14 Best Seafood Restaurants in Columbia, SC

Nestling between three rivers, Columbia is the second biggest city in South Carolina.

They have many local spots such as museums and gardens and are known for their relatively low cost of living. If you ever visit or live in the area, here are eighteen best seafood restaurants in Columbia, SC, to satisfy your cravings.

Blue Marlin Columbia

$$ | (803) 799-3838 | WEBSITE

Best Seafood Restaurants in Columbia, SC Blue Marlin Columbia2


A fare and simple fine dining, Blue Marlin strives to give the authentic seafood flavor straight to your tongue. You will surely love this restaurant if you love the blend of African, Caribbean, and East Indian flavors. They serve high-quality seafood with excellent tastes that you will surely love.

The fine-dining restaurant is perfect for dates, and intimate dinners as the restaurant also have a private dining option. The artisan serving is an excellent way to elevate your dining experience. If you want good seafood and a fantastic ambiance, then you will surely love Blue Marlin.


Ocean View Seafood

$$ | (803) 772-7811 | WEBSITE

Columbia, SC Best Seafood Restaurants Ocean View Seafood

If you are on a budget, Ocean View Seafood is the resto for you. The place is filled with sea motifs and decorations to get you in the mood. Their service and staff are well-known in the area for their incredible hospitality.

As a mom-and-pop style seafood restaurant, you are in for many deep-fried dishes such as fish fillet, lobster, and shrimps. Their blooming onion is also an excellent partner for their seafood dishes. If you want delicious food at a lower price and bigger servings, check out Ocean View Seafood.


Red Lobster Columbia

$$ | (803) 462-1755 | WEBSITE


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Red Lobster is a popular seafood chain all around the United States, so Columbia is joining the party. Their delicious seafood meals include various spices, flavors, and dishes. With their family servings, you can also get their food for gatherings.

The joint is known to serve delicious fresh seafood dishes with fusion with other cuisines, such as their Kung Pao Noodles with Lobster. However, the star of the resto is their live lobsters. You can ensure their freshness as you are the one going to choose the live lobster for your meal.


Krab Kingz Seafood

$$ | (803) 708-9125 | WEBSITE


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Nestled in the Colonial Village, Krabz Kingz Seafood is here to serve the area with its fantastic meals. The place is known for its friendly and welcoming staff and cook. Of course, their excellent seafood dishes are also a primary reason for their customers to return.

Their large steaming serving makes the place great for sharing with family and friends. You can try out their seafood platters to get the most out of their resto. You will surely leave the restaurant full yet craving for more.


Mr. Seafood Columbia

$$ | (803) 851-6688 | WEBSITE

Seafood Restaurants in Columbia, SC Mr. Seafood Columbia

Mr. Seafood strives to give the best seafood experience for the locals and tourists of South Carolina. The restaurant is known for its delicious garlic butter crabs, one of its best-sellers. The restaurant also serves an incredible variety of seafood, such as scallions, oysters, and more.

The friendly and relaxing ambiance of the restaurant is lovely for casual dining. The fascinating murals of fish across the walls are also a great way to decorate the place. If you love crabs and garlic butter sauce, then you will love Mr. Seafood.


Garners Ferry Seafood

$$ | (803) 814-2899 | WEBSITE

Seafood Restaurant in Columbia, SC Garners Ferry Seafood

A seafood platter on a budget, Garners Ferry Seafood strives to serve delicious seafood dishes without sacrificing the taste and quality.

If you are looking for a quick bite and craving a large quantity of seafood without breaking the bank, then this restaurant is a perfect match for you. You should try out their best sellers, such as garlic-butter crabs and grilled fish.

The restaurant has a traditional décor for casual dining. One must go in with the idea of stuffing themselves with delicious fish and shrimp to love the experience fully.


Harbor Inn Seafood

$$ | (803) 462-3498 | WEBSITE

Columbia, SC Seafood Restaurants Harbor Inn Seafood

Originating from Greece, the owners decided to share their ancestry with South Carolina with their tasty seafood dishes. The restaurant is known for its deep-fried seafood platters containing fish fillets, shrimps, and squids. As you partner their seafood with the sauces, your taste buds will thank you.

Fishes such as tilapia and catfish are best sellers with their tangy and delicious taste. If you love seafood on a budget, you better get on the road and check out Harbor Inn Seafood.


Yummi Crab

$ | (803) 834-6982 | WEBSITE

Columbia, SC Seafood Restaurant Yummi Crab

If you ever stumble near North Springs Park and Sparkleberry Square, you must check out Yummi Crab. The rising seafood joint is here to serve Forum Drive with delicious seafood dishes such as fried oysters, black mussels, and crawfish. They also offer a bunch of beverages that will complement your seafood cravings.

Along with their food, the ambiance of the resto is also superb. It has many wooden and sea-themed décor that will give you the feel of sailing at sea. If you love seafood without ripping out your pockets, try Yummi Crab.


The Juicy Crab

$$ | (803) 220-3661 | WEBSITE


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With its name, you know that it will serve incredibly flavorful, juicy seafood dishes. With The Juicy Crab, your options are not just limited to the clawed meat; they also offer fish, shrimps, and mussels. The seafood joint is trendy due to its affordable yet delicious meals.

The Juicy Crab is known for its Cajun-style spices so that you will see the red tint of goodness with every bite. So, if you ever get near East Forest Plaza, check out this magnificent restaurant.


Clifton Seafood

$$ | (803) 738-1274 | WEBSITE

Top Seafood Restaurants in Columbia, SC Clifton Seafood

If you want seafood’s distinct and authentic flavor, you should check out Clifton Seafood. Whether you buy raw or cooked, you will be satisfied by the high quality and freshness of the fish, shrimps, and crabs.

Open seven days a week, you can have your seafood needs met with their excellent service. You will surely love this restaurant and seafood shop if you love simple and fresh seafood dishes.


Crafty Crab Columbia

$$ | (803) 736-0833 | WEBSITE

Columbia, SC Top Seafood Restaurants Crafty Crab Columbia

A delicious dining experience with fresh and high-quality seafood, Crafty Crab serves a wide variety of shrimp, crab, and fish dishes; despite its name, its menu is not limited to crabs. Most of their dishes are either boiled or laced with sauces.

The bar and resto are great places where alcohol and seafood meet. Crafty Crab strives to give its customers a unique and incredible dining experience. You will have a great time with their cozy ambiance, excellent service, and delicious seafood.


Atlantic Seafood Restaurant

$ | (803) 764-1414 | WEBSITE

Columbia, SC Top Seafood Restaurant Atlantic Seafood Restaurant

If you want to taste cheap yet delicious seafood dishes, you must dine in Atlantic Seafood Restaurant. The casual dining place offers quick and satisfying seafood meals that will get you coming back for more. They are known for their catfish strips and shrimps.

However, the restaurant is known for its large seafood platters. Atlantic has it in a platter if you want shrimp, fish, or crabs. It’s an incredible bang for your buck, perfect for sharing with friends and family.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House

$$$ | (803) 212-6666 | WEBSITE

Trendy Seafood Restaurants in Columbia, SC Ruth's Chris Steak House

Sitting at the Hilton Columbia Center, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is ready to serve you flavorful meat from the land and sea.

Their smokey and tasty barbeque and sizzling seafood such as shrimp, king crab, and fillet will leave you begging for more. With its high-quality ingredients and plenty of spices, you will know that each meal is a flavor bomb of seafood goodness.

The restaurant is excellent for a fancy night out and intimate dinners. It has an exquisite and cozy ambiance that will relax you as you take a bite out of your delicious seafood dish.


California Dreaming

$$ | (803) 254-6767 | WEBSITE

Trendy Seafood Restaurant in Columbia, SC California Dreaming

Sitting near the University of South Carolina, California Dreaming serves many fancy and elegant seafood dishes. The fine-dining restaurant is posh inside and out. With its intricate architecture and décor, you will have a great time dining.

It’s an excellent restaurant for intimate dinings such as dates and family dinners. You can try out their famous Steamed Peel and Eat Shrimp, seasoned with incredible spices and served along with a tangy cocktail sauce. This restaurant might be the perfect match for you if you are looking for a fancier place to eat seafood.


In Summary

As you can see, with this list of eighteen best seafood restaurants in Columbia, SC, many options exist. Whether you like shrimp, crabs, or fish, there is a perfect restaurant.


Seafood Restaurants in Columbia, SC

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