14 Best Restaurants in Kennesaw, GA

Whether you are a local or have traveled to the area, Kennesaw, Georgia, is home to a diverse array of delicious restaurants just waiting for you to take a chance.

We have taken the time and done the work for you, using search engine rankings, customer reviews, travel websites, and food blogs to find the best restaurants in Kennesaw, GA. We looked for the best that cover a range of prices and food choices to suit various needs.

The 14 best restaurants in Kennesaw, GA, will pique your interest, providing delicious dishes.

1.575 Bistro

$$ | 678-247-6199 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Kennesaw, GA

The 575 Bistro is best described as an American-Asian fusion restaurant or a Vietnamese restaurant with an American flair. The interior is modern and clean but slightly dramatic, creating a pleasant dining atmosphere.

With Vietnamese staples like eggrolls and Pho, a balance between American touches and flavors starts something unique.

Their pho and ramen dishes are some of their best sellers and provide a different type of cuisine to tempt your palate. Open seven days a week, reservations are recommended and can be made through the website.



2. Caper’s on Main

$$$ | 678-594-7753 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Kennesaw, GA

Capers are often described as elevated food without being stuffy. Elegant without being pretentious, it is also an accurate description of this establishment, serving classic American dishes from Wednesday through Sunday.

Good food is done right and with great attention to detail, plus a variety of options, great appetizers, and a late-night menu. This is a great spot to enjoy lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere that is still upscale enough to offer a broad appeal. They also have a delightful Sunday brunch.



3. Copeland’s of New Orleans

$$ | 770-919-9612 | WEBSITE


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A Creole restaurant serving Louisiana favorites, Copeland’s may seem a bit kitschy initially. Still, the delicious food will win you over quickly.

They offer a full bar, a lot of New Orleans fun, exciting menu items, and great seafood. Their options cover all the best New Orleans dishes and it will make you want to come back to get more. Copeland’s also provides a great outdoor seating area for al fresco dining.



4. Crispina Ristorante

$$$ | 678-726-2495 | WEBSITE

Kennesaw, GA Best Restaurants

Crispina is an authentic Italian-style restaurant decorated with Tuscan-looking tiles. It has an old-world wood-burning pizza oven central to its operation. They serve delicious pizzas and Italian favorites like calamari and pasta dishes. They have a full bar and an outstanding tiramisu, making it worthwhile to visit just for the delicious Italian dessert.



5. Elevation Chophouse and Skybar

$$$ | 770-485-7469 | WEBSITE


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At Elevation, the views are the main attraction and the food. When you eat here, every table overlooks an airstrip where you can watch planes and helicopters taking off and landing just outside the windows.

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. You can come seven days a week for steaks, burgers, and pasta, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings for brunch. This is a unique, fun experience for the whole family.



6. Juicy Crab

$$ | 678-567-7966 | WEBSITE


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The Juicy Crab is known for their authentic crab, and seafood boils, and they are simple, delicious family-style meals that you can sink your teeth into.

They are friendly and family oriented and offer catering as well. One thing that sets Juicy Crab apart is the free birthday celebrations they offer. If you make a reservation and tell them it’s your day, they will make your day memorable and delicious.



7. L. Marie’s

$$$ | 770-694-1949 | WEBSITE

Kennesaw, GA Best Restaurant

L. Marie’s is southern and serves authentic southern cuisine. This may be the most proper place if you crave a southern meal like your grandma used to make.

They serve old-school favorites like buttermilk chicken and collard greens in healthy portions and with genuine Southern hospitality. Plus, sweet tea and hushpuppies are southern staples done right here and will keep you coming back for more. Not to mention the staff’s hospitality and the love you can taste in every bite.



8. Marlow’s Tavern

$$$ | 770-452-8777 | WEBSITE


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Marlow’s is where friends come together to enjoy some good food and great drinks. They offer American fare executed exceptionally well and show it in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Here you can get anything from shrimp and grits to grilled salmon and each meal is made from scratch, customizable to your liking.

They will even offer you suggestions about drinks to pair well with your selections. The tacos are the only thing, either. The entire menu is filled with fantastic choices in the casual, relaxed atmosphere, and great food will draw you back for more.



9. The Nest Kennesaw

$$$ | 678-903-6921 | WEBSITE


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The Nest is known for its beer and barbeque menu, which is outstanding. They boast 59 beers on tap, and the menu is meant to accentuate the beer garden’s offerings.

They have a lovely, large, open area where you can enjoy a meal or beer. They are located in a unique position near Depot Park. After dinner, enjoy the historic site that lends to the restaurant’s uniqueness.



10. The Rotisserie Shop

$$$ | 678-909-6315 | WEBSITE


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A little bit of class goes a long way here, and the Rotisserie Shop is driven by the chefs who own and work there. They pride themselves on humble ingredients unpretentiously styled into delicious and satisfying meals.

They keep it local, and the use of local meats sets this eatery apart from others that may be seen as similar. The decorated indoor space is open and airy. It allows the smells to fully permeate the building and entice the customers with the promise of a uniquely delectable eating experience.



11. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

$$$$ | 770-420-1985 | WEBSITE


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Ruth’s is an upscale steak house that offers a selection of USDA prime meats and partners with Caymus Vineyards for their wine menu. They offer a signature meal option by pairing their perfectly cooked steaks with an artfully paired wine from Caymus.

While there are plenty of other selections, this pairing that the restaurant creates makes it worth the price. Plus, the steaks come cooked to order and are melt-in-your-mouse delectable. This spot may be on the high end of the costs, but the meal you get there will be memorable.



12. Ted’s Montana Grill

$$$ | 678-581-7890 | WEBSITE


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The main draw of this restaurant is the delectable meats that they serve. They are built on the foundation of American fare done distinctively.

Dedicated to preserving the Bison of the old west and practicing sustainable sourcing and other practices, this is a place where you will get an exceptional meal and still feel good about eating it.

One of the significant draws of Ted’s is that Ted Turner owns it, and the menu must meet his exacting standards before the public get the chance to eat it. Ted Turner hits it out of the park again with this tribute to American foods.



13. Tin Lizzy’s

$$$ | 678-823-8700 | WEBSITE


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Tin Lizzy’s is a fun Mexican and southwestern-themed restaurant with a full bar. They are best known for the signature, customizable taco combinations that they have to offer.

Fried chicken and Korean BBQ are just a few choices they offer, and you can make customer creations from the long list of ingredients available.

The signature drinks menu is also uniquely authentic. Though they may be a bit less authentically Mexican, they are authentically delicious. Besides, who would expect anything less with the word Cantina in the name?



14. Fire Stone Chinese Cuisine

$$ | 678-324-0512 | WEBSITE

Fire Stone Chinese Cuisine

Fire Stone has excellent Chinese food in Kennesaw. The Beijing Duck and Duck Hot Pot are a must-try. The lunch special is a great deal with on-point service.

The chicken with green Sichuan peppercorn and Thai chilis is recommended for spicy lovers. The tofu skin and Napa cabbage dish is a bit bland, and the Sichuan pork belly could be improved. Unfortunately, the favorite Dong Po duck is no longer served.



Final Thoughts

These Kennesaw restaurants are all places where you can go and get a great meal, excellent service, and usually a great atmosphere to enjoy them in.

We cover a wide variety of choices and hope you can find something to pique your interest. Whichever of the best restaurants in Kennesaw from our list you visit, you can be sure you will get a fantastic meal to enjoy with friends or family. Cheers!

Best Restaurants in Kennesaw

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