20 Best Restaurants in Portland, OR 2023

Whether you’re visiting Portland or you live in the area, there are plenty of restaurants of many types to enjoy. However, at the same time, there are so many restaurants in the area that it may become too overwhelming to pick a good one.

Whether that’s because of the sheer number of restaurants or the sheer variety of types, it can be tough to settle on a good place. Honestly, for a lot of people, it can result in executive dysfunction, where the abundance of choices makes us default to the safe option instead of something new.

To help you deal with the overwhelming number of options across different ethnic groups, we’ve prepared a list of the 20 best restaurants in Portland, OR. This list took multiple factors into account, including different ethnic cuisines and vibes.

1. Cabezon Restaurant

$$$ | (503) 284-6617 | WEBSITE


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If you’re a fan of seafood, Cabezon is a solid choice, though expect to pay a little extra for quality and service. All seafood is sourced locally, and if you’re so inclined, you can choose to indulge in their wide selection of wines.

Cabezon is set in a wooden-raftered cafe, and it offers both take-out and dine-in options (though no delivery). If we had to recommend any one dish, we’d suggest the cioppino, a delicious fish stew.



2. Gado Gado

$$ | 503) 206-8778 | WEBSITE


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Gado Gado aims to provide food that serves as a mix and match of some of the best flavors from Asian cuisine.

However, if you’re a fan of Indonesian food, there’s a lot to enjoy here, especially with their Sumatran beef rendang. The value for what you get is great, although you’re unfortunately out of luck if you’re looking to get it to go, as they only offer dine-in services.



3. Han Oak

$$$ | (971) 255-0032 | WEBSITE


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While food is the most important thing about any good restaurant, it’s just as important to have a solid atmosphere.

Plenty of places have good food, but if the restaurant is not an interesting experience, people will look elsewhere. Han Oak, however, has one of the best atmospheres of any restaurant in Portland, making the Korean food on the menu much more enjoyable as a result.



4. Higgins

$$$ | (503) 222-9070 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking to enjoy a good bistro, Higgins is a good spot to hit up, and one of the best restaurants in Portland. It’s a pretty classy place, but by no means does that mean that it’s not a lot of fun to hang out here.

Whether you want to try out their charcuterie platter, or you just want to relax and enjoy some delicious Belgian beer, Higgins has you covered.



5. Il Terrazzo

$$ | (971) 302-6691 | WEBSITE


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Portland has its fair share of Italian restaurants, but if you ask me, Il Terrazzo is one of the best restaurants in Portland – at least, as far as Italian food is concerned.

The restaurant offers its food for a reasonable price, and while you can get takeout, the view of the marina is definitely worth sitting down and enjoying your food at the restaurant. The antipasti and the zafferano were two dishes that particularly stood out for us when we tried the restaurant.



6. La Moule

$$ | (971) 339-2822 | WEBSITE


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Belgian may not be the first type of cuisine people turn to when they want to try something different, but I’ll be honest, that’s a crying shame. If you want to try it for yourself, La Moule is probably the best way to do so.

It has a lot of the most famous Belgian staples, including a number of excellent mussel dishes, and you won’t have to break the bank to try them out either. Better yet, you can experience it in one of the more aesthetically pleasing restaurants on this list.



7. Le Pigeon

$$$$ | (503) 546-8796 | WEBSITE


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French cuisine is definitely one of the most recognizable cuisines, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be derivative or familiar.

Le Pigeon may be by far the most expensive option on this list, but if you can afford it and want to try something truly inventive, we simply cannot recommend it enough.

Not only do you get amazing food, but you also get a beautiful restaurant as well as excellent service. All we can say is that you’ll be glad you didn’t pass up the opportunity.



8. Lechon

$$ | (503) 219-9000 | WEBSITE


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South American food is a rich, complex cuisine, mixing a lot of different food inspirations, and Lechon is a solid example of this cuisine. Be sure to check out their tapas menu, but we also recommend you try the shrimp ceviche.

As far as the restaurant goes, the rustic aesthetic makes it a perfect place to enjoy your food. Though if you want to eat at home, you can either do takeout or no-contact delivery.



9. Lovely’s Fifty Fifty

$$ | (503) 281-4060 | WEBSITE


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Everyone loves a good pizza, especially when it’s locally made. Now, this isn’t the best place to go if you’re looking to get a pizza in a hurry, this probably isn’t for you.

But if you want to get one of the best pizzas in Portland, whether for dining-in, takeout, or delivery, you absolutely have to give Lovely’s Fifty Fifty a try. They have plenty of delicious pizza toppings to choose from, and if you want to try something extra, check out their ice cream!



10. Mediterranean Exploration Company

$$$ | (503) 222-0906 | WEBSITE


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The Mediterranean Exploration Company serves a lot of excellent dishes, which are a mixture of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.

The style of the restaurant is industrial-chic, which is represented by exposed elements, such as bricks, beams, duct work, and more. It helps make the restaurant feel relaxed and casual. When you visit, be sure to order the pita and hummus.



11. The Melting Pot

$$$ | (503) 517-8960 | WEBSITE


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We’re a big fan of fondue, and The Melting Pot offers the perfect stop for it. There are three different types of fondue: cheese, chocolate, and broth, which can be used for both dipping and cooking.

So, whether you’re looking for a sweet taste or a savory one, you’re covered. Plus, if you’re looking for an intimate, romantic experience, you really ought to bring your partner.



12. Murata Restaurant

$$$ | (503) 227-0080 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Portland, OR

If you’re looking for a great Japanese spot with excellent sushi and sashimi, Murata Restaurant is a perfect destination.

The atmosphere is perfect, and the food is as good as you will find in any great Japanese restaurant. If you want to have an even more authentic Japanese experience, you can reserve one of their tatami rooms, which somehow makes the food taste even better.



13. The Observatory

$$ | (503) 445-6284 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Portland, OR

Just because you’re used to American food doesn’t mean that you can’t do new and interesting stuff with it.

This stylish eatery has an excellent atmosphere, and the food is just as good. We recommend you try out the elk burger if you’ve never had elk before (or even if you have!). It’s also a welcoming place that embraces diversity, making it a great spot for everyone, including the LGBT community.



14. Oma’s Hideaway

$$ | (971) 754-4923 | WEBSITE

Portland, OR Best Restaurants

For fans of both Chinese and Indonesian food, Oma’s Hideaway is a great place to stop by. This restaurant is a nice, cozy experience, and it offers dine-in, takeout, and no-contact delivery options.

And if you want to enjoy some fresh air, you can eat your food in the outdoor front seating area. The pork belly and sweet potato dumplings are our personal favorites on the menu.



15. OX Restaurant

$$ | (503) 284-3366 | WEBSITE


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OX Restaurant offers a lot of food familiar to people from the northwest, but with an Argentinian spin.

Are you looking for clam chowder? Pork chops? Oysters? If so, OX Restaurant is a solid restaurant to check out. But the main dishes are not the only good thing about this restaurant. The sides are also a delight, such as their brusselsprouts and cauliflower.



16. The Slide Inn

$$ | (503) 341-1381 | WEBSITE

Portland, OR Best Restaurant

The Slide Inn has a wonderful mixture of elements that make you want to, well, “slide in” and enjoy it all. This inn offers both German and American meals, though the chefs do a lot of work to put their own identity into the food they make.

They offer a lot of great breakfast foods, including eggs benedict, fritters, and french toast. And if you have a gluten intolerance, the good news is that they have plenty of gluten-free options available. And if you like a show, you can also enjoy comedy or music (depending on the night).



17. Thai Peacock Restaurant

$$ | (503) 228-2310 | WEBSITE


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There are a lot of great Thai delicacies out there, so it might be a little intimidating to try for people trying the food for the first time.

If that’s you, checking out Thai Peacock Restaurant is a good introduction to the cuisine. In particular, we’d have to recommend you try the khao soi noodle soup, the garlic fried rice, and the delicious, crispy trout. And if you’re looking to enjoy a solid beverage, the Thai-inspired cocktails are wonderful.



18. Top Burmese

$ | (503) 477-5985 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is among the lower-end of the pricing scale on this list, but by no means does its quality suffer because of that. Top Burmese proves to be a warm, inviting space, featuring incredibly Myanmar dishes.

Even better, Top Burmese offers several options for how you want to enjoy their food. Want to hang out and eat? They’ve got you covered.

But if you’d prefer to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, they also do no-contact delivery. And we can’t emphasize enough: try the samosas, you will not regret it.



19. Urdaneta

$$ | (503) 288-1990 | WEBSITE


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We’re big fans of Spanish food here, and while we always appreciate a traditional take, we also appreciate trying new spins on food. If you’ve had your fair share of tapas, Urdaneta is a good place to try a new, artsy spin on them.

You can tell that the chefs put a lot of love and passion into everything they craft, and for the cost, we can’t emphasize how worthwhile it is to pay this restaurant a visit. While you’re at it, make sure to try their cheesecake for dessert.



20. The Woodsman Tavern

$$$ | (503) 342-1122 | WEBSITE


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Honestly, if you ever wanted to visit a restaurant that just oozed Portland, The Woodsman Tavern is probably going to be the best pick for you. The second you walk in, the rustic charms will wash over you.

And once you’re done taking in just how aesthetically pleasing it all is, at that point, you can finally dig in. Whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even brunch, you’ll have a good time. We strongly recommend you try the fried chicken, which beats Kentucky Fried Chicken any day of the week.



Best restaurants in Portland

There are a lot of great restaurants to find in the Portland area, and these 20 are only some of the best restaurants in Portland. Once you’ve gone through the restaurants we’ve selected, be sure to broaden your horizons even further and try things you’ve not yet experienced before.

Restaurants in Portland

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