17 Best Indian Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA [2023 Updated]

People commonly associate LA with the movie and television industry.  However, there’s more to it than Hollywood.  It’s also a melting pot of diverse cuisines from all over the world.  The 17 best Indian restaurants in Los Angeles, CA, will take you on a culinary tour of Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore.

Curry Kingdom

$$ | (323) 380-5600 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant brings together the colors, aroma, and flavors from villages and cities in India.  They combine traditional techniques and spices with modern methods to create unique dishes.  Its resident chef, Chef Rahman, has 12 years of experience heading top Indian restaurants in the UK.

One of the menu highlights is the tandoori served with mango chutney and rice.  It also serves classic Indian bread, condiments, lamb, chicken, and seafood dishes.  These flavorful meals are best paired with the house blend Masala tea with milk or Mango Lassi.


Chef Arango Indian Restaurant

$$ | (323) 413-2336 | WEBSITE

Los Angeles, CA Indian Restaurants Chef Arango Indian Restaurant

This restaurant is a 2021 “People Love Us on Yelp” Award recipient.  It is also a Nextdoor “Neighborhood” Favorite.  Diners recommend it for its amazing but reasonably-priced food and excellent service.  Its owner, Chef Arango, has 20 years of experience in the culinary world.

He takes on the challenge of revolutionizing  Indian cuisine to satisfy the California palate.  All dishes are halal-certified and kosher.  It has lunch combination specials, including various protein entrees, naan, and vegetable side dishes.  Diners recommend requesting the level of spiciness for every meal so you can enjoy every bite.


Roots Indian Bistro

$$ | (323) 297-3125 | WEBSITE

Los Angeles, CA Indian Restaurant Roots Indian Bistro

This upscale Indian bistro serves centuries-old cuisine with a modern twist, delighting the diverse LA community.  The intimate dining space allows you to enjoy tikkas, curries, and other Indian delicacies.  The relaxed, artistic vibe and the friendly atmosphere creates a memorable culinary experience.

Meanwhile, the unique aromas of Indian spices, bright tapestries, and special seating make every dining experience memorable.  Classic appetizers such as Pakora, Samosa, and Potato Pancakes are on the menu.

They also serve Indian street food, including spiced chickpeas, puffed rice, and wafers topped with vegetables.  It’s nice to know that vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available on the menu for everyone’s enjoyment.


Cinnamon Indian Cuisine

$$ | (323) 936-1000 | WEBSITE

Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA Cinnamon Indian Cuisine

This Indian dining joint is famous for its Biryani.  Many diners swear that it’s one of their best versions.  Another crowd favorite is the Sag Paneer, a classic Indian dish made from Spinach and paneer cheese.  The restaurant’s laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff make every visit memorable.

If you get the chance to meet the owner, he’ll recommend the best dishes based on your preferences.  Remember to order several baskets of the naan.  It’s so good that you’ll finish them in one go.  It also has outdoor seating for when you feel like enjoying the LA weather.


Electric Karma

$$ | (323) 653-2121 | WEBSITE


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Located in West Hollywood, this upscale  Indian restaurant is popular among locals and celebrities.  Loyal diners rave about the authentic Punjabi cuisine prepared with an innovative flair.  The restaurant’s management and staff are warm and friendly, making all diners feel welcome.

People looking for a unique dining experience will enjoy the candlelit rooms and the open-air courtyard.  Enjoy your meals while listening to house music and watching Bollywood films projected silently in the dining area.

Vegans can feast on various vegetable dishes such as spiced lentils, cauliflower, and chickpeas.  Reserving a private dining space for intimate events is also a great idea.


Crown of India

$$ | (323) 465-3321 | WEBSITE


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This place is for you if you’re looking for a more laidback Indian restaurant.  Located at a Santa Monica strip mall, this place offers delicious Indian fare.  Curry fans can enjoy the vast array of dishes included in their lunch specials.  The service is fast, friendly, and attentive.

The owner’s commitment to quality all these years is highly commendable.  You can order crowd favorites such as chicken tikka, vegetable samosa, and coconut salmon.  People with vegan, keto, or gluten-free lifestyles also have many food choices.


Agra Cafe Indian Cuisine

$$ | (323) 665-7818 | WEBSITE

Agra Cafe Indian Cuisine

Family-owned Agra Cafe has been serving the LA community since 2005.  It whips up delicious, healthy, and authentic North Indian dishes.  It’s located within a small shopping plaza, making it a convenient lunch or dinner hangout place.  The chef strives to bring the traditional flavors of Agra, a province in Uttar Pradesh, India, to California.

He takes pride in using fresh and natural ingredients to bring out the best dishes.  The restaurant’s specialty, the Balti Stew, is made from chopped vegetables, spices, and yogurt.  You can pair this dish with a bowl of steaming rice for a satisfying meal.


Sham India’s Oven

$$ | (310) 207-5522 | WEBSITE

Top Indian Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA Sham India's Oven

This restaurant is the star of Wilshire Boulevard with its authentic meals and cozy, modern setting.  The friendly and accommodating staff or Sham, the owner himself, will always make you feel right at home.  This dining spot is famous for its delicious big portions of Lamb Biryani.

Meanwhile, diners rave about the mouthwatering food, the serving sizes, and the reasonable prices that go with them.  It’s truly a value for money for such a delightful meal.  It has a wide array of chicken, lamb, seafood, and vegetarian specialties that can satisfy everyone in your group.


India’s Grill

$$ | (310) 659-3903 | WEBSITE

Best Indian Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA India's Grill

This iconic Indian restaurant has served the LA community for more than 16 years.  They are passionate about preserving India’s culinary standards and traditions through their food.  Curry connoisseurs from all over Southern California flock to this dining spot to taste the classic Indian food.

Several diners revealed that this grill is one of the best in the area.  You can order several dishes that range from mildly spicy to exceptionally hot.  Start your meal with their onion, chicken, or veggie pakora.  Meanwhile, chicken and beef cooked in a Tandoori oven are perfect as the main dishes.



$$ | (213) 221-7466 | WEBSITE


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The marble-topped counters, high ceilings, and relaxed vibe make this restaurant a favorite LA hangout.  Aside from the ambiance, people troop to this Indian gastropub for its delicious food.  The lamb burgers, butter chicken, and samosas are all extremely mouthwatering.

Vegans can have their fair share of good food and order the Punjabi Chickpeas, Creamy Black Lentils, and other nonmeat dishes.  To remember a fun trip to India, check out their Indian street food offerings, such as Punjabi Fish Fry or Indian pickles.  A bottle of its signature Oat Milk Chai perfectly balances off all the mesmerizing flavors.


India’s Restaurant

$$ | (323) 912-9230 | WEBSITE

Best Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA India's Restaurant

This casual Indian restaurant offers a lunch buffet with traditional and vegan dishes.  You can get unlimited servings of tandoori chicken, samosas, and garlic naan.  Upon entering the place, you’ll feel an authentic vibe perfect for date nights or intimate dinners.

The service is fast and welcoming, so you’ll feel at ease dining.  If you’re not much into buffets, you can enjoy the ala carte meals such as the Tikka Massala, Steamed Basmati rice, and the Goat Vindaloo.  You can have fun eating in the outdoor seating area if the weather is clear and gorgeous.


Anarkali Indian Restaurant

$$ | (323) 934-6488 | WEBSITE

Los Angeles, CA Best Indian Restaurants Anarkali Indian Restaurant

Stepping into Anarkali is like stepping into a royal Indian home.  The beautiful interiors are a perfect backdrop for their delicious traditional dishes.  Established in 1980, it is famous for being one of LA’s oldest Indian dining spots.

It offers the community a variety of unique flavors from the Indian and Bangladesh regions.  The restaurant is known for classic favorites such as Sag Paneer, Tikka Masala, Coconut Curry, and other vegan options.  Match your rich dishes nicely with various wines and Indian beers.


Kapoor’s Akbar Indian Restaurant

$$ | (213) 372-5590 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking for a place to eat after sightseeing in Chinatown or LA museums and attractions?  Look no further because Kapoor’s Akbar Indian Restaurant is the perfect fuel for your fun, busy day.  This dining spot offers free evening parking so that you can save on expensive downtown parking fees.

It’s a thoughtful gesture indeed for their diners.  The restaurant’s resident chef, Avi Kapoor, whips up innovative Indian dishes.  He uses traditional family recipes and ingredients and puts his spin on them.  Vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers will have something to enjoy in this place.


Maharaja Cuisine Of India

$$ | (310) 231-0770 | WEBSITE

Los Angeles, CA Best Indian Restaurant Maharaja Cuisine Of India

One of the remarkable qualities of a restaurant is good customer service, and Maharaja Cuisine of India has it.  Diners rave about the friendly and approachable staff that made them feel at home.  It also offers a lunch buffet that serves classic and modern Indian dishes.

The soft and warm naan is the highlight of this feast.  Meat lovers would rejoice at the Indian barbecue selection, lamb entrees, protein-based curries, and tandoori dishes.  Balance your meal with delectable gluten-free dessert options.  A nightcap of Masala Chai with cardamom and fresh ginger is the perfect ending to your meal.


Jaipur Cuisine of India

$$ | (310) 470-4994 | WEBSITE


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Jaipur Cuisine opened its doors in 1999.  Its head chef was inspired by his memories of growing up in Southern India.  He used his culinary upbringing and 15 years of experience working in several Indian restaurants to create unique dishes.

He creates meals using traditional flavors tweaked to suit the California taste.  The restaurant has a casual and relaxing atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for after-work dinners or a fun night with loved ones.  For $30, you can get a complete Indian feast with various entrees, basmati rice, and naan.  You could even request your preferred level of spiciness.


Nizam Indian Cuisine

$ | (310) 470-1441 | WEBSITE

Indian Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA Nizam Indian Cuisine

This family-owned restaurant offers a balanced mix of progressive and traditional Indian dishes.  Many local diners can attest to the delicious food and impeccable service.  Some customers say this is one of the best Indian restaurants in the area.  Meanwhile, the food presentation and friendly staff complement the pleasant dining experience.

The assorted Indian hors d’oeuvres of vegetable fritters and tandoori meats are a great way to start your meal.  This dining spot also has a variety of bread that you can pair with salads, chutney, and yogurt dips.  A tall glass of Mango Lassi will complete your culinary trip to India.


India’s Tandoori

$$ | (323) 936-2050 | WEBSITE

Top Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA India's Tandoori

If you haven’t tried Indian food, then India’s Tandoori is the restaurant to try.  This dining spot’s lunch buffet offers a wide variety of Indian dishes and South Asian specialties at reasonable prices.  The naan is always warm and fresh.

The restaurant may be busy, especially during lunch, but it’s clean and has a great ambiance.  You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a traditional Indian home with the welcoming and friendly staff.  It also offers a selection of clay-oven gourmet dishes such as tandoori, kebabs, and tikas.  Diners recommend the restaurant’s wine selection, too.



The presence of 17 best Indian restaurants in Los Angeles, CA, means you’ll never run out of dining options.  Each dining spot brings the best flavors from India to the diverse LA community.

The chefs give these dishes a modern twist while honoring their rich Indian culture and culinary traditions.  So when you’re out of restaurant ideas, remember you have many Indian restaurants to try.

Indian Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA

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