17 Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI [2023 Updated]

There are a variety of foods in America that are known around the world. Some foods can mostly be found in their state, like Michigan’s Coney Island hotdog.

However, the state also offers food from different parts of the world. Here are the 17 Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI.

Cafe Cortina

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Cafe Cortina Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Cafe Cortina offers Italian cuisine with a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are known for their fresh and made from scratch pasta daily. Most of their ingredients came from the garden at the back of their restaurant.

This cafe has a perfect ambiance for intimate dates. The eatery shows elegance with the garden-like motif as its location is in an apple orchard.

The Best of Hour Detroit awarded them as the Most Romantic Dining in 2021. Their fantastic wine selection and mouth-watering gelato add to the romance.


Breakfast Club

$ | (248) 473-0714 | WEBSITE

Breakfast Club Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Awarded by the Vote 4 the Best for being the number 1 best breakfast and number 2 best brunch, the Breakfast Club only uses fresh and premium quality ingredients.

It is an old-style restaurant that mainly offers a traditional American breakfast menu and sandwiches that are great for lunch.

The restaurant is mainly known for its french toast, pancakes, and various omelets, but all of its breakfast items are also delectable.

Although the food is cheap, the serving size is still generous enough to fill one’s stomach. The customers also commend their place as it maintains its cleanliness.


Tomatoes APIZZA

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Tomatoes APIZZA Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Tomatoes APIZZA is famous for its lunch buffet. For an affordable price, the customers may eat pizza, salad, garlic beards, chocolate piadina, and drinks every weekday from 11 am to 2 pm.

Their chewy, crispy, and slightly charred from the wood fire oven Neapolitan pizza is the star of the show.

The way they cook their pizza is consistent, always flavorful, and fresh.

They gained recognition by the Food Network Magazine, which awarded the pizza house as the Best Pizza in Michigan while being mentioned as one of the 25 Best Pizzas in America by the GQ Magazine.


Hong Hua

$$$$ | (248) 489-2280 | WEBSITE

Hong Hua Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

One of the best, or if not the best authentic Chinese food in town is the high-rated Cantonese restaurant, Hong Hua.

It has received more than ten recognitions in various articles and news, which they highly deserve for its fantastic and flavorful dishes. But the best food that they offer is the Peking duck.

Customers can cook the duck in any way they like. Crispy, honey-glazed skin with Chinese crepes, scallions, and Hoi-Sen sauce is the first option.

The staff carves the cooked duck in front of the customers. The second dish is a boneless breast with Chinese vegetables stir-fried.


Sushi Ko

$$$ | (248) 471-4363 | WEBSITE

Sushi Ko Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Sushi Ko claims to be the Best Sushi in Farmington Hills. This Japanese restaurant has had a mission to provide the most authentic Japanese food in town since it opened.

Furthermore, they aim to have convenience, excellent family ambiance, and a great price.

They get high praises for the taste and variety of the dishes, especially their good-looking sashimi, and every bite of their sushi roll is heavenly.

This restaurant serves almost every Japanese food that one might know, from soups to bento. They also have delectable specials, and they mark their vegetarian foods for easier viewing.


Pars Restaurant

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Pars Restaurant Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Middle Eastern cuisines are gaining popularity, and Persian restaurants are known to promote Iranian culture, just like Pars Restaurant.

The culture they embody is evident in the construction, design, traditional layouts, and utensils used in the restaurant. The presentation of their foods is also creative.

Of course, they serve delicious Iranian cuisine, whether it is chicken, lamb, fish, or vegetarian. Their entrees include kebabs, ghormeh sabzi, vegetarian sandwiches, and beef and herb stew, which are famous dishes paired with garlic naan.

The restaurant also has a different menu for dinner that includes dolmen and rice dishes.


House of Falafel

$$ | (248) 579-6858 | WEBSITE

House of Falafel Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

The House of Falafel had been interviewed on other tv news to understand Mediterranean cuisines.

Falafel is a deep-fried vegetarian food made from beans, parsley, and other spices with a crispy crust and soft inside. They make their falafels in the restaurant and cook them in 100% corn oil.

The restaurant gives the customers a chance to build their meal. They may first choose whether they have a pita wrap or bowl.

Next is adding protein with chicken or beef shawarma, kabob, or their famous falafel. And lastly, a selection of fresh veggies and spreads or sauces as toppings.


Paradise Biryani Pointe

$$ | (248) 385-3451 | WEBSITE

Paradise Biryani Pointe Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Biryani is a known Indian dish prepared by mixing rice, spices, and either meat, veggies, or both.

The Paradise Biryani Pointe is one of the pioneers and successful Indian restaurant chains in America and is the home of the best biryani. They follow essential recipes and spices to have a consistent serving of food.

The restaurant has a midnight biryani special on Fridays and Saturdays where they serve until one is, and Paradise Express lunch every weekday with a choice of vegetarian or chicken.

Their menu selection is extensive, especially their appetizers and main course.


La Kabob Mediterranean Cuisine

$$$ | (248) 324-1163 | WEBSITE

La Kabob Mediterranean Cuisine Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

La Kabob serves classic Mediterranean cuisines with a modern interpretation. They are proud to use only high-quality and fresh ingredients.

Moreover, they showcase their food and excellent service, and friendly staff. The owner will take customers with hospitality that most establishments overlook.

As soon as the customers enter the restaurant, the smell of the dishes being prepared can already amaze them. They have reasonable prices for the quantity and quality of food being served.

When a customer only wants a portion of the item, the owner will modify the price rather than pay the same amount.


Jiang Nan Noodle House

$$ | (248) 702-0166 | WEBSITE

Jiang Nan Noodle House Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Jiang Nan Noodle House has many amazing dumplings and noodles. Their noodles are authentic and hand-pulled in the store, which the customers may watch while waiting for their food.

Their method, plus the soup that is bursting with flavors, adds to the restaurant’s authenticity.

Aside from its noodles, Jiang Nan is famous for its scallion pancakes and La-Mian soup. Their loyal customers highly recommend it to those who will dine for the first time.

The dumplings are plump and served with a nice dumpling sauce. The ingredients used in their dishes are just right and not overwhelming.


Buddy’s Detroit-style Pizza

$$ | (248) 855-4600 | WEBSITE

Buddy’s Detroit-style Pizza Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI

Buddy’s Pizza has been serving its original Detroit-style since 1946. They make their known pizza into square pies and take time with their best ingredients.

Because they make their pizza fresh and from scratch, the customers may custom-build their signature square pizzas with their choice of veggies, meat, and cheese.

The crust may also be thin and gluten-free as per request. The food chain wants to make casual nights with family more enjoyable. Those who are loyal to their pizza house may join Buddy’s Rewards for exclusive deals and free pizza with accumulated points.


Antonio’s Cucina Italiana

$$$ | (248) 994-4000 | WEBSITE

Antonio’s Cucina Italiana Best Restaurant in Farmington Hills, MI

Antonio’s Cucina Italiana prepares fresh and authentic Italian cuisine, including soups, sauces, pasta, award-winning pizzas, calzones, and other main courses with their fresh-baked bread.

These recipes are a Rugiero family tradition, and their dishes are made “Fata in Casa” or house. The restaurant recommends their Gnocchi Rita served with their special Rita’s pancetta and mushroom sauce.

They give people coupons and extraordinary deals such as 50% off the 2nd pasta, a bottle of wine for two full dinners, and pizza when the same size salad is purchased. The store has banquet facilities that customers can use for special occasions.


The Brass Pointe BBQ

$$$ | (404)-343-6828 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI The Brass Pointe BBQ

For those looking for food that their family may enjoy, The Brass Pointe BBQ is the best spot to have a wonderful meal and a comfortable atmosphere.

The restaurant was voted in the Top 5 Vote 4 The Best by Wallside Windows in 2021. Their philosophy is to serve plentiful food and quality service to their customers.

They have different menus, from ribs and chicken to prime rib and fish and Mexican dishes. Their entrees are served with garlic bread, choice of potato, coleslaw, or salad. The ingredients used in the menu are all family recipes to bring home-style quality.


Buffalo Wild Wings

$$ | (248) 737-9464 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo chicken wings are the best food when watching matches and games or craving comfort foods. Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most notable food chains for great wings.

They have different chicken and American dishes that are reasonably priced. Furthermore, they have promos for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Their Wing Tuesdays give the customer 50% off for the second traditional wing, while Boneless Thursdays are ‘buy one, get one free boneless wings.’

They have Blazin Rewards, where loyal customers may join to get rewards, great deals, a chance to win prizes, free wings on birthday, and free-to-play sports gaming.


Mitten and Boot Cafe and Fine Foods

$$ | (248) 432-7443 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurant Mitten and Boot Cafe and Fine Foods

Mitten and Boot bring out the Italian heritage of the owner, Chef Mike while being at home in Michigan. He uses imported Italian quality products while also supporting the local companies by buying their products.

They also sell imported Italian ingredients for others to make traditional Italian cuisines at home.

Chef Mike can prepare meals for 2 or 4 people for those who will dine as a family. The customers may build their entrees with the choice of meat, penne with either bolognese or marinara sauce, salad with ranch or m&b dressing, and either cannoli or brownies for dessert.


Sunrise Cafe

$ | (248) 737-7814 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Farmington Hills, MI Sunrise Cafe

Sunrise Cafe serves affordable, delicious, and hefty breakfast or lunch, and they keep on looking for ways to improve their service and restaurant.

They have a wide variety of omelets served with hashbrowns, pancakes, or toast with tomato or carrots. Their toasts also have different kinds.

The customers may also choose to create their omelet if none of the menus interests them. It includes choosing regular or egg white, veggies, cheese, meat, and other specialties.

The omelet is light, fluffy, and large. Their wraps, sandwiches, and burgers have pickles and chips on the side.



$$ | (248) 994-0614 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Restaurants 2Booli

The owner of 2Booli came from a small village of Aita El Foukhar, in the valley of Lebanon, where wonderful agricultural terraces reside.

There is a bountiful of crops, fruit trees and bushes, and wheat in the area, where their tradition of food and wholesome ingredients comes from using the Ansara family recipes.

They brought this tradition to America by the 2Booli for other people to enjoy authentic Lebanese food. The portion of their dish is enormous for their price, while they also maintain the high quality, even their complimentary bread and garlic spread.



Oakland County’s second-largest city is the Farmington Hills, so it is no wonder why there are many restaurants open that offer different cuisines.

If you live around the area or just passing by, you might want to try some of these 17 Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, MI.

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