15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA [2023 Updated]

It has been in talks about how Alpharetta has been one of the fastest-growing cities in Georgia. Several people are considering to transfer in Alpharetta, making it one of the hottest real estate markets.

We understand this hype. The current developments in Alpharetta bring more opportunities for the residents to live, work, and play. Exciting events and ample opportunities wait for the present and growing population.

If you plan to visit or transfer to Alpharetta, GA, aside from expecting these opportunities, this place is abundant with Mexican restaurants.

Mexican Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA

A person who loves Mexican cuisine will enjoy the vibrant city of Alpharetta. Check out one of the best Mexican restaurants around the area. It is time for a tasty Mexican restaurant hopping!

Taco Macho Inc.

$ | (404) 444-4520 | WEBSITE


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Along with the neighborhood of Alpharetta, this restaurant surely catches your attention as it exudes authentic Mexican charm.

Locals suggest trying their Buffalo-style chicken wings. They have proven their point that tacos should go with buffalo wings and a cold beer. No wonder how they still wing it even after decades!

If you do not want to wait, visit Taco Macho after rush hours because its high popularity in Alpharetta brings long queues. More so, do not miss out on their weekly pint night every Thursday!


Pure Taqueria

$$ | (678) 240-0023 | WEBSITE

Pure Taqueria Best Mexican Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA

When you are on a tight budget yet want to have tasty tacos and burritos, Pure Taqueria is the best place to go. But if you are going to have a lit night, their margaritas surely give you a good time.

Other than that, Pure Taqueria offers a few surprises with their dishes. Your cravings for Mexican dishes will be satisfied in no time.

If you want to try the best of Pure Taqueria, go for pure specialties: Ensalada de Verano, Quesadillas de Hongo, and Chilaquiles Rojo.


Jay’s Mexican Grill

$ | (678) 502-7669 | WEBSITE

Jay’s Mexican Grill Best Mexican Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA

It is a bold move for a restaurant to give its name. Jay’s Mexican Grill says their dishes are definitely not Tex-Mex. They strive to give their audience the most authentic taste.

Visiting Jay’s Mexican Grill is probably the cheapest yet the best thing to do if you want to fly to Mexico to try on their dishes. When at Jay’s, forget about the common Mexican street foods, and discover some new flavors on their menu.

Locals suggest trying their Costillas de Puerco and Filete de Pescado. Do not overlook their suggestions. It might be a discovery to know.


La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (678) 339-3888 | WEBSITE


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Mexican cuisine has a distinct taste; its salty and spicy flavor is the clear-cut why La Parrilla is one of the go-to Mexican restaurants around Alpharetta.

There is a lot to try on with their extensive menu, but everyone loves their fajita rice, taco loco, and tacos de tinga; do not miss out on these dishes from their menu! Ready your palate for some hot and delicious Mexican dishes!



$$ | (678) 248-5239 | WEBSITE


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Are you down for some light lager, delicious margaritas, or malbec? Superica will superbly satisfy your palate. Superica will surely light up your night out! But if you are the chill type, agua fresca or orange latte is something you can have.

Delectable Mexican dishes should go with these tasty drinks! Do not sleep on their Tex-Mex traditional dishes or their Especialidades de la Casa menu.


Ceviche Taqueria & Margarita Bar

$$ | (770) 777-0230 | WEBSITE


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Certainly, you cannot leave Ceviche without having any of their ceviche and margaritas. After all, this is a ceviche house and margarita bar. It is fun to try their vast array of Mexican dishes and drinks.

Do not sleep on their signature dishes; try their chimichanga, Miguel’s especial, and burrito grande.

But, our recommendation would not be complete without their specialty drinks. Try Blackberry Smoke and Truly’s Blueberry Vodka Mojito on their new ones.

Ceviche still goes to the supermarket to buy the freshest ingredients. They only offer freshly prepared and handmade Mexican dishes. You must be willing to wait.


Tarahumata Mexican Grill

$$ | (678) 990-6608 | WEBSITE


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You are probably accustomed to Mexican street food that it becomes the main thing you search for in a Mexican restaurant. But, what’s more interestingly delicious is to pair your street tacos with steak, marisco, pollo, or cerdo.

Moreover, if you are down with Mexican cuisine during the weekends, Tarahumata has introduced weekend specials! Do not forget to try one of their exclusive meals.

Check out the Tarahumata and their wide variety of Mexican dishes. You will be astounded by how their Mexican dishes are perfectly grilled.

Tarahumata Mexican Grill is for those who want to try different flavors of Mexican dishes.


Chronic Tacos

$$ | (770) 442-8226 | WEBSITE


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Chronic Tacos is a fusion restaurant located in Alpharetta, GA. Yes, you can find a Mexican taqueria on almost every corner in Georgia. But, there’s no other Mexican restaurant with a unique vibe of Southern Californian roots.

You can see their confidence through their exquisite taco plates. It is the best thing on their menu. Also, it is not their tacos that are only insanely chronic; they have chronic fries that are perfectly loaded with protein and toppings.

Chronic Tacos have a variety of mouthwatering selections, and they did not even miss out on the kids. You can treat your younger siblings or children to the best Mexican street foods in town.


El Trompo Mexican Taqueria

$ | (770) 754-9442 | WEBSITE


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El Trompo is dubbed one of the best Mexican street food homes in Alpharetta. You will not be surprised how El Trompo exudes the Mexican vibe. The restaurant is named after the rotating spit traditionally used in cooking spiced pork.

A lively ambiance, cheap beer, and serving delicious Mexican street food make El Trompo everyone’s favorite among expats who frequently visits Alpharetta.

Aside from that, El Trompo offers exclusive discounts on particular days, which helps the place gets packed on any given day!

Do not miss out on their special delights—  housemade chorizo, carne asada steak, and spiced pork al pastor.


QDOBA Mexican Eats

$ | (770) 346-0087 | WEBSITE


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Locals tell first-timers not to hesitate to try cheese frosting or tasty grilled pineapple. Its unique taste adds more soul to its Mexican dishes.

The fun does not stop there. QDOBA has new signature eats, and whether you want a taco, chicken bowl, fajita bowl, or queso burrito, you can have it! But, if you’re going to explore more flavors, you can create your perfect combination.

QDOBA has over 30 high-quality and fresh ingredients. You can choose your entree, protein, additional flavors, and salsas.

Lastly, what makes QDOBA exceptional is their breakfast options; you can start your day with the best Mexican dish breakfast.


CT Cantina & Taqueria

$$ | (770) 674-7170 | WEBSITE

CT Cantina & Taqueria Best Mexican Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA

Are you going out with friends or discovering Alpharetta in a group? Do not skip the chance of having a Mexican dish at CT Cantina & Taqueria. Get festive! But, if you are on the run, they have a grab n’ go menu.

If you happen to visit when the Street Tamales is available, grab the opportunity! Street Tamales are not always on the menu. You would not want to miss it.

Lastly, what’s nice with this place is you can customize your meal based on your preferred diet.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, or practicing a strict low-carb and gluten-free diet, you do not have to worry because they can accommodate your request.


El Porton Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (770) 569-1775 | WEBSITE


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In El Porton, you are in the gates of heaven. They offer a wide selection of Tex-Mex cuisine. It is best for adventurous eaters who want a fiesta with authentic Mexican food.

But, what is the dining experience without beverages? El Porton welcomes you to the gate of a wide beverage collection; it may be for adults or non-alcoholic. Locals recommend their Mexican Cerveza and margaritas.

There might be a long queue for walk-in customers, so it is best to have your reservations if you do not have much time to spare.


On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

$$ | (404) 991-2660 | WEBSITE


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You will certainly be on the border with their mouth-watering menu. They always serve fresh salsa and guacamole daily to freshly pressed tortillas upon order.

What’s more deliciously giving is their Tex-Mex option of Create Your Own Combo 2. You should try this food concept. You will definitely find the perfect combo for you!

If you are around Alpharetta now, grab their crave-worthy specials. This special menu is available for a limited time only.


El Don Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (678) 404-5473 | WEBSITE

El Don Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA

The lively ambiance and a good time experienced in El Don have become a favorite among tourists and even locals who are local in the area.

Locals recommend trying the special menu of El Don, the grilled mango, and the mango dessert. Meanwhile, if you love having drinks with friends, their Horchata is the most popular.

If you are a hungry soul, lunchtime is not the best time to visit, and it gets packed on any day!


Twisted Taco

$$ | (678) 709-0950 | WEBSITE

Twisted Taco Best Mexican Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA

It comes with a twist. Twisted Taco serves a unique twist through a fusion of flavors on their taco. There is a wide selection of mouth-watering tacos, sizzling fajitas, and several other American-Mexican cuisines.

The place is for those who love tacos and Mexican cuisine but want to stay healthy; Twisted Taco serves vegetarian tacos and mains.


Must-try Mexican Dishes

Since you are searching for the best Mexican restaurants in Alpharetta, why not also look for the best Mexican food you can find in the hood? These Mexican dishes are most certainly on their menu, and these are a must-try.

  • Mole Negro
  • Chile en Nogada
  • Tacos
  • Nachos
  • Elote
  • Marquesitas

Several Mexican dishes abound, but this list is the best dishes to try in every Mexican restaurant you can visit. Check out the Mexican restaurants in Alpharetta if they serve these mouthwatering Mexican dishes!

Insider tip: Always ask for available promos or exclusive dishes. You will be surprised how these restaurants have a wide selection of exclusive limited dishes or free beer nights.

Final Thoughts

Do you know have your go-to Mexican restaurant from the list? If you have any Mexican restaurants around Alpharetta, GA, feel free to share them with the world. Food is best when shared!

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