10 Best Indian Restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI [2023 Updated]

Indian food is known for its unique spices and seasonings. To taste the classic flavors of Indian cuisine, you don’t have to travel across the globe. You can immerse yourself in Indian gastronomy while you’re in the city! Luckily for you, our list of the best Indian Restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI, is extensive.

With our list, you can order biryani, chaat, samosas, and dosa to satisfy your craving. Here’s where you can enjoy India’s culinary traditions and culture in the River City:

Palace of India

$$ | (616) 913-9000 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI Palace of India

Palace of India is an excellent place for a pleasant dining experience. The food spot is home to a perfect balance of flavors, flares, and colors of the country.

Palace of India takes pride in bringing culinary delights from India to the United States. The ambiance, delicious meals, and fantastic service are what customers love in this Indian restaurant. They have Tandoori specials, lamb entrees, Indian bread, and vegetarian appetizers like the Aloo Tikki with Channa.

If you love appetizing meat choices, they have something for you. Their non-vegetarian appetizers include Kheema Samosa, Bombay Fish, and Chicken Pakora.


Mithu Srilankan & Indian Cuisine

$$ | (616) 956-5098 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI Mithu Srilankan & Indian Cuisine

Another one of the best Indian restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI, is Mithu. Mithu Srilankan & Indian Cuisine is an Indian restaurant along Kalamazoo Avenue. This Indian food spot is perfect when looking for the best staples in the city.

They have lunch specials that you and your friends can enjoy, with meals, appetizers, chicken, and rice.

Mithu Srilankan & Indian Cuisine has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. You can enjoy fish cutlet, fish roll, Veggie Biryani, and Chana Saag. Besides Indian dishes, Mithu also features meals from Sri Lanka. Who doesn’t want to try two cuisines in one?


Curry Leaf

$$ | (616) 281-4452 | WEBSITE

Grand Rapids, MI Best Restaurants Curry Leaf

If you’re craving classic Indian dishes made by skilled chefs, look no further. Curry Leaf Indian Cuisine is here to bring you the best of India’s culinary traditions and culture. This restaurant follows the authentic way of cooking Indian meals with spices, seasonings, and styles from India.

Curry Leaf Indian Cuisine sets itself apart from other restaurants because of its meticulousness in the craft. The restaurant ensures that all meals are healthy and have low-fat content. Not only are you getting tasty Indian meals in this place—but you also get healthy dishes.


Pal’s Indian Cuisine

$$ | (616) 957-2271 | WEBSITE

Grand Rapids, MI Best Restaurant Pal's Indian Cuisine

There’s no better way to enjoy Indian meals than in 28th Street’s Pal’s Indian Cuisine. This restaurant is home to many yummy dishes from the country. Pal’s Indian Cuisine is open for dine-in guests who made a reservation. So before rushing to this place, make sure to call them ahead!

As you enter Pal’s Indian Cuisine, you’ll be greeted by red dining walls and homey dining tables and chairs. You’ll feel very comfortable dining in this Indian restaurant. Plus, their staff are friendly and skilled. Their menu has Chili Paneer, Goat Curry, and Garlic Naan.


Bombay Cuisine

$ | (616) 456-7055 | WEBSITE


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Bombay Cusine has been serving the freshest Indian dishes since 1998 to the rest of West Michigan. This restaurant has received many accolades as one of the best Indian restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI. With its fresh, exotic meals, you can never go wrong dining in this food place!

Bombay Cuisine ensures all meals are sourced locally. They only use the freshest and quality ingredients to make all their menu items. They don’t use frozen meat. Bombay Cuisine cooks fresh chicken and lamb in their meat dishes.

What diners love about this place is they serve Indian meals that match Grand Rapids’ climate! The flavors and flares of real Indian cooking are complete here. They have spices to make your dishes tastier, like nutmeg, fennel, cardamom, and mustard.


Karki Restaurant

$$ | (616) 551-1765 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI Karki Restaurant

At Karki, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll get two cuisines in one place! Karki offers Nepali and Indian meals you won’t find elsewhere. With 20 years of experience in the industry, this food spot brings real dishes made with passion to your table.

Karki Restaurant has many delicious appetizers, like the Pyagi, Sadeko, and Samosa Chaat. You can also order sets, like the Thali set in non-vegetarian and vegetarian options.

And if you love noodles, you’ll enjoy Karki’s Chowmein. Their menu is wide, so make sure to try many items once you visit them! You’ll never be torn between two cuisines at Karki.


India Town

$$ | (616) 243-1219 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI India Town

Are you looking for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free Indian dishes? Check out India Town, one of the best Indian restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI. This place has many exciting deals and offers where you can save as much as 20% off.

India Town features North Indian cuisine, with meals to surprise your mouth. They have dishes that exceed far from their competitors! India Town is also home to a wide selection of Bollywood entertainment. They have classics and new releases. If you love Bollywood and Indian cuisine, never miss out on India Town!


Pind Indian Cuisine

$$ | (616) 805-4767 | WEBSITE


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Pind Indian Cuisine is among the top Indian restaurants that put smiles on their guests’ faces. They make sure to make your stomach happy. They fulfill every diner’s craving for Indian food in a delicious way! Pind Indian Cuisine ensures that your needs and health are their top priorities.

This restaurant is great for a family lunch, date, or a meet-up with friends. You’ll get to experience a unique experience that features meals that resemble cooking from an Indian kitchen. The vibe matches guests’ meals well, adding more joy to their dining.

Pind Indian Cuisine is the place to be for eating classic Indian meals in a relaxed space. Ensure that you have this Indian restaurant on your list!


Indian Masala

$$ | (616) 259-7394 | WEBSITE

Grand Rapids, MI Restaurants Indian Masala

Up next is Indian Masala. Indian Masala is the perfect place to explore authentic Indian cuisine and immerse in the diversity of the country. Here, you’ll also have a look into the new and innovative twists on classic Indian gastronomy. Indian Masala also features word-class street fare.

Indian Masala is open to catering to parties. They have protein dishes, healthy meals, and vegetarian options so there is something for everyone. Indian Masala ensures its consistency in delivering quality tastes, with spices put together in-house. Indian Masala is home to authentic Indian dishes that won’t disappoint.


Grand Indian Cuisine

$$$ | (616) 734-6197 | WEBSITE

Grand Rapids, MI Restaurant Grand Indian Cuisine

We’ve tackled restaurants featuring North Indian cuisine. Now’s the time to head South. If you love South Indian meals, Grand Indian Cuisine is here! Grand Indian Cuisine is an Indian food place featuring authentic and quality food.

They combine a chill ambiance and an enjoyable vibe into a memorable Indian dining experience. Grand Indian Cuisine also has Biryani Delights for you to enjoy. This restaurant is ready to serve authentic Indian dishes from Tuesday to Sunday. Grand Indian Cuisine has many delicious Indian dishes, so why not give it a try?


Desi Spice

$$ | (616) 427-3728 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI Desi Spice

Desi Spice has a whole array of traditional and authentic Indian dishes. As part of our list of the best Indian restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI, Desi Spice has great food of excellent quality. Their menu items are perfectly spiced, bringing tasty South Asian cuisine to your table.

Desi Spice has Indian and Nepalese dishes. They have soups, like the Tamatar Shorba, noodles like the Vegetable Chowmein, and main course entrees, like the Daal Makhani and Aloo Gobi. There are more meals here, so be sure to check them all out when visiting Desi Spice!


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re craving biryani, chaat, samosas, or tandoori, you’re likely to find a place to eat authentic Indian meals in Furniture City. Thanks to our list of the best restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI, every food spot is worth the try!

You’ll never run out of options the next time you crave Indian meals. All restaurants have excellent menu items and quality service. We hope you enjoy your Indian dining experience in these restaurants!

Indian Restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI

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