12 Best Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

The high costs of foods and the possible consequences of eating unhealthy foods have made many people immensely glad about home-cooked meals that everyone cannot cope with.

However, not all restaurants fall short of standards. You can still eat out at low prices and with no consequences for your health. Here are some reputable restaurants you can check out if you live/work in Charlotte, NC, or are driving by.


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Owned by Joe Ledbetter but managed by Jason, a chef who puts together high-quality, healthy options, Bricktop’s is well-known for its Lobster Bisque, Key Lime Pie, Sushi Rolls, and French Dip.

It also has dairy-friendly options and drinks such as cocktails, spirits, wine, fruit drinks, etc.

You can’t also miss the excellent customer service, fine décor, the dim lighting with individual spotlights over every table to shine on the menus and food, the serene and romantic atmosphere, and the casual background music.

The environment is family-friendly, so you can take your kids along. You can either dine-in or order takeout/delivery. The restaurant is great for fostering the spirit of community among people.



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Luce Best Indian Restaurants in Edison, NJ

Luce is a restaurant where you can find modern, high-end Northern Italian cuisine served in a sophisticated setting with a patio. It has a small dining room, which allows for a cozy and intimate setting.

The staff is very polite and more attentive. The table is always ready on time through a reservation.

The counters are large enough to contain several people, so you can also make friends as you eat. Besides the filling dishes and beautiful decor, the restaurant has made a mark for being a suitable place for a romantic evening.

You can make reservations or have a picnic or solo dining, but you must book in advance. Check out some of their popular dishes like Lasagna, Tiramisu, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, etc., if you stop by.


Sea Level NC

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Paul Manley invested a lot in making Sea Level NC a top-notch restaurant. If you want to experience the thrill of carefully-prepared seafood, clam chowder, oysters and a fantastic bowl of shrimp and grits, this restaurant is where you should go.

Its entire menu is rich and sumptuous with an upscale atmosphere and some good background music. The staff always look out for their customers, so you’ll have no trouble if it’s your first time at the restaurant.

The seating arrangement and various televisions displaying different oysters make the environment cozy.


Midwood Smokehouse

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Frank Scribeli made this place a center for mouthwatering meals that you can never have enough of.

If you taste the mac and cheese, collard greens, coleslaw, hush puppies, pickles, baked beans or the pulled pork sandwich with pickles and the vinegar-based sauce, you’d never want to go to another restaurant.

While the St Louis dry rub ribs and the bbq dipping sauce is their best bbq, they also have dessert such as banana pudding, which is an absolute must-taste. Midwood Smokehouse would rank among exceptional restaurants in Charlotte.


The Capital Grille

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Darden’s Capital Grille is famous for its steaks, first dried and left to age for eighteen to twenty-four days before being hand-cut by the restaurant’s butcher.

The result when it’s cooked? A steak with a unique taste you can’t find anywhere. The restaurant also boasts of a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar containing over 3,000 drinks and 350 selections.

It’ll take you quite some time before you exhaust their options. You can make reservations but you’ll still be attended to if you don’t..

Asides its impressive dining atmosphere and customer service, there’s a tour guide who sees to your satisfaction throughout your stay. And when you are done dining, a complimentary dessert comes your way.


Bernadine’s restaurant at Ratcliffe

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Bernadine’s restaurant at Ratcliffe Best Indian Restaurants in Edison, NJ

Reputed to be an iconic five-star hotel, Bernadine’s restaurant at Ratcliffe is the home of authentic French cuisine.

It usually serves three-course meal :appetizers, main dishes, and dessert with specialty dishes of lamb, beef, veal, and seafood.

Appetizers include fried calamari, goat cheese tart,lump crabcakes; entrees feature grilled chicken with basil sauce and parmesan cheese, curried shrimp, etc. For their soups and salads, you can try cobb, chicken, fried oyster or clam chowder salad.

And their main dinner dishes – goat cheese ravioli, fettucini al gorgonzola and lobster ravioli – are nothing short of impressive.

With the romantic atmosphere, stunning decor, good seating arrangement and topnotch customer service, Bernadine’s will surely be on your list of most-loved should you visit.


Fig Tree restaurant

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Sara Zanitsch’s Fig Tree Restaurant is known for prioritizing the health and safety of ots customers.

You’re in for a great experience if you decide to dine in; not only is the food a fantastic blend of French and Italian, the service is unlike any other.

Don’t forget to pair up your meals with something from its array of cocktails, dessert, coffee, wine, alcohol, and various drinks. You can arrange reservations or small parties at a reasonable price.

You can also opt for a solo dinner or organize something romantic for your lover. The restaurant does dine-in and take-out only.


The King’s Kitchen

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The King’s Kitchen is a restaurant fully committed to enhancing the welfare of the less privileged, victimes of substance abuse and the most unemployable in Charlotte.

An updated Southern cuisine with a breakfast cafe and a bakery, it is owned and managed by Jim Noble, a notable chef and restaurateur.

Every profit from every plate of food at this restaurant is claimed to go towards building the community, together with other organizations such as The Restoring Faith Church, Charlotte Rescue Mission, The Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center, etc.

The restaurant is well-known for its lunch and dinner dishes and  has amenities like free Wi-fi and on on-site bar in a casual and friendly atmosphere. You can also hire the staff to plan an exquisite dinner for you.


Good Food on Montford

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Chef  Bruce Moffett,  known for creating dishes inspired by both New England and Southern culinary traditions, works hard to take this restaurant to a new level.

Some of their dishes like their pretzels, fries, pasta with sausage and Mahi fish will your taste buds a run. The course meal is well-ordered; dishes are served one after the other.

The staff is very attentive and the environment is calm, so you have no excuse to enjoy your meal. Good Food on Montford truly serves good food.


The Melting Pot

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The Melting Pot Restaurants Inc. is owned and operated by the Johnston brothers – Mark, Mike and Bob. It is committed to building a community of fondue food lovers, and it has largely succeeded.

Whether you’re coming in as a solo eater, couple, family, with colleagues or in a group of tourists, the restaurant has options for everyone.

It’s also suitable for any kind of occasion. You can opt for any of their appetizers or experience their four-course meal.

If none of that satisfies you, you can arrange for a dining experience where you get to pair the dishes you want. The kitchen takes into consideration any diet restrictions.



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Jeff Tonidandel and his wife, Jamie Brown, were inspired to build a stylish Southern kitchen that serves craft cocktails and beautifully-curated Southern cuisine.

The result? Haberdish! What first hits you when you step into this restaurant is the breathtaking smell and awesome interior. The ambience breaks down every form of resistance and lets you settle in, as if you were in your home.

If you don’t want to eat inside, there’s an outdoor seating arrangement that’s screened and heated. If you love desserts, banana pudding and whoopie pie.

The waffle is delicious and barely needs syrup. The Collard Greens are flavorful with just the right amount of heat. The restaurant encourages a communal culture so you can make friends as you eat.


Cajun Queen

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If you want to groove as you dance to a live jazz band, find your way to Cajun Queen. The first-floor restored restaurant with beautiful terraces has become one of Charlotte’s gems.

Even though it has been existing for over 30 years, the restaurant’s significance in the community hasn’t faded one bit. The food is fantastic, from the shrimp and grits, seafood Gumbo, fried green tomatoes to blackened chicken breast.

You can also sit upstairs and enjoy the music. Great dessert, good customer service and reasonable prices are what you’ll enjoy at Cajun Queen. It only offers dine-in and curbside pickup only.



There are no better places to enjoy mouthwatering dishes in Charlotte, North Carolina than the restaurants listed above.

If you have any dietary restrictions, you can opt-in for one-in-a-kind dining experiences or tell it to the kitchen to check if they have food options that suit you.no matter how tasty the dishes are, be careful not to overeat to avoid health issues.

Best Restaurants in Charlotte

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