15 Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Just a few kilometers around Silicon Valley, Fremont hosts a lot of tech-related businesses, but do you know that they also have many Indian restaurants you can check out? Here are the fifteen best Indian restaurants in Fremont, CA.

Pakwan Restaurant

$ | (510) 226-6234 | WEBSITE

Pakwan Restaurant Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Khalid and Shahbaz have been serving the Bay Area with authentic Indian dishes for over twenty years. Tandoori chicken, biryani, and chicken tikka masala are some of the customer’s favorites. Their chai tea is also a favorite accompaniment to their different Indian dishes.

The restaurant has a cafeteria-style when serving its food. Customers will get in line and wait until the food is served. The cozy ambiance of the restaurant and low prices makes it perfect for hanging out with a big group of friends.


Dosa Hut

$ | (510) 796-3672 | WEBSITE

Dosa Hut Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Nearby Gateway Plaza, Dosa Hut serves a slew of different Indian dishes. As the name suggests, Dosa Hut houses variations of dosa such as Paneer, Onion, and Masala. Aside from the in-house dosa they also serve uthappam, Pongal, and pulihora.

The restaurant is a must for quick bites for a low price, especially if you are on a budget. They have many five-star reviews for their service and delicious, hearty, and authentic Indian food. There are vegetarian and vegan options available.


Taj E Chaat

$ | (510) 226-8081 | WEBSITE

Taj E Chaat Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

If you want a quick bite of Indian cuisine without emptying your pockets, try Taj E chaat. They have many Indian dishes, such as naan, chaat, and masala chai. If you want Indian food after lounging around, the restaurant is also near Fermont Hub.

The interior is pretty small, with countless books designed along the walls. They mostly do deliveries and pick up. The restaurant has vegetarian options on the menu.


Chaat House

$ | (510) 505-9999 | WEBSITE

Chaat House Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Chaat House houses more delightful and hearty Indian food other than chaat. The restaurant also offers parothi, poori, pakora, and kabab. If you are vegan or vegetarian, they also have many vegetable dishes on their menu.

The restaurant has a clean and relaxed ambiance. They also offer their delicious Indian food to various events via their catering services. Whether you want a quick bite of Indian food or for your parties, Chaat House has it all for you.


Rangoli Flavors of India

$$ | (510) 353-9002 | WEBSITE


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Elegance and the Northern Indian Style of cooking, that’s what Rangoli Flavors of India is all about. They strive to offer the unique flavor from India in a fine-dining experience. It’s a cacophony of the old traditional ways with the food and contemporary style of today’s fine dining restaurants.

Aside from the great ambiance inside the resto, Rangoli also helps the community by sourcing their ingredients from local small family farmers to ensure their freshness and flavor. The restaurant is perfect for date nights, night outs, and families.


Chatpatta Corner

$$ | (510) 505-0400 | WEBSITE

Chatpatta Corner Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Sitting a few steps from the Fermont Logitech Office and Courtyard by Marriott Newark Silicon Valley, Chatpatta Corner is a great place to taste the fantastic features of traditional Indian cuisine. They feature various Indian dishes such as puri, chaat, and paratha.

The restaurant has a welcoming and great staff. The restaurant ambiance is cozy and relaxing, perfect for dinner after a long day. They mostly do takeout and pickups rather than in-house dining.


Biryani Bowl

$$ | (510) 247-9264 | WEBSITE

Biryani Bowl Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Satisfying customers with the unique flavor of Indian cuisine is the mantra of Biryani Bowl. They offer various vegetarian, lamb, chicken, and seafood dishes. You will surely leave their restaurant satisfied as they have over fifty menu items to choose from.

The clean and cozy ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for hanging out and date nights. The staff is friendly and welcoming to the guests. Biryani Bowl also strives to experiment and mix traditional Indian cuisine with more contemporary twists.


Saravanaa Bhavan

$$ | (510) 791-7755 | WEBSITE

Saravanaa Bhavan Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Saravanaa Bhavan is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in the world. They have many branches across multiple countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, and India. They strive to share and serve Indian cuisine all around the world.

They started their franchise in 1981 and had many branches in other countries for forty-plus years. Along with their mission to share authentic Indian cuisine, vegetarian food is also on their frontier. They want to offer vegetarian Indian food without compromising the taste.

If you want to know if they succeed in their mission, check them out.


Veg n Chaat Cuisine

$$ | (510) 362-7000 | WEBSITE


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Veg n Chaat ensures that their food and staff are in line with the unique flavors of Indian cuisine. Their head chef has over twenty years of experience, so you can guarantee that their food is delicious and professionally made. Their ingredients came from local farmers to ensure that their Indian dishes are fresh and tasty.

They also have a catering service open for weddings, business meetings, and birthdays. The cozy resto is also accessible for dining in and deliveries.


Curry Pizza House

$$ | (510) 796-7800 | WEBSITE


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Innovation is the cornerstone of Curry Pizza House. As first-generation Indian American immigrants, the owners combined two cuisines that are staples in their home growing up: pizza and Indian curry. They carve a way to make something new and different, an innovative combination of Indian herbs and sauces with pizza.

Their ingredients are picked every day to ensure their freshness and quality. The dough in Curry Pizza House is always freshly made and never frozen. If you are curious to taste the delicious combination of flavors, check them out.


Rhajwadi Thalli Chaat and Sweets

$$ | (510) 896-8976 | WEBSITE

Rhajwadi Thalli Chaat and Sweets Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

In 2011, owners Sanjay and Ashe migrated to the United States. After a few disappointing experiences in various Gujarati restaurants, they decided to make one on their own. Their mission is to give the Gujarati taste to their community.

Along with the Gujarati experience, they also include the idea of Thali in Indian cuisine. Thali is the combination of flavor, color, taste, and texture of the dish. The restaurant offers a healthy and balanced Indian meal by harnessing the Thali elements.


Shalimar Restaurant

$$ | (510) 494-1919 | WEBSITE

Shalimar Restaurant Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

The combination of Indian and Pakistani cuisine is available in Shalimar Restaurant. They offer many traditional dishes such as tandoori, tikka masala, and tikka Lahori is served. They are great for deliveries and pick up.

The interior of their restaurant is clean, albeit with standard decorations and lighting. Aside from their hearty and delicious Indian dishes, Shalimar Restaurant also offers many traditional Indian drinks such as mango lassi and ginger tea.



$$$ | (510) 894-3861 | WEBSITE

Madhuram Best Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Madhuram provides Fremont Boulevard with tasty and authentic Indian dishes such as naan and biryani. Their specialized and professional chefs will make the Paratha and Idiyappam bread fresh and from scratch. The fresh food is done to ensure the rich taste of their food.

Their spacious interior is highly regarded by their patrons along with the decorations and authentic cutlery. You can surely emerge yourself in this Indian restaurant.


Bismillah Restaurant

$$$ | (510) 713-1907 | WEBSITE


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The Bismillah Restaurant serves traditional Indian dishes with a contemporary twist. With their specialized and well-experienced chef, they strive to innovate and better the food they serve. The restaurant is one of the locally known and highly regarded Indian restaurants in the area.

To appeal with the modern crowd, they also started to incorporate traditional Indian dishes along with more contemporary American food such as burgers, pizza, and wings. The clean and cozy ambiance will surely result in a very satisfying dining experience.


Pav Bhaji Hut

$$$ | (408) 990-0710 | WEBSITE


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If you want to taste the authentic Mumbai street foods, look no other than Pav Bhaji Hut. They have been serving the traditional pav bhaji dish for almost fifty years. A testament to their delicious and feeling street food.

Pav Bhaji Hut has been serving the tasty combination of buttered bread and sauce on their menu. They are great for quick and satisfying Indian food. The combination of herbs, butter, and spices can result in a hearty meal, only found in Pav Bhaji Hut. Their food is also one hundred percent vegetarian.



Despite being thousands of kilometers away from India, it’s incredible that Indian restaurants are here to taste the unique and delicious flavor of Indian cuisine. This guide to the fifteen best Indian restaurants in Fremont, CA shall serve you well in your next food endeavors.

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