20 Best Restaurants in Shreveport, LA 2023

If you’re in Shreveport, LA and looking for a restaurant, this is the list for you! After scouring the internet, reading customer reviews, and comparing prices, I was able to create an extensive list of reputable restaurants in the area.

The restaurants mentioned below are unique in their own way, and each offer features that customers from all over can appreciate. While some offer vegetarian and vegan options, others serve delicious steaks that are to die for.

Similarly, while some restaurants have outdoor seating, others offer a gorgeous view, which can make the dining experience even better. So, whether you’re looking for a restaurant with a beautiful view or one that serves food to suit your diet, this list has it all.

Roma Italian Bistro

$$ | 318-666-6810 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Shreveport, LA

If you’re in the mood for Italian food, this restaurant is ideal. The restaurant’s menu is extensive and diverse enough to meet everyone’s needs and wants.

From NY-style pizzas and calzone, to soups, salads and more, this restaurant is great for a night out or a quick lunch. TTheir prices are higher than other similar establishments, but customers assure that it’s worth it.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday between 11 am and 9 pm, and offers pick-up and delivery options.



Giuseppe’s Pastacaffe

$$ | 318-946-8698 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Shreveport, LA

Giuseppe’s Pastacaffe is another great option for Italian food. Open Monday through Saturday between 11 am and 8 pm, the food does not disappoint, according to satisfied reviewers.

The restaurant’s menu includes a wide variety of dishes like various pasta (including spaghetti & meatballs) and sandwiches. It also includes multiple add-ons and substitutions for clients who have a picky palate or special dietary needs.



Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse

$$ | 318-798-3662 | WEBSITE

Shreveport, LA Trendy Restaurants

Specializing in authentic Japanese cuisine, this restaurant provides customers a unique and entertaining dining experience – the chef prepares your food in front of you, on a flat teppan table.

At this authentic Japanese restaurant, you get to enjoy a ‘show’ regardless of what your order is, whether it’s the Ribeye steak, the Hibachi shrimp, or the Teriyaki lobster. Their menu includes dishes that anyone can enjoy. And, according to satisfied customers, dining at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse is definitely worth it.



Danh’s Garden Shreveport

$ | 318-865-5358 | WEBSITE

Shreveport, LA Best Restaurant

Specializing in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, Danh’s Garden Shreveport offers dine-in and take-out options.

Their extensive menu includes dishes like Vietnamese Vermicelli Noodle Salads, Pho Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, and Steam Rice Platter. And, if you’re a vegetarian, the menu includes vegetarian dishes, such as Spicy Basil Tofu, and Vietnamese Vegetarian Noode Soup.

According to reviewers, Danh’s Garden Shreveport has the best Thai food in Shreveport, and a friendly staff that makes you want to come back.



Vegans on the Run

$$ | 318-230-1125 | WEBSITE


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If you’re a vegan, or looking to buy a meal for someone who is, look no further than Vegans on the Run.

You can choose between individual meals, meals for the family, and Grateful Gathering Meals, based on your needs and wants. The restaurant offers dine-in and curbside pick-up options, and a wide variety of food options, such as Louisiana Dirty Rice or Vetloaf with Tomato Glaze.

According to reviewers, the portion sizes are generous, the staff is friendly, and the food is well worth the price.



Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

$$$ | 318-226-1325 | WEBSITE


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Ernest’s is an ideal choice if you want to splurge. Specializing in steaks, seafood, and Italian cuisine, the restaurant is categorized as high-end due to the superior quality of the food and the establishment’s chic design.

According to satisfied customers, the quality of the food was complemented by that of the service. The staff are friendly and helpful enough to want to make you come back. And, though their prices are higher than those of other establishments in the area, customers swear that eating at Ernest’s is worth it.



Superior’s Steakhouse

$$ | 318-219-4123 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Shreveport, LA

Superior’s Steakhouse prides itself on the quality of the food, the modern design of their establishment, and its live piano music. Though their prices are fairly high, satisfied customers claim that the costs are worth it.

Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, grilled pork chops, or fried catfish, the restaurant has something for everyone. The menu also includes a wide variety of wines to pair well with whatever dish you order. The establishment’s classic design and outside sitting add to its high-end appeal.



Well Fed Louisiana

$$ | 318-779-0030 | WEBSITE


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If you’re in Shreveport and looking for vegan restaurants, Well Fed Louisiana is the place for you! This small, locally-owned and operated establishment is the hidden gem amongst vegan restaurants in the area.

On their website, they pride themselves on the fact that their food is all vegan and gluten-free. You can choose between many items, such as baked goods, smoothies, sandwiches, hummus options, and more. According to satisfied customers, the portions are generous and delicious, and the staff is really helpful.



El Cabo Verde

$$ | 318-603-3167 | WEBSITE


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El Cabo Verde is an ideal lunch and brunch option. The Mexican restaurant’s lunch menu includes options such as Flaouta de Pollo, Hanger Steak, and Enchiladas.

On the brunch menu, which is available on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 10 am, you can choose between options like egg and cheese tacos, breakfast quesadillas, or the gluten-free Pan Frances. And if all you’re wanting is a drink, the menu includes cocktails, wine, beers, tequila, and more.

According to reviewers, the food is fresh, the atmosphere is laid-back, and the service is phenomenal.



Flames Mediterranean Restaurant

$ | 318-606-5380 | WEBSITE


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The restaurant prides itself on the quality of its ingredients and the enjoyable atmosphere of the establishment. According to their website, the best way to enjoy one of their meals is by first making a reservation.

And we all know that a packed restaurant is a great sign!

The menu includes appetizers and salads, Persian specialties, and gourmet rice, as well as the choice of lamb, poultry, beef, or seafood dishes. The establishment’s modern appearance complements the superior quality of the food. Satisfied reviewers said they would return.



Athena’s Greek & Lebanese Grill

$$ | 318-869-4260 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Shreveport, LA

This family-owned restaurant prides itself on using traditional recipes to provide customers with an authentic dining experience. They offer dine-in, curbside pick-up, delivery options, a diverse menu of appetizers and entrees, soups and salads, pasta, and more.

And if you are a vegetarian or want to take your vegetarian friend for a meal, they offer various dishes, including the Eggplant plate, Falafel Plate. Satisfied customers spoke of the outstanding quality of food and the overall pleasant atmosphere of the place.



Crawdaddy’s Kitchen

$$ | 318-688-7532 | WEBSITE

Shreveport, LA Restaurants

If you’re craving seafood, this family-owned restaurant is an ideal option. The restaurant provides dine-in and curbside pick-up options and an extensive seafood menu.

According to its website, the restaurant was voted one of the best crawfish restaurants in the state. And satisfied customers agree. Reviewers mentioned classic dishes like gumbo, boudin, or etouffee and the establishment’s cozy feel.



Herby K’s

$$ | 318-424-2724 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Shreveport, LA

Up and running since 1936, Herby K’s is the hidden gem of Shreveport. This family-owned restaurant specializes in seafood, and prides itself on maintaining the high quality of its food for almost nine decades.

The menu includes seafood dishes, sandwiches, burgers, club sandwiches, salads, and sides at a reasonable price. In addition, the restaurant offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery options, and customers claim that the retro design of the establishment complements the great food.



Pita De’ Novo

$ | 318-797-7482 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Shreveport, LA

Up and running for over two decades, Pita De’ Novo specializes in Greek cuisine and provides a wide variety of dishes at a low price.

According to some of the restaurant’s reviewers, the delicious food, the friendliness of the staff, and the cozy design of the establishment give customers the feeling of eating a home-cooked meal with family.
The menu includes dishes like salads and sandwiches, cooked Greek dishes like gyros and shawarma, and much more.



Imperial Cathay

$$ | 318-798-8310 | WEBSITE

Shreveport, LA Top Restaurants

Imperial Cathay specializes in Mandarin cuisine, serves both lunch and dinner, and offers customers superb service. Their menu includes classic dishes, such as sweet and sour chicken, Moo Goo Gai Pan, and chicken with cashew nuts.

According to its website, Imperial Cathay serves high-quality food, and customers seem to agree. Their reasonable prices make this an ideal stop for a quick lunch or a date night.



China Dragon

$ | 318-868-8882 | WEBSITE

Shreveport, LA Top Restaurant

Look no further than China Dragon if you’re searching for a Chinese restaurant that offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery options. This little restaurant, located in a strip mall, is exquisite.

According to customers, the delicious food and the reasonable prices make this an excellent location for eating out or ordering in. The menu includes beloved Chinese dishes, such as Shrimp Fried Rice, Pork Lo Mein, and more.



Casa Jimador

$$ | 318-754-3885 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Shreveport, LA

The restaurant specializes in Mexican food and offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery options. The menu includes dishes for everyone’s needs and wants, from chimichangas and burritos to soups and vegetarian meals.

The restaurant’s rustic architecture and stylish design, combined with the high food quality, have earned it a special place in the hearts of satisfied customers, who claim they are excited to come back.



Port City Bar B Que

$$ | 318-208-8767 | WEBSITE

Shreveport, LA Trendy Restaurants

If you’re craving barbecue, Port City Bar B Que has got you covered. The restaurant’s menu includes BBQ platters, meat plates, appetizers, and a wide variety of meats, such as ribs, pulled pork and more.

Satisfied customers have reviewed the food as to die for and the staff as friendly and helpful.
The restaurant offers dine-in and take-out options, but customers say that the rustic design of the establishment makes eating out a better option.



Popping Peppers BBQ & More

$$ | 318-584-9687 | WEBSITE

Shreveport, LA Trendy Restaurant

Whether you’re hosting a big party or you’re simply craving some BBQ to eat at home, Popping Peppers is a great option. The restaurant provides curbside pick-up and delivery options and serves a diverse menu that everyone can enjoy.

You can choose from meat plates, sandwiches, appetizers and more. And the best part? You get to combine them however you like. According to customers, Popping Peppers is worth visiting if you’re in the Shreveport area.



Indigo Indian Bistro

$$ | 318-629-0726 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurants in Shreveport, LA

Indigo Indian Bistro provides authentic Indian food that is worth the price, according to satisfied reviewers. Customers have the option to choose hot or spicy meals, and a very diverse menu. The restaurant offers a wide variety of options, from chicken and lamb dishes, to vegetarian dishes and salads.




If you’re searching for the best restaurants in Shreveport, this is the list for you! So whether you’re searching for a small Chinese restaurant or you’re looking for a new favorite Greek restaurant, rest assured that Shreveport has something to fit everyone’s needs and tastes.

Best Restaurants in Shreveport

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