12 Best Restaurants in Greensboro, NC [2023 Updated]

Hungry for a delicious meal in Greensboro, North Carolina? You’re in luck! Whether you’re a visitor or a resident of the city, you’ll be happy to know that Greensboro is home to some of the best restaurants in the US. Keep reading to learn more!

12 Best Restaurants in Greensboro

Hungry diners looking for the best places to eat after landing at the Piedmont Triad International Airport, or visiting the Greensboro Science Center restaurant can stop by one of the following local eateries for some of the best food in town.

Below are 12 of the best restaurants in Greensboro rated four stars or higher on Google. The following Greensboro area restaurants are all within driving distance of the city center and near popular Greensboro amenities and entertainment venues.

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

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Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen offers farm-to-table southern fare in an upscale environment. This local Greensboro eatery serves a menu that includes dinner appetizers like Okra Popcorn made with buttermilk dressing and entrees like Summertime Grilled Chicken Breast with Cheerwine barbecue glaze and sweet corn succotash on the side.

Its menu features a wide variety of delectable dining options for soups, salads, sandwiches, sides, and desserts like brownie sundaes.

This southern kitchen is currently operating with limited hours for dine-in and curbside pickup. Dine-in options include outside seating. Lucky 32 accepts online table reservations and online orders on their website.


Undercurrent Restaurant

$$$ | (336) 370-1266 | WEBSITE


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This mid-priced restaurant serves New American fare and offers dine-in and curbside pickup options for Greensboro area diners. The Undercurrent Restaurant is a top-rated Google hotspot, where downtown Greensboro diners flock to enjoy delicious New American Fare in a white tablecloth setting.

Previous customers leave satisfied Google reviews that rave about the quality of the food, service, and great restaurant atmosphere at the Undercurrent. The Undercurrent is open daily in downtown Greensboro.

They serve lunch and dinner and they also have special Sunday brunch dining options for restaurant guests who want to eat mid-day starting at the beginning of the week.


Hops Burger Bar

$$ | (336) 235-2178 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Greensboro, NC Hops Burger Bar

Hops Burger Bar is a hamburger restaurant and a local favorite for residents and visitors in the heart of Greensboro.

This Greensboro-area favorite serves American fare like the Pickle Back Burger, French Dip Burger, and Chili Wings. Previous guests were happy with their dining experiences at Hops Burger Bar and regularly leave satisfied reviews.

The top-rated hamburger restaurant has a 4.7-star rating on Google reviews from thousands of diners. They offer dine-in and takeout options for hamburger lovers.


Blue Denim

$$ | (336) 676-5689 | WEBSITE


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Diners in the Greensboro, North Carolina area looking for southern dishes with Cajun and Creole flavors can find delicious dining options at the Blue Denim restaurant in nearby Jeansboro.

The Blue Denim offers dine-in and takeout options for Cajun and Creole foods, like their Crawfish Beignets appetizers that feature crawfish, peppers, onions, and Comeback sauce.

Other menu options at the Blue Denim include salads, red beans and rice, Etoufee, and signature drinks like the Mardi Gras Sangria. Local Greensboro area foodies who want to indulge in Cajun fare can make reservations to eat at the Blue Denim website online.


Crafted The Art of The Taco

$$ | (336) 273-0030 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Greensboro, NC Crafted The Art of The Taco

Restaurant patrons of the Crafted Art of the Taco say they love the tasty food, excellent service, and reasonable prices at their Greensboro location. The Crafted Art of The Taco is a one-of-a-kind eatery featuring tacos and hamburgers on its menu.

Diners rave about the generous portion sizes of signature dishes and are happy with the friendly service and upbeat atmosphere. Greensboro residents and visitors just passing through can order carry out online from Monday-Thursday during the week.

The staff, food, and environment at the Crafted Art of the Taco continue to receive top-rated reviews from satisfied local area residents.


Salvino Cucina Italiana

$$ | (336) 540-8663 | WEBSITE

Greensboro, NC Best Restaurants Salvino Cucina Italiana

Salvino Cucina Italiana is an Italian restaurant serving the country’s local fare in a white-tablecloth dining environment. The highly rated restaurant has satisfied diners and leaves glowing reviews of the quality of the food and excellent service.

Salvino Cucina offers dine-in and curbside pickup options for customers who want to order online. This upscale Italian restaurant has recently installed a patented air purification system for cleaner air while dining at this popular local establishment.

Satisfied visitors of this location say making a reservation is the best way to avoid wait times when you’re hungry for some of the best Italian food in Greensboro.


1618 West Seafood Grille

$$$ | (336) 235-0898 | WEBSITE

Greensboro, NC Best Restaurant 1618 West Seafood Grille

Diners looking for some of the most inventive seafood restaurants in Greensboro can find the best catch at 1618 West Seafood Grille. Locals know this popular seafood restaurant for its well-cooked seafood dishes, like shrimp tacos, salmon, and other traditional dishes from Spain and the Pacific Northwest.

1618 offers a unique dining experience priced slightly higher than other local seafood restaurants. Diners of this eclectic and upscale establishment say the food, atmosphere, and service are definitely worth the price.

The restaurant is open for dine-in and takeout orders Monday – Sunday. They offer Sunday Brunch for early afternoon diners who want to get a tasty head start on the week.


Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

$$ | (336) 275-7333 | WEBSITE


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Restaurant lovers in the Greenboro area who enjoy combining non-traditional flavors can have the best of both worlds when they eat at Dame’s Chicken and Waffles.

This popular local take on combining breakfast and dinner in one meal draws thousands of customers and top-rated reviews from people who’ve eaten at this restaurant on Google.

Along with its signature chicken and waffles with “drizzles”, Dame’s serves foods for the soul including greens, macaroni and cheese, and grits and cheese. Their menu also features delicacies made with sweet cream butter. Greensboro area customers can order dine-in, takeout, or no-contact delivery from the company website.



$$$ | (336) 265-8859 | WEBSITE


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Machete is an upscale New American restaurant in Greensboro that serves multicourse meals and thinks of its customers as family. Locals go to Machete to experience some of the best American cuisines and craft cocktails the area offers.

This New American restaurant serves popular menu items like Boudin Sausage, Grilled Lamb, and Waygu Beef. Machete customers say they appreciate the great food paired with excellent service when they dine in the industrial-style restaurant environment.

Along with being one of the most popular American restaurants in the area, Machete is also near some of Greenboro, North Carolina’s most popular attractions, like the Science Center.


Green Valley Grill

$$$ | (336) 854-2015 | WEBSITE


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The Green Valley Grill is one of the most popular and highest-rated fine dining restaurants in the Greensboro metro area. This top-rated restaurant serves traditional European fare paired with flavored wines.

They also offer afternoon tea for tea-drinkers in their outdoor courtyard or lounge area. Previous guests of the Green Valley Grill reported an excellent selection of food and good-sized portions.

The Green Valley Grill menu features breakfast items like Rustic French Toast, with hints of bourbon and peach flavors. Their dinner menu features mouthwatering dishes like Calamari, Truffled Fries, and Heirloom Tomatoes.

Open Table listed the Green Valley Grill on its 100 Best Restaurants for Outdoor Dining list in 2022.


Lindley Park Filling Station

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The Lindley Park Filling Station on Walker Avenue in Greensboro is an American-themed restaurant that was once an old gas station.

This popular local restaurant serves a variety of sandwiches, hamburgers, and brunch for dine-in patrons. Diners at the Filling Station say they are pleased with the service. The food like soups, burgers, chicken, and dumplings are delicious, and they love the old gas station-like environment.

Greensboro area food lovers who visit the Lindley Park Filling Station for American-style foods and desserts enjoy dining on the outdoor patio and they take advantage of the Sunday Brunch they serve from 11 am – 3 pm on Sundays.


The Marisol

$$$ | (336) 852-3303 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Greensboro, NC The Marisol

Greensboro, NC residents looking for fine dining options, find the best the city offers at the Marisol in the Shoppes at Sedgefield. Local area diners know Marisol for having excellent service and serving delicious food in an ambient atmosphere.

The Marisol features live entertainment and has a 4.8-star rating from satisfied customers on Google reviews.

Often called “The” best restaurant in Greensboro, The Marisol serves award-winning cuisine and fine dining options. This popular upscale eatery is open for dinner from 5:45 pm – until Wednesday through Saturday.



Greensboro, NC stands out among other US cities for its beautiful landscape, quirky museums, and access to some of the best restaurants in town, like the ones mentioned above. Residents of the city and visitors enjoy some of the best fine dining, American style, and Italian restaurants in North Carolina.

Restaurants in Greensboro, NC

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