15 Best Italian Restaurants in Charlotte, NC [2023 Updated]

You deserve to eat the food you are currently craving to celebrate that you did well the past week!!

If you are itching to taste any Italian dish and are now in North Carolina, worry not because you will be able to satisfy your cravings at these authentic 15 Best Italian Restaurants in Charlotte, NC. You can choose from all the choices below!


$$ | (704) 364-4445 | WEBSITE


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AQUA e VINO was established by a skilled, great, and highly experienced Italian Chef named Gabriel Grigolon. Aqua de Vino is open almost every day except for Sundays and Mondays.

What is great about this restaurant is that they are cautious that some people have food allergies and take them very seriously. You can also choose gluten-free dishes! How cool is that?

You can drop by and experience a somewhat fine dining authentic Italian dish or have it delivered right to your doorstep. They have a broad range of menu list from Contorni, Primi, Secondi, Quinto, Per Iniziare, and Antipasti.


Capishe: Real Italian Kitchen (Dilworth location)

$$ | (980) 819=9494 | WEBSITE


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Have you ever dreamed of experiencing an Italian dining experience? Worry not because Capishe has got you covered! They provide top-of-the-line service and food even if it is quickly prepared!

They are open every day until 9 pm, so you can opt to order online for your midnight snack as early as that time and enjoy a movie time together with your family.

They have many menu options to choose from Red Pizza, White Pizza, Housemade Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads, and dishes that your kids would love! These carbs are also best partnered with beer and wine! They also offer catering services for any occasion!


Dolce Osteria

$$ | (704) 332-7525 | WEBSITE


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Dolce Osteria can guarantee you the quality service and consistency they provide not only for their frequent guests but the same treatment is also made for their new guests.

Make sure that you make reservations as they are almost always jam-packed because they are indeed one of the well-known Italian restaurants located in Charlotte. They are open only on weekdays. They have a wide selection of menus that your Italian tastebud may always keep looking for.

Many choices range from prosciutto and burrata, caprese on their appetizer menu, salad menu, pasta menu, and entrees menu. Selections for lunch and dinner are different.

They also have a family meal to go, perfect for your family celebration! Or, you may opt to have it delivered right to your doorstep if you want a more homey date night experience with your partner!


Fiamma Restaurant

$$ | (7043) 333-062 | WEBSITE

Fiamma Restaurant Best Italian Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

Celebrate your anniversary with a fine dining Italian cuisine experience with Fiamma Restaurant. Make sure to book your reservation so they can accommodate you on your dinner date with your fiance!

They have a lot of dishes on their menu list that will make you drool from time to time and would be one of the many reasons you would want to come back again the soonest. They have their daily specials dishes such as bufala Caprese, branzino, and stuffed veal chop.

Moreover, they also have an antipasti menu that includes fiocchetti, and beef carpaccio, to name a few.

They have many options because apart from those mentioned, they also have la insalate menu, il pesce menu, la pesce menu, la carni menu, la paste, dinner sides, and desserts. They also have dishes that kids will love!


Giacomo’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

$$ | (704) 971-7313 | WEBSITE

Giacomo's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant Best Italian Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

$$ | 10230 Berkeley Pl Dr #160, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States | +17049717313

Giacomo’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant is a family-operated and family-owned authentic Italian restaurant. They have various Italian dishes to offer that are freshly homemade from appetizers, wings, salads, subs, strombolis, pizzas, entrees, pastas, and seafood.

Of course! True to their restaurant’s name, their famous specialty is their homemade pizza with quality ingredients. They have a lot of toppings you can choose from and premium toppings!

Everything they offer will make you drool, especially for pizza lovers! Moreover, they also have a beer and wine selection. You can also book them as your caterer for some occasions and celebrations!

Giacomo’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant


Little Mama’s Italian


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Enjoy a fine and classic Italian dining experience with Little Mama’s Italian! Travel time going back to the 60s and 70s every time you savor their authentic Italian and freshly made dishes. They have many menu selections regardless of whether it is for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

They also have a menu for take-out and group gatherings! These dishes are best paired with alcoholic drinks, whether wine, beer, or cocktails! Make sure to make your reservation and maximize the experience by purchasing gift cards!

You can also support them by donating funds as they also support multiple NGOs and causes. Drop by and feel a classic experience with Little Mama’s!


Maggiano’s Little Italy

$$ | (704) 916-2300 | WEBSITE


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Maggiano’s Little Italy offers a wide variety of Italian dishes and allows its new guests and frequent goers to try out an authentic Italian dining experience with top-of-the-line service quality.

Apart from the dishes they crafted for the kids to enjoy, adults can choose from their wide selection of menu from starters, salads, pasta, classic, seafood, steak and veal, chicken, sides, specialty, as well as chef’s featured soups!

These dishes are best partnered with their broad selection of beverages from alcohol-free drinks, fountain drinks, coffee and tea, cocktails and beers, handcrafted classic cocktails, and a lot more alcoholic beverages.

You can also book them for their catering services, allowing the people close to you to experience Italian cuisine!


Mama Ricotta’s

$$$ | (704) 343-0148 | WEBSITE


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Mama Ricotta’s is one of the well-known authentic Italian restaurants in Charlotte. The frequent-goers of this restaurant love their home style and traditional Italian cuisine.

They make sure that their preparations are started from scratch— everything is imported from their hometown and freshly made before they serve it. Moreover, they also support local farmers.

The classic industrial interiors make it homier while you devour your Italian dishes. You also have the option to order it online or book a reservation to make sure that you will be entertained once you arrive and ensure to order their specialties such as De Cecco and Latini pasta and a lot more.

They also offer catering services and have gift cards which you can use to give to your friends and family!


Mezzanotte Ristorante

$$ | (704) 365-4650 | WEBSITE

Mezzanotte Ristorante Best Italian Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

Mezzanotte Ristorante is one of the many authentic Italian Restaurants that you can choose from that is located in Charlotte. It is almost everyone’s favorite in the area not only because of its service quality but also because of the quality of the ingredients they use.

Apart from the handmade meatballs, Neopolitan pizza, as well as the freshly-cut traditional pasta, they are most proud of their specialty dishes. These classic Italian specialty dishes vary from fresh seafood with some classic veal down to chicken dishes.

This is one of the best places to go to especially when to want to celebrate a special occasion with the people you love or with your significant other.


North Italia

$$ | (980) 279-8900 | WEBSITE


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You cannot say Italian restaurant if there are no available pizza or pasta! The North Italia serves fresh pasta and pizza that are prepared by their skilled professional chefs every day! Moreover, the ingredients they use are top of the line which makes everything perfect.

The dishes they serve will make everyone drool regardless of age because they also offer dishes your kids will definitely love, too! The dishes will not only make you taste something but they can also make you feel a lot of emotions.

Enjoy these dishes by dropping by their restaurant. They have a lot of branches and one among them is located in Charlotte. You can reserve a slot for group dining as well as purchase a gift card you can give to your special people.


OGGI Ristorante Italiano

$$ | (704) 716-9400 | WEBSITE


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The one and only OGGI Ristorante Italiano make you experience authentic fine-dining Italian Cuisine even if you are not in Italy. You can book your reservations online for your upcoming anniversary dinner date with your significant other or spouse!

They have a wide selection of menus for lunch and dinner! Menu selections range from cichetti, salad, entree salad, and grain bowl, appetizer, sandwiches, entree, pasta, and sides, as well as pasta e risotto!

Moreover, they also offer catering services and private events to celebrate either with your friends and family or for corporate occasions! In addition, they also have gift cards which you can purchase to be as your gift for your friends who just got married!


Portofino’s Italian Restaurant Eastway

$$ | (704) 568-7933 | WEBSITE


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Portofino’s Ristorante Italiano E Pizzeria have three branches located in Charlotte. They are one of the well-known restaurants that serve authentic Italian cuisine. The number of branches they have says it all, they have a lot of frequent-goers because of the quality of service and food they serve.

They have a wide selection of menus may it be lunch menu, dinner menu, catering menu since they also offer catering services and lastly, the carryout menu. They use local and fresh items for the dishes they serve to their loyal customers.


Riccio’s Italian Restaurant

$$ | (704) 542-5111 | WEBSITE


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One of the family-owned authentic Italian Restaurants located in Charlotte is the famous Riccio’s Italian restaurant. Their wide selection menu has all the staples of Italian dishes letting you experience authentic Italian cuisine with your friends and family.

They have been in the business since 1962 and have served a lot of people and have already made loyal guests. They offer various dishes such as Clams Oreganata, Veal Francaise, Veal Piccata, Chicken Marsala, Shrimp Fradivalo, Antipasto a la Riccio Stracciatella Romana and a lot more!

You can also choose different toppings for their pizzas and pasta! They also offer dishes that kids would definitely enjoy to eat! Moreover. they also offer catering services and sell gift cards! What are you waiting for?

Drop by and have an Italian dining experience or order online and you can choose either you pick it up or have it delivered to you!


Stagioni – Four Seasons of Food

$$$ | (704) 372-8110 | WEBSITE


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Stagioni is one of the best and favorite authentic Italian restaurants located in Charlotte. This restaurant serves classic with a modern variation of Italian dishes that are best paired with different alcoholic beverages of your choice.

They have a wide selection of menus for their main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. Make sure to book your reservation before dropping so that they can accommodate you once you get there. In addition, they also have gift cards which you can purchase to give to your friends and family.


The Bella Ciao

$$ | (704) 332-2440 | WEBSITE


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The Bella Ciao can make you feel like you are in Italy with their authentic Italian dishes that are freshly made and served daily! The interior of their restaurant is very modern and trendy compared to the classic interiors!

You can enjoy their wide selection of menus from Bruschetta and Piatto Meatball from their Antipasti Menu, Tomato Soup on Zuppe menu, down to Greek Salad, Arrabiatta with Penne, and a lot more!

Other menus also include Baked Dishes, Homemade Pasta, Grano, Hand Tossed Pizza, Calzones, Specials as well as Dolci for their desserts. They also offer a menu made for kids!

These dishes are best partnered with their alcoholic drinks and caffeine! They also offer gift cards which you can purchase for your special someone!



You can now choose from all these 15 Best Italian Restaurants in Charlotte, NC whenever you suddenly craved some Italian dish such as Carbonara or Risotto or anything you want.

You will definitely say squisito or buono even in just one bite of the food! Bookmark these restaurants now so you can just choose from whichever you want or whichever is easier for you to drop by!

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