15 Best Restaurants in Las Cruces, NM 2023

Las Cruces has long been a mecca for New Mexican cuisine, and its restaurants reflect that. From traditional New Mexican fare to more modern takes on the cuisine, there’s something for everyone in the Las Cruces food scene.

And with its proximity to Mexico, it’s no surprise that there are also a number of excellent Mexican restaurants in the city with a hint of inspiration from the nearby cities of El Paso and Juárez.

So whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a leisurely meal, or anything in between, here are the 15 Best Restaurants in Las Cruces.

1. Luna Rossa Winery & Pizzeria

$$ | (575) 526-2484 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Las Cruces, NM

This winery and pizzeria has been a Las Cruces institution for a long time, specifically located in the Mesilla area.

The focus here is on wine, pasta, and pizza with interesting and unique toppings, like the verdure (a pizza with melanzane (eggplant), bell pepper, and mozzarella) or the Messicana (a pizza with green chiles, prosciutto cotto, and mozzarella).

The outdoor ambiance is magnetic, with twinkling lights and a beautiful garden, and there’s often live music. You can even order a flight of wine before deciding on a bottle.



2. Si Señor Restaurant

$$ | (575) 527-0817 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Las Cruces, NM

This local favorite serves up some of the best Mexican cuisine in town, and locals love it for its family-friendly atmosphere and delicious food. The taco salad is a must-try, and the gorditas are incredibly appetizing.

Plus, the beautiful outdoor patio is perfect for enjoying a meal on a typical warm Las Cruces day. Because of its warm and friendly atmosphere, Si Señor is an ideal spot to host family celebrations, graduations, birthdays, and other fun events.



3. A Bite of Belgium

$$ | (575) 527-2483 | WEBSITE


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A Bite of Belgium is an excellent choice for those looking for a casual breakfast, lunch, or dinner – but with a particularly popular brunch.

The all-outdoor seating under a massive white tent includes free parking across the street, so you can enjoy true Belgian cuisine in peace. Their top dishes include omelets, Belgian waffles, and mimosas.



4. Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant

$$ | (575) 521-3505 | WEBSITE

Las Cruces, NM Best Restaurants

Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant is a long-time family-owned Italian eatery that has been voted best Italian Restaurant in Las Cruces 18 years running.

Food had always brought the family closer, and with 46 years of combined restaurant experience, they know the ins and outs of Italian food The bread is soft and scrumptious, and there is a variety of crowd-favorite Alfredo options.

The world-class tomato basil soup is a must-try. The staff knows fantastic wine recommendations, and the restaurant has been called the best Italian food in Las Cruces by critics and locals alike.



5. Santorini Restaurant

$$ | (575) 521-9270 | WEBSITE

Las Cruces, NM Best Restaurant

This chef-owned Mediterranean restaurant is a great choice for a uniquely-appetizing meal. The menu features classic Lebanese and Greek dishes, as well as a selection of homemade desserts.

The food is inspired by the warm hospitality and culture that defines the Mediterranean, and features exotic flavors, special spices, and a wide assortment of traditional Mediterranean ingredients.

This makes Santorini a great choice for those who want to experience the best of the Mediterranean, especially from Lebanon, Greece, Syria, and Cyprus. The restaurant can please meat lovers and vegetarians alike, with a number of delicious meat-free options available, as well.



6. Paisano Cafe

$$ | (575) 524-0211 | WEBSITE


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Paisano Cafe is a great choice for breakfast or lunch. The menu offers an assortment of food from steak to seafood to hatch chile soups.

The mole dishes are made from scratch, and the owners strive to provide their Las Cruces audience with a “comfortable and unique place to escape the stress of everyday life, relax, and enjoy a fun, casual dining experience”.

With reasonable prices, a casual atmosphere, and an assortment of entree styles (Mexican, Latin fusion, vegetarian, and vegan), there is sure to be a tasty option for all.



7. Zeffiro’s Pizzeria Downtown

$ | (575) 652-4215 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Las Cruces, NM

If you’re in the mood for pizza, Zeffiro’s Pizzeria Downtown is the place to go. The restaurant specializes in Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizzas cooked in a 900-degree oven, and the results are impressive.

The pizzas have a crispy crust and are topped with interesting combinations of ingredients that are tastefully executed. There’s a robust selection of wine, beer, and cocktails that you can enjoy indoors or on their outdoor patio.

The owner believes it is his mission to provide his customers with the best food in downtown Las Cruces, and he seems to be succeeding.



8. Habanero’s Fresh Mex

$ | (575) 524-1829 | WEBSITE


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Habanero’s is a great spot for healthy Mexican food that’s always made fresh to order. The restaurant makes a conscious effort to source and use only the finest quality ingredients, and it shows in the food.

The house-made chips and salsa are a great way to start your meal, and the owner says he’s learned that it’s important to cook with love – so he can please his customers with exceptional food and a fantastic overall experience.

The menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and meat options to satisfy all types of diets, and the prices are reasonable for the quality and value of delicious and healthy food.



9. La Nueva Casita Café

$ | (575) 523-5434 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Las Cruces, NM

La Nueva Casita Café is a warm and colorful Mexican restaurant that makes you feel like you’re at your Mexican grandmother’s house. The food is traditional and authentic, featuring classic Mexican dishes like chile relleno, calabacitas con puerco, and fideo.

The service is consistently amazing, with a staff that recognizes regulars and makes everyone feel welcome. This is a great place for a quick and affordable meal with long-time favorite Mexican dishes that never get old.



10. D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro

$$ | (575) 524-2408 | WEBSITE


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D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro is a beautiful location with two well-covered outdoor patios, spacious indoor dining, and an all-in-all pleasant venue for a lovely fine-dining experience.

The menu features epicurean-style dishes matched with authentic New Mexican award-winning wines.

This is the perfect date-night location, stocked with an assortment of adult beverages with local New Mexican beer and wine offerings. There is live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and reservations are encouraged.



11. Salud! de Mesilla

$$ | (575) 323-3548 | WEBSITE


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Salud! de Mesilla is a new American dining restaurant that serves tapas-style. This upscale fusion restaurant has a lively and energetic atmosphere with fresh ingredients mostly sourced locally.

Their menu is seasonal and constantly updating with bold and fresh combinations depending on what is in season.

The comfortable outdoor patio encourages a relaxing dining experience. Be sure to check out the little shop attached to the restaurant that sells jarred olives and other interesting items.



12. Nopalito Restaurant

$ | (575) 524-0003 | WEBSITE

Las Cruces, NMRestaurants

Nopalito Restaurant has been serving up tasty Mexican food since 1964. All of their ingredients are locally sourced and made fresh daily, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Chile lovers rejoice because this restaurant is famous for its authentic New Mexican cuisine and phenomenal green chile cheeseburger.



13. Sunset Grill

$$$ | (575) 521-1826 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Las Cruces, NM

Sunset Grill is a New American restaurant & bar serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner next to the scenic Sonoma Ranch Golf Course.

With half off wine Monday (every bottle, every Monday), prime rib night, and fresh fish Friday, there’s always something special going on at Sunset Grill.

And with its gorgeous views overlooking the Organ Mountains, you can enjoy a peaceful dining experience by the golf course. Sunset Grill also has outdoor and indoor accomodations including a beautiful outdoor patio.



14. Broken Spoke Taphouse

$$ | (575) 541-7417 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a great place to drink beer in Las Cruces, look no further than Broken Spoke Taphouse. With over 60 taps, there’s quite the selection of top-quality beers at Broken Spoke.

And if beer’s not your thing, they also have a great selection of cocktails. But Broken Spoke is more than just a great place to drink. You can enjoy Broken Spoke’s American-style menu options in their lively open-air patio with occasional live music.



15. Le Rendez-vous Café

$$ | (575) 527-0098 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Las Cruces, NM

Le Rendez-vous Café is a French-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Las Cruces. The restaurant makes an assortment of simple French-style dishes, specialty coffees, and fancy desserts served in a cozy, casual atmosphere.

Founded in 2008, Le Rendez-vous is the culmination of the owner Thierry’s dream of owning a café where he “could marry his mother’s French Country-style recipes with Louisiana flare and his own artful pastries.”

So if you’re looking for a complete dining experience, Le Rendez-vous Café is the right place to enjoy a little taste of France in southern New Mexico. Bon appetit!



In Summary

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Las Cruces has a restaurant to suit your needs. With its proximity to Mexico, the city has a number of excellent Mexican restaurants, as well as a variety of other cuisine options due to their diverse and welcoming population.

If you’re looking for traditional New Mexican fare, something with a modern twist, or just want to try some of the best pastries in the city, then be sure to enjoy one of the restaurants from our blog post featuring the 17 Best Restaurants in Las Cruces – a town where a lack of choices is no problem.

Best Restaurants in Las Cruces

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  1. You missed Ranchway BBQ,El Sombrero Patio Cafe and Spanish Kitchen.
    These restaurants are representative of the best Mexican food in Las Cruces, in my humble opinion.


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