19 Best Restaurants in Ceres, CA

Ceres California is a small agricultural city with a population of about 50,000 people. Although small, this city has a lot to offer in terms of food options.

Due to the large immigrant population, this city is home to lots of different varieties of restaurants. You can find a handful of Mexican restaurants, Asian, Mediterranean, Hawaiian, Indian, and good old-fashioned American comfort food.

To help in your selection, we have narrowed down the list to the 19 best restaurants in Ceres, CA.

Alfonso’s Mexican Grill

$$ | (209) 537-2671 | Website

Alfonso's Mexican Grill in Ceres, CA

This Mexican restaurant has been providing excellent food since 1973. Years of tradition, family recipes handed down from generation to generation, & the finest ingredients make Alfonso’s a  staple for fine Mexican dining.

When at this restaurant, try out appetizers like their Fiesta Nachos or ultimate Quesadilla. They have great specialties, like their Chile Colorado, Huevos Rancheros, Chile Verde, and Camarones Al Mojo de Ajo.

Enter into their cocktail lounge and try out any one of their numerous drinks like; flavored margarita, Cassadores Tequila, or an IPA craft beer.


L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

$ | (209) 596-4510 | Website


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Who says you have to fly to Hawaii to enjoy their amazing cuisine? Step into this island-themed Hawaiian fast-food restaurant whose menu features traditional Hawaiian plate lunches.

If you find yourself in this restaurant, try out their custom menu items like their Chicken Latsu, Kalua Pork with cabbage, Loco Moco, Spam Musubi, or Spam Saimin. Or you can stick to their traditional options and try out their lighter garlic Shrimp, BBQ chicken bowl, or BBQ cheeseburger.


Taqueria Lagos Restaurant

$ | (204) 538-1525 | Website


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Taquería Lagos is a Mexican Restaurant that serves high-quality Mexican dishes. This restaurant provides a family-friendly environment where everyone is welcome! Try out their exquisite dishes like; Rey’s Special, any one of their wide variety of Burritos, Chimichangas, Fajitas Lagos, Tacos de Alambre, or their Enchiladas de camarón.

They also have amazing seafood options, like Mojarra, breaded Shrimp, or Ceviche Tostada.  You can even bring their amazing dishes to you with their catering services.


Cocina Azteca

$$ | (204) 270-8945 | Website


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Cocina Azteca is a restaurant that prides itself on serving dishes with a homemade taste. As put perfectly by them, “We bring the taste and homeyness that you would find at your Abuelita’s house.” Step into their restaurant and be transported to the streets of Mexico with their colorful prints and aesthetics.

Try their famous Carne Asada, Azteca Steak, Bisteck Ranchero, Orejitas de Xitali, or their Fajitas de Nopales. They also offer brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.


Farmer Boys

$$ | (209) 531-2410 | Website


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This restaurant prides itself on having the freshest ingredients gotten from local farmers. Their suppliers range from the Columbia River Basin to Southern California. Their potatoes, oranges, burger buns, coffee, eggs, and lots more are sourced from only the best suppliers.

This restaurant is family-owned and believes in investing in its communities. They’ve done a lot to create a warm and friendly environment where all customers are comfortable. When at this restaurant, try out any of their amazing burgers and breakfast items.


My Garden Cafe

$ | (209) 538-0184 | Website

My Garden Cafe in Ceres, CA

Visit my garden cafe restaurant for your breakfast, brunch, and lunch needs. This award-winning restaurant offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes that will leave you craving more.

For breakfast, try out their Fiesta chorizo omelet, Bacon Pecan Waffle, Ham and Cheese Skillet, or Banana Nut Pancake. For lunch, you can try out their Fried Bologna Sandwich, Crab Sandwich, or their Firehouse Burger.


Sunlight Indian Cuisine

$$ | (209) 538-3300 | Website

Sunlight Indian Cuisine in Ceres, CA

With a promise of food that surprises you, Sunlight Indian restaurant offers amazing street-style Indian food. This spot delivers flavourful, authentic North Indian dishes made with only the best aromatic spices and fresh produce.

When at this restaurant, try out any of their specialties like their; Tandoori Chicken leg, Goat Curry, Saag Paneer, or the Gobi Manchurian. For drinks and dessert, have their Mango Lassi and their Kulfi Pop. Whatever item you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.


Mi Lindo Culiacan

$$ | (209) 567-2309 | Website

Best Restaurants in Ceres, CA Mi Lindo Culiacan

Mi Lindo Culiacan is a Mexican restaurant where you can get breakfast food, seafood, chicken, and, of course, Mexican comfort food. This spot provides a very casual atmosphere and is family and kids-friendly. Try out their Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, Vampiro, Papa Sincronizada or their Tacos Dorados Desebrada.


The Habit Burger Grill

$ | (209) 804-1050 | Website


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This restaurant has been in the food service industry, providing world-class burgers and experience since 1969. It has dedicated its entire history to mastering the craft of making exceptional burgers.

Using completely fresh ground beef which is then chargrilled over an open flame, any burger you have here will truly be unforgettable. Try out their Santa Barabara Charburger, or their Portabella Char.


Blú Lotus | Lao & Thai Restaurant

$$ | (209) 900-7598 | Website

Best Restaurant in Ceres, CA Blú Lotus Lao & Thai Restaurant

The restaurant offers delicious and authentic Lao and Thai dishes. The atmosphere is warm and inviting creating the perfect space to enjoy mouth-watering meals with friends and family.

For appetizers, try out their crispy egg rolls, Koong Tod, Fried Basil Chicken wings, or Seen sa-won. For the main dish, you can choose from a wide selection of Soups, Noodles, Salads, or Fried rice. You can also try out some seafood like their, Gratium Talay, Pad Phet, Pompano Lad Prik, or Pad Greem Mussels.


Fresh Fork Grill

$ | (209) 566-8363 | Website


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Created by the Magallanes couple, this restaurant serves amazing healthy dishes on the go. Passionate about healthy living none of their dishes are fried, frozen, or fake. They are made with high-quality ingredients.

Their menu works in steps. Step 1 is to choose a size. The options are; a little fork’n bowl (small), fork’n bowl (medium), Fork’n plate (large). Step 2 is to select a protein. You can have chicken breast or thigh, steak, grilled tofu, salmon, or shrimp. Step 3 is to select rice, either brown or white.

Step 4 is for vegetables. You can have mixed vegetables, just broccoli or no veggies. The fifth and last step is to add the custom fork’n sauce. Order this with any fountain drink of your choice and enjoy your meal.


Jabou | Gyros Restaurant

$ | (209) 531-2825 | Website

Ceres, CA Best Restaurants Jabou Gyros Restaurant

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean/Greek style restaurant with amazing food made from fresh ingredients, friendly and helpful staff, and a comfortable environment, you should try out this restaurant. They serve incredibly delicious Gyros and Falafels. You should also try out their Kabob, Tikka, or Chicken Skewers.


American Italian Bistro Restaurant

$$ | (209) 566-8013 | Website

Ceres, CA Best Restaurant American Italian Bistro Restaurant

This Italian restaurant should be your go-to for your favorite traditional Italian meals. It’s the perfect place to satisfy your cravings by yourself, with friends, and even with family. Bring your kids here and they get a generous variety of options on the kid’s menu.

Meals come with a complimentary side salad and fresh bread. Have a cocktail of your choice from their fully stocked top-shelf bar. On good days with great weather, you can even enjoy your meal outside on their side-walk Patio.

When at this spot, try any of their brick oven-baked calzones or pizzas. Or go with pasta and try out their Penne Gustoso, spicy chicken Rigatoni, or Spaghetti Cacciatore.  You can even enjoy live music on select nights.


Fosters Freeze

$ | (209) 538-8620 | Website


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Serving burgers and ice cream since 1946, Fosters freeze is a Californian staple when it comes to fast food. This old-school-styled restaurant offers only the best burgers, fries, and ice cream. All food items are made fresh when ordered and their soft-serve ice cream is made with high-quality milk.

Both indoor and outdoor seating is available when you order. Stop by this restaurant and try out their Big Boss Burger, Old Fashioned Burger, or Fosters double-decker Burger. For soft-serve ice cream and shakes, try any one of their different flavored twisters, or a sundae.


Family Pizza & Cocktail Lounge

$ | (209) 537-4791 | Website

Restaurants in Ceres, CA Family Pizza & Cocktail Lounge

This restaurant is the best place to go to if you’re just looking for a casual place to have a quick bite, listen to music, watch sports, and play pool or darts with some friends. Enjoy great food and drinks at a reasonable price at this spot. Try out any of their amazing pizzas and pizza sandwiches.


La Casa del Clamato

$ | (209) 567-2215

Restaurant in Ceres, CA La Casa del Clamato

This Mexican restaurant is family owned and offers amazing dishes, sandwiches, desserts, and smoothies and also has an extensive juice bar.

For sandwiches, try out their Farmer Sandiwch, Pesador, Cazador, or their Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Their Tostilocos and Tosticeviche are both equally amazing. You can also have Organe, Carrot, Vampiro, or Mixto juices from their juice bar.


La Hacienda Restaurante

$ | (209) 566-8696 | Website

Ceres, CA Restaurants La Hacienda Restaurante

La Hacienda is a Mexican-style restaurant that offers traditional flavourful Mexican cuisine. Stop by for breakfast and try their breakfast burrito, Steak Ranchero, Huevos Rancheros, Huevos a La Mexicana, or their Huevos Con Nopales.

For dinner, try their Camarones Al Ajo, Coctel de Camaron, Chicken Skillet, or their Camarones Empanizados. Pair any of these with a drink and enjoy.


Mr. Taquito

$$ | (209) 225-0804 | Website

Ceres, CA Restaurant Mr. Taquito

This Taco restaurant offers a very wide variety of Mexican options. Stop by this Taco shop and try out their Vampire Tacos, Super Tacos, or Fresh Tortilla Tacos. Also, try their Fresh Bowl, Chalupa, Quesadilla Supreme, Nachos, or Chavindeca.

They also have different burrito types to try out, like their Surf N’ Turf, Shrimp Ranchero, Chimichanga, or California Burrito. Choose to enjoy any of their amazing selections indoors or out on their patio.



$ | (209) 567-2889 | Website

Ceres, CA Restaurants Angrychickz


Last but certainly not least, we have the Angrychickz restaurant. This Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant should definitely be on your list of restaurants to try out in Ceres. Best known for it’s crazy spicy level, eating at this spot would certainly be memorable.

For the menu, you get to pick a combo from the 4 options available, then you pick your spice level. The options are country (no heat), Mild (light spice), Medium (perfect heat), Hot (feel the burn), X-hot (call 9-1-1), and angry (sign a waiver). Then you pick a side and a drink and you enjoy!



There you have it, a list of the 19 Best Restaurants in Ceres, CA. Whether you’re trying to expand your palette, regardless of your needs or cravings, or if you’re looking for a new date night spot or something to try out with friends and family. There’s a restaurant for everyone in the city.


Restaurants in Ceres, CA

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