15 Best Restaurants in Saginaw, MI [2023 Updated]

Looking for a place to enjoy an overdue family dinner, a night out with friends, or perhaps plan the best date possible, then we’ve got a list for you!

Below you’ll find 15 of the best restaurants in Saginaw, MI.

Artisan Urban Bistro

$$$ | 989-401-6019 | WEBSITE

Saginaw, MI Best Restaurants

Artisan Urban bistro restaurant offers its customers French, Italian, and American cuisines with a very fine dining experience. Everything listed on the menu pairs with its price.

The restaurant only serves locally sourced food in an extremely welcoming bistro environment. The dishes are made with fresh ingredients that come with every season. The restaurant has its own winery within the building which makes the whole dining experience more aesthetic.



Pasong’s Cafe

$$$ | 989-791-5008 | WEBSITE

Saginaw, MI Best Restaurant

If you’re looking for a Thai or Chinese Cuisine Dining Experience then Pasong’s Cafe is the best choice for you. The price per individual customer is very reasonable considering the restaurant serves amazing food with a fine choice of wine. You can also order other drinks such as coffee.

The restaurant offers takeaway services. Inside, it’s filled with cozy decor and a lovely dining atmosphere.Pasong’s Cafe is one of the popular choices for dining in Saginaw, MI.

There are multiple gluten-free and vegetarian eating options for customers. There’s no breakfast menu by the restaurant as it’s only open for lunch and dinner timings of the day.




$$$ | 989-799-0111 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Saginaw, MI

Looking for an ideal cafe to grab a quick bite before you head back to work? Fralia’s restaurant has got you covered. The restaurant offers exceptional lunch menus for its customers because they’re passionate about serving signature dishes for everyday lunches.

Apart from that, there are soup and sandwich options and all kinds of drinks and beverages which is why Fralia’s is the best Saginaw restaurant for quick bites. Although these quick bites can only be enjoyed during work hours, Monday to Friday. In addition, Fralia’s also offers catering services, business, and home deliveries.



Falafel hut Middle Eastern Cuisine

$$ | 989-392-5397 | WEBSITE

Saginaw, MI Top Restaurants

Falafel Hut Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant satisfies all your Middle Eastern food cravings. The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients in all of its servings, ensuring the best possible experience for customers.

The restaurant owners want Saginaw residents to get a chance to taste and explore Lebanese culture. The food is authentic and delicious. The restaurant offers catering services and is one of the top four Middle Eastern restaurants in Michigan.

You can also order the meals online and enjoy food that makes you feel at home. Falafel Hut promises sensational food at a very reasonable and affordable pricing rate.



Saginaw Old Town Junction

$$ | 989-401-4066 | WEBSITE

Saginaw, MI Trendy Restaurants

Saginaw Old Town Junction restaurant opens at specific times each day of the week. Why pick this restaurant? Because it has outdoor eating options, take-out services, drive-throughs, and much more. The beer selection at Saginaw Old Town Junction is commendable and the table service is exceptional.

There are many highlights of this restaurant including karaoke nights and live music performances. he restaurant offers accessible restrooms for people with disabilities. There are also sports and trivia nights. The atmosphere is very cozy and not to mention the food served in the area is extremely tasteful.



Bringer Inn

$ | 989-753-1462 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Saginaw, MI

Bringer Inn is a popular and affordable place to dine, offering a selection of beverages to enjoy with your friends and family. The diner is vegetarian-friendly and open throughout the day. The diner holds its place in the top 24 best restaurants in Saginaw.

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Michigan which means the customer service and meals are exceptional and trustworthy. The restaurant offers take-out services and wheelchair access for disabled customers.

The table service is helpful and enthusiastic about making the customers feel comfortable and welcomed. Some customers say they’ve eaten at the diner for over 25 years and never had a bad dining experience.



Panda House Chinese Restaurant

$$$ | 989-755-5394 | WEBSITE

Saginaw, MI Restaurants

If you want to enjoy the best Asian food in Saginaw, Panda House Chinese Restaurant is a great choice for that. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner Chinese meals with exceptional customer service.

There is take-out available if you want to take the food home and enjoy it with the company. The restaurant is renowned for its huge portions of food take-outs which keeps customers happy. Many customers review Panda House as the only place in Saginaw where they buy Chinese food.



Fuzzy’s Restaurant

$ | 989-790-1719 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Saginaw, MI

Fuzzy’s is one of the well-known casual family diners in Saginaw MI. The restaurant offers both sweet and savory options throughout the day, starting with its famous breakfast menu.

At Fuzzy’s restaurant, they also offer vegetarian options for customers. With more than 32 flavors of ice cream, they also offer some baked items such as their signature homemade pies. Fuzzy’s offers a pleasant dining experience at a very affordable price.



Jake’s Old City Grill

$$$ | 989-797-8325 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Saginaw, MI

Renowned as one of the most romantic restaurants in Saginaw, Jake’s Old City Grill is the right place to be for an ideal date. They offer a collection of more than 100 curated wines.

The restaurant is one of the best steakhouses in Saginaw and ranks as its fourth-best restaurant. With exciting menu options to excellent customer service, Jake’s Old City Grill restaurant promises you a dining experience to remember.



Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

$$$ | 989-790-2288 | WEBSITE


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If you’re craving a garden fresh salad or crisp breadsticks with your favorite kind of soup, then Olive Garden is the right place to eat for you! You can enjoy delicious Italian meals with family, coworkers, and friends in this fancy restaurant. Olive Garden offers online ordering and delivery amenities for its customers.

The table service is exceptional and the food will make you come back for more every time. There’s also a drive-through available on one side of the restaurant to make the experience more convenient for you. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner with gluten-free and vegetarian options.



Tias Soul

$$ | 989-355-5779 | WEBSITE

Saginaw, MI Restaurant

With a delicious variety of daily specials and signature dishes that you can order online or enjoy at the diner, Tias Soul has got it all. The restaurant serves refreshing beverages and creamy desserts.

Whether you’re craving wings, ribs, or a fish basket, you can pick your food up at the drive-through, get it delivered online, or choose to dine in. The specialty of this restaurant is that it offers all sorts of delicious fried meal baskets with sauces and toppings.



Liquid Lounge

$ | 989-401-4371 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Saginaw, MI

Liquid Lounge isn’t your ordinary diner, eating somewhere fancy with your friends in a great atmosphere is the exact type of experience this restaurant offers. At Liquid Lounge you get to enjoy different types of sliders.

There are several vegetarian options and a big variety of sides. If you’re craving delicious salads, then Liquid Lounge has a great selection to choose from. Moving onto desserts, whether you want one-bites or nutters, Liquid Lounge has it all!



El Rancho Grande

$$ | 989 753-8859 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurant in Saginaw, MI

Mexican cuisines are taking over the culinary world with their delicious meals and the best place to look for Mexican food is El Rancho Grande restaurant in Saginaw. The restaurant has been serving authentic Mexican food to its customers in Saginaw since the year 2000.

It also offers take-out services for its customers so they can enjoy sensational Mexican cuisine at home. If you want Mexican food at your next party, then El Rancho Grande caterers will cover the job for you. It is one of the best Mexican food restaurants in Saginaw according to popular customer reviews.

Customers dine at El Rancho Grande because of its huge delicious servings and exceptional table service. The restaurant also serves some of the best tamales in the area.




$$$ | 989-792-0303 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurants in Saginaw, MI

Another one for the Chinese cuisine category, Hunans is one of the most renowned restaurants in Saginaw for its amazing food presentation, exceptional table service, and delicious meals. If you’re thinking about Asian food for lunch or dinner, Hunans is the best restaurant for that.

The restaurant offers brunch during opening hours and take-out as well. The inside of the diner is Chinese-themed. The dining atmosphere is positive and cozy. The restaurant is known for its attentive service, including timely refills.



Tony’s Original Restaurant

$ | 989-793-1801 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Saginaw, MI

Whether you want to order Italian food online or enjoy eating it at a fine diner, Tony’s Original Restaurant is in the top 6 of the 13 Italian restaurants in Saginaw. From breakfast to dinner, the restaurant’s menu is jam-packed with flavorful food.

From specials, and a long list of delicious beverages, to homemade soups, Tony’s Original Restaurant allows its customers to enjoy an affordable and wholesome dining experience with the best table service. The locals praise the restaurant for its sensational breakfast, cooperative staff, and delicious specials.




Now that you have a detailed list of 15 of the best restaurants in Saginaw, Michigan, it’s time to take your family and friends out for a fulfilling dining experience.

Best Restaurants in Saginaw

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