18 Best Restaurants in Dewitt, MI

One of the best things about Michigan is that we know what food is. Nothing warms you up like a hot meal when it’s cold outside and refreshing beverages when it’s hot. Here are the best restaurants in DeWitt, MI, for all seasons.

Bridge Street Social

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After a long day of work, people can relax at Bridge Street Social, also known as BSS. The restaurant has a fancy atmosphere that matches the sophisticated wine selections they cure themselves. BSS invites members of their wine farm to taste the wines their experienced sommeliers produce every month.

They also have a variety of creative cocktails. The staff assists the customers who are unsure of what to have. The restaurant is known for its tasty pork chops, meatloaf, and salmon. Most say you can also get good biscuits, salted caramel ice cream, and cream caramel here.


Family Tree Cafe

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Dewitt, MI Best Restaurant Family Tree Cafe

The Family Tree Café is a casual café great for family bonding. The staffs are very welcoming, making the guests feel at ease and have a good time.

Although they have a lunch and dinner menu, the café is notable mainly for its pancakes, French toast, and baklava. And what better way to enjoy your breakfast than having a good coffee with it.

The Family Tree Café always has something different to offer to its customers. They have other specials for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizers for customers who want to enjoy something new.


Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders

$ | (517) 668-1414 | WEBSITE

Mancino's Pizza & Grinders

Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders has been dedicated to serving healthy and tasty pizza and grinders since the late 1930s. The time might have passed, but the restaurant’s recipes are still the same dishes by Sam Mancino. They keep the ingredients fresh and the servings generous.

This pizza place is known for its outstanding service and friendly, always-ready-to-help staff. The best dishes are pizza, steaks, and salads that will make you drool. Don’t put off going anywhere because Mancino’s best pizza is waiting for you.


Fiesta Charra Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (517) 669-1918 | WEBSITE


Restaurants in Dewitt, MI Fiesta Charra Mexican Restaurant

Fiesta Charra has offered the taste of Mexican culture, from the colorful design of the restaurant to their incredible dishes, for over 15 years. Customers love their shrimp avocado salads, fried beans, and grilled salads.

Of course, what is a Mexican restaurant without a margarita? This restaurant is famous for its “Fresh Lime Hand Shaken Margaritas,” the best one in town. Here, you can also get tasty root beer, house wine, or creamy beer. Get excellent chocolate frappe, fruit punch, or pineapple juice at this place, and your day will be perfect!


The Draft House

$$ | (517) 669-5206 | WEBSITE

The Draft House

The DeWitt Draft House has been a continuous awardee of “Best Burgers” 18-times and counting since 1982. The restaurant also allows the customers to build their award-winning burgers with meat, sauces, cheese, and other toppings.

The customers love the rustic atmosphere of the tavern. The helpful staff works hard and stays upbeat, making this place great. But what makes the guests keep coming is their pickle fries and the Olive burger, a burger with a spot-on olive dressing. You have 16 beers to choose from to go well with your meal.


Looking Glass Brewing Co.

$$ | (517) 668-6004 | WEBSITE

Looking Glass Brewing Co.

The Looking Glass Brewing Company has revitalized a historic church in the heart of Downtown DeWitt to turn it into a brewery. Every month is full of different games and events for the customers to enjoy. What’s more interesting is that their website visitors can browse the events in-store for them.

The brewery produces high-quality craft beer, cider, wine, and seltzer for the local community to enjoy. Of course, you have to be 21 and above to try the variety of drinks they offer.


China Gourmet

$ | (517) 669-2008

China Gourmet

Imagine a place where the food is good, and the people working there are friendly. That’s what China Gourmet wants their customer to experience. They offer great Chinese food in town. Every dish is good, and there are different recommendations from previous guests.

The restaurant makes sure that the food they serve is always fresh, hot, and has generous portions for a very reasonable price. The staff is willing to work with special orders, and they will not let you down.


Flap Jack Restaurant

$ | (517) 669-9090 | WEBSITE

Flap Jack Restaurant

The Flap Jack Restaurant is a classic diner that serves a traditional and hearty menu from breakfast to dinner. They commit to excellent service and friendly staff who are always ready to help and give the customers a memorable experience. When you have a special request, they will try to make it even if it is not on the menu.

This restaurant makes eggs benedict, soup, and fish to perfection. At this place, guests can dig into tasty meals like pancakes, waffles, and biscuits. If you go to Flap Jack Restaurant, you must try their excellent coffee.


Bob Evans

$$ | (517) 669-9961 | WEBSITE


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If you want to eat a good breakfast at any time, go to Bob Evans, where they serve an all-day menu. Most guests say you should try the tasty strawberry soup, French toast, and biscuits. Match your breakfast menu with their delicious coffee.

They also have a lunch and dinner menu such as the customer’s favorite bread soup, sausage rolls, and chicken supreme. Aside from great food, the restaurant is also famous for having excellent service and friendly employees who are always ready to help.


Peppino’s Pizza DeWitt

$ | (517) 668-6181 | WEBSITE

Peppino's Pizza DeWitt

The Peppino’s Hospitality Group is a family of restaurants and catering services serving Michigan since 1976. Their goal is to give you the best food with standard quality and care. Furthermore, they value hospitality, so they treat the customers as family by showing welcoming service.

The customers like the Italian menu. The pizza Margherita, grilled chicken, and breadsticks are all perfectly cooked there. The service here is something you could call fabulous.


Relli’s Italian Restaurant

$$ | (517) 669-9243 | WEBSITE

Relli's Italian Restaurant

Relli’s Italian Restaurant wants to offer their guests “a little taste of Italy in every bite.” Not only do they serve authentic and fresh Italian cuisines, but also other hefty international dishes. The foods are specially made from scratch by Mama Relli that even full-blooded Italians love.

You should go to Relli’s if you want superb service and perfectly cooked vegetable pasta, fried eggplant, and pepper chicken. You can enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors. If you’ve never tried to eat and enjoy the beauty of a place at the same time, you should come to this place.


Garden Lee Restaurant

$ | (517) 668-0111 | WEBSITE

Garden Lee Restaurant

Who would ever think that a buffet could be very cheap? The Garden Lee restaurant has a Chinese food buffet starting at $6.95 per adult. They also have an ala carte menu.

People recommend this restaurant for its tasty steamed vegetables, fried beans, chicken chops, and almond rolls. They are also famous for their refreshing orange soda.

The owner is very hands-on with the customers. He will accommodate the guests and know the regulars by heart. The staff is also willing to give the customers food requests that are not on the menu as much as possible.



$ | (517) 669-6432 | WEBSITE


Everyone knows Subway by now, but they don’t know that the restaurant was an idea of a nuclear physicist who partnered with a 17-year-old college student. Their idea was to open a submarine sandwich shop, which is now called the Subway.

Subway has a wide range of sandwiches and services on its menu to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. You may order sandwiches on the menu, such as the Philly cheese steaks, BBQ sandwiches, and rib sandwiches, or build your own. They also have delicious cookies and other desserts.


Taco Bell

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Another famous fast-food chain worldwide is Taco Bell. They serve Mexican food such as tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. Glen Bell opened the restaurant in 1962 to introduce tacos to the Southern Californians; by 1970, 325 there were 325 Taco Bells in different states.

The customers have many favorites aside from tacos and burritos. Most of them return for black beans and rice, avocado toasts, and fried beans. You will like the food, especially the grilled mango cooked well and the excellent fruit toast.



$$ | (517) 669-9300 | WEBSITE


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Sweetie-Licious is a bakery café where good homemade pastries and pies will greet you. Their mission is to let the people experience love with their heartfelt food and nostalgic ambiance that honors the orderlies. The staff doesn’t treat the customers as guests but as their friends.

You might want to eat some well-cooked tomato pie, raspberry muffins, or ginger chicken. Order some tasty biscuits, caramel cheesecakes, and chocolate bananas. When going to this cafe, you must try the delicious pia colada, berry cider, or Strawberry colada.


Tim Hortons

$ | (517) 624-2248 | WEBSITE

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons started in Toronto, Canada, and is the largest QSR or Quick Service Restaurant. They are well known for their iced coffee, hot chocolate, and doughnuts. However, they also serve other items such as breakfast sandwiches, tasty soup, and perfectly cooked bagels.

Since Time Hortons is one of the best coffee shops globally, it is often compared to Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. What may be surprising is that the people will still most likely choose Tim Hortons out of the other options. Worth a try.


Burger King

$ | (517) 234-7020 | WEBSITE

Burger King

They are the best in the business because they have taste, quality, variety, and hygiene, and most importantly, everything is at an affordable price, so you don’t have to burn extra money at Burger King. It is one of the best places to have heavenly burgers, and they are the best in the business because they have taste, quality, variety, and hygiene.

Delicious chicken sandwiches, onion sandwiches, and mozzarella sticks are among the options available to customers at this quick-service restaurant.



$ | (517) 669-8272 | WEBSITE


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Arby’s Motto is to deliver “Inspiring Smiles Through Delightful Experiences.” To do this, they make sure only to use high-quality meat products, have fantastic side dishes, and ensure fast service.

Arby’s delicious roast beef, toasted sandwiches, and sandwiches made with roast beef are all enjoyable experiences. Their foods are so great that even side dishes, such as their signature curly fries and Jamocha shakes, become a star of the menu.



The enjoyment of good cuisine motivates people to frequent restaurants, although doing so requires financial outlay, more often than not. It has the potential to be the most inspiring factor. People adore having the exquisite delicacies that highly talented and imaginative chefs have created for them to enjoy.

Best Restaurants in Dewitt, MI

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