15 Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI [2023 Updated]

Are you in search of some of the best restaurants in East Lansing that will serve you the food of extraordinary quality? Then you are at the perfect place. Keep following this article to know more.

Swagath Indian Cuisine

$$ | (517) 336-0700 | WEBSITE


Swagath Indian Cuisine Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI1

Indians get ready to party with the very Indian food at the Swagath Indian cuisine. The experience of many of its customers has been very pleasant and beautiful at the Swagath Indian Cuisine.

The town is being served with the delicacy of the Indian food starting from the kababs to the samosa. From Delhi to Chennai, from breakfast to dinner, this restaurant covers up for all the Indian dishes that are likely to make you go “wow”.

Till now if you have just heard about the delicacies of Indian food items but haven’t tasted them, then friends, this is your chance- just grab it. I bet, you are going to love them and more frequently will want to have them, cause that is the taste of Indian foods.



$$ | (517) 816-4300 | WEBSITE


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Hello there! Are you bored with your everyday food items? Then don’t be. Because I have searched for one of the best restaurants for you to have the best food. Hopcat is a restaurant where you will find varieties of foods.

Who won’t enjoy a portion of good food in a casual setting? Well, I suppose everyone does that and if you are a die-hard admirer of American dishes, then just go ahead with it. I’m pretty sure you won’t have a question about this restaurant.

They will readily provide you with the gastronomic experience that you have been in search of. The beautiful scenario is likely to drive you gaga once you step inside the restaurant.

Alright, coming to the special and most liked dish of the Hopcat- the Pretzel Nuggz. A mouth-watering dish probably soon will be your favorite too.



$$ | (517) 333-1933 | WEBSITE

Sansu Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

Sushis are the favorite dishes for any person who is a huge fan of anime. Isn’t it? Are you a huge admirer of sushi? Well, me too. The taste is just finger-licking good, and it reminds us of the Japanese anime, don’t they?

What else reminds us of the Japanese anime, do you know? It is none other than the famous Sansu of East Lansing, MI. The restaurant is spread lavishly with an exquisite and glossy interior decoration.

The royal setting of the dining with comfortable couches will make you feel as if you are inside a palace. The Sansu specializes in the making of Japanese, sushi, Asian, and grill.

The restaurant is worth mentioning for its veg options and gluten-free options. Taste their Devil roll: tempura shrimp & crab salad for a healthy taste.


Pizza House

$$ | (517) 336-0033 | WEBSITE


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One of the main downtown attractions of the city is Pizza House. The menu from this restaurant deserves a sincere appreciation. It has a varied menu that ranges from mozzarella to cheese burst pizzas.

If you are a foodie and want a perfect place with an ideal blend of fantastic ambience and food, the Pizza House is. If you want a more gastronomic experience of wholesome pizzas, visit Pizza House; they have a great collection of gastronomic dishes.


State Room Restaurant

$$ | (517) 432-5049 | WEBSITE


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Are you a tourist? And still in search of a restaurant to have the perfect combination of food? Listen to me and visit the State Room Restaurant. One of the best restaurants has certainly some good reviews and ratings in East Lansing.

The sophisticated rustic designs of the restaurant will earn your heart just within a moment. the rustic vibe with the addition of some soft music will not go unnoticed.

Suppose you plan to visit the State Room Restaurant, then don’t miss out on the Beef Tip and Barley with bourbon-spiked broth. It did taste superb.

It will let you enjoy the beauty of American food and will make your journey bright and happy. Try it out, it won’t disappoint you for sure.


Royal Pot

$$ | (517) 483-2780 | WEBSITE

Royal Pot Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

Want to have the best of East Lancing, MI, then visit the Royal Pot without any question.

They have a tempting collection of dishes that range from various types of steaks to soups that are being served amidst a rustic atmosphere that will attract the tourist’s attention.

Most of the people in their reviews have mentioned the grilled portobello as their favourite. The smell of the goat cheese on the top of this grilled portobello gives it a taste that will make it hard to get rejected.

It becomes even more tastier with the very unique balsamic glaze. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the restaurant if you haven’t already.


Chapelure Fine Pastry & Espresso

$$ | (517) 333-7172 | WEBSITE


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The dim yellowish light of this diner will set your mood right. The warm cosy corner of this delicate restaurant will serve you the best espresso. Isn’t that wonderful? Wait for the legendary food reviews that you are yet to hear from the best.

the restaurant serves top-notch food and doesn’t really like to compromise on the food quality.

Do not forget to try out the delicate pastries of Chapelure Fine Pastry and Espresso; you will surely want more of them. The one and only destination for the best pastries- is Chapelure Fine Pastry & Espresso.


Charlie Kang’s

$$ | (517) 332-4696 | WEBSITE

Charlie Kang's Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

On entering the restaurant, you won’t understand if it is a restaurant or a five-star movie theatre: the dim yellowish lighting and the table arrangement. The restaurant, although cheap, is likely to give you a luxury vibe.

Charlie Kang’s restaurant will add a different taste to your taste buds with the variation of Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Chinese food items. How amazing is it? You get so many things at this low price.


Georgio’s Pizza

$$ | (517) 333-9990 | WEBSITE

Georgio’s Pizza Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

Have you ever visited Italy? The vibes of traditional Italian pizzas are left somewhere amidst the walls and corners of Italy. Similarly, once you would enter Georgia’s Pizza, you will be amazed to see the same nostalgic vibes of Italy.

The walls filled with the portraits of the scenic beauty of Italy and the dimly lit lights will bring out the entire vibes of the restaurant and you are bound to get the homely feel of Italy.

The restaurant prepares food in the homestyle of Italy itself and the platter that serves spaghetti with the marinara sauce I just too delicious to not speak of.



$ | (517) 351-2506 | WEBSITE

Crunchy’s Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

Heard that you want to have a gastronomic experience? Well, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book your seats at the Crunchy’s. This is one of the best restaurants in Guelph that has a classic dining establishment.

The serving is done in a proper artful manner to hold up to the modernity and classicism of the era. If you want to certify any place for its excellence in food and environment, then I bet, La Cucina be it.

This is because it won my heart with its food and surely will win yours too once you try them out. Oh! Not to forget the specialty of this restaurant- Mediterranean and Italian.


The Black Cat Bistro

$$ | (517) 580-3821 | WEBSITE

The Black Cat Bistro Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

Be it for lunch, breakfast or dinner, this exotica is the perfect one for you. The spacious dining and the mouth flickering dishes will just set your mood right.

The calmness of the place is likely to make you feel the serenity of the environment. Be it for tourists or residents, they have a global range of collections of food items. Be it Candian or Italian the Black Cat Bistro is at its best.


Woody’s Oasis

$$ | (517) 351-2280 | WEBSITE


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Who would want to miss this heartwarming menu of Woody’s Oasis? Try them out, and I believe you will be blown away by the beauty of the scallops that they serve. It is literally a sway to your everyday taste buds.

Apart from the scallops, you may rely on the beauty of its European and French dishes. The casual spacious sitting that you get to find in the restaurant is a hats off to the maker of it.

The brick walls that are beautifully decorated will not let you take your eyes off of them to enjoy the food in this beauty, do visit it.


Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine

$$ | (517) 333-6295 | WEBSITE

Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

The place is quite famous among the tourists who come and visit it. The super amazing surrounding atmosphere along with the cheerful lightning will surely make you feel good about choosing this restaurant.

It is not only affordable but people like it for the food that they serve too. If you are planning to visit it, then have the lima beans, it is pretty much famous among the people who have visited.

Do visit the restaurant if you want to and leave a note of a short review behind.


Maru Sushi & Grill

$$ | (517) 337-1500 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in East Lansing, MI Maru Sushi & Grill

Sushi, sushi, and sushi. What do we remember when we hear the word sushi? No, I am not talking about animes, I’m talking about Japanese and Korean sushi.

The Maru Sushi and Grill specialize in making sushi, be it from whichever country, and it makes sure to spread the sushi fever across the entire East Lansing. So, if you are craving to have some sushi taste, then why not choose Maru Sushi & Grill.


Grand Traverse Pie Company

$$ | (517) 203-3304 | WEBSITE


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Want to visit East Lansing and have the best of it when it comes to food? Then without any doubts in heart and questions in mind, visit the Grand Traverse Pie Company.

They do have a tempting collection of several dishes that you will only have to love as there is no other choice.

The sophisticated ambiance with the perfect representation of the American culture will not let you down and that is what the Creekside Kitchen promises its customers.

The reviews have come up for the salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp, if you want to try it too, you are welcome to do so. Try it out and let us know. Also, the place serves Meditteranean and Canadian alongside the American platters.



Choose from the above list of the best restaurants in East Lansing, because it is one of the best suggestions you will ever get across entire region. Pick one up and go for it. You are sure to find it amazing.

Restaurants in East Lansing, MI

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