11 Best Restaurants in Anaheim, CA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Anaheim, CA? You are in luck! Anaheim is a bright, bustling city that has almost everything.

Not only is it a stone’s throw from Disneyland, but there are also plenty of excellent and diverse restaurants around. From coffee shops, pizza places, Italian restaurants, and more. And some of those restaurants are not far from great attractions and cultural activities.

We’ve compiled this list of the best restaurants in Anaheim to help you choose a restaurant that suits your taste buds and your budget as well. You will get to mingle with young professionals, great couples, and entrepreneurs.

Tangerine Room

$$ | (657) 279-9786 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Anaheim, CA Tangerine Room

Another restaurant that you should consider stopping by for breakfast or lunch is the Tangerine Room. Here you are guaranteed two things: a fantastic ambiance and good food.

While their menu is super tiny, Tangerine Room’s outstanding service and quality make up for the menu’s size.

Whether you want to bring your mother for Mother’s Day treat or surprise a lover, this could be a perfect spot. You can order a Hamachi Crudo starter, a New York Strip steak, and Truffle Parm Fries.

Or even a cup of coffee, Espresso, a Cappuccino, an AVOCADO toast, a Norwegian Salmon, Organic Caesar salad, and more. Prices range from $10, to $14, $22, $32, and $42.

If you are a smoker, there are an outdoor patio and heating lamps to keep you warm on those cold nights.


Reunion Kitchen + Drink

$$$ | (714) 283-1062 | WEBSITE


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If an upscale-casual restaurant & bar is your thing, then you should check out Reunion Kitchen+Drink. You will enjoy almost everything, from food to quality food and the variety of drinks they serve.

Reunion Kitchen + Drink is popular for its excellent interpretation of food, craft beer, and best cocktails. You can order anything from steak chili omelet, French toast, pancakes, steak, and eggs.

Waiters are always super friendly and helpful. Interestingly, they have a patio table that can accommodate 16 diners. Prices start $8.95, $12.95, $16.95, $18.95, $32, to $250.


THE RANCH Restaurant

$$ | (714) 817-4200 | WEBSITE


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THE RANCH Restaurant is one of few LGBTQ-friendly spots in Anaheim. Whether you want to have lunch or dinner, this is the best Restaurant you should go to. The cozy atmosphere of the RANCH Restaurant is a perfect romantic setting for lovers.

They are famous for their delicious steaks and great dessert. They have partnered with farmers, ranchers, fishers, bakers, and artisans to ensure that you always enjoy quality meals.

You can order anything from Freshly Baked Popovers to Kenter Canyon Organic Greens, Ceviche Trilogy, and Nova Scotia Lobster Salad Cobb Style.

Prices start at $10, $18, $29, $37, and $48. For instance, you can order Freshly Baked Popovers for $10, Castroville Globe Artichoke Steamed & Grilled for $18, Ceviche Trilogy for $29, Skuna Bay Salmon for $37, or Petite Filet for $48.


Baci Italian restaurant

$$ | (714) 282-2220 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Anaheim

Another restaurant that you should check out is the Baci Italian restaurant. It is famous for serving good Italian cuisines. The atmosphere is fantastic, and their food always hits the spot among locals.

Two things that make this Restaurant unique: their fantastic interpretation of Italian dishes and their consistent use of quality fresh ingredients. The chef always makes a point of preparing fresh dishes with the right portion sizes.

You can have a Burrata starter, a fresh Pappardelle with white sauce and seafood, Ravioli, Lasagna, Garlic bread, or a Chicken Marsala. Prices range from $10, $18, $22, $32, to $59.


Roy’s Restaurant

$$ | (714) 776-7697 | WEBSITE


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If you want to taste Asian flavors, this Restaurant is for you. Their menu features seafood, soup, salads, and sushi. And Thursdays are fun-filled days for diners. Roy’s Restaurant serves an Aloha Hour all night.

Prices start at $12, $14, $18, $39, and $56. For instance, you can have a Keiki Menu for $12.95, Caesar Salad for $14, Lobster Potstickers for $18, a Hibachi Grilled Atlantic Salmon for $39, and a Grilled filet for $56.


Sahara Falafel

$$ | (714) 491-0400 | WEBSITE


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Sahara Falafel is another popular restaurant in Anaheim. It serves strictly quality Middle Eastern halal food.

This Restaurant is also unique because they serve only fresh and other delicious treats. What’s more, the service you will receive here is friendly and courteous.

They serve Falafel, Shish Tawook, Lamb Kabab, Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, and Vegetarian. They are popular for Falafel, beef Shawarma, and Chili fries. Prices start $3, $5.99, $9.25, $18.99, and $21.99.


Puesto Anaheim

$$ | (714) 294-0362 | WEBSITE


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Puesto Anaheim is another excellent gem that offers some best-tasting Artisan Tacos. It is a perfect spot to catch up with friends or colleagues and have delicious dishes over a glass of wine.

The first thing that will attract you is its cozy atmosphere. The service is out of this world. The staff will greet you well and usher you in to sit down. As you enjoy the excellent food and cocktails, the waiters will take care of you all the time.

You can order anything from Potato Taquitos to Traditional Black Beans, Filet Mignon, Lamb Barbacoa, and more.

Prices range from $8, $12, $17, to $22. For instance, you can order a Chicken AL Pastor for $8.50, a Tamarindo Shrimp for $12, Potato and Taquitos for $17


Morton’s The Steakhouse

$$ | (714) 621-0101 | WEBSITE


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The Morton’s Steakhouse is famous for its tasty beef, seafood, and scrumptious cuisines. You can enjoy a prime Ribeye steak, Ora King Salmon, grilled oysters, and more.

This Restaurant could be the spot for professionals and entrepreneurs to meet between hotels. What’s more, they also have a comfortable dining area that can accommodate up to 168 guests, and a boardroom to accommodate 72 people.

Prices start at $15, $23, $45, $60, $79, and $114. For instance, you can get The Morton’s Steakhouse for $15, Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops for $23, Sea Scallops, Lobster & Caviar Butter for $45, and Sea Scallops, Lobster & Caviar Butter for $60.


Poppy & Seed

$$ | (714) 603-7130 | WEBSITE


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What makes Poppy and Seed stand out from other restaurants is their menu that includes vegetables, fruits, microgreens, herbs, and more. It is a popular hangout for brunch.

Keep this in mind: The place starts to get really busy around 11 am, so it is always good to make a reservation a day before.

The atmosphere is always great for bringing a friend or a family for a great meal. They serve fruit bowls, French toast, Short Rib Hash, chicken & waffles, scrambles, and more for brunch.

They also serve kid pasta, octopus, steak tartar, Scallops, and many other tasty treats for dinner. Prices range from $5, $8, $12, $18, $23, $35.


California Pizza Kitchen At Anaheim Garden Walk

$$$ | (714) 991-0305 | WEBSITE


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Are you craving some pizza? Then you should check out the California Pizza Kitchen. You will get to taste some classic California-style pizzas inventions.

They serve gluten-free crust, cauliflower crust, healthy pasta, and salads. Their popular dishes include BBQ Chicken pizza, Thai chicken, Steak Salad, Carne Asada Pizza, and Thai crunch. Prices range from $6.95, $7.70, $11, $19.05, $35, to $200.


JT Schmid’s Restaurant & Brewery

$$ | (714) 634-9200 | WEBSITE


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JT Schmid’s is another popular restaurant in Anaheim. Not only is this Restaurant an excellent spot for food, but the best place to kick back and relax.

Locals love the JT for beers that they serve on tap, Baby Back Ribs, the JTS Burger, and Chicken Wings. The minute you walk in, the staff will be ready to help you.

The place is also popular for its tasty steak, pretzel, and wings. They always make sure they prepare the food thoroughly. Fresh and seasoned perfectly. Once you taste the food, you will be coming for more.

Whether you want to sit inside or outdoor, JT Schmid’s allows you to sit anywhere. They have heated patio seating that has everything a diner could ask for, including a fire pit and a bar.

You can swing by with a bunch of friends for a bite, a glass of beer, and catch up on the game. Or have a great meal and stay for a few cocktails.

They serve steaks & seafood, sandwiches $ burgers, entrée salads, salads and soup, pizzas, appetizers, and small plates. Prices range from $9, $12, $18, $23, $30, and $52.


Restaurants in Anaheim, CA

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