15 Best Restaurants in Northampton, MA 2023

When heading into a new town for the first time, it can be challenging to decide where to eat. There are many options, but can you be sure the food is good or that the environment is right? This list is here to help.

Below you will find the 15 best restaurants in Northampton, Massachusetts, sorted by their reviews. Various culinary options are available, such as American, Mexican, Greek, Thai, Argentinian, and more.

There are also different pricing options, so you can find the perfect restaurant in Northampton for your tastes, needs, and wants.

1. Pita Pockets

$ | 413-341-3629 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Northhampton, MA

Pita Pockets is a small Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Northampton. They are known locally for their excellent service, friendliness, and delicious falafels.

This restaurant offers a variety of menu items, including vegetarian and vegan options. They also provide shawarma and kabobs, and their portions are generous and filling. For a quick and affordable meal, swing through Pita Pockets. You won’t regret it!



2. Paul and Elizabeth’s

$$ | 413-584-4832 | WEBSITE


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Offering seafood and vegetarian fare, Paul and Elizabeth’s is known for its beautifully plated and delicious food. The ambiance of the restaurant is comfortable and warm, with a hint of Japanese style.

Customers are satisfied not only with the variety of options but also with the portion and pricing. If you’re looking for healthy eating options in Northampton, Paul and Elizabeth’s has you covered.



3. Amanouz Cafe

$ | 413-585-9128 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Northhampton, MA

For a menu full of Moroccan and Mediterranean options, stop into Amanouz Cafe. This charming cafe offers falafel, shawarma, kebabs, couscous, baklava, and more! With outdoor dining, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the charm of Northampton.

Amanouz has a friendly wait staff, fantastic food, and an authentic environment to enjoy your Mediterranean fare. Try one of their delicious mint teas for a refreshing addition to your meal!



4. Noodles

$ | 413-587-4070 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for affordable and delicious Asian noodle cuisine in Northampton, Noodles is your best option. With delightful noodle soup, pho, ramen, beef stew, and more, they have savory and filling options for every palate and preference.

The friendly staff is always willing to answer questions or make a recommendation if you’re looking for guidance. Besides noodles, they also offer a variety of delicious menu options, such as dumplings. They also have Thai iced tea and a variety of specialized drinks for you to try.



5. Mulino’s

$$ | 413-586-8900 | WEBSITE

Northhampton, MABest Restaurants

At Mulino’s, food is the only thing better than the atmosphere. This restaurant offers homestyle Italian cooking with traditional pasta such as mouthwatering Carbonara, tender Penne, flavorful Scampi, and excellent Spaghetti.

They also offer meat and seafood dishes in a variety of sauces and styles. This cozy and relaxed dining generally takes a little more time than your average dine-and-dash restaurant, so leave plenty of time in your night for great appetizers, entrees, and desserts.



6. Jake’s

$$ | 413-584-9613 | WEBSITE


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An excellent place for breakfast or brunch, Jake’s offers modern American breakfast delights like guac and lox, quinoa bowls, and Eggs in Purgatory, as well as traditional American breakfasts like pancakes and eggs.

They freshen up American staples with ingredients like kale, goat cheese, and sourdough to give them a flavorful and unique twist. Their menu is extensive, with a dish for every taste and appetite.

They also offer delicious drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Your brunch will surely be a treat with their friendly service and delicious menu.



7. Bueno Y Sano

$ | 413-586-7311 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Northhampton, MA

For a delicious burrito and taco experience, come to Bueno Y Sano. For more options, they also serve quesadillas and salads.

The ingredients are fresh and include unique items like Korean or brisket. It’s quick, affordable, and delicious when you need a great family meal. If you need a meal at home, they also offer take-out and delivery!



8. Filo’s Greek Taverna

$ | 413-586-3456 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Northhampton, MA

With its beautifully designed interior, Filo’s Greek Taverna is a must-stop restaurant in Northampton. They offer delicious Greek dishes, unique fry combinations, and brick-oven pizzas. One dish customers can’t stop raving about is the Greco Kimchi fries!

With large portions and fresh ingredients, every dish satisfies the appetite. An excellent experience from the ambiance and staff to the food. You won’t regret your experience at Filo’s Greek Taverna.



9. Homestead

$ | 413-586-0502 | WEBSITE

North hampton, MA Top Restaurant

Try Homestead for a delicious meal in a high-energy environment. Known for its good music, warm atmosphere, and excellent beer selection, it’s a great place for a night out with friends.

Their menu offers a variety of pasta and local rustic Italian food. Everything gives off the ambiance of being rustic, homemade, and farm-fresh. Locals love this loud and lively restaurant with its delicious cuisine.



10. Thai Garden

$$ | 413-587-3336 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Northhampton, MA

Thai Garden is the place to go in Northampton for curry and noodles. The accommodating staff adjusts your dish to your taste, with various spicy options available.

While the most enjoyed dish is the Tom Yum soup, the pad Thai and noodle dishes are also delicious. To many locals, it is considered the best Thai place in town.



11. Fitzwilley’s

$$ | 413-584-8666 | WEBSITE


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For the craft beer fan, Fitzwilley’s is the restaurant for you. Housed in a historical building, Fitzwilley’s is a vintage-style pub that prides itself on its selection of pub grub and craft beers.

The menu offers fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, pulled pork, burgers, and more. The atmosphere adds to the experience and provides an exciting location to take visiting friends and family. For a great bar experience, head to Fitzwilley’s!



12. La Veracruzana

$$$ | 413-586-7181 | WEBSITE


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Looking for a great Mexican restaurant? Try La Veracruzana. They offer generous portions, delicious margaritas, and a cozy and cheerful atmosphere.

Delicious and satisfying guacamole, enchiladas suizas to die for, and quesadillas that hit the spot–this restaurant has everything you can ask for. They are known for their consistent excellence and friendly service. They also offer delivery for those nights when you want to eat at home.



13. Caminito Steak

$$ | 413-387-6387 | WEBSITE


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Caminito Steakhouse features both indoor and outdoor seating for your dining experience. A suggested spot for a date night, they offer a variety of Argentinean wines and a great menu.

They are known for their delicious rib-eye, wonderful appetizer options such as a Charcuterie board or Caesar salad, and delicious shrimp skewers. The next time you need to wine and dine with a loved one or even a business associate, this is the place in Northampton for you.



14. Spoleto

$$$ | 413-584-3100 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurant in Northhampton, MA

This self-described Trattoria offers delicious Italian fare and prides itself on its drink menu and happy hour at the bar. With excellent service and an outdoor dining area with fireplace tables, it’s a beautiful place for a cozy and atmospheric evening.

Portions are large, and the dishes are kid approved, according to customers. The staff dedicates itself to making your night at Spoleto’s one you won’t forget.



15. Moshi Moshi

$$ | 413-586-5865 | WEBSITE

Northhampton, MARestaurant

A delicious Japanese restaurant in Northampton is Moshi Moshi. The sushi is delicious and offers a good variety of types of rolls.

The menu also features udon, teriyaki, and more. The wait staff is known for their friendliness, and the sushi for being the best in the area. If you have sushi on your mind and want a relaxed and enjoyable night out, Moshi Moshi is a perfect option.




Northampton, MA, offers a plethora of restaurants. Here we have gathered 15 of the best restaurants in Northampton to choose from. With a variety of cuisine styles, different atmospheres from casual to romantic, and different pricing options, this list is sure to highlight the restaurant for you.

Best Restaurants in Northampton

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