16 Best Restaurants In Scranton, PA [2023 Updated]

Scranton, Pennsylvania is known for many things. Railroads, rivers, coal, and a top notch university may all come to mind when we think of Scranton.

Most people of a certain age probably think of Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. The famed but fictional Scranton-based company is the setting for the hit show The Office. But what about food?

What can visitors expect in the way of restaurants? If you go to Scranton, you’re in for a treat if you want to eat! Scranton has much more to offer than smoked sausage (though that’s great too). So let’s hop on that food train and see what’s good in Scranton.

Ipanema Grille

$$$ | 570-558-0742 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant Scranton, PA

For the meat lovers out there, Ipanema Grille is the perfect spot.

This Brazilian eatery offers a delicious rodizio with a selection of 13 meats and homemade rubs and sauces. All you can eat is skillfully carved tableside. The lamb is especially succulent. Sangria is made on the premises and is sure to be a hit with your party.

The atmosphere is upscale but laid back. Service is impeccable and you are never rushed.



Mansour’s Market

$$ | 570-341-6673 | WEBSITE


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Charming and quaint are the words that come to mind when you walk into Mansour’s. It’s one of the best places to grab coffee in Scranton. They’re also one of the best breakfast/brunch spots.

The coffee is roasted right in Pennsylvania and is brewed by skilled baristas. It’s off the beaten path, so if you want a delicious breakfast in a quiet place, wake up to Mansour’s Market.



Stirna’s Restaurant

$$ | 570-343-5742 | WEBSITE


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For the best family restaurant experiences in Scranton and the surrounding area, take a seat at Stirna’s. They serve an eclectic mix of American, Italian, and seafood.

It’s probably the only place in town where you can get meatloaf, blackened ahi tuna, and tacos all in one place! The delicious meals are surprisingly affordable. The servers and owners strive to make you feel comfortable and treat you like family.



Casa Bella

$$ | 570-969-9006 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Scranton, PA

There are several Italian restaurants in Scranton. Casa Bella is among the best. They offer a variety of traditional dishes. From pastas to meats. With a great wine menu, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing for any meal.

Don’t let the simple building facade fool you. The interior atmosphere of Casa Bella is beautiful. The perfect place for friends, couples, or business meetings.



A Little Pizza Heaven

$ | 570-347-4977 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for some great pizza and traditional Italian fare, A Little Pizza Heaven is just that. Patrons are often greeted at the door by the owner. They also oversee the kitchen and hand-toss the dough. Ensuring that there’s care and love in every bite!

The Italian Stallion pizza is a must-try. Huge and delicious, it has many of our favorite pizza toppings. The dinners are just as Bellissimo. From the chicken parmigiana to the veal picatta. The portions are large and the flavors are fresh and homemade.

People who’ve been, say it rivals the best pizza in New York’s Little Italy! So BYOB right on down to a slice of Scranton heaven at A Little Pizza Heaven.



Savory Maza

$$ | 570-969-2666 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Scranton, PA

Serving delightful Lebanese fare like Fattoush, Baba ghanouj, and Falafel. Savory Maza is a Scranton gem. The atmosphere is laid back and casual. The service is impeccable. So if you’re in the mood for som



Thai Rak Tai

$$ | 570-344-2240 | WEBSITE

Scranton, PA Restaurants

Serving authentic Thai cuisine, Thai Rak Tai is a great place to have a lovely casual dinner. Signature dishes include spicy duck, tuna panang avacado, and basil pork chops. They also offer vegetarian options.

You’re sure to feel comfortable in the classically designed dining room. The staff is friendly and always ready to discuss the menu with you.



Chicano’s Restaurant

$ | 570-955-5210 | WEBSITE

Scranton, PA Restaurant

Chicano’s is a tiny piece of Mexico right in the heart of Scranton. Serving reasonably priced authentic food. You’re sure to love their big burritos, juicy fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. You’ll feel you’ve been transported to the heart of Tijuana. They also offer a range of healthy options. The atmosphere is casual and family friendly.



The Garden A Mediterranean Restaurant

$ | 570-299-1723 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Scranton, PA

A great place if you’re looking for freshly made, organic Mediterranean food. The fresh pressed olive oil is made from olives in the family orchard in Jerusalem! You’ll love the homemade hummus, grape leaves, and spinach pie. Enormous portions and attentive servers await you. So give The Garden A a try.



Sidel’s Restaurant

$$ | 570-343-6544 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Scranton, PA

Family owned and operated Sidel’s uses local ingredients to fuse the best of American and Italian cuisine. Their seafood, steaks, and pastas are generous and impressively plated. A large bar tops off this restaurant’s upscale, yet casual environment.



Backyard Ale House

$$ | 570-955-0192 | WEBSITE


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Backyard Ale House is an amazing eatery if you’re looking for traditional American food in a down-to-earth atmosphere.

They have a fantastic variety of bottled and draft beers from all over the United States. The food is delicious and well portioned. Be sure to try the “Banjo Pig”, their delectable Cuban-style sandwich. Backyard Ale is a great place to get together with friends or take your Scranton University student for a treat!



Glider Diner

$ | 570-343-8036 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Scranton, PA

For the best classic dinner experience in Scranton, visit the Glider Diner. It’s a Scranton landmark. Serving up its oversized meals in a fun and nostalgic 1950’s themed atmosphere. Couple that with fresh ingredients and great service, you couldn’t go wrong when choosing this diner.

Folks especially rave about the omelette, roast beef dinner, and homemade rice pudding. If full bellies and fun for this family is what you’re looking for, then drop by the Glider Diner!




$$$ | 570-955-5890 | WEBSITE


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As the name suggests, Posh is probably the most upscale restaurant in Electric City. Located inside one of Scranton’s most historical buildings, the iconic atmosphere does not overshadow the fabulous food.

With signature dishes like duck breast, strip steak, and roasted salmon, you won’t be disappointed. The service and presentation are impeccable. There is a cocktail bar with a selection that’s one of the best in the city. Make a reservation and experience the best Scranton has to offer.




$$ | 570-341-9600 | WEBSITE

Scranton, PA Best Restaurants

Available for take out or dining in. Osaka is a cozy Japanese eatery that offers a large variety of sushi. They also have delicious hibachi and a full bar.

For tea enthusiasts, there is a wonderful selection of teas. If you’re in a rush, the service is fast. Not a fan of sushi? They also have other great options, like seared tuna and perfectly prepared prawns.



Cooper’s Seafood

$$ | 570-346-6883 | WEBSITE


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Housed in the former Lackawanna railroad station house, Cooper’s is a landmark in Scranton. This family restaurant has been serving fresh seafood since 1948.

People travel from all over just to get some expertly prepared seafood platters and homemade soups! No wonder they won the 2021 Travelers Choice award.

As if the delicious seafood was not enough reason to visit, the decor is phenomenal. You’ll feel like you are eating at the oceanside while surrounded by the lighthouse bar and the tiki deck. For a taste of the sea right in Scranton, sail over to Cooper’s.



Abe’s Kosher Deli

$ | 570-342-4517 | WEBSITE

Scranton, PA Best Restaurant

A traditional kosher deli, Abe’s has everything you’d think it does, from fresh pastrami sandwiches, huge omelettes, and blueberry pancakes. They also offer healthy and small plate options.

Abe’s goal is to make everyone happy. They welcome everyone, especially Scranton’s awesome college students and university staff!




As you can see, Scranton is full of many diverse restaurant options. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this town is sure to have it. So, whatever your reason is for visiting, be sure to check out one of these fantastic dining spots!

5 thoughts on “16 Best Restaurants In Scranton, PA [2023 Updated]”

  1. I have to say I pretty much agree with your choices. I’ve been to most of these restaurants and they are a few I need to try yet. However, you left out Alfredo’s, where the food is always good and delicious. Always a wonderful experience.

  2. I must disagree with Abe’s Deli and Gliders Dinner. I’ve been to both places and will never go back. I agree with Little Pizza Heaven. The food there is off the hook and the family that owns the place are lovely people. Ipanema is also a wonderful dining experience. However you left out Italo’s Mexican food. Again delicious fresh food and nice people owning and running the place. And the Boulevard Diner has huge breakfasts all day and home made soups, burgers and Greek specialties.

  3. Coopers sucks dude. Hasn’t been good since the 80’s. Kitchen is filthy & 1 out of 5 ppl who eat there gets food poisoning.
    Nasty stuff


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