12 Best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton, FL

Boca Raton is home to several of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. It is much more than just a beach town.

Do you want to know where to eat the best Italian food in this city? Check out these 12 best Italian restaurants in Boca Raton, FL. You’ll surely come back for more!

Louie Bossi’s

$$$ | (561) 336-6699 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant serves delicious beef olives, prosciutto, and mozzarella. The chefs here make excellent strawberry tiramisu, ice cream, and biscuits. They create everything in-house, utilizing classic Italian culinary techniques.

Chef Louie Bossi sources only the freshest ingredients. He prepares delicious homemade pasta, wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, and Sicilian comfort food. He also takes pride in his famous home-cured salumi.

Customers come here to try their exquisite Pinot noir wine. They also have other specialty beverages. Waiters serve excellent cappuccinos, mint drinks, and pineapple juice.

Many reviewers mention how reasonably priced the foods are. You can book for a birthday party, wedding, or anniversary here.

The team exhibits hospitality and cheerfulness. The beautiful ambiance and lovely decor will undoubtedly appeal to you.


Trattoria Romana

$$$ | (561) 393-6715 | WEBSITE

Trattoria Romana Best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton, FL

Trattoria Romana is one of Florida’s most prestigious restaurants. Here you can enjoy a casual, pleasant evening. Enjoy your time while dining on traditional Italian cuisine.

Trattoria Romana delivers a true rustic Italian style to your dining experience. Their excellent cuisine and décor contribute to the vibe. It has been one of Boca Raton’s oldest Italian fine dining restaurants.

Owner Arturo Gismondi blends the most inventive and best culinary creations of Italy. He only uses the best and freshest ingredients. You can choose from an extensive menu that offers classic dishes, like Shrimp Saltimbocca.

Their prices are fairly reasonable given the high quality of the food they serve. Their antipasti bar also creates a lovely ambiance. It’s best for group meetings and birthday celebrations.


Casa D’Angelo Ristorante

$$$ | (561) 996-1234 | WEBSITE


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Casa D’Angelo is an elegant Italian restaurant in an attractive, modern location. The place offers private rooms for luncheons, dinners, and celebrations.

This eatery serves fine Italian cuisine. Its extensive wine list is also impressive since it is award-winning.

Chef Angelo Elia’s philosophy emphasizes outstanding customer service. His creed has guided the restaurant’s delivery of quality cuisine and service. This has paid off handsomely, as seen by his countless honors and distinctions.

The restaurant serves food cooked per the Old-World methods. Angelo hand-picks the freshest, local ingredients himself. He cooks them with finesse in a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and elegance.


Il Mulino New York – Boca Raton

$$$$ | (561) 338-8606 | WEBSITE


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You can find Il Mulino in the center of East Boca Raton. This dining spot delivers authentic Abruzzo-inspired dishes, focusing on Mediterranean seafood. The restaurant’s unique Italian meals are well-worth your visit.

The chefs here prepare savory grilled red peppers, mozzarella salads, and more. Also, try their delicious orange truffles, chocolate cheesecakes, and French toasts.

Here you can notice the highest degree of attention paid to visitors from all over the world. The stylish decor and the outdoor patio reflect the seaside neighborhood spirit.


Vespri Siciliani

$$ | (561) 430-5110 | WEBSITE


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Vespri Siciliani is a popular Italian eatery in Boca Raton’s east side. The place offers an inviting ambiance and excellent Italian hospitality. Three Sicilian siblings proudly deliver authentic Italian and Sicilian cuisine here.

Feast on their delectable homemade pasta, fresh seafood dishes, and top meats. Also, treat yourself to their Sicilian wood-fired pizzas. Indulge in their luscious desserts and the most savory Italian favorites.

Vespri Siciliani obtains fresh produce from local farmers’ markets. It also offers fresh seafood from the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. They prepare everything fresh in the restaurant.


Novello Restaurant & Bar

$$$ | (561) 994-3495 | WEBSITE

Novello Restaurant & Bar Best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton, FL

You can feel a sense of familiarity and warmth as soon as you step into Novello. The owner boasts of the quality of food and the professionalism of his workers. You’ll experience how to dine like a genuine Italian here.

Prepare to experience surprising Italian cuisine served here. Try the flavorsome branzino, grilled octopus, and veal chops. Here, the chefs make excellent tiramisu, biscuits, and crème brûlée.

The wine list is vast, ensuring that you will find something to your liking. You’ll also get surprised by the reasonable prices of this eatery.

Novello provides private rooms and a lounge area that comfortably seats around 60 guests. It is the place to go for an office party, a wedding, or a family gathering.


La Villeta Ristorante

$$$ | (561) 362-8403 | WEBSITE

La Villeta Ristorante Best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton, FL

La Villeta seeks to deliver authentic Italian hospitality and cuisine to Boca Raton.

Here, Chef Maria prepares Old World dishes. She also offers her signature meals, which she served to her loved ones and friends for more than 25 years.

This restaurant produces delicious baked octopus, fish, and ravioli. Also, try their supreme ricotta cheesecakes and chocolate cakes. You may also want to taste some of their exquisite house wine. They also make excellent cappuccinos.

Many guests appreciate the excellent service and ambiance provided here. The prices are reasonable for the quality you get.


Josephine’s Italian Restaurant

$$$ | (561) 988-0668 | WEBSITE


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Josephine’s has been a favorite location for over two decades. Here, they serve traditional Italian dishes and Old-World Tuscan flair.

The menu features signature dishes such as Osso Bucco, Dover Sole, and Prime Veal. All these are constantly superb.

Their wine list consists of carefully chosen California vintage and superb Italian wines. These will perfectly match your food.

The full-stock bar offers a wide choice of popular alcoholic beverages. Their selection of delectable Italian sweets adds the perfect finish.



$$ | (561) 395-8858 | WEBSITE

Piccolino Best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton, FL

Come and taste traditional Italian dishes in Boca Raton’s downtown area. Piccolino creates exquisite dishes using Old-World methods. It makes use of only the best and freshest ingredients.

Their menu includes traditional Italian food such as pasta and pizzas. It also offers delectable handcrafted sweets served daily.

This place gives high value on delivering you a memorable eating experience. The welcoming environment and personnel will ensure you feel at ease!


Giuseppe’s Cafe’

$$ | (561) 235-5039 | WEBSITE

Giuseppe’s Cafe’ Best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton, FL

This dining spot is a family-style restaurant. It brings the authentic taste of the Adriatic Sea to Boca Raton. It also serves authentic cuisine from Bisceglie, Italy.

They create salads, Panini, and antipasti with fresh ingredients daily. Treat yourself to a delectable dessert paired with Motta’s world-famous espresso.

They never use frozen foods, butter, or microwaves. They prepare food with integrity, from the kitchen to your plate. Their meats and seafood are all fresh.

Also, they don’t sell any alcohol, beer, or wine.  You are welcome to bring your own with no cork fee.


Le Sorelle – Boca Raton

$$$ | (561) 235-5301 | WEBSITE


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Le Sorelle is an Italian restaurant with an attractive and courteous ambiance. It offers distinctive meat and seafood dishes. Here you can experience the best taste of Italian cuisine paired with a broad wine selection.

The restaurant uses premium ingredients anchored on strong Italian traditions. The pizza toppings are all entirely Italian. They season everything with virgin olive oil here.

They have a broad menu including seafood, homemade pasta, brick oven pizza, and more to choose from. They serve lunch and dinner every day.


Mario’s Osteria

$$ | (561) 239-7000 | WEBSITE


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Mario’s is a one-of-a-kind restaurant created to be elegant while being casual. This makes it ideal for bringing anybody from your family, friends, to business guests.

The place provides great pasta, pizza, and garlic rolls. The menu and the portions are purposefully huge. This method ensures that there is always something for everyone. Variation is also provided for many repeat customers.

They prepare large portions so you can enjoy a nice satisfying meal. Also, you can relish a hearty nibble from the leftovers the following day.

The environment, food, and affordable prices offer you a great dining experience. You can always unwind, enjoy, and have a good time at Mario’s.



Boca Raton, Florida, is a lovely coastal community. It offers wonderful weather, great beaches, and superb Italian restaurants.

Delight in their delicious pasta and other delectable Italian cuisines.  You may always indulge your eyes and taste sensations here. So, take a look at these 12 best Italian restaurants in Boca Raton, FL.

Best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton

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