15 Best Restaurants in Lincoln, CA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Known as one of the best places to raise a family in California, Lincoln is one of the fastest-growing cities in the area. Whether you’re new to the area and looking for local dives to get a bite to eat with your family or you’re just passing through, don’t miss the best restaurants in Lincoln, CA.

We’ll show you the top-rated restaurants in the area and show you why the locals love these places for date nights, family outings, and more!

1. Buonarroti Ristorante

$$$ | 916-645-7951 | WEBSITE


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Named after the famous Michelangelo Buonarroti, who painted the Sistine Chapel in the Italian Renaissance, the Buonarroti Ristorante is the ideal event location or date night destination.

This restaurant features excellent Italian entrees served with perfect wine pairing in an elegant atmosphere that you’ll love. The building features 100-year-old exposed bricks and expertly painted murals to give the place a unique and inviting feel. Catch the latest local artists’ pieces on display when you visit.



2. Rum Thai Bistro

$$ | 916-543-7300 | WEBSITE


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Finding the best Thai place in Lincoln just got easier, because we did the work for you! Rum Thai Bistro is an authentic Thai restaurant that features hand-crafted Thai cuisine with fresh ingredients in an atmosphere you’ll love.

The sleek and modern interior features classic Thai paintings and decor to make you feel like you’ve stepped out of Lincoln and into a restaurant in Bangkok.



3. Old Town Pizza

$$ | 916-645-7677 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a slice, stop by Old Town Pizza. This incredible pizza parlor was established in 1999, and it’s been a favorite of the locals ever since. There’s a reason that this pizza joint has been labeled the “Best of the Best” for 15 years in a row! Come by today and enjoy a slice paired with an ice-cold draft beer!



4. Topthai Kitchen

$$ | 916-409-5349 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Lincoln, CA

Topthai Kitchen is a local favorite for upscale Thai food in a modern environment. This Thai restaurant features authentic Thai rice and noodle with perfectly blended flavors that you’ll love.

Book a reservation today and make your next date night one that you’ll remember when you visit Topthai Kitchen. Don’t forget to try the crab rangoon or a delicious bowl of fresh curry.



5. Lincoln Speakeasy Taproom

$$$ | 916-409-5122 | WEBSITE


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If a unique date night experience is what you’re looking for, plan a night out to Lincoln Speakeasy Taproom. This local bar is themed to allow guests to step back in time.

There are over 20 beers on tap so that you can find the perfect pairing for the adventurous, high-quality dishes available on the menu. Don’t forget to check the website before you arrive to learn this week’s password!



6. Express Gyro

$$ | 916-253-9420 | WEBSITE


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Getting a refreshing and delicious bite to eat is easy when you stop in at Express Gyro. This quaint little restaurant offers high-quality Greek and Mediterranean food with an authentic taste you won’t find anywhere else! The cool, fun atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for lunch with your family.



7. Via Roma Pizzeria

$$ | 916-209-3485 | WEBSITE

Lincoln, CA Good Restaurants

If high-quality pizza is what you’re craving tonight, come try the delicious pies at Via Roma Pizzeria! You’ll love that this high-quality pizza joint offers some of the best ingredients in a perfect blend of recipes handed down for generations and formal culinary training to bring you the most delicious pizzas.

Ask to see the wine menu and pair your dinner with a glass of something refreshing!



8. Simple Pleasures

$ | 916-645-1251 | WEBSITE


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Established in 1979, Simple Pleasures has been dedicated to offering perfectly crafted dishes with delicious ingredients for decades. This local favorite is the ideal place to enjoy lunch with a colleague or friend.

The hand-crafted sandwiches are pieced together with care to give you a perfect blend of flavors in every bite. If you’re looking for an easy family dinner, check out the Meal Packs, where you can see what dinner options are coming up for the week and choose one that suits your needs.



9. Citizen Vine

$$$ | 916-409-2361 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurant in Lincoln, CA

Support a local veteran when you dine at Citizen Vine. The menu for this cafe is packed with fresh dishes you’ll love. This wine bar isn’t your average upscale restaurant with a pretentious atmosphere.

Instead, you’ll feel welcome from the moment you step in the door! Additionally, the high-quality dishes are served with flair so that you can enjoy delicious food in an atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Book a reservation today!



10. B & B

$ | 916-209-3147 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurants in Lincoln, CA

Are you craving a delicious cup of boba tea? B & B is the best place in Lincoln, CA, to order a seasonal or classic boba tea! You’ll find all kinds of flavors and combinations to satisfy your cravings! Boba isn’t the only thing on this menu!

There are sweet treats, coffee, and more! Stop by B & B for a fun afternoon out with your friends or a refreshing iced drink to get you over the midday slump. Don’t forget to try out some of the bakery items made fresh daily!



11. Kim’s Country Kitchen

$ | 916-645-2727 | WEBSITE


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Whether you’re looking for a place for a home-style breakfast or a quick lunch, Kim’s Country Kitchen is the place to go.

You’ll love that this family-owned restaurant features dishes that will feel like you’re enjoying a meal at home without all the mess and cleanup required afterward. Additionally, the charming atmosphere inside gives you that country-side cabin feels you expect from this home-style menu.



12. Fourk Kitchen

$$$ | 916-409-2101 | WEBSITE


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Fourk Kitchen offers a unique take on formal, four-course dining. It’s the ideal place for an unforgettable date-night experience that you and your partner will love. The casual atmosphere sets it apart from other fine dining restaurants.

The cost to dine is just $54 per person, and there is a limit of the 24 guests to keep the experience small and ensure everyone has a great time.

Happy hour starts at 5:30, so you can enjoy a drink with your perfectly curated four-course meal. Book a reservation, and don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy the people you’re dining with at Fourk Kitchen!



13. Orchid Thai Cuisine

$$ | 916-543-9988 | WEBSITE

Lincoln, CARestaurant

Lincoln, CA, has no shortage of Thai restaurants and the Orchid Thai Cuisine is one you won’t want to pass up. This restaurant boasts recipes passed down through generations so that you can experience the authentic flavors of Thailand.

Additionally, you’ll know that every entree is made fresh to order! If you’re sticking to a vegetarian diet, Orchid Thai offers an entire vegetarian menu where you can pick from a large selection of classic Thai dishes.



14. Siino’s Pizza, Pasta & Grill

$$ | 916-543-0069 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for an excellent place for an outing with friends, Siino’s Pizza, Pasta, & Grill is the place to go! You’ll love that this menu offers something for everyone. You’ll find delicious burgers, hand-crafted pizza, a wide variety of appetizers, and delightful desserts.

This restaurant even offers gluten-free options! Now, your entire family can enjoy a slice of pizza or a perfectly grilled sandwich for a price you can feel great about. Plan your next family outing to Siino’s Pizza.



15. Rebel Hen Café

$$ | 530-602-9513 | WEBSITE


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This coffee shop is the ideal destination for breakfast, brunches, or lunches! You’ll love the quaint atmosphere that makes you feel right at home from the moment you step in the door. There’s a huge selection of delicious salads and sandwiches, as well as breakfast bowls, toast, and more!

Enjoy an espresso for just $3, or try one of the Rocketship espressos that is packed with 400-500mg of caffeine for an extra kick! You’ll be able to order your favorite coffees with all kinds of milk alternatives like oat, soy, almond, and coconut milks available upon request.



A Final Word

Wherever you end up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Lincoln, CA, you’ll have a great selection of dishes to try served with a smile!

There’s no end to options for date nights, family dinners, and lunches with your friends. So, whether you’re visiting for a week or starting a new life here with your family, these best restaurants in Lincoln, CA, will help you stay full and happy for every meal.

15 Best Restaurants in Lincoln

  1. Buonarroti Ristorante – Italian cuisine, wine pairing, elegant atmosphere
  2. Rum Thai Bistro – Authentic Thai cuisine, fresh ingredients, modern interior
  3. Old Town Pizza – Best pizza, ice-cold draft beer, 15-year “Best of the Best” label
  4. Topthai Kitchen – Upscale Thai food, authentic taste, modern environment
  5. Lincoln Speakeasy Taproom – Adventurous, high-quality dishes, over 20 beers on tap
  6. Express Gyro – High-quality Greek and Mediterranean food, refreshing atmosphere
  7. Via Roma Pizzeria – High-quality pizza, best ingredients, refreshing wine selection
  8. Simple Pleasures – Perfectly crafted dishes, hand-crafted sandwiches, easy family dinner
  9. Citizen Vine – Fresh dishes, wine bar, non-pretentious atmosphere
  10. B & B – Classic boba tea, sweet treats, fresh bakery items
  11. Kim’s Country Kitchen – Homestyle breakfast, quick lunch, family-owned, charming atmosphere
  12. Fourk Kitchen – Unique four-course dining, unforgettable date-night experience, casual atmosphere
  13. Orchid Thai Cuisine Authentic – Thai flavors, made fresh to order, vegetarian menu
  14. Siino’s Pizza, Pasta & Grill – Hand-crafted pizza, wide variety of appetizers, gluten-free options
  15. Rebel Hen Café – Quaint atmosphere, huge selection of salads and sandwiches, coffee and milk alternatives

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