10 Best Restaurants in Brigantine, NJ

Are you looking for the best restaurants around Brigantine, New Jersey? Perhaps you are on vacation and unsure which restaurants to try out? Don’t fret. In this article, you will learn about the few best restaurants in Brigantine.

Most people know Brigantine, NJ, as one of the windiest places in the United States. But this city offers more than that. You can spend some time fishing or boating and have a tasty meal at one of the restaurants.

Whether you want pizza, pasta, steak, chicken, sushi, or salad, you can have it. You will also get a chance to taste a variety of drinks and meet new people.

We’ve compiled this list of the best restaurants in Brigantine, NJ, to help you choose the best restaurant.

Let’s dive in!

Pirates Den

$$ | (609) 266-1927 | WEBSITE


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Pirates Den is a casual restaurant that offers various seafood dishes and other American cuisines. This place fuses the beach town lifestyle with delicious food to bring out a thrilling experience you can’t find elsewhere.

It is famous for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pirates Den is renowned for serving some of the tastiest Eggs Benedict, French Onion Soup, Strawberries, Three Egg Omelette, and Croissant French Toast. They have outdoor seating where you can sit and take in the beautiful weather.

Prices range from $2, $10, $20, $35, to $85.


Cordivari’s Restaurant

$$ | (609) 264-5909 | WEBSITE


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Cordivari’s restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants in Brigantine. This restaurant stands out because it blends old-school ingredients with future trends. Plus, they have amenities for kids, which means you can bring your kids along with you.

In this place, you will get to taste some delicious Tiramisu dishes, Green Beans, Caprese Tower, NY Strip Special, Gnocchi, Scallops over Pappardelle, Short Ribs, and Shrimp Diavolo. What’s more, the pasta they offer is homemade. Prices range from $5, $15, $25, $40, up to $100.

This place gets packed, so it is always advisable to phone in and make a reservation.


The Cove Restaurant – Bar – Package Goods

$$ | (609) 264-5740 | WEBSITE


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The Cove is another seafood joint that you should check out. It is one of few restaurants with solid ties to the local community by striving to offer excellent service and using sustainable products.

At The Cove, you will experience a refreshing beach atmosphere, Full Dining, Lunch, 17 TVs, beers on tap, creative cocktails. They are famous for serving the best sushi, Ceviche, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, French Onion Soup, Crab Dip, Crispy Calamari, and Fried Flounder.

Prices range from $9, $14, $25, $45, to $120.


Bella Luna

$$ | (609) 266-4400 | WEBSITE

Bella Luna Best Restaurants in Brigantine, NJ

If you crave delicious pizzas, then you should consider Bella Luna. You can drive through, order a takeaway, dine-in, and have them deliver your pizza to your doorstep.

We recommend bringing your kids to experience this restaurant’s tasty Mexican food. Some of the best pizzas you will taste include Fish Tacos, Chimichanga, Burrito and Shrimp Caesar, Chicken tacos, Chicken Quesadilla, and Salads. If you are health conscious, there are vegetarian options for you.

Prices range from $8, $15, $22, $45, to $100.


Goochie Brothers Italian

$$ | (609) 266-3100 | WEBSITE


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Goochie Brothers Italian is another best restaurant in Brigantine that serves tasty meals. You can order anything from Garlic Knots, Chicken Wings, Hawaiian Pizza, Chicken Ceasar Wrap, or Club Turkey.

The dishes are always fresh, and the service you will receive from the wait staff will blow you away. For Italian, you can try the mozzarella moons.

Take your family for lunch, and they will have a great time. Once they taste the food, they are likely to return for more.

Prices range $2, $10, $15, $35, up to $85.


Brigantine Bistro

$$ | (609) 264-5050 | WEBSITE


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Brigantine Bistro serves great food you can’t anywhere in Brigantine. Whether you want to order breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will have it here. The place looks small, but you will notice a spacious area once you walk inside.

They are famous for serving delectable Pan Cakes, French Onion Soup, Cookie Ala Mode, Empanadas, Cheesesteak Omelette, Burrito, Pork Loin Cutlet or even Chorizo Bowl. They also have outdoor seating for smokers and enjoy their coffee or excellent coffee.

Prices range from $6, $15, $30, $45, to $120.


Yuki Hana Restaurant

$$ | (609) 266-7608 | WEBSITE

Yuki Hana Restaurant Best Restaurants in Brigantine, NJ

If you are looking for outstanding service and delicious food, then Yuki Hana is the best spot. Whether you want to order great sushi, Sashimi, TNT Rolls, Shrimp Tempura Roll, or Mongolian Beef, you can find it here.

The sushi is always arranged beautifully on a platter, fresh and delicious. Yuki Hana Restaurant is a favorite spot for tourists, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

The cozy environment is perfect for celebrating your wedding anniversary or surprising your date. It is also suitable for kids. If you don’t want to dine in, you can have your order delivered to your doorstep. The food will still be warm, delicious, and delivered quickly.

Prices range from $3, $7, $15, $35, to $70.


McHugh’s Pizza Brigantine

$$ | (609) 266-4288 | WEBSITE

McHugh's Pizza Brigantine Best Restaurants in Brigantine, NJ

McHugh’s pizza is another best spot where you will find tasty pizzas. They use only delicious sauce, fresh toppings, and cheese that matches pizzas.

You can stop here on Friday night with a group of friends, colleagues, or your spouse. They will be impressed with the service and quality of food. The pizza you will eat here is unique, with a crust that is not too thin or thick.

They are famous for serving the best Sicilian Pizza, Cheese pizza, Peppers, French Fries, Burnt Pizza More, and Pepperoni Pizza.

Prices range $2, $15, $25, $45, up to $120.


Kook Burger Co.

$$ | (609) 453-7200 | WEBSITE


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At Kook Burger Co, they believe that serving good is possible. You can come here for a quick breakfast, lunch, or even. You won’t be disappointed by the food.

They ensure that the menu they use is curated by a chef and uses only fresh ingredients. You can have Poutine, Kalifornia Klassic, Garden Goof, Broski Burger, Shoobie Shakes, etc. The place is good for kids or friends. Interestingly, the toilets are neutral. And there is free Wi-Fi to use.

Prices range from $2, $10, $20, $35, up to $85.



$$ | (609) 266-5518 | WEBSITE


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Wawa is famous for serving delicious sandwiches & coffee. They also offer delicious Built-to-Order food and beverage options. This place is perfect for professionals who are always on the road.

Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, there is always something good for you at an affordable price. You can come here to grab a fresh Sizzli breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee.

What sets them apart from other convenience coffee shops is that they use only fresh ingredients in their sandwiches. The environment is always unique, and the staff is helpful and friendly towards customers.


Final Thoughts

Lastly, Brigantine, NJ, is one of the people’s favorite vacation spots where you can enjoy many things. With so many restaurants available, picking the best one may be challenging. However, if you use one of our above suggestions, you will likely experience good food and excellent service.

Whether coming here for a holiday or relocating here, eating great food will be delightful. Find the restaurants that suit both your taste buds and your budget. If you are going out as a family, always make sure that you reserve the table before dropping in.

Best Restaurants in Brigantine

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