18 Best Restaurants in Augusta, ME

Food is one thing humans can’t live without. One good hearty meal can make your day and smile on your face. Whether it’s a sunny day, rainy day, or season, there is always a perfect meal to complete your day. Here are the 18 best restaurants in Augusta, ME.

Otto’s On The River

$$$ | (207) 213-4757 | WEBSITE


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Otto’s on the River is a restaurant that provides an artsy atmosphere that will spark interest and conversation. They aim to provide their customers with attentive service to accommodate any inquiries to the best of their ability.

And, of course, providing outstanding food for you to enjoy! If you like eating with a view, this is a good place. They have seats that highlight the pristine views of the Kennebec River from their Dining Room and their Outdoor Deck. Otto’s On The River specializes in pasta, seafood, cocktails, and vegan specialties.


The Oak Table & Bar

$$ | (207) 812-0727 | WEBSITE


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The Oak Table & Bar is an exciting place to consider. They serve a variety of delicious dishes that you can enjoy. Your dining experience is expected to be fun and interactive. Even though there is a fun and interactive element, the place is also personal and private at the same time.

The Oak Table & Bar has a good atmosphere which elevates the dining experience. The prices are also good, and you get reasonable portions for your money. For convenience, they also take reservations if you want to avoid the hassle of getting in line during busy hours.


Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (207) 622-7874 | WEBSITE


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Perhaps you are up for some tacos, enchiladas, and other Mexican cuisines, and then this restaurant may be the one you’ve been looking for.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant provides your favorite Mexican dishes and drinks like margaritas, enchiladas, tacos, and other classic Mexican dishes that are sure to satisfy your wants.

This chain will make you feel better because of their handicrafts, especially if you are into those types of designs and atmosphere. Their staff is fantastic in doing their job, and you feel comfortable during your whole meal.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant also has an excellent online presence, so there are no worries if you like to be updated.


Downtown Diner

$ | (207) 623-9656 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Augusta, ME Downtown Diner

Downtown Diner provides a variety of good food at reasonable prices. They also have specials that you can check out. One of the best parts of the day is breakfast, and you might want to spend it here as they offer good and tasty breakfast meals to start your day.

The atmosphere is comfy, which allows you to feel at ease and have a good meal. Their staff is also friendly, which elevates the whole eating experience as you won’t have to worry if you have requests or inquiries about their food and service.


State Lunch

$$ | (207) 213-6025 | WEBSITE


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State Lunch is a globally inspired gastropub that aims to make you feel at home with its meals.

So, if you feel like eating your comfort food during a heavy day, or perhaps you feel like spending quality time with yourself and treating yourself to a warm and hearty meal, you are always welcome in State Lunch.

Apart from having a nice and comfy atmosphere, their staff is also friendly and helpful. They have good choices at reasonable prices. Plus, you can order their specials if you want to try something new now and then.


Texas Roadhouse

$$ | 207-621-8383 | WEBSITE


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Texas Roadhouse is a lively chain steakhouse that you can experience if you happen to be craving some steak. They serve American fare with hints of Southwestern style that makes their dish even better.

The place is decorated in a Texas theme, so you also feel more immersed in enjoying your food. Texas Roadhouse specifically highlights their hand-cut steaks, fall of the bone ribs, sides that are made from scratch, and fresh and baked bread.

They have good recommendations, and you get more than what you pay for. Texas Roadhouse can deliver excellent service even in their busiest or peak hours.


99 Restaurants

$$ | (207) 623-0999 | WEBSITE


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99 Restaurants is a pub chain that serves classic American fare, including wings, burgers, and salads. This place is also kid-friendly, so if you want to bring a kid or kids, you can always consider 99 Restaurants.

Their new menu is now ready for the summertime, having filled with lobster rolls, surf and turf combos, and many more. All in all, 99 Restaurants serve good food and good presentation. The great food choices along with excellent service indeed elevate your dining experience.


Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

$$ | (207) 621-9930 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Augusta, ME Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Perhaps you feel like it’s an Italian food kind of day, then this restaurant is for you. Maybe you want some classic pasta and a bowl of salad; Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is there to save the day. This place is a lively and family-friendly chain that’s ideal for solo dates and celebrations.

Their service is rated excellent, and their waiters are sure to be friendly and accommodating. They make sure that they help you with all possible things you might need in the best way possible. So, if you are up for Italian, you can always swing by to pick up or dine in.


The Red Barn

$$ | (207) 623-9485 | WEBSITE

Augusta, ME Best Restaurants The Red Barn

The Red Barn is an adorable and charming little roadside barn space that will surely attract your attention. They have picnic tables for a relaxed and homey meal that feels like you are on vacation. If you want a picnic meal, you can always visit The Red Barn.

The outdoor spaces offer a pleasant atmosphere with the wind freely accompanying you. They also make sure that their dishes are perfectly cooked, so you have a great meal. It’s a fun place to eat, especially if you want to relax outdoor.


Riverfront Barbeque & Grille

$$ | (207) 622-8899 | WEBSITE

Augusta, ME Best Restaurant Riverfront Barbeque & Grille

Riverfront Barbeque & Grille is a Memphis-style restaurant with a wide-ranging menu and a good barbeque list. They have a good variety of food that you can enjoy.

Riverfront Barbeque & Grille also serves good calamari, risotto, mac n cheese, lemonade, and many more with good portions for the price. The atmosphere is excellent, and their menu has a lot of stuff that it’s hard not to choose something you would like.

They also have good choices of beer that can be just what you need to complete a good meal.


Cloud 9 Restaurant

$$ | (207) 622-0320 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Augusta, ME Cloud 9 Restaurant

Cloud 9 Restaurant serves good brick-oven pizza as their specialty. But wait, there’s more; they also have other area-sourced American fares like oysters, seafood medley, honey soy, parmesan-crusted scallops, salads, and many more.

These good quality meals are served in a relaxed space to enjoy your food in a pleasant and lovely atmosphere.

Their service is also good, with the servers always being friendly and attentive, and so it elevates the wonderfully cooked steak. So, if you are craving an authentic place to dine in, you can visit Cloud 9 Restaurant.


Red Curry

$$ | (207) 629-5545 | WEBSITE


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If you feel like eating curry, Red Curry is where you want to be. Red Curry is a low-key and straightforward outpost for Thai comfort food like curries, noodle stir-fries, and fried rice.

They have an excellent lineup of quality dishes that are also healthy, so you don’t have to worry about anything overwhelming about your diet. If you are following a vegetarian diet, this restaurant is vegetarian-friendly, so you will be able to enjoy the goodness of their meal without any worries.

The presentation of their food is also superb, so if you like taking pictures, Red Curry might be for you.



$$ | (207) 623-8888 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Augusta, ME Kume

Sometimes, you just have the feeling of wanting to eat Japanese cuisine. If you feel like having a Japanese meal today, this might be the restaurant you are looking for. Kume is a Japanese restaurant with your favorite Japanese cuisine.

Whether you visit during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, their dishes have good taste, even for snack time! The food is rated excellent and what adds up to the taste is their good atmosphere and good service.

They are also active on their social media platforms and website, so you get to be updated. Enjoy your Japanese meal alone or with the company.


Augusta House of Pancakes

$ | (207) 623-9775 | WEBSITE

Augusta, ME Restaurants Augusta House of Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the perfect food to have during breakfast. The fluffy and warm texture is just the ideal start to a long day. Augusta House of Pancakes is a restaurant specializing in breakfast.

They serve comfort fares that are perfect for when you want a pat on the back or something that makes you feel at home. Augusta House of Pancakes has a homey setting so customers will feel comfortable, they also have booths, and the place is filled with traditional decor.

So, if you want to grab some pancakes and coffee, they have great selections at Augusta House of Pancakes.


Lisa’s Restaurant & Lounge

$$ | (207) 621-0599 | WEBSITE

Augusta, ME Restaurant Lisa's Restaurant & Lounge

Lisa’s Restaurant & Lounge is an American-style restaurant that provides various eclectic American menus that you would love. Perhaps you are craving American food; this is the restaurant for you. The place feels homey, and they are open daily so that you can drop by anytime you feel like it.

They have an excellent atmosphere, too, giving off that relaxing and inviting vibe. Lisa’s Restaurant & Lounge also features a seasonal patio and a lounge if you prefer those types of areas. The place is quiet, and the staff and servers are sure to accommodate you.


Antigoni’s Pizza Augusta

$$ | (207) 622-3400 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Augusta, ME Antigoni’s Pizza Augusta

One of the most accessible food to order out there is pizza. However, eating pizza outside your home also gives off that comforting vibe and a breath of fresh air.

They have options for how you can dine, including dine-in, take-out, and delivery options, so you can call for your food to be delivered. Lunch might be the best time to have pizza, so that you might want some for the lunch break.

Their pizzas are packed with delicious ingredients depending on the pizza you may wish. All in all, it’s an excellent pizza place.


Crushnoc Brewing Co.

$$ | (207) 213-6332 | WEBSITE


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If you want to go to a brewpub, you can consider visiting Crushnoc Brewing Co. The place has an industrial-chic vibe that adds to the excellent dining experience. They aim to serve wood-fired pizzas, salads, and bar snacks of the best quality.

Another good quality of this place is their reasonable prices, and you get the best of what you pay for. Crushnoc Brewing Co. is labeled clean, classy, and a place where you can get good quality pizzas and good conversations.


John Sullivan’s The Black and Tan

$$ | (207) 213-6218 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Augusta, ME John Sullivan's The Black and Tan

John Sullivan’s The Black and Tan is an Irish pub that aims to provide the best food, drinks, and service in the area. The place has a unique and comfortable feel, along with the great food and beer choices.

Their service is labeled excellent, too, so even if you have to wait for a bit, they ensure that you are comfortable and that all your needs are met. So, if you are up for some delicious meal with beer, this is your place.



There is still a lot to explore when it comes to food, and your taste buds still have a lot to experience. If you are set to discovering these exceptional tastes, you can start by checking off some of the restaurants listed in the 18 best restaurants in Augusta, ME.

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