13 Best Restaurants in Bangor, ME 2023

bMaine is a state that is often forgotten about because of its location and population. It sits at the far northeastern top of the United States and has one of the lowest population densities in the country.

Its people have a live and let live attitude, and they are known for their moderate and balanced temperament.

Maine is one of the few states in the northeast that are still mostly rural. You can drive for miles and miles in the state without seeing a hint of civilization.

That is why the state is such a popular attraction to outdoor lovers. People who love to camp, hike, and fish visit Maine, and some have even found the state an attractive place to live.

While in Bangor you should enjoy the food and hospitality of the city. Here are some of the best restaurants in Bangor:

Moe’s Original BBQ

$ | (207) 992-9000 | WEBSITE


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There is nothing like the aroma and taste of barbeque. Just because Maine is at the polar opposite of the southern origins of BBQ doesn’t mean you will not find a joint that is every bit as good as what they have south of the Mason-Dixon.

Moe’s Original BBQ is a renowned barbeque restaurant in Bangor. In fact, it ranks among the top 10 BBQ joints in the country, with most of its popular dishes being pork-based.

They offer a range of pulled pork sandwiches with succulent sauces and a selection of side dishes. The restaurant also has great fried chicken dishes, and they offer special deals on this particular type of dinner on Wednesday. It is one of the best examples of “slow food”.



Brewster’s Fine Food and Drink

$ | (207) 989-0444 | WEBSITE

Brewster’s Fine Food and Drink

Brewster’s is quite popular with locals. It is just a short drive away from the center part of the city. It offers great food and a quiet atmosphere. The menu contains a great many snacks and sandwiches.

Buffalo chicken wings, and the accompanying blue cheese dip and celery sticks, are a particular favorite here. You can also have burgers made and loaded your way. Specialist beers and cocktails are also on the menu.


Taste of India

$ | (207) 945-6865 | WEBSITE


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This is the best place in Bangor to get Indian curry. The restaurant also has a fantastic selection of vegetarian options. Dishes include chicken saag, featuring spiced breast meat cooked with spinach. On the vegetarian end, there are dishes such as dal makhana, which is a lentils-based meal.

At the moment, the restaurant offers a take-out and delivery-only service.


Ground Round Grill and Bar

$$ | (207) 942-5621 | WEBSITE

Ground Round Grill and Bar

The Ground Round is a sports bar, but do not let this put you off. Yes, you can catch the latest games being played and even certain soccer matches. But you will also leave with a full stomach.

This restaurant is known for its generous portions. It specializes in serving Tex-Mex food. You will find sizzling fajitas and tasty chimichangas and Baja tacos on the menu.

The tacos are filled with hand-breaded fish and shrimp, stuffed with cabbage, and coated with a tangy dressing. All dishes come with a side of Spanish rice. The bottom line is that it is the place to go if you are especially hungry.


McLaughlin Seafood, Inc

$ | (800) 222-9107 | WEBSITE


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Lobster is a dining mainstay in Maine. There is no wonder here. The state is famous for its lobster and produces some of the best in the country. At McLaughlin, you will find it prepared in a way that is sure to please your palate.

You can have your lobster steamed, baked, or grilled. Crabmeat rolls and dip for sandwiches are great starters and snacks. Everything is prepared onsite, and you can expect the lobster to be fresh from the sea.

While the interior of the spot is nothing much to look at, and it is not in the most comfortable of dining locations, you will not regret your visit.



$ | (207) 942-4878 | WEBSITE


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This is a family restaurant that has a little something for everyone. The motif is that of a traditional American truck stop, but the menu is much more extensive than you would find at most such places.

It is filled with every kind of comfort food that you can think of and has of course American classics. You can get huge burgers, American-style pancakes, and pot roasts and pies.

Dessert options include cream pies, ice cream sundaes and chocolate brownies. The diner is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


Fork & Spoon

$ | (207) 433-7646 | WEBSITE

Fork & Spoon

This is another spot that is quite popular with locals, which is quite an accomplishment considering it only recently opened its doors. Fork & Spoon describes itself as a quirky conscious eatery.

It strives to serve lean, nutritious, health-conscious food for breakfast and lunch. Soups, paninis, salads, pastries, cakes, smoothies, and juice are among the many items on the menu.


11 Central Bangor

$$ | (207) 922-5115 | WEBSITE


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Here is another great spot for upscale dining. 11 Central is a charming little eatery that features exposed brick walls and local art as part of its interior décor. This creates a cosy atmosphere for those who prefer to settle in one place for food and drinks.

It is located in a convenient downtown location. The menu includes a great many meat and seafood options. There are also unique pizzas, including one that comes with lobster artichoke.

The drinks menu includes a great many high-quality wines and craft cocktails. All dishes are prepared with ingredients that have been locally sourced.


Bagel Central

$ | (207) 947-1654 | WEBSITE


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Bagels can be the most filling type of breakfast food. If you have a particular fondness for them, you need not give them up during your stay in Bangor. Bagel Central is a cosy bagel shop that serves bagel sandwiches along with soups and vegan food.

You need not get your bagel to go. The shop is quite spacious, and you can stay awhile and enjoy the seating area, which is nearly always buzzing.


The Grind House

$$ | (207) 573-1588 | WEBSITE

This simple café is located in downtown Bangor. It is a hip, happening, and trendy spot that serves breakfast fare, sandwiches, and organic coffee. You will also find gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.


Frank’s Bakery

$ | (207) 947-4594 | WEBSITE


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This is one of the oldest bakeries and restaurants in the city. It prides itself on serving the best-baked goods in Bangor. It has good reason to do so. The cakes and pastries here are delicious. You can also order freshly made meatloaf and pasta.


Sea Dog

$$ | (207) 947-8009 | WEBSITE


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If you prefer to simply relax and get a bite and a drink at a traditional pub, then this is the spot. Sea Dog offers some of the best handicraft beers in town. From pale ale to raspberry wheat, you will find something that suits your palate.


In Summary

There is no shortage of good places to eat in Bangor, Maine. Whether you are staying for a week, a weekend, or a much longer period, you can find food and drink that will satiate your appetite and please your palate.

You will also get the benefit of visiting a quiet and sparsely populated town: the relatively low cost of dining out.

Best Restaurants in Bangor

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