14 Best Restaurants in Augusta, GA

Augusta is a lovely city with excellent food options. Here you can find grills with savory cuisine and eateries serving international delicacies.

You can also try pizzerias with unusual options. Restaurants cater to particular diets and budget constraints, among other things. Here are the 14 best restaurants in Augusta, GA you should visit.

Logan’s Roadhouse

$$ | (706) 738-8088 | WEBSITE


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Logan’s is a down-to-earth restaurant. It offers American classics like burgers, ribs, and signature cocktails.

You can have a pleasant rest from a day’s hard work in this restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed. You can come wearing jeans and a shirt.

The crew provides the best guest experience possible with warmth and personal pride. You’ll leave convinced they are the best choice for their high-quality steaks grilled over mesquite wood.


Frog Hollow Tavern

$$$ | (706) 364-6906 | WEBSITE


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The Frog Hollow Tavern opened in 2010. It’s a popular downtown restaurant that serves New American cuisine.

This fantastic cafe boasts a modern location with lovely decor and indoor and outdoor seating options. It also takes pride in its wine list of over 100 wines.

You’ll surely be amazed by their dinner menu with seasonal, high-quality, and locally sourced ingredients. The freshness of the food will tell the difference.

The delicious Smoked Gouda Mac ‘n Cheese has the tastiest notoriety. It has layers of fresh pasta, herb-infused custard, onion slices, sharp cheddar, and smoked Gouda.


Abel Brown Southern Kitchen & Oyster Bar

$$ | (706) 738-6491 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant was first known as Abel Brown. It first opened its doors in 1999. It’s the best venue to enjoy a romantic ambiance and fine dining in Augusta.

You can have seclusion for intimate parties in their dining rooms. Explore their extensive wine list. You can also find a delectable cuisine created with the freshest ingredients.

Choose from upscale dishes available for dinner across the week. You can have Fundy Atlantic salmon, springer chicken with homemade bacon, and many more. An extensive oyster bar is also available.


French Market Grille

$$ | (706) 737-4865 | WEBSITE


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French Market Grille dates back to 1983. This restaurant has been chosen as Augusta’s top restaurant for over a decade.

It dishes a delicious selection of Creole and Cajun dishes in a relaxed setting. The restaurant provides seating indoors and outdoors. Patio seating is also available when the skies are clear.

Their Seafood Quiche is a delectable lunch special to sample. This combines crab meat, gulf shrimp, Swiss cheese, and more. It’s also served with fresh, delicious fruits.

Another great house special to try is their Crepes Louisiana. It comes with crawfish tails, fresh scallops, parmesan cheese, and house rice.


Bonefish Grill

$$ | (706) 737-2929 | WEBSITE


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Bonefish Grill is a seafood restaurant inside a fantastic shopping mall at Washington Crossing. Try some of Augusta’s best cuisine in this eatery with your friends, loved ones, or someone special.

This modern cafe is a food paradise. It offers kid-friendly selections, family packages, handcrafted cocktails, and tasty seafood-centric cuisine.

Try the Cod Imperial if you want to enjoy a delicious combination of cheese and seafood. It contains shrimp, lump crab, mozzarella, parmesan, and lemon-caper cream.


The Boll Weevil Cafe and Sweetery

$$ | (706) 722-7772 | WEBSITE

The Boll Weevil Cafe and Sweetery

Boll Weevil Cafe is an American cafe that debuted in 1990 in a historic cotton factory. It is one of Augusta’s best eateries, with a diverse menu and a welcoming atmosphere.

This restaurant features over thirty handmade desserts. It also has a scrumptious ‘Southern Delights’ cuisine. You’ll have southern staples like fried green tomatoes, grits, and shrimps.

The cafe has earned a reputation as the best bakery in the city. It’s known for its delectable selection of layer cakes, American cheesecakes, and hearty pies.


Honey From the Rock Cafe

$$ | (706) 434-1098 | WEBSITE

Honey From the Rock Cafe

Honey from the Rock started in 2008 at the famous Master’s Plaza.  Whole Life Ministries owns and operates this cafe.

Go to this restaurant when you crave Southern-style dishes. Enjoy a pleasant ambiance, diverse daily specials, and dainty desserts. You’ll also feel at home with their friendly service at this award-winning eatery.

Try their Monday Special if you visit on the first weekday. It includes fried chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and toast.

Their Sweet Potato Casserole is a traditional, handmade dish you should also try. It has sweet potatoes, pecans, and other ingredients.


Craft & Vine

$$ | (706) 496-8442 | WEBSITE


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Craft & Vine opened for business in 2013. It’s a pub and restaurant that serves New American cuisine.

This cafe is one of the greatest dinner spots. It features a modern, welcoming environment and a large selection of alcoholic beverages. Its specialties include unique, seasonal pizzas and tapas.

Enjoy a great meal in this restaurant after a fantastic tour day. It also serves vegetarian selections, excellent charcuterie boards, and more.


Calvert’s Restaurant

$$$ | (706) 738-4514 | WEBSITE


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Calvert’s was founded in 1977. It has become popular with its sophisticated setting and great food. The courteous southern hospitality is also remarkable. It specializes in seafood, steaks, duck, veal, and lamb.

The restaurant serves dinner from Tuesday through Saturday. It features outstanding meals, including lobster Savannah and fillets with mushroom Cabernet gravy.

Lobster tail meals are available in solo, double, or Savannah style.  These dishes come with various shareable appetizers like oysters Rockefeller.


Finch & Fifth

$$ | (706) 364-5300 | WEBSITE


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Finch & Fifth opened in December 2013. Its mission has been to provide Augusta with innovative cuisine and libations in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Their pleasant service gives a relaxing and delightful dining experience. They’re open for lunch, brunch, and dinner the whole week.

The Salt of the Earth is a specialty. It blends elderflower liqueur and a little gin with honey, cucumbers, and muddle beets. Entrees include curry collards and truffle burgers made using local ingredients.

Brunch guests can indulge in the restaurant’s vast charcuterie menu. They can also choose from inventive dishes like Surrey Pig pork sandwiches.


Sole Augusta

$$ | (706) 432-9898 | WEBSITE


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Sole Augusta is a contemporary modern fine dining establishment in Augusta. It specializes in sushi that comes with small plates and inventive burgers. You’ll find whatever kind of food you’re looking for in this cafe.

It offers indoor and outdoor patio seating for dinner, as well as late-night dining Monday through Saturday.

Available for couples are Frisco melts, fried sandwiches, and many more. Land and sea dishes include black and blue salmon, chicken Florentine, and Southern-style staples like grits.

Tapa menus feature foreign favorites, including gyoza and edamame. Large sushi options offer nigiri, maki, and traditional specialty rolls.



$$ | (706) 736-9191 | WEBSITE


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TakoSushi is known for its innovative but approachable flavors.  It never fails to impress locals and guests alike.

The ambiance is welcoming. Food inspired by southwestern and Asian cuisines will awaken your senses. The food looks simple. However, it seduces the palate and makes you want to try even more.

The tempura asparagus from the starting menu is a popular choice among the locals. The decision becomes more challenging as various delicacies with unique ingredients lure diners.

Cary’s Roll is a popular choice among regular customers.  It includes cream cheese, salmon, escolar, tuna, and tilapia.


Edgar’s Grille

$$ | (706) 854-4700 | WEBSITE


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Enjoy New American food with a Southern twist at Edgar’s Grille. It’s renowned for its elegant dining in an inviting setting. Its courtyard offers year-round outdoor eating.

This cafe is unlike any other restaurant in Augusta. A portion of every dollar you pay supports education programs, notably Helms College. Moreover, culinary students at Helms College gain valuable hands-on experience at Edgar’s.

Excellent bistro meals are offered during lunch, brunch, and dinner. You can order handcrafted pizzas and calzones with prosciutto, ricotta cheese, and pimento cheese. You can also choose from a menu of modern land and sea meals.


Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar

$$ | (706) 860-2337 | WEBSITE

Rhinehart's Oyster Bar

Rhinehart’s offers the best oysters. The restaurant looks like a torn-down beach shack, according to the owners. Smart attire is certainly not required.

This local favorite is known for its high-quality seafood that you should not miss out on. The sociable and casual ambiance is a plus.

Rhinehart’s oysters, homemade bread, and attentive, diligent crew were instantly popular. People began telling their friends to go to Rhinehart’s for delectable food and good times.



Do you want to spend less or more? Do you prefer casual settings or fine dining? Augusta provides everything to satisfy your cravings.

Choose from international cuisines, vegetarian dinners, Asian fusion, oyster specialties, and more. Where should you start eating? Check out the 14 best restaurants in Augusta, GA given above.

Best Restaurants in Augusta

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