14 Best Restaurants in Avondale, AZ

Are you visiting Avondale, Arizona? Before Avondale is a densely populated farmland that has beautifully transformed into a developing suburb.

Let me tell you. The place seems to be a suburb, but this hosts extraordinary restaurants that you should try! We have prepared the best gems in Avondale.

Flavors of Louisiana

$$$ | (623) 935-2357 | WEBSITE


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Flavors of Louisiana proves that the Cajun dish is not only hot and spicy. It is all about the flavor.

The inspiration of this home-style Cajun restaurant is the New Orleans style and Acadian style. You can taste the flavourful and authentic styles in one dynamic.

Try their Shrimp Po Boy! It’s a must-have when eating at Flavors of Louisiana.


Pita Kitchen

$$ | (623) 478-8900 | WEBSITE


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Are you missing Mediterranean cuisine? Pita Kitchen is the best place to be. You can choose a variety of foods you can enjoy from their menu.

The restaurant serves its food with fresh ingredients to ensure a special and flavourful menu, making it perfect for any season.


Thai Gourmet Restaurant

$$ | (623) 877-1808 | WEBSITE


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Southeast Asian food never disappoints. Thai Gourmet serves authentic Thai cuisine and Laos dishes. Their dishes are quite flavorful; it is as though they came straight from Thailand.

Everything in the menu is a must-try, but the Chicken Pho, Pad Thai, and Kaeng Curry are the show stealers. Thai Gourmet also has lunch specials during Tuesdays through Fridays.


Colados Coffe & Crepes

$$ | (623) 215-3826 | WEBSITE


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Looking for a good coffee to brighten up your mood? Colados make amazing coffee! But have you tried having coffee with crepes? You would be surprised how Colados coffee and their crepes are match-made in heaven.

Colados use high-quality coffee beans and pour-over brewing techniques; their signature coffee reminds you of cultural flavor that you cannot find in any large coffee chains.

Pair your hot brewed coffee with their fresh-made crepes filled with savory meats and fresh fruits. You would be surprised with their enticingly sweet and creative rendition of traditional French food.


World of Sourdough

$$ | (623) 440-4192 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for a unique and healthy dining experience in Avondale, AZ, you should try at World of Sourdough. They are known to provide healthy, delicious, and unique sandwiches, soup, and salads.

Their signature sourdough bread is their quality trademark. It is the healthiest bread, more nutritious than the regular ones you get from the bakery. Sourdough bread contains antioxidants, folate, and probiotic properties.

World of Sourdough proves that nutritious foods can be tasty too.


Zeta’s Grill

$$ | (623) 535-0993 | WEBSITE


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Zeta Grill introduces authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes to Avondale, AZ. The crowd’s favorite is the Lamb Kabob Pita with Hummus and Kafta Kabob.

But everything in their menu is a must-try. Zeta Grill ensures to serve their food fresh and advocates healthy living by using gluten-free and zero trans-fat oil when cooking.


Eric’s Family Barbecue

$$ | (623) 248-0148 | WEBSITE


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Do you love having a barbecue with friends and family? Eric’s Family Barbecue is a good casual spot to eat meaty and savory dishes with friends and family.

Their delicious brisket is a must-have. What’s more, is their servings are incredibly generous.


Tacos Chilango

$ | 623-322-3236 | WEBSITE


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What’s good on Taco Tuesday? Tacos Chilango!

If you want a quick bite, this is the best place! Tacos Chilango menu boasts an authentic variety of Mexican dishes.

You must try their new dish, Machete, or satisfy your hunger pang with their Tacos Al Carbon! Their shredded juicy meat and salsa are the perfect blend. It is worth every penny.


TJ’s Homestyle Restaurant

$ | (623) 932-0309 | WEBSITE

TJ’s Homestyle Restaurant

Are you looking for a great place to have breakfast and lunch? TJ’s Homestyle Restaurant is the perfect place to spend your early mornings, as they offer a huge brunch you can enjoy.

Try all sorts of their delicious dishes to have an unforgettable dining experience.


The Pasta Factory

$$ | (623) 932-9235 | WEBSITE


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If your palate is craving for Italian cuisine, I have found the best Italian restaurant in the West Valley that you should try! Pasta Factory is a family-owned and operated Italian cuisine.

Everything is fresh from their menu. Pasta Factory source fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s market to ensure they serve you quality meals. Enjoy their pasta specialties with wine!


Café Zupas

$$ | (623) 772-9463 | WEBSITE

Café Zupas Best Restaurants in Avondale, AZ

Café Zupas humbly serves a fresh and wide variety of delicious dishes on their menu that will surprise your palette.

Their house-made soups are the crowd-pleaser. It is even the best place to bring your kids; Café Zupas has a child-friendly menu prepared.


Kneaders Bakery & Cafe

$$ | (602) 209-0001 | WEBSITE


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There’s nothing like a hearty brunch to kickstart the day at Kneaders Bakery & Cafe. Their food will definitely not disappoint your palate- they have a heap of bread, pasta, and dessert to choose from.

Needless to say, their Irish Stew is a must-try. You can have it served with a sourdough bun or any of your choice of bread.


Paloma Mexican Street Food

$ | (602) 237-6611 | WEBSITE

Paloma Mexican Street Food is the perfect to-go for Mexican-style cuisine. Their secret to success is their emphasis on serving quality food. From their salsas to Cheesy Birria tacos, they nailed it.

Visit them in hot weather; their Horchata Madness and Mango Attack are must-have. These are their specialty drinks that can accommodate the heat and your taste buds.


Islands Restaurant

$$ | (623) 907-1214 | WEBSITE


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This is one of the best places to chill out. Islands serve a variety of dishes, but their Kalua Pork tacos and Bleunami burger is a must-try!

They have an excellent drinks selection that goes well with their dishes. You can even join them during their happy hour specials on weekdays from 3 PM to 6:30 PM.

Islands Restaurant has a huge patio where you can enjoy your drinks and the desert sun. The view would be lovely during the sunset.


A Must-Try in Arizona

Although the following foods may or may be found in Avondale, AZ, these dishes are rooted in Arizona soil. You cannot find them elsewhere outside the state; these three foods are unofficial but represent Arizona’s history and diversity.


This must-try food originated early in the 1920s; it is a large deep-fried burrito served with guacamole and sour cream scoops. However, it is famously known to have in El Charro Café in Tucson, AZ.

Locals must know where you can find it in Avondale.

Sonoran hot dogs

The Sonoran hot dogs are the people pleaser in Arizona. Both tourists and locals love to have these iconic hot dogs.

The Sonoran hot dog is as precious as the deep-dish pizza to Chicago. It is unique how the hot dog is cradled by a bolillo and not the traditional bun.

You can ask the locals if there have been exceptional renditions in Avondale, where you can have the Sonoran hot dog. The famous one in Arizona is found in Tucson.

Final Thoughts

It must be a thrilling gastronomic trip to have this list of restaurants and dishes to try in Avondale, AZ. Do you know more restaurants in Avondale that have just opened? Let us know your suggestions.

Best Restaurants in Avondale

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