Halal Family Restaurant

$$ | (702) 268-7425 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV Al Madinah Halal Family Restaurant

Suppose you’re on tour for some great, premium Indian fine dining. In that case, you should try Al Madinah Halal Family Restaurant. This Indian restaurant would satisfy your craving for Indian food with great ambiance and location.

We all can agree that kababs are famous Indian cuisine. And every traditional dining experience would never be complete without it. So, to make your Indian food trip memorable, check out Al Madinah’s kabab specialties, such as Chicken Malai Kabab and Chicken Hariyali Kabab.

Do Indian-style desserts spark your curiosity? Indian refreshers such as Kulfi, an Indian Ice Cream, are available for $5.


Mt. Everest India’s Cuisine

$$ | (702) 892-0950 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV Mt. Everest India’s Cuisine

Mt. Everest Indian’s Cuisine is a family-operated and owned Indian restaurant located near Sahara West Center. This place offers a taste of North Indian dishes for lunch and dinner buffets.

With excellent service and friendly staff, Mt. Everest India’s Cuisine is the ultimate destination for your upcoming intimate family date. It is guaranteed that all their freshly made food will melt your heart! Why not give them a try today?

Are you on the hunt for traditional Indian food? Fret no more! Once you glance at their extensive menu, you’ll never get away!


Saffron Flavors of India

$$ | (702) 489-7900 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Best Restaurants Saffron Flavors of India

Here’s a hidden treasure you should not miss the next time you are in Las Vegas. Saffron Flavors of India is proud to serve their guests culinary delights inspired by Maharaja’s glorious history.

Their Indian dishes are prepared using only flavorful spices and the finest ingredients. And most importantly, chefs crafted all the meals with love. So, if you’re curious and new to Indian cuisine, Saffron Flavors of India is a great place to visit.

Do you want to go Indian for your next celebration party? Saffron is ready to accommodate you and your guests with their two private, exclusive dining rooms at a reasonable price. If you’re interested, give them a call.


Spice Indian Cuisine

$$ | (702) 202-0333 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Best Restaurant Spice Indian Cuisine

Located near the Renaissance Center West, Spice Indian Cuisine is the one you should not overlook when in Las Vegas. If you like to try one of the best traditional curry dishes in the world, head out to this eatery.

Spice Indian Cuisine will never disappoint you with their samosas and momos. They offer excellent dining and take-out services. With their outstanding Indian cuisine, stellar performance, and friendly staff, the trip to this place is worth the time!


Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill

$ | (702) 778-1613 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill

Coming right up to one of the best Indian restaurants in Las Vegas, is Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill. This Indian restaurant features halal Indian and Mediterranean fare for a lunch buffet. Vegans are welcome, for this place has healthier options too.

From appetizers, soups, and salads to Indian Vegetarian Entrees, you’ll never miss out on anything Indian. To add, all of their meals come with the finest Basmati Rice you can ever find in Las Vegas. What a fantastic deal!


Angara India Spice Grill

$$$ | (702) 876-0050 | WEBSITE


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For your Indian food getaway, you should give Angara India Spice Grill a shot! Angara India Spice Grill is a cozy Indian restaurant featuring tandoori dishes. Near Grand Canyon Parkway, this place offers Indian dishes that are indeed mouth-watering.

Angara India Spice Grill has a great selection of Indian dishes. You’ll get to have different picks for their entrees. This Indian restaurant has chicken, lamb & goat, rice, seafood, and vegetarian entrees. And that’s a lot.


Mint Indian Bistro

$$ | (702) 894-9334 | WEBSITE


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On your next stopover in Las Vegas, NV, you should visit Mint Indian Bistro. You’ll find all that you will ever need or ask for in this Indian restaurant. They have a wide range of Indian cuisine with fantastic beer selections.

In addition, Mint Indian Bistro has gluten-free and vegan options. This place requires its guests to book reservations for their lunch and dinner. So, secure a spot now and give them a call.

Also, Mint Indian Bistro has another branch in Las Vegas, near Durango Drive. So, there is no slight chance you could miss this lovely Indian restaurant. Happy Eating!


Curry Leaf – Flavors of India

$$ | (702) 527-7977 | WEBSITE


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Here’s another timeless, classic Indian Restaurant in Las Vegas. Curry Leaf- Flavors of Indian is an excellent Indian eatery with a contemporary vibe. Here, you’ll find classic Indian food such as biryani.

If you want a memorable and lasting dining experience, Curry Leaf requires their guests to reserve in advance. For $13.99-$14.99, you can taste their delicious curry.

Tikka Masala, Saag, and Vindaloo Curry are their house’s specialties. You can also give their new addition, Mango Curry, a try. For the thrilling part, try to pair their Indian specialties with a cold glass of wine. Promise, you’ll love it!


Pure Indian Cuisine

$$ | (702) 897-5555 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV Pure Indian Cuisine

Pure Indian Cuisine is next in line for the best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV. And to tell you, there’s a lot of Indian food that they offer. They have Goat, Chicken, Lamb, and Seafood specialties.

But suppose it’s your first time stepping into the house. In that instance, we recommend you try their Basmati Khazana, such as their Lamb Biryani and Shrimp Biryani. For $18, you can have a premium Indian dining experience.

Sounds a great deal, right? To wrap it up, pair it with their Lassi beverage. For sure, you’ll have a great time!


Kabob ‘N More

$$ | (702) 432-4611 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Restaurants Kabob ‘N More

Of course, an Eastern Cuisine experience, even more, an authentic Indian taste, would never be complete without having kebabs. Who would not want it, right? So, to start your next Indian savory adventure, go for their famous wraps and shawarma.

We recommend you try their Chicken or Beef Boti Wrap and Chicken or Beef Kabob Wrap. These Indian classics come at $13.99. But we cannot stop you if you want to get “The Platter,” which has kabab, boti, meats, and chicken.

And that’s too affordable. Located on the 1st Floor in The Gold Key Shops, Kabob ‘N More should be your next Indian hang-out spot.


Delhi Indian Cuisine

$$$ | (702) 383-4900 | WEBSITE

Las Vegas, NV Restaurant Delhi Indian Cuisine

Famous for its Indian lunch buffet, Delhi Indian Cuisine secures a spot among the top-tiered, best Indian restaurants in Las Vegas. Near Mission Center, Delhi Indian Cuisine is known to be the most prominent Indian buffet in the town.

If you’re on the go for something Indian and Nepali, Delhi Indian Cuisine is the perfect place for you. Their everyday lunch buffet schedule runs from 11 am to 3 pm.

Do you share a love for any Halal food or chicken curry? If you do, give New Delhi Indian Cuisine a visit. And if you want to have them for your upcoming birthday, this Indian restaurant would be delighted.


Divine Dosa & Biriyani – The Lassi Bar

$$ | (702) 987-1500 | WEBSITE


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Here’s another crowd favorite and Indian Restaurant in Las Vegas. For your next Indian food feast, go and try out Divina Dosa 7 Biriyani. This Indian restaurant is a laid-back eatery offering South Indian fare together with traditional drinks.

At the heart of this Indian restaurant’s menu, you’ll find a variety of North and South Indian foods. For their South Indian selections, this place offers Indian crepes called dosas. Or you could go for North Indian dishes like curries and kebab.

Whether you’re up for something Northern or Southern Indian delights, you’ll have a great time. Divine Dosa & Biriyani is committed to bringing you an authentic Indian dining experience for your Las Vegas trip.


India Palace Restaurant

$$ | (702) 796-4177 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV India Palace Restaurant

Now we are in the last spot for the best Indian restaurants in Las Vegas. With its contemporary and warm setting, India Palace Restaurant brings visitors a taste of North and South Indian cuisine in a buffet.

And if you want to try an Indian food trip but prefer to stay home, that’s no big deal. India Palace Restaurant is ready to accept dine-ins, curbside pick-ups, and no-contact deliveries. So, be sure to reach out!


Taj Palace Indian Cuisine

$$ | (702) 685-0222 | WEBSITE


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Established in 2011, this Indian restaurant serves an array of authentic dishes catering to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, non-vegetarian, and halal options. The lunch buffet showcases popular dishes such as chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, and yellow dal, alongside irresistibly buttery garlic naan.

Taj Palace is committed to providing exceptional service and a welcoming ambiance, living up to their Sanskrit motto, “Athithi Devo Bhava,” which means “Guest is as good as God.” Visit Taj Palace to enjoy delicious, freshly prepared Indian cuisine, perfect for office lunches, events, or weddings.



Are You Ready for an Indian Food Trip?

Indeed, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a one-stop place to try world-class, authentic Indian cuisine. So, are you ready for an Indian food feast? We are here to help you plan the perfect Indian food adventure. From appetizers to snacks to full-blast Indian meals, we got you covered.

In these 15 Best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s nothing that you could ever ask for. So, stick to this list of  Indian eateries the next time you crave Indian food. Have fun eating and indulging!

Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV

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