15 Best Restaurants in Collingswood, NJ

There are several reasons why people opt to eat out or order in. Whatever that is, it’s always good to have various dining options available. With that said, check out the 15 best restaurants in Collingswood, NJ.

Il Fiore Ristorante

$$ | (856) 833-0808 | WEBSITE


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If you are after a fine dining experience, but minus the hefty price tag, then there’s no place like IL Fiore Ristorante. This Italian restaurant might have a simple menu, but it does have a lot of options for diners.

While the look of the restaurant might seem dated to some, the delightful Italian food they serve more than makes up for that. You can bring your own bottle of wine and enjoy it with your Insalata, Antipasti, Primi, Secondi, and dessert!



$$ | (856) 858-1888 | WEBSITE


You don’t need to book a ticket to Japan to get a taste of its cuisine! If you want a great dining experience paired with delicious and fresh Japanese food, then you should check out Osaka.

They serve various kinds of sushi. If you want something else, they have bento specials and many other delectable dishes.

They have Hibachi grill for that extra dining experience. And as a bonus, it’s “BYOB” – you can bring your own bottle of wine!


Bistro Di Marino

$$ | (856) 858-1700 | WEBSITE


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If you want something delectable, you can never go wrong with Italian food. And if you are in Collingswood, there’s no better option than Bistro Di Marino.

Before making a reservation, know that you can actually bring your own wine! It would save you some money, leaving you with more budget for the food here!

One of the most recommended items on the menu is their Gnocchi. You can try various types, or you can opt for other delicious appetizers, mains, and desserts!


Circles Thai

$$ | (856) 869-0001 | WEBSITE

Circles Thai

When it comes to Circles Thai, consistency is the name of the game. This local business serves tasty Thai food with decent portions and fair prices.

Whatever you end up ordering from their menu, expect fresh and refined flavors. If you like some spice in your food, they won’t disappoint. Apart from the authentic offerings,  they also have some fusion Thai dishes that you should try.

If you can’t make it to the restaurant, you can always have Circle Thai deliver the food. You can enjoy the flavorful dishes in the comfort of your own home.


Oasis Mexican Grill

$$ | (856) 858-1807 | WEBSITE


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Rogelio, the owner of Oasis Mexican Grill, had a dream about opening his own restaurant in the US. His dream lives on with the authentic dishes and flavors he serves in the restaurant.

If you are looking for a place serving Mexican homemade food, then this is the one. You can try the chips as an appetizer. It’s perfect with their guacamole.

And for the mains, there are plenty of dishes to choose from. If you want to make your dining experience here even better, you can bring your own Tequila!



$$$ | (856) 240-1164 | WEBSITE


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If you want a seat at this restaurant,you might want to make a reservation. Once you score a seat at this place, you won’t regret it. One of the draws of this place is their open kitchen.

You would be able to see their kitchen staff prepare your food! It adds to the contemporary ambiance of the place.

If you are ready to order, go for the starters like their Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. However, since they have a seasonal changing menu, they might be offering some other dishes.

Whatever dishes you end up ordering at Hearthside, you’ll be getting a tasty and innovative meal.



$$$ | (856) 854-2670 | WEBSITE


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If you want an intimate dining experience, then book a table at Zeppoli. The restaurant only has 35 seats, and these fill up fast. You need to make a reservation in advance.

If you are in a big group, you might have to crunch up a bit. However, the food and service make up for the lack of space.

If you want a taste of Italy with a more Sicilian twist, then Zeppoli offers exactly that. You can try the three or four-course meals. The three-course meal comes with an appetizer, pasta, and dessert.


Nunzio Ristorante Rustico

$$ | (856) 858-9840 | WEBSITE


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The Nunzio Ristorante Rustico recently went through some changes. It reopened under a new owner, offering a new menu. It still offers a good selection of Italian dishes – from appetizers to desserts.

If you want to dine here, it’s recommended that you make a reservation. The restaurant also offers a monthly dinner series hosted by Chef Delone. For $70 per person, you will get a five-course meal.

Seats are limited, so you better call or email them to score a ticket.


Sabrina’s Cafe – Collingswood

$$ | (856) 214-0723 | WEBSITE


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If you want to go to this place for dinner, then you won’t be disappointed. They are only open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. However, it’s a great place to dine during the daytime! It’s great for breakfast and brunch.

Sabrina’s Cafe has a bright open space with plenty of seating. The Challah French Toast is one of the most recommended offerings on the menu.

You can order this and many other delicious dishes. If you are looking for a cute dining spot, then head over to Sabrina’s Cafe!


Sapori Trattoria Italiana

$$$ | (856) 858-2288 | WEBSITE

Sapori Trattoria Italiana

This family-run restaurant offers an amazing range of Italian dishes. If you are after a  homestyle, authentic Italian dining experience, then call this place and reserve a table.

Kick off the meal with a starter. Some of the choices include beef carpaccio,  mussels, and calamari. There is also a great selection of pasta dishes. Go for the Gnocchi if you like.

There are also other main dishes that you can order. All these dishes would go well with a bottle of wine. If you are up for it, you can bring your own bottle!



$$$ | (856) 240-7041 | WEBSITE


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Oh la la! Get a taste of French cuisine with June BYOB! The restaurant first opened in Philadelphia. However, the restaurant found a new home in Collingswood.

If you are looking for a casual dining place, then June BYOB might not be the ideal spot. It’s more of a fine dining restaurant.

While the menu might not be as extensive as one would like, June BYOB still offers an impressive spread of French dishes.

If you are interested, they have upcoming dining events as well. As an example, they have a five-course Alsace Dinner for $170 per person.


Stella Pizza

$$ | (856) 869-3232 | WEBSITE


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If you are craving handmade pizza that’s fresh out of the oven, then look no further! Head on over to Stella Pizza. They serve pizza and many other dishes.

They have different kinds of pasta dishes, platters and a whole lot more! If you have children with you, they also have a kid’s menu that you should check out. And if you want a slice or two, Stella Pizza is open all days of the week!


The Kitchen Consigliere

$$ | (856) 854-2156 | WEBSITE


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Traditional Home-style Italian cooking is the trademark of The Kitchen Consigliere. The restaurant has that classic vibe, and it works so well with the amazing dishes they have on the menu.

The food they serve would probably remind you of your grandmother’s cooking – hearty and homemade.

There are plenty of options for pasta, as well as the mains. You can also check out the house specialties. All these dishes would taste even better if paired with your wine of choice, so don’t hesitate to bring your own bottle!


Healthy Garden And Gourmet Pizza

$$ | (856) 477-2227 | WEBSITE


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Freshness is an important factor in the food served by Healthy Garden And Gourmet Pizza. Apart from this, they make sure that they only useorganic ingredients.

With an extensive menu, there are so many dishes you can choose from. If you scroll through their menu, it would seem like it’s endless!

If you are craving something, they might just have it. You can order a smoothie and pair it with a wrap. They also have pizzas, burgers, and a whole lot more! They even have meal plans and a juicing program.


Li Beirut

$$ | (856) 477-2105 | WEBSITE


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If you aren’t familiar with the culinary culture of Lebanon, then take a leap of faith and try dining at Li Beirut. This Lebanese restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating.

If you want variety, then you should go for the Tasting Menu. It’s a great choice if you want to try many dishes from this place. It comes with a cold mezza, hot mezza, two salads, specialty entree, and dessert.

If you don’t feel like getting all these foods, you can order from the ala carte menu.



There’s nothing quite like going out and treating yourself to the best food out there. And if you happen to be nearby, check out the 15 best restaurants in Collingswood, NJ!

There are so many incredible dining places where you could revel in all these culinary delights!

Best Restaurants in Collingswood NJ

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