11 Best Indian Restaurants in Boston, MA [2023 Updated]

There are many aspects for an establishment to qualify as one of the best Indian Restaurants in Boston, MA. Good hospitality, authentic food made from fresh ingredients, and several service options available. These restaurants have what it takes to be named one of the best Indian Restaurants in Boston, MA.

Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen

$$ | (617) 487-8941 | WEBSITE

Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen

Boston received a fabulous gift when two friends chose their city to serve the cuisine in one of the best Indian restaurants in Boston, MA. The Punjab culture is popular for its wealth of flavor and spices.

This restaurant is named after the Season for harvest and the Punjabi New Year in India. When visiting Boston, no trip is complete without a visit to Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen.

The Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen offers mild, hot, or spicy seasonings for the food you order. They give you the option of deciding what is your preference instead of serving you as is. Food comes with hospitable service, no long waits, and food is always hot and delicious!


Punjab Palace

$$ | (617) 254-1500 | WEBSITE

Punjab Palace

Parmjit Singh is the person you can thank for bringing a taste of authentic India to Boston, Massachusetts! He brings more than three decades of cooking Indian food experience to the people of Boston.

The Punjab Palace serves lunch and dinner all seven days of the week. The restaurant offers both  non-vegetarian and vegetarian menus. The Punjab Palace also caters office parties, group dining, and other occasions.

After a long day at the office, why not stop in after work and pick up some take-out for dinner? Even better, not in the mood to go out? Punjab Palace will also deliver it straight to your front doorstep!


Vaanga Boston

$$ | (617) 624-0300 | WEBSITE


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If you are searching for a restaurant offering authentic Indian Cuisine, combining the inventive and traditional, Vaanga Boston is here. Seizing the true spirit of Indian culture as we strive to provide customers with the ultimate encounter of the flavor of Indian foods with the spices and herbs of South India.

Both of which are excellent for good health and have a value of rich delicacy. Boston pursues an interest in Hyderabadi Biryani, facets of the Indo-Chinese, an assortment of 100 dosas, as well as several other flavors of Indian food. If you have a large event planned, give us a call because we also cater!

The VAANGA Express is the food catering truck that comes to your location delivering a taste of India to your event!


India Quality Restaurant

$$ | (617) 267-4499 | WEBSITE


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Located on Commonwealth Avenue near Fenway Park, India Quality Restaurant provides authentic, Indian food similar to home-cooked.

Restaurant owners and management are proud of the many praises received for their sweet, savory, and appetizing menu. In addition, diners have the option of over 30 varieties of beers and wines to enjoy with their meal.

India Quality Restaurant offers a variety of ways to enjoy the taste of Indian cuisine. One can dine-in the restaurant, stay home and order in for delivery, or stop by the restaurant and take-out the order.


Mela Indian Restaurant

$$ | (617) 859-4805 | WEBSITE

Mela Indian Restaurant

When you are seeking a modern type of Indian cuisine you can count on Mela Indian Restaurant to provide it. The meaning of the word Mela in Sanskrit is “festival” or a large group of people who gather in one arena to enjoy each other’s company and good food.

If you live in or plan to visit Boston, check out the South End. It is quickly becoming the neighborhood destination when seeking the finest restaurant serving a taste of India in America!


Halal Indian Cuisine

$$ | (617) 232-5000 | WEBSITE

Halal Indian Cuisine

If you are seeking a delicious option for delivery, takeout, or dining in for lunch or dinner in Boston, look no further than Halal Indian Cuisine. Within a certain community in Boston lies the cornerstone for a recognizable Indian restaurant.

Halal Indian Cuisine is that place–known for its friendly staff and outstanding customer service, as well as delicious, authentic Indian menu options. People come to Halal Indian Cuisine because only the freshest, high quality elements go into each item on the menu.

The menu at Halal Indian Cuisine restaurant included freshly baked breads and six delicious appetizers to choose from.


Shan-A-Punjab Boston

$$ | (617) 734-9000 | WEBSITE

Shan-A-Punjab Boston


Shan-A-Punjab Boston is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Boston, MA. Brookline is a city within the Boston metropolitan area. Shan-A-Punjab features Indian foods using a number of spices.

Our chef has several years of cooking expertise and is a genius in combining spices, such as ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin, and many others. In addition, there are many dishes you might not be familiar with, making the cuisine somewhat frightening and appealing.

It’s amazing how the chef is able to combine seasonings in a manner creating the essence of sour, sweet, hot, and spiciness all at once.


Kantipur Cafe

$$$ | (617) 714-3904 | WEBSITE

Kantipur Cafe

The Kantipur Cafe is another fine Indian establishment located in another metropolitan area of Boston. Making South Eastern dishes that are authentic and delicious is the primary goal of the Kantipur Cafe.

The chefs at this Indian restaurant specialize in “Moms”– this is a type of dumplings popular in Nepali. Customers love how all recipes are created from scratch, giving each menu item that special touch and authentic flavor of Nepali and India.

The Kantipur Cafe can be found centered in Cambridge. This is in the metropolitan area of Boston, Brookline, and Somerville.  Customers flock to this restaurant in search of the ideal flavors of both Nepali and Indian Cuisine.

Those residing within three miles of the restaurant can enjoy the convenience of having this delicious food delivered to their front door, in a fast, free, and safe manner!



$$$ | (617) 779-8800 | WEBSITE


If you are looking for some authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine, you will find it at the Darbar restaurant. That’s right! Each recipe prepared by chefs is time-tested and completely authentic.

You will be able to taste the freshness of each ingredient with every bite you take. In addition, every dish on the menu at Darbar is packed full of flavor, so unique, yet authentic you will think you are eating in the country the recipe was born.

Darbar will soon become a favorite neighborhood place to dine. Customers can get in touch with us by calling the phone number above, via email at [email protected], online or on the website at darbarboston.com to order a delicious taste of India.

If you are planning an event, why not contact Darbar Boston to cater it? Your guests will be raving for a long time afterwards about the fantastic foods you served.


Diva Indian Bistro

$$$ | (617) 522-2195 | WEBSITE


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You are going to love how Diva Indian Bistro serves up the traditional styles of Indian cooking. Our chefs are able to sustain the old-style cooking variable by each region of India, which has been separated into North and South cuisine.

All food is prepared with only the best ingredients, the freshest spices and herbs.  The result is a meal that tastes home-cooked. The chefs at Diva Indian Bistro are passionate about their goal to nourish not only a customer’s body but their soul, as well.

All menu items fixate on a variety of ways Indian barbecue. Using charcoal grills, tandoors, rotisseries, classic Indian smokers, and ovens. There are menu choices that are non-vegetarian and vegetarian. The ultimate goal at Diva Indian Bistro is to make your dining experience as unique as it is delicious.


Punjab Express

$$ | (610) 605-7488 | WEBSITE


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Punjab Express is an Indian restaurant located in Cambridge, a metropolitan suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. The chefs at this restaurant are capable of creating an ideal curry that brings you to the Golden Era of Punjab.

You will enjoy all the authentic essence of North-Indian cuisine right here in America. Customers enjoy the cultivated flavors modern Indian food offers. The master chefs at Punjab Express have formulated recipes which are authentic of the diverse areas within India.

If you are Vegan, there are many options available, since we indulge in pleasing customers on a Gluten-free, Nut-free, and MSG-free diet.



People look for several things when in search of the best Indian restaurant Boston, Massachusetts. They seek a restaurant that will provide the authenticity, flavor, and tastes of true Indian cuisine.

We hope this compilation of the 11 of the best Indian Restaurants in Boston, MA (and its metropolitan suburbs) helps you in discovering all the wonderful tastes of India.

Indian Restaurants in Boston, MA

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