19 Best Restaurant in El Paso, TX [2023 Updated]

El Paso is a hot spot for great tourist destinations. They have the El Paso Museum of Art if you want to see 7,000 artworks. If nature and exploration are what you need, they also have Franklin Mountain State Park.

Of course, we need food to satisfy and give us energy with any travel destination. Here are the nineteen best restaurants in El Paso, TX, to make the selection easier for you.

Anson Eleven

$$$ | (915) 504-6400 | WEBSITE


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Anson Eleven offers a historical insight into El Paso. Anson Hills Building is one of the oldest and most historic sites. Along with the cultural significance of the restaurant’s building, its food is also top tier when it comes to quality and taste.

The restaurant is divided into two separate dining experiences: Bistro and Fine Dining.

The first one is designed for brunches and casual dining, while the latter is for a more upscale dining experience. Whatever dining experience you choose, you will surely enjoy their food.


Mesa Street Grill

$$$ | (915) 532-1881 | WEBSITE


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Mesa Street Grill sets out on a mission to give its customers an elegant atmosphere and good food. The restaurant also has a reputation for quality customer service. Their restaurant’s warm, cozy, and clean interior is also well-perceived by their customers.

Their menu is filled with American fine-dining favorites. From steak, pasta, and Soup Du Jour’, you’ll have the best dishes to suit your taste. Whether for a date, night out with friends, or family dining, Mesa Street Grill will give you an excellent fine-dining experience.


Garufa Argentinian Restaurant

$$$ | (915) 833-6100 | WEBSITE


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The mixture of Argentinian gastronomy is the prime inspiration for Garufa’s menu. The restaurant blends traditional and contemporary cuisine to make the best food. Their artisanal food and excellent ingredients are perfect for an exceptional dining experience.

They have many selections of empanadas, pasta, and off-the-grill steak chops. Garufa also mixes and matches its dishes with other cuisines. You can order their Ratatouille, an originally French dish with a Sicilian twist.

The restaurant is also known for its jazzy live band. If you want a cozy date night, we couldn’t recommend Garufa’s more.


AKI Sushi

$$$ | (915) 760-8888 | WEBSITE


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Explore the oriental taste of Japanese cuisine with AKI Sushi. They keep their ingredients fresh and high-quality. Come and get a bite out of their delicious and authentic Japanese food.

You will not run out of selection with AKI’s wide variety of options. Fried rice, sushi, and noodles are their primary menu selection. Their drinks also come with an Asian twist, ranging from green tea to Japanese soda and ramune.


The Dome Bar

$$$ | (915) 534-3010 | WEBSITE


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The Dome Bar shines with its 25-foot, Tiffany-inspired glass dome. Their fine spirits, craft beers, and a glass of wine will genuinely encourage you to meet under the dome. The interior truly achieves elegance and class at The Dome Bar.

Their beautiful restaurant is not the only advantage of their restaurant. Their artisanal food, such as ‘Orange Mascarpone Cheesecake Flan,’ will blend the aesthetics and decadent taste. You can try their ‘Tomato Braised Meatballs if you like a more savory dish.’


El Coqui Restaurant

$$$ | (915) 444-8401 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in El Paso, TX El Coqui Restaurant

The authentic and flavorful Caribbean cuisine is available in El Coqui. The restaurant prides itself on giving its customers excellent service and great food. They assure that they use fresh and clean food for their delicious dishes.

You can try out their favorites, pollo guisado, bistec encebollado, and pechuga de pollo al ajillo. They also have many variations of sandwiches, such as Sandwich Cubano and Sandwich de Bistek. You can find affordable, good quality, and excellent service at El Coqui.



$$ | (915) 544-4242 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in El Paso, TX Geogeske

Geogeske has been a gem inside the Kern Place Neighborhood. The restaurant has served delicate dining dishes filled with American favorites for more than two decades. Enjoy their seafood entrée, steak, and wine.

They also have a slew of sandwiches to choose from. Their selection includes vegetarian veggie, 3-layer cheese, and beef tenderloin sandwiches. If savory is not what you are looking for, they also have cakes as desserts.

Enjoy their fancy four-lounge seating. The restaurant’s décor has a minimalistic motif with low, warm light for extreme comfort and coziness.


L and J Cafe

$$ | (915) 566-8418 | WEBSITE


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L and J Café serve as a bridge between the new and old El Paso. Established in 1927, L and J Café has served El Paso for almost a century. Their long run in El Paso is a testament to their excellent quality and delicious food.

The restaurant focuses on traditional and authentic Mexican cuisine. You can choose from their burritos, quesadillas, and many more Mexican specialties. They also have a family platter, perfect for large groups of people.


Park Tavern

$$ | (915) 228-9050 | WEBSITE


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Enjoy a wide selection of wine and craft beer at Park Tavern. Enjoy various American dishes such as steaks and sandwiches. They also have many side dishes, such as mashed potatoes and fries you can enjoy.

Park tavern prides itself on serving a quality fine-dining experience without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for dates, casual dining, and brunch. The restaurant is highly praised, garnering an excellent five-point rating on Tripadvisor.


Su Casa Restaurant

$$ | (915) 544-5136 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurants Su Casa Restaurant

Want a bite out of the flavorful and hearty Mexican cuisine? Look no further than Su Casa Restaurant. It is located at Yandell Drive, eating at the friendly and casual neighborhood resto a must-do.

An excellent eatery is booming with flavorful Mexican food. Su Casa Restaurant boasts many delicious delicacies from Mexico. You can order their tacos, chicken tamale, and many rice combos.

Their reviews are full of excellent experience and praise for their food. Their customer service is also raved by the locals and tourists alike. They are known for their fast service and high customer satisfaction.


Valentina’s Restaurant

$$ | (915) 545-4906 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurant Valentina’s Restaurant

Valentina’s results from the 25-year experience of owner and chef Peter Vincent. The menu and preparation are the culmination of his passion and expertise in the craft of cooking. The restaurant is perfect for making any occasion special.

Whether for a couple’s date night, family, or friends. You can enjoy their specialties, such as their Calamari Valentina and Chicken Valentina. The restaurant is perfect if you want a fine dining experience without breaking the bank.


Rib Hut

$$ | (915) 532-7427 | WEBSITE


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Rub Hut is famous for its barbeques, ribs, and burgers. An all-out meaty steakhouse, Rib Hut strives to serve good quality meat dishes to its customers.

You can genuinely taste the Texas cuisine with every bite. The restaurant’s warm interior is perfect as you drink craft beer and enjoy your smokey barbeque.

Try out their spud platter if you want some carbs in your food. Their spud dish contains one and one-fourth pounds of freshly baked potatoes. It’s soft, buttery, creamy, and filled with different toppings.



$$ | (915) 303-8105 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in El Paso, TX Kaedama

The delicious flavor from the orient, Kaedama, is serving Boston Avenue with its Japanese dishes. The restaurant is well-known for its noodle dish and miso soup. Their reviews are significantly high at around 4.5 to 4.7 over five points.

One of their most popular dishes is ramen. The thick and flavorful broth and noodles are great as a filling meal. Their ramen bowls also contain many toppings ranging from beef cuts, scallions, etc.

Aside from their main dish, the mochi dessert is another popular item to try. It’s a sticky and gelatinous dessert made with rice flour.


Crave Kitchen and Bar

$$ | (915) 351-3677 | WEBSITE


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Crave Kitchen and Bar is perfect for a casual restaurant for your favorite American food. They offer different menus such as breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Whatever type of food selection you want, you can find it at Crave’s.

Crave Kitchen and Bar have it all, from their Belgian waffles to burgers and cakes. You are sure to get whatever you are craving. Whether savory, sweet, spicy, or refreshing, it’s available at Crave’s.



$$ | (915) 503-1882 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in El Paso, TX Kaedama Delight

A joint effort by owner Jose Gonzalez, and Chef Carlos Arzola, Delight strives to serve delicious gourmet dishes. They incorporated various cuisine and ingredients into a coherent and tasty meal. The restaurant derives from many cuisines worldwide to bring El Paso a fine dining experience.

You can try many of their mix of American and Mediterranean cuisine with their ‘Mediterranean Burger.’ The burger contains tomato spread, date jam, mushrooms, onions, and feta crumbles. If Mediterranean cuisine is not for you, you can try out their salpicones, tortilla, tacos, and pita wrap.


Drac’s Cheesesteaks

$$ | (915) 300-1119 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in El Paso, TX Drac’s Cheesesteaks

Drac’s is a well-known cheesesteak house in El Paso. It’s a perfect eating spot in the Wigwam Museum area. Their burgers, fries, and Philly steaks are very famous to the locals.

The restaurant’s reviews online have a perfect 5-star result. Many praises are thrown at the restaurant, from their fast and customer-friendly service to delicious and well-made food. Check out Drac’s if you want to grab a quick and cheesy bite.


El Jacalito Restaurant

$ | (915) 532-4643 | WEBSITE


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El Jacalito has served the Juarez and El Paso area for almost three decades. It’s known by the locals for its authentic Mexican food and impeccable service. You can start your dining experience with their quesadilla or picadillo.

You can try their caldos, burritos, and tacos if you want a more hearty meal. They also provide Mexican twists to typical American dishes such as hamburgers. Their refreshing agua fresca is also a must-have.


Café Mapayan

$ | (915) 217-1126 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Restaurants Café Mapayan

Come and enjoy the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine at Café Mapayan. The café serves many traditional Mexican dishes at affordable prices. Good quality food and good service are the cornerstone values of Café Mapayan.

You can try their specialties, such as quesadilla, burritos, and tacos. Their breakfast plates are also sought after, served with beans and guisado. One of their specialty is Papas con chorizo. The platter contains homemade pork or soy chorizo, eggs, and potatoes.


Tony’s the Pit Bar B Q

$ | (915) 546-9140 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Restaurant Tony’s the Pit Bar B Q

Since 1958, Tony’s Vargas Sr. has been serving El Paso with their smokey and juicy barbeque. Taste one of the most well-known restaurants in the area. Tony’s has it all, whether you like beef, pork, or chicken.

They also have sandwiches and burritos containing their delicious barbequed meat. You have many choices if you want sides to go along with your barbeque. The resto offers nacho platters, coleslaw, and fries. The restaurant is excellent for casual dining and hanging out with friends.


In Conclusion

El Paso is filled with many restaurants that range in different cuisines. Whether you like American or Japanese, they have it all. We hope these nineteen best restaurants in El Paso, TX help you with your food destinations.

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