18 Best Restaurants in Hammond, IN

If you eat something delicious from a restaurant, it becomes an experience that you can’t forget. With that said, choosing what kind of restaurant matters. If you want to check out places that serve great food, give the 19 best restaurants in Hammond, IN a try!

Tzatziki Greek Food

$$ | (219) 803-0273 | Website

Best Restaurants in Hammond, IN Tzatziki Greek Food

Are you craving delicious Greek food? If you are, then there is no better place than Tzatziki Greek Food. This local dining joint makes sure that they serve reasonably priced Greek food using the freshest ingredients.

As for the menu, Tzatziki Greek Food has plenty to offer. You can check out their “Specials For The Week”. And of course, they also have your usual Greek food faves! They have Gyros, Pita Dips, and a whole lot more.

If you are in a group, check out their Family Dinners offerings. They also have a “Build Your Own Bowls” where you can choose your base, protein, toppings, and other add-ons.


Restaurant Tarascos

$$ | (219) 852-0282 | Website

Best Restaurant in Hammond, IN Restaurant Tarascos

If you are in the mood for Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican food, head to Restaurant Tarascos. This restaurant is here to serve you fresh and mouthwatering food from the heart.

Restaurant Tarascos offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have an amazing selection of Mexican breakfasts. If you are there in the evening, they have dinner specials that include a serving of either Refried Beans, Mexican Rice, or Fries. You can also check their A La Carte menu if you want something else to eat.

The restaurant is open seven days a week. They open at 9:00 AM and usually close at 8:00 PM.


Aurelio’s Pizza

$$ | (219) 932-1470 | Website


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Aurelio’s Pizza started in Illinois in the late 1950s. And due to its success, it made its way to Indiana. Just like with other Aurelio’s Pizza branches, the Hammond one makes sure it still keeps the core beliefs of the brand – using quality products, being involved in the community, and keeping family traditions.

This pizza place serves a variety of dishes. Apart from pizza, they have appetizers, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and many other types of food. They also have a weekday lunch buffet for only $7.95! Now that’s a sweet lunch deal!


Kennedy Cafe And House of Pancakes (K-Hop)

$ | (219) 844-1612 | Website

Hammond, IN Best Restaurants Kennedy Cafe And House of Pancakes (K-Hop)

The Kennedy Cafe and House of Pancakes have been a Hammond staple for over 30 years. Since opening its doors in 1991, Kennedy Cafe has done its best to give the community wonderful dining experiences.

Treat yourself to a delectable breakfast or lunch courtesy of the Kennedy Cafe. For breakfast, try building your Lumberjack Breakfast. You can choose your eggs, meat, potato, and sides. As for lunch, Steaks, Fish, & Chicken Dishes served with homemade soup or garden salad, rolls and butter, dessert, and choice of potato.


The Wheel Family Restaurant

$$ | (219) 845-0277 | Website

The Wheel Family Restaurant Best Restaurants in Hammond, IN

For over 35 years, the Wheel Family Restaurant has been offering to the people of Hammond. This restaurant serves family-cooked dishes made with love and excellence.

If you are looking for a breakfast place, they are open at 5:00 AM. They have many things on the menu, including pancakes, French toast, crepes, waffles, omelets, and many others.

Their dinner menu is also interesting. They also offer Greek, Oriental, and Italian dishes. If you are having late dinner, this is your spot. They are open until midnight!


El Taco Real

$$ | (219) 932-8333 | Website

Restaurants in Hammond, IN El Taco Real

El Taco Real has a very rich history. This restaurant  has been around for ages, dating back to 1974. Mr. Garcia was teasing his wife about how her delicious cooking should be served in a restaurant. This banter led to the birth of El Taco Real.

When you stop by El Taco Real, know that you are getting the best Mexican food in Northwest Indiana. The dishes are prepared fresh daily using the best ingredients. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dinner, they serve the main courses with Spanish Rice, Frijoles, or both.


The Cavalier Inn

$$ | (219) 933-9314 | Website

Restaurant in Hammond, IN The Cavalier Inn

The Cavalier Inn or “The Cav” is perhaps one of Hammond’s oldest restaurants. It’s been open since 1949. This family-owned Polish restaurant honors its heritage through its food.

If you haven’t tried Polish food before, don’t be scared! It’s like food for the heart and soul! They have authentic European specialties served with vegetables, potatoes, and relish. They also have other things on the menu that might spark your interest. If you are feeling adventurous, there are also Frog Legs!


Chuck & Irene’s Hotel, Restaurant, And Bar

$ | (219) 844-9812 | Website

Hammond, IN Restaurant Chuck & Irene’s Hotel, Restaurant, And Bar

Given how long it’s been in operation, it’s safe to say Chuck & Irene’s Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar is a Hammond institution. This establishment has been around since 1959.

Chuck & Irene’s Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar have a wide selection of meals for you to choose from. For their Daily Lunch Specials, they serve delicious Italian Beef Sandwiches. That’s available from  Mondays to Thursdays.

On Friday, they serve a variety of seafood. And every other Saturday, from April to September, they serve Lamb. You can also check the bar while you’re there. They have Cherry Bombs, Jager Bombs, and Vegas bombs for $3.50 each.


Schoop’s Hamburgers

$ | (219) 845-7090 | Website

Top Restaurants in Hammond, IN Schoop's Hamburgers

If you ask a Hammond local about a famous burger joint they can recommend, they will most likely tell you about Schoop’s Hamburgers. This place has been around since 1948!

The burgers at Schopp’s Hamburgers are made from 100% USDA beef. The ground meat used in the burgers are never precooked. Apart from burgers, you can also order sandwiches, salads, soups, and sides.

You can also enjoy your burger with either a milkshake, a supershake, or a root beer float. You can end your meal with ice cream or brownies!


Zantes Restaurant

$$ | (219) 844-0222 | Website

Top Restaurant in Hammond, IN Zantes Restaurant

If you are looking for a local fast food joint in Hammond, then one of the places you should check is Zantes Restaurant. This family-owned place had a humble beginning. Due to its affordable and good food, they established a loyal following that helped the business grow.

Zantes Restaurant now offers All Day Breakfast. You can now have your favorite breakfast treat anytime! One of the best selling items on their menu is their Gyros. If you order anything from their All Specials menu, you also get fries and drink.


18th Street Brewery

$$ | (219) 803-0820 | Website


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The beginnings of 18th Street Brewery are fascinating. It started in  2010 as a home brewery. Over the years, the business grew and had to transfer to a bigger space. They are not at a warehouse location where the beers are produced and packaged. They now even have a kitchen serving savory treats to its guests.

While you are enjoying the different beers they have, you can also order food. Their food menu is extensive and tasty. It changes up, so there’s variety there. Try the Cauliflower Bites and Cheese Curds if you can. They also have a patio where you can enjoy your food and beer!


Venice Pizza Restaurant

$ | (219) 844-3333 | Website

Hammond, IN Top Restaurants Venice Pizza Restaurant

Lalo and Diana, the owners of Venice Pizza Restaurant, have always been passionate about pizza. You can feel their passion and dedication through every pizza slice they serve.

Venice Pizza Restaurant serves various types of pizza – from thin to thick crust, stuffed and deep-dish too. Pizza is not the only thing you can find on the menu. They also have other selections like different kinds of pasta, chicken wings, sandwiches, rib tips, and a whole lot more.


Golden Gloves Cuisine And Catering

$$ | (872) 205-6054 | Website

Hammond, IN Top Restaurant Golden Gloves Cuisine And Catering

One of the very first things you should know about Golden Gloves Cuisine and Catering is that it is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you plan to try their food, schedule them accordingly. And also, the place might be quite small, but it does feel homey.

The focus of Golden Gloves Cuisine and Catering is soul food. If you want something that can soothe your stomach and your being, then there’s no better place.

They don’t have a lot of things on the menu. But what they lack in selection, they make up for flavors. Log on to their website as early as possible so you can check what they offer for the weekend.


House Of Pizza

$$ | (219) 844-6065 | Website

Trendy Restaurants in Hammond, IN House Of Pizza

Dante Zunica had a dream of opening his pizza place. And this became a reality in 1954 with House Of Pizza. Fast forward to the future, and House of Pizza is now a full-service restaurant.

Dante’s daughter currently manages House Of Pizza. And they have made sure that they keep the family tradition alive by serving great-tasting homemade meals. Apart from pizza, their signature offering, they have dishes on the menu, including salads, soups, and sandwiches. And don’t forget to order their famous fried ravioli!


Byway Brewing Company

$$ | (219) 844-5468 | Website


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There’s more to the Byway Brewing Company than an establishment with a passion for the art of brewing and drinking beer. They also serve dishes that go well with the beers they have.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor dining spaces at Byway Brewing. Their menu is not as extensive as others. However, they ensure that they only use the freshest ingredients and everything is made in-house, even condiments like ketchup. You can start your order with their starters, and then you can order some sandwiches or entrees.


Fuerte Restaurant

$ | (219) 844-0965 | Website

Trendy Restaurant in Hammond, IN Fuerte Restaurant

If you crave cheap, delicious, homemade Mexican food, then Fuerte Restaurant has got your back! If you walk into this place, it’s always packed. You might just run into some of your family and friends enjoying their meals.

Fuerte Restaurant guarantees that they are serving fresh food. You can see the staff preparing your order. One of the most popular items on their menu is their $1.50 taco! They also have other Mexican favorites like Gorditas, Nachos, Tostadas, and many more filling dishes.


Freddy’s Steak House

$$ | (219) 844-1500 | Website

Hammond, IN Trendy Restaurants Freddy's Steak House

For over 50 years, Freddy’s Steak House has been serving extraordinary steaks to the people of Northwest Indiana. It’s a great place to dine with family and friends. And you don’t have to worry about bringing your children. It is a child and family-friendly place!

Steaks are perfect for lunch and dinner. You can drop by and enjoy your favorite steak cut! They also have a Signature Steak that you can try. They also have some seafood selections if you like to eat something other than steak.


The Emerald Green at the Lost Marsh Golf Course

$$ | (219) 228-2526 | Website

Hammond, IN Trendy Restaurant The Emerald Green at the Lost Marsh Golf Course

One of life’s pleasures is good food. And you can get that and more from The Emerald Green. This restaurant is located at the Lost Marsh Golf Course. Imagine dining with a great view! YOu can even see Chicago from a distance!

A great meal at The Emerald Green begins with a starter. You can also opt for a salad or soup. Ask your waiter what the Soup Of The Day is. They also have sandwiches, burgers, and pasta. Delectable dishes like USDA Prime filets and T-bone steaks make up some of the entree selection.


Eat And Drink At Hammond’s Best

If you find great restaurants, bookmark them in your memory. Once you have tried the 19 best restaurants in Hammond, In, that’s what you should do!

You should not hesitate! You should go and visit these restaurants again if you can. There is nothing quite like rewarding yourself with flavorsome food whenever you feel like eating.

Restaurants in Hammond, IN

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