14 Best Seafood Restaurants in Charleston, SC

You can never go wrong with delicious seafood. There’s always a space for seafood in a seafood lover’s heart and stomach! If you happen to be someplace new, perhaps in Charleston, SC, and need a recommendation, it’s good to have a list of prospects. Here are the 14 best seafood restaurants in Charleston, SC.

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

$$$ | (843) 723-3474 | WEBSITE


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Hank’s Seafood Restaurant has been around for a long time now, and it’s still serving the best seafood at great prices. They have great staff and have been labeled as the best by locals.

Their meals are top-notch, and the prices are reasonable considering the quality of their cuisine. They serve their famous Seafood a La Wando, Seafood platters, seafood towers, shrimps and grits, crab cakes, Bouillabaisse, and many more! In Hank’s Seafood restaurant, you get good food, good staff, and a perfect ambiance.


Charleston Crab House

$$ | (843) 853-2900 | WEBSITE


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If you are up for some rooftop seafood dining, you might want to try and experience Charleston Crab House. This restaurant has been operating for over 30 years and has been continuously improving and striving to be better.

Their goal is to serve the best warm and hearty seafood along with experiencing a great view. They have two locations to cater to a broader crowd and reach customers.

Their service is also rated great by customers. The waiters are wonderful and pleasant. They always ensure that you have the best meal experience at Charleston Crab House.


Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar

$$ | (843) 722-8100 | WEBSITE


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If you are craving Southern-style seafood, you might want to try Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar. They are located at a waterfront location, so you can enjoy a nice view as you eat your meal.

The view partnered with the food is perfect for someone who wants a good view while dining. Fleet Landing has excellent service and staff to ensure a satisfying dining experience. They also offer different refreshments for you to enjoy before serving your food.


Oyster House Seafood Restaurant

$$ | (843) 723-1151 | WEBSITE


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Perhaps you may be craving oysters, and then you might want to try dining at Oyster House Seafood Restaurant. They have a great patio and are perfectly paired with the excellent and perfect weather.

It’s a great place for oysters and other seafood cuisines. The staff will make sure you get seated as soon as you can. They are dedicated to explaining their menu and serving you well. They offer a pleasant and great atmosphere that is super nice, complimenting good food.


Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar

$$ | (843) 853-8600 | WEBSITE


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Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar aims to serve its customers refined seafood meals. They ensure that their customers get a great ambiance to match the excellent food. Their interior has a clubby vibe with brick walls and a bar.

Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar has a sports bar, so you can visit them if you are the type to enjoy that. Their meal proportions are just right and have good flavors. You can reserve a table from them if you prefer following a particular schedule.


Hyman’s Seafood

$$ | (843) 723-6000 | WEBSITE


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Hyman’s Seafood offers a fun and comfortable atmosphere partnered with great seafood. They have a lot of things on their menu that you can try. They take care of your orders promptly and have excellent service.

Not only does the food come quick, but the flavors are also good and have earned positive responses. Their staff and waiters provide you with everything you need and assist you with your inquiries. They are just the right amount of attentiveness and help make your dining experience splendid.


Chubby Fish

$$ | (854) 222-3949 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for somewhere with a homey atmosphere with a wide variety of seafood menus, you might want to try Chubby Fish. From their hosts to the ambiance, everything about the place is reviewed excellently by many.

They also have a variety of wine choices you can choose from. A good meal of seafood with a good bottle of wine is as good as it can get. Chubby Fish also offers their customers a variety of desserts to enjoy after the meal. So, every meal course is something you can look forward to.


167 Raw Oyster Bar

$$$ | (843) 579-4997 | WEBSITE


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167 Raw Oyster Bar offers a cozy and spacious area with a patio. Their menu consists of oysters, tuna burgers, fish tacos, lobster rolls, and many more. Locals reviews rate this place as excellent. Their dishes are popular, and they make sure to serve you the freshest seafood.

Depending on the situation, you might have to wait a short time to get seated, but good food deserves the wait, right? Their service is remarkable. Their goal is to be apt stewards for their guests and make sure everyone’s having a good time.


Tempest Charleston

$$ | (843) 996-4966 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for some elegant dining with seasonal and locally sourced seafood, you may want to visit Tempest in Charleston. Tempest aims to provide their customers with good seasonal and staple food on its menu.

The meals are served fresh and have a balance of good flavors. Tempest Charleston also prides itself in its wide selection of wine to accompany your seafood meal. You can never go wrong with wine after a good dinner, right? Their staff is also dedicated to making sure you enjoy your meal experience.


Coast Bar and Grill

$$ | (843) 722-8838 | WEBSITE


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If you happen to be craving some seafood with an outdoor location and homey vibe, you might want to try Coast Bar and Grill. The restaurant is tucked into a former warehouse and caters to outdoor seating if you prefer feeling the outdoor breeze.

Their menu is composed of many mouthwatering meals. Coast Bar and Grill offers locally sourced fish, ensuring that they only serve the freshest meals to their customers. Their service is also labeled “the best” by locals and non-locals.


Pearlz Oyster Bar

$$ | (843) 577-5755 | WEBSITE


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Pearls Oyster Bar offers a lot of delicious meals, including classic seafood servings, raw bites, burgers, and more. The restaurant also provides desserts to finish off your good meal.

They also have outdoor seatings available if you want to eat with a view and the local breeze engulfing your skin. Pearlz Oyster Bar makes sure that its menu is filled with available food. They make sure that you are appropriately welcomed, and so their staff is always friendly and approachable.


A.W. Shuck’s Seafood Shack

$$ | (843) 628-1554 | WEBSITE


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A home for candid and comfortable seafood meals, A.W. Shuck’s Seafood Shack aims to serve you the best seafood sandwiches, bowls, and platters. Whether you like your meal eaten indoors or outdoors, they have seats available for you.

If you enjoy the outdoor vibe, then you can opt for it. As for the price, their menu is composed of meals at reasonable prices. Their staff is friendly and will be sure to answer any inquiries you might have.


The Ordinary

$$ | (843) 414-7060 | WEBSITE


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The Ordinary restaurant is located in an old bank building which works well in their favor, giving it a not-so-ordinary vibe and feel. This upscale restaurant has a great ambiance with high ceilings, large windows, and a bar you can enjoy.

Their staff and servers aim to ensure that you are well accommodated and served. They also have a wide selection of wine and alcoholic beverages to partner with your good seafood meal.


The Darling Oyster Bar

$$ | (843) 641-0821 | WEBSITE


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The Darling Oyster Bar offers a stylish and vintage approach to seafood meals and dining. They serve creative seafood dishes, fry baskets, raw oysters, etc. The Darling Oyster Bar has an exceptional atmosphere that makes it more comfortable for you to enjoy its menu.

They have a bar, and you can also reserve a table when you prefer to do so. Their food is good, and the drinks are also labeled great by customers.



Here are the 14 Best Seafood Restaurants in Charleston, SC, if you happen to be around the area and want to enjoy a good meal of seafood. Recommendations and reading reviews about a particular place help sort out choices. This way, you will be able to make a more informed decision about your restaurant choice.

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