12 Best Restaurants in Avalon, NJ

Located along 7 Mile Beach, Avalon, NJ is a popular tourist destination. The borough offers many dining options, including upscale spots, casual eateries, and family restaurants. If you take a closer look at the 13 best restaurants in Avalon, NJ, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to eat.

Via Mare Ristorante

$$ | (609) 368-4494 | WEBSITE

Via Mare Ristorante Best Restaurants in Avalon, NJ

Since 1963, this family-owned restaurant has been bringing a little bit of southern Italy to New Jersey. The restaurant has a homey atmosphere that’s well-suited to both family dinners and dates. Since it’s a BYOB restaurant, you’re free to bring their favorite wine to enjoy with their meal!

Even though this is a laid-back restaurant, it’s known for phenomenal and authentic Italian cuisine. Popular dishes include the Shrimp Diablo and Eggplant Parmesan. Make sure you start off with a salad — all the dressings are made in house! If you have any room left over, you can also enjoy a delectable dessert.


Whitebrier Restaurant

$$ | (609) 967-5225 | WEBSITE

Whitebrier Restaurant Best Restaurants in Avalon, NJ

This family-friendly eatery serves sushi and seafood. While diners can eat indoors, the restaurant is known for having one of the largest outdoor dining areas in Avalon. If you’d like to enjoy a delicious meal and warm weather, this is the perfect spot for you.

There are three distinct areas at The Whitebrier: Octopus Garden, Mermaid Cafe, and Motorboat Club. On the weekends, you can enjoy live music at Octopus Garden, while Mermaid Cafe offers dining and dancing indoors. Every time you come to this restaurant, you can have a unique and memorable experience.


Cafe Loren

$$$ | (609) 967-8228 | WEBSITE


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When Cafe Loren opened its doors in 1978, it was the only fine dining BYOB restaurant in Avalon. While other BYOB have opened since then, this eatery remains a favorite with locals. It’s an upscale-casual restaurant offering a modern take on seafood and American cuisine.

Located in downtown Avalon, this is a wonderful spot for a special night out. If you forget to bring a bottle of wine on champagne to enjoy with your meal, Fred’s Avalon Liquors is just a few doors away. You can pick out the perfect beverage to enjoy alongside your meal.


Avalon Brew Pub

$$ | (609) 967-2116 | WEBSITE


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This upscale casual gastropub serves a wide range of favorites, including burgers and wings. It also has an impressive selection of craft beers to enjoy along with your meal, including local brews and beverages that are made in house.

While the venue’s rich interiors are sure to make an impression, Avalon Brew Pub also offers outdoor seating. If the restaurant is completely packed, and you don’t want to wait, there’s also seating at the bar. It’s a great place to visit with friends or family, and the happy hour specials are a solid option if you’re looking for a deal.


Polpo Ristorante

$$$ | (609) 830-2904 | WEBSITE


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Polpo is an Italian restaurant that specializes in Venetian cuisine. Although this is an upscale restaurant with modern amenities, every dish feels like it has old-world charm. Polpo’s head chef, Bujar Daku, immigrated to the United States from Albania in 1990. He’s worked to build a menu that all diners will love!

Although the menu at Polpo is seafood-focused, it has quite a bit of variety, including plenty of options for vegetarians. In fact, it’s best listed as one of the best restaurants for vegetarians in Albany. Whether you’re craving pasta, veal, or tiramisu, this award-winning eatery is a must-try.


Il Posto Ristorante

$$ | (609) 961-3362 | WEBSITE


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This BYOB restaurant features plenty of classic Italian favorites alongside fresh, modern dishes. Although the meals served here feel upscale, the restaurant itself has a cozy, charming environment. This eatery is known for its large portion sizes, making it a fantastic place to go if you want leftovers!

Although the restaurant can be a little loud when it’s busy, it’s still a wonderful spot for dates or for a night out with friends. When the weather is warm, Il Posto also offers outdoor dining. You can enjoy delicious food as well as beautiful scenery.


The Princeton Bar and Grill

$$ | (609) 967-3456 | WEBSITE

Princeton Bar & Grill Best Restaurants in Avalon, NJ

This warm and inviting restaurant offers a varied menu of soups, sandwiches, and entrees alongside a raw bar. Not only is it a fantastic spot for lunch or dinner, but it’s also a great place to catch a game thanks to its massive flat-screen TVs. Major sporting events are shown here throughout the year.

Connected to The Princeton, you’ll find the Circle Tavern s a cozy, casual dining space with plenty of inexpensive options. It’s an intimate meeting space with six more flat screen televisions. The Circle Tavern also offers al fresco dining on its outdoor patio.


Rock N Chair

$$ | (609) 967-3300 | WEBSITE

Rock N Chair Best Restaurants in Avalon, NJ

This newly renovated restaurant and bar has a full breakfast menu and plenty of great options for lunch and dinner, including wood-fired pizzas. If you dine in the evening, you’ll also be able to enjoy entertainment. Rock N Chair offers live music every night.

There are indoor and outdoor dining options available, as well as private rooms for banquets or parties. Throughout the week, the restaurant regularly offers specials on foods and beverages. If you want to grab a bite on a budget, this is a solid spot. You don’t have to splurge to enjoy great food in Avalon!


Circle Pizza

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This charming pizza parlor has been a favorite of Avalon families for many years. Diners can enjoy their pies indoors or eat outside at one of the restaurant’s picnic tables. In the evening, there’s also a welcoming fire pit that can keep you warm even when the weather gets chilly.

If not everyone in your party is in the mood for pizza, you can also order from Big Chancho’s Tacos, a Mexican restaurant that’s connected to Circle Pizza. No matter what you choose to order, you can expect tasty food, fast service, and a relaxing atmosphere.


Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

$$ | (609) 967-8448 | WEBSITE

Uncle Bill's Pancake House Best Restaurants in Avalon, NJ

This popular breakfast spot offers an amazing selection of pancakes, including classic buttermilk pancakes, apple pancakes, and even Iowa corn pancakes! If you’re not in the mood for pancakes, there are also plenty of other American breakfast standards on the menu, like omelets and ham steak. There are even gluten-free options!

While the restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere, service is still very speedy. While this restaurant can be crowded on weekend mornings, the waitstaff are able to clear tables and seat diners very quickly. Even if you forget to call ahead, you should be able to grab a tasty morning meal.


Concord Cafe

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This casual dining spot offers an assortment of classic American dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, and pizza. There are also plenty of seafood options, like crab cakes and coconut shrimp! All of the dishes are made with premium-quality ingredients, which means you can expect an amazing meal no matter what you order.

The Concord Cafe is a popular spot for families, but it’s also a fantastic choice for a night out with friends! You can grab a drink at the bar or even dine outside and enjoy the scenery.  Come see why it’s been a local favorite for over 30 years.


The Diving Horse

$$$ | (609) 368-5000 | WEBSITE


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This innovative eatery serves American cuisine in an upscale, yet rustic environment. The menu uses locally sourced, in-season ingredients, which means you’ll always be able to enjoy fresh and delicious food.

The Diving Horse is best known for seafood, but there are land entrees, like steak, on the menu as well. While you’re here, you can dine indoors or enjoy your meal in the restaurant’s beautiful outdoor gardens. No matter where you opt to eat, you can expect incredible food and first-rate service.


At Last

The best thing about dining in Avalon is that you have so many choices. There are options for every budget and for all tastes. Take a look at the 13 best restaurants in Avalon, NJ the next time you’re in the mood for a meal.

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