15 Best Restaurants in Burlington, MA [2023 Updated]

If you love eating out or getting food delivered, it will save you a lot of time and energy if you know the best restaurants in your area. If you need references, here are the 15 best restaurants in Burlington, MA.

Satisfy Your Cravings at Burlington’s Best Restos

There are moments when there is a particular food you really want to eat. Whatever that would be, these top restaurants in the Burlington area might have the answer!

Row 34

$$ | (781) 761-6500 | WEBSITE


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If there’s one thing Row 34 does best, it’s fresh oysters! With its clean and modern atmosphere, you can enjoy other delectable selections. While the menu might not be as extensive, there is still something for everyone, even kids.

One of the best times to enjoy the oysters is between 4:00 to 5:00 PM. Make sure you ask for the Oyster menu. If you are dropping by on a Tuesday or Wednesday, they open at 5:00 PM. But they open early from Thursdays to Sundays.


Redstone American Grill

$$ | (781) 229-0330 | WEBSITE

If you want to have a great time with family and friends, check out Redstone American Grill. While it might appear like an All American restaurant with its ribs and steaks, it has other dishes to offer as well!

You can drop by The Redstone American Grill for lunch and dinner. You can even drop by even before dinner hour for some drinks. The place fills up fast, so it’s recommended that you make a reservation.


Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

$$ | (781) 221-7151 | WEBSITE

Eddie V's Prime Seafood Best Restaurants in Burlington, MA

If you enjoy listening to some jazz tunes while dining, then head over to Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. It has a lively and classy atmosphere that goes well with the various dishes they have on their menu.

One of their best offerings including their various seafood dishes. They also have a good selection of steaks. Their Truffles Macaroni and Cheese is one of the best things on their menu.

If you can, try making a reservation in advance. The restaurant opens at 4:00 PM daily.


The Friendly Toast

$$ | (781) 272-9777 | WEBSITE

The Friendly Toast Best Restaurants in Burlington, MA

If you are looking for the perfect brunch spot, then look no further! Check out The Friendly Toast!

Once you enter this place, the vibrant decorations adorning the walls will greet you. The atmosphere will surely add more fun to your dining experience!

The brunch menu is pretty good. Don’t forget to order one of their best sellers, the Churro Bites.

The Friendly Toast has a lot of patrons even on weekdays. Make sure you sign up for the virtual queue.


Seasons 52

$$ | (781) 272-5552 | WEBSITE


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Apart from their food, you can expect two great things about Seasons 52 – service and ambiance! As for the food, they have a good selection of dishes – from appetizers to mains. However, the serving portions are quite small.

The restaurant has a lot of floor space. But to be on the safe side, you should make a reservation instead. If you are looking for a venue for a small event, you can contact them and ask for the availability of their private room.


black & blue steak and crab

$$ | (781) 365-1626 | WEBSITE

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just eating out for a change, you will have a grand time at the black & blue steak and crab!

The restaurant offers various appetizing dishes – from seafood, steak, lamb, and so much more! It’s an upscale place with excellent service.

If you want to get a table, make sure you make a reservation. The restaurant is attached to a hotel, so parking is shared.


The Bancroft

$$$ | (781) 221-2100 | WEBSITE


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If you are after great food and service, then there’s nothing better than heading straight to The Bancroft! It’s the perfect place to celebrate special events in your life.

But of course, even if nothing major is happening in your life, you can still treat yourself to the restaurant’s high-quality dishes. The Bancroft also has a great selection of wines that go well with their food.

If you do come here, it won’t come cheap. But you get what you pay for! It can get busy, so it’s better to call ahead to reserve your table.


The Treasury: Indian and Greek Kitchen

$$ | (781) 202-8000 | WEBSITE

The Treasury Indian and Greek Kitchen Best Restaurants in Burlington, MA

The Treasury will make things easier if you are torn between Indian and Greek cuisines! Why choose one when you can go for both cuisines?

Dining at The Treasury: Indian and Greek Kitchen is like going on some sort of culinary adventure. They have two menus available.

If you just want to focus on either Indian or Greek, then go right ahead. If you are up for some fusion, then order dishes from both menus. There are even dishes that combine Indian and Greek flavors!


Tavern In the Square

$$ | (781) 272-9000 | WEBSITE

If you want to hit up a casual spot, then consider going to Tavern in the Square. They have so many dishes to offer in their menu. While that can get overwhelming, it gives you plenty of options.

If you want some drinks to go along with your food, then you are headed to the right place! And if you love sports, you will surely appreciate the numerous TV screens broadcasting different live sports games they have set up.


Sichuan Gourmet

$$ | (781) 221-6299 | WEBSITE

Sichuan Gourmet Best Restaurants in Burlington, MA

If you can’t think of what to eat for the day, you can never go wrong. And if you are in Burlington, there’s no better place to get Chinese food than Sichuan Gourmet!

If you are in the mood for those spicy peppercorn flavors of Sichuan, then you don’t want to miss out!

Sichuan Gourmet serves authentic Chinese food. As soon as you sit down, you get a cup of complimentary tea. You can sip the tea while figuring out which dishes to order. The menu has a lot of variety, and the serving size is huge!


Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

$$ | (781) 382-0222 | WEBSITE


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If you want food that can samba its way to your heart, then you should definitely include the  Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse in your list.

This restaurant serves its food rodízio style. The waiters would be coming over and presenting to the diners different types of barbecue meats.

Apart from the churrasco, there’s a salad bar as well. They also have other dishes that go well with the various meat cuts.



$$ | (781) 272-9700 | WEBSITE

Indulge in various Mexican dishes courtesy of Temezcal! If you are in the mood for some dining and drinking, then you should go to this place ASAP!

If you have chosen your food from their menu, don’t forget to order drinks as well. One of the draws of this place is its fine selection of tequila and other drinks!

They have 250 different tequilas! If you don’t want to drink that straight up, you can always opt for delicious cocktails that would go perfectly well with the food.


Pressed Cafe

$$ | (781) 365-1412 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for a casual place that serves healthy food with a Mediterranean twist, then Pressed Cafe is for you!

The Pressed Cafe has a great menu. It has healthy selections for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians! They even have vegan options.

You can drop by this place for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner! Basically, you can drop by anytime before 10:00 PM and you will be treated to some hearty, comfort food!


Twist Bakery and Cafe

$$ | (781) 825-8416 | WEBSITE

If you have allergens and other dietary restrictions, it’s often hard to find a place to eat. However, over at Twist Bakery and Cafe, they have made adjustments to their foods and drinks so that everyone can enjoy them.

As a bakery, they have plenty of baked goods on display. And as a cafe, they offer breakfast and lunch treats. They have a large enough menu for their diners. The Twist Bakery and Cafe opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 3:00 PM.


Burton’s Grill And Bar

$$ | (781) 221-2281 | WEBSITE

If you feel like dining on something contemporary and American, then Burton’s Grill and Bar fit the bill!

The restaurant prides itself on preparing the food fresh daily. If you have any food or diet restrictions, they would do their best to cater to your needs.

Whether you drop by for lunch or dinner, there’s always something on the menu that will catch your fancy. You start your meal with an appetizer like General Gao’s cauliflower. For the main course, try their Maxx Burger.


Treat Yourself: Dining At Burlington’s Best Restaurants

If you have the ways and means, it never hurts to treat yourself to some amazing food from time to time. If you happen to be near these places, make sure you don’t miss out on the 15 best restaurants in Burlington, MA!

Restaurants in Burlington, MA

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