19 Best Glute-Free Restaurant in Austin, TX [2023 Updated]

Finding the perfect restaurant can be daunting, whether you have celiac disease or just opting for some gluten-free substitute. As with any new concept, there is bound to be scarcity. With this list of nineteen best gluten-free restaurants in Austin, TX, it’s time we put that old challenge to rest.

ATX Cocina

$$ | (512) 263-2322 | WEBSITE


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Gluten-free Mexican dishes and beer are available at ATX Cocina. As a bar and lounge, the restaurant is dedicated to giving the most delicious handmade food. As corn is the foundation of the establishment, you can ensure that their menu is a hundred percent without any gluten.

With the fantastic ambiance of their restaurant, you are in for a beautiful and relaxing time. At ATX Cocina, the quality of ingredients is their primary focus. Their non-GMO sourcing ensures that they offer a high-quality menu and drinks to satisfy your craving for Mexican food.


Picnik Austin

$$ | (737) 247-8998 | WEBSITE


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Good food and good vibes it’s the motto at Picnik Austin. You are in for minimal allergen with their gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and peanut-free food. The restaurant strives to serve great food with high quality and clean ingredients.

Picnik Austin offers dishes such as avocado toast, broccoli crunch, and seasonal muffins. They also have various herbal and tonic drinks such as kombucha, hibiscus mint cooler, and turmeric. Picnik’s warm and cozy ambiance of the restaurant is guaranteed to relax.


De Nada Cantina

$$ | (512) 615-3555 | WEBSITE


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De Nada Cantina offers gluten-free Mexican food guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. With their homemade blue corn tortillas, every bite of your tacos is booming with authentic Mexican flavors. You can try out their Barbacoa and Carnitas tacos as a starter.

To go along with your meal, the restaurant has many options of drinks such as Fresca, wine, and cocktails. De Nada Cantina is an excellent option if you want Mexican beverages and treats to satisfy you.


Maha Coffee

$$ | (877) 585-1085 | WEBSITE


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Gluten-free and delicious baked treats that is what Maha Coffee is looking forward to serving you. The Mexican-American-owned café serves many selections of gluten-free baked goods and other Mexican dishes. With their vegan fruit pie bars and cinnamon buns, there is a guaranteed partner to any of your drinks.

Speaking of beverages, Maha coffee will not restrict your drink options. They have coffee, specialty drinks, and fruit juice guaranteed to quench your thirst. If you are in for some excellent café ambiance and good food, then better check them out.


Wilder Wood

$$ | (512) 628-0184 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Austin, TX Wilder Wood

Wilder Wood has served the Austin locals and tourists for more than eighteen years with their excellent all-gluten-free menu. The restaurant serves many all-time American favorites such as burgers, fries, and salads. However, Mexican favorites such as tacos, enchiladas, and fajita are also available.

The light and cozy vibe of the resto-bar is perfect for casual dining or corporate lunch. The place is wrapped with a warm ambiance and wooden furniture for maximum relaxation. They also cater various events such as weddings and meetings.


The Well

$$ | (737) 742-1129 | WEBSITE


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If you want an excellent yet healthier menu, look no further than this restaurant in the 2nd Street District. The Well offers outstanding quality and delicious food without outing your health on the line. With their primarily gluten-free and vegan menu, they can ensure that their food is excellent without sacrificing dietary restrictions.

The Well uses much safer and environmentally friendly ingredients such as vegan butter, free-range chicken, and grass-fed beef. Their affordable price and excellent ambiance make the resto a must on your next food trip.


Snap Kitchen

$$ | (512) 649-2563 | WEBSITE


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As their tagline says, Snap Kitchen strives to serve nutritious and delicious everyday dishes. You can taste their fresh and healthy meals straight to your door in a snap. They are an independent company based and sourced in Texas.

The restaurant offers many selections for any time of the day. You can have the best gluten-free food in no time from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You should also try their drinks, side, and baked goods to compliment your meal.


Always Hungry

$$ | (512) 693-7212 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Austin, TX Always Hungry

Located a few blocks from Lora Reynolds Gallery, Always Hungry is here to serve the 6th Street with delicious gluten-free foods. With Always Hungry, sustainability is one of the essential parts of their mantra. Their menu is filled with organic and locally sourced dairy-free and gluten-free ingredients.

Always Hungry is here to live you full and satisfied if you are looking for a place in Austin with clean and sustainable food. If you want guilt-free pleasure with the quick turnaround of a fast-food meal, the restaurant is an excellent next food stop.


OMG Squee

$$ | (512) 435-9113 | WEBSITE


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Gluten-free dessert is much harder to come by, but with OMG Squee, you can have it in your local Austin area. The restaurant serves an array of American and Asian desserts. Born from a passion for all things cute and sweet, the owner Sarah dedicated much of her time to developing gluten-free desserts that anyone could enjoy.

Since its first brick-and-mortar was settled in Austin in 2020, OMG Squee has gained notoriety among locals and tourists.


Gati Ice Cream

$$ | (512) 220-1077 | WEBSITE


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Finding dairy and gluten-free dessert alternatives is hard, but with Gati Ice Cream, you can have your favorites guilt-free. The café and dessert shops based many of their dessert and baked goods on Thai cuisine. They use coconut milk rather than traditional cow or goat milk to ensure their ice cream is free from allergens.

The restaurant offers many excellent foods. However, one of its main attractions is ice cream. Gati Ice Cream makes its creamy and milky dessert from locally sourced seasonal fruits, so there is always something new to taste.


Zucchini Kill Bakery

$ | (737) 215-5936 | WEBSITE


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The restaurant might have kill in its name, but Zucchini Kill Bakery serves its food vegan and gluten-free. With love for punk and feminism, the bakery strives to serve guilt-free desserts.

Their menu includes excellent options for people with allergens, such as gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free brownies and cookies. If you want to enjoy some guilt-free donuts or cupcakes, better get one for delivery or drop by their spot at 53rd Street.


Mr. Natural

$ | (512) 477-5228 | WEBSITE


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Mr. Natural has been serving gluten, vegan, and sugar-free items before they were cool and popular. With their allergen-free menu, everyone can enjoy the array of dishes they do every day. The restaurant is ripe with gluten-free baked goods such as muffins, empanadas, and more.

Their lunch buffet is especially popular with their regulars. With a minimal price, you can enjoy a wide array of food that will not trigger any allergens you may have. Mr. Natural even offers every day special that you are guaranteed to love.


Odd Duck

$$$ | (512) 433-6521 | WEBSITE


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Odd Duck is an excellent choice for your next favorite dining spot if you want to source local farmers. You will surely love the flavors of every bite of their amazing steaks and burgers with their clean and excellent ingredients. Although most of their menu is gluten-free, there is still a designated menu for those who want an all-inclusive gluten-free option.

Odd Duck offers incredible meaty dishes such as their dry-aged wagyu burger and pork loin. They also have a wide range of wine, cocktails, and beer selections for your meal.


Hopdoddy Burger Bar

$$ | (512) 243-7505 | WEBSITE


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If gluten-free burgers are what you are looking for, look no further than Hopdoddy Burger Bar. Located in the heart of Congress Avenue, you can stop by the shop after exploring the fantastic stores and establishments in the area. Their menu does not just stop with the gluten-free burger; they also offer various sides, salads, and milkshakes to accompany your meal.

Their burger buns are made from scratch, so you can ensure that they are clean and freshly made. Every bite is oozing with the flavors of the juicy beef patty and various fillings you can choose from.



$ | (512) 275-0852 | WEBSITE

Austin, TX Best Restaurants Koriente

Koriente is full of electrifying fusion Asian dishes. Due to their customization feature, the restaurant has many options, from noodles to rice bowls. The restaurant also offers a specialized gluten-free menu. However, you can easily customize them.

Every order has an option for a gluten-free sauce that will elevate your dining experience. Their low price and organic ingredients are perfect for your next food spot.


Phoebe’s Diner

$$ | (512) 992-0008 | WEBSITE


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Phoebe’s Diner offers many of your diner favorites with a gluten-free twist. The restaurant offers a high-quality menu, such as fried chicken with grits and Chile Relleno. Combining many American choices with inspiration from other cuisines, flavors are booming with every bite.

The Diner is an excellent stop if you are in the downtown area. Whether you are in for lunch, dinner, or snacks, there is a delicious meal for you. With their excellent vibe and delicious food, you will love your dining experience at Phoebe’s Diner.


Via 313

$$ | (512) 609-9405 | WEBSITE


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Pizza and gluten-free options blend in perfectly in Via 313. With their gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options, you can enjoy your pizza guilt-free. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy your favorite Italian pizza, desserts, salads, and drinks.

Via 313 is incredible for group dining with their large pizza servings and affordable price. You should check them out for delicious pizza and refreshing drinks.


Terry Black’s BBQ

$$ | (512) 394-5899 | WEBSITE


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Terry Black’s BBQ is an excellent spot for people with allergies to enjoy their meaty and juicy dishes. With their gluten-free and dairy-free menu, everyone can enjoy their brisket and beef ribs without breaking their diet. The sides available are also filled with gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options.

The restaurant is perfect for family and large dinners and celebrations for their family pack. The family-owned BBQ spot is an excellent way to taste the traditional southern-style barbeques.



$$$$ | (512) 916-4808 | WEBSITE


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With James Beard-winning Chef Tyson Cole behind this restaurant, it’s guaranteed that it’s rich with high-quality Asian food. Uchiko is filled with many vegan and gluten-free options that are harder to find in Asian cuisine. Uchiko is an excellent spot to satisfy you if you are craving some fancy sushi.

The restaurant is perfect for intimate dining due to its low ambiance and strikingly cozy ambiance; it’s ideal for special events. Uchiko’s private dining is excellent for corporate meetings, weddings, and birthdays.


In Summary

With this list of the nineteen best gluten-free restaurants in Austin, Texas, you now have the best food spots to satisfy your cravings. There is nothing like eating food safe and clean without breaking your diet. Whether you want Italian, Japanese, or Mexican food, there is an excellent gluten-free restaurant in Austin.

Glute-Free Restaurant in Austin, TX

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