19 Best Italian Restaurants in Miami, FL

Indeed Italian cuisine is one of the most infamous dishes in the world. However, you cannot deny that not everyone has the luxury to travel to European countries and taste them. Specifically, this blog will help locate the 20 best Italian restaurants in Miami, Florida. Ready yourself and your pocket!

II Gabbiano

$$$$ | (305) 373-0063 | Website


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This Fine dining Italian restaurant, founded in Miami, Florida’s Little Italy, offers delicious food and an aesthetic view. Even though the price at this place is extra- high than its competitors, rest assured that they serve the best quality of food like Gnocchi and Piccata di Mare.

II Gabbiano operates from Monday to Saturday, where you can eat lunch, dinner, or even order a banquet. The place is also perfect for hosting ceremonies and celebrations.


Casa Tua Cucina

$$$ | (305) 755-0320 | Website


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Casa Tua Cucina has a wide range of menus that you can choose from. Seafood, pizza, pasta, and salads are the popular dishes of this place. Nevertheless, they also offer vegan-friendly and gluten-free cuisines.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxing as described by the customers. All areas of the restaurant are neat and bright, that is why it looks so spacious. The service is excellent and will not disappoint you for sure.


Cipriani Downtown Miami

$$$$ | (786) 329-4090 | Website


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Ranked As the 27th among 238 Italian restaurants in Miami, Cipriani Downtown Miami promises simple yet good food to its customers. The food, service, and atmosphere are of high quality.

Although it is pricey, the management of the place ensures that prospective customers will only experience the best. Delivery, curbside pick-up, and dine-in are allowed. However, for the latter, a reservation is needed. Simply because they also value the health and safety of its guests.



$$$ | (305) 239-1330 | Website

Fi’lia Best Italian Restaurants in Miami, FL

Fi’lia at SLS Brickell is known for its handmade pasta and pizzas. Also, for their use of fresh ingredients. This Italian restaurant operates from Monday to Sunday and offers indoor and outdoor dining for its guests.

Fi’lia is famous for its Sam’s Chicken Parm dish that you can buy for 23 dollars per serving. It is safe to say that children are also prioritized at this place since they develop their own kid’s menu with two categories: the bites and the sweets.


Ristorante Fratelli Milano

$$ | (305) 373-2300 | Website


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Ristorante Fratelli Milano– commonly known as Fratelli Milano, is a family-owned restaurant business that offers a genuine taste of cuisine as they try to resemble the taste of home-cooked food.

As usual in other Italian restaurants, this place has pasta, pizzas, salad, and wine as part of its staple menu. They maintain their stylish yet comfortable ambiance and food plating. Overall, Fratelli Milano gains high reviews from their previous guests and customers.


D’Oro Pizza Bar

$$$$ | (786) 787-2378 | Website


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As the name implies, D’Oro Pizza Bar’s main menu is authentic Neapolitan pizza made from Italian ingredients. Nevertheless, you can still order other dishes like Insalata, calzone, antipasti, salads, panini, and desserts.

The place also has wine and Italian beer. You can dine-in, but they also encourage contactless delivery and curbside pick-up. You can do what is convenient for you. Some customers say that even though the food is expensive, they are still all worth it!


North Italia

$$ | (786) 475-9100 | Website


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North Italia restaurant offers both Italian and vegetarian cuisine for its customers. Their menu is classified into the following: small plates, salads, fresh pasta, chef’s board, pizza, sandwiches, entrees, sides, cocktails, bubbles & sangria, wine, beer, local draught, and local bottles.

They also allow group dining at their Miami, FL location just like in their other stores. However, you should make a reservation first since group dining will require a more organized and spacious area than the usual dining set-up.


Soya e Pomodoro

$$ | (305) 381-9511 | Website

Best talian Restaurants in Miami, FL Soya e Pomodoro

Soya e Pomodoro was founded through the creative and innovative minds of its two male owners. This Italian restaurant does not just offer delicious food but also excellent service as they entertain their guests with live jazz music.

The staff is cheerful and friendly as well. They also hold private parties and events at a reasonable fee. The food, service, and atmosphere at Soya e Pomodoro are unbeatable, considering their middle or moderate prices.


Sylvano Miami

$$ | (786) 703-8200 | Website


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Sylvano Miami was originally-sited in Miami Beach, FL, but since it is a growing business, the owners decided to put up another restaurant in Miami, FL. One thing unique about this Italian restaurant is that they spoil their sport-fan customers.

They install televisions throughout the restaurants where the fans slash guests are allowed to use them any time of the day without restrictions. When it comes to the food, they serve risotto, pizzas, pasta, salads, meats, and kinds of seafood. They also offer a variety of drinks and liquors. You can enjoy all these dine-in or dine-out.


Via Emilia Garden

$$$$ | (786) 359-4990 | Website


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Located in Midtown Miami, Via Emilia Garden takes pride in maintaining the quality of food they serve by using only quality ingredients. They acknowledge the different preferences of their customers as they offer different kinds of main courses and pasta like vegetarian, meaty, and seafood.

Their services vary from reservations to catering to the Italian Market. Guests enjoy their cozy and private outdoor dining area and their staff are also accommodating. This spot will make your every penny worth it!


Boia De

$$ | (305) 967-8866 | Website


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This Italian spot is an underrated one in Miami, FL. Boia De only has 17 dishes on its menu list that are subject to daily changes. Some of these are baked clams, marinated mussels, beef tartare, doppi agnolotti, and veal sweetbreads.

Their desserts are also affordable. The service is also good because they play music for the guests to enjoy. You can take advantage of their free and plentiful parking space when you visit this place.


Riviera Focacceria Italiana

$$ | (786) 220-6251 | Website


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This Italian diner is widely known for the best focaccia cheese that they serve. The menu consists of secondi or main course, contorni, antipasti or appetizer, salad, soup, and pasta. They also have a separate menu list for wine and other beverages.

Another good thing about this place is that they made sure that all their guests are informed that they cannot guarantee gluten-free dishes since their ingredients are made from scratch.If you intend to dine at this place, be sure that you can eat dishes with gluten.


Salumeria 104

$$ | (305) 424-9588 | Website


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Salumeria 104 sticks to its aim to serve an honest, affordable, and consistent cuisine that will satisfy the palate of each customer that will visit the place. All consumables in this spot are highly gratifying and impressive– from food to drinks.

Truffles, prosciutto, and cold cuts are the ace of this eatery among its competitors. It is hard to find an Italian restaurant that offers the best quality food at a very affordable price. This place is a gem!


‘O Munaciello

$$ | (786) 907-4000 | Website

Miami, FLBest talian Restaurants 'O Munaciello

Although ‘O Munaciello restaurant is famous as a pizza restaurant, you can still eat in other staple Italian cuisines. They have antipasti, insalate, Primi, Piatti or homemade pasta, main dishes, desserts, and beverages.

They do not offer drinks like wine or beers so if you are into that, ‘O Munaciello may not be a place for you. Nevertheless, the food tastes delicious, especially their Neapolitan pizzas, so it is best to try it. Their service and atmosphere are also a good deal.


BOTTA Italian Street Food

$$ | (786) 536-2490 | Website


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BOTTA was founded just a couple of years ago in the surge of the changing world and environment. The concept of this Italian street food restaurant was a fusion of street food and fine Italian food.

The place gained popularity due to its unique set-up and excellent food taste. BOTTA only has limited seating capacity. However, they have outdoor dining tables. You can also take out your order. Their food is worth its price!


Alloy Bistro Gourmet

$$$$ | (786) 773-2742 | Website


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Alloy Bistro Gourmet offers fusion, Mediterranean, and Italian dishes. Everything in this place is from scratch, which can justify why the price is extra costly. The cheapest dishes you can order are grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes that cost 8 dollars separately.

Meanwhile, the highest-priced food they have costs 59 dollars, Branzino Al Forno. They also have various beverages. Moreover, the taste of the cuisine is pleasing to the palate.



$$ | (305) 374-0031 | Website


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Piola is another famous Italian restaurant in the city of Miami. The ambiance is good which lets the customers enjoy their tasteful food even more. Most guests also enjoy the service the staff at Piola gives.

This Italian eatery has added new dishes on their menu list like the spaghetti Salento which you can buy for 19 dollars, and lisbona for 15 dollars. From price, service, and food, they will meet your standards.


Perricone’s Marketplace & Cafe

$$ | (305) 374-9449 | Website


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This spot knows what Italian cuisine is! The menu is oddly perfect: categorized as lunch, dinner, dessert, and wine list. They offer the best pasta dishes and dishes that are much lighter. This menu features seasonal vegetables and seafood.

You can enjoy your food dine-in, but they also have outdoor seating. Online orders are also available. Either way, Perricone’s Marketplace & Cafe ensures you will get the best service you deserve.


Sapore di Mare

$$ | (305) 476-8292 | Website

Miami, FLBest talian Restaurant Sapore di Mare

Sapore di Mare is known for its terrific cuisine, excellent service, and highly-valued wine program. Even though this Italian seafood restaurant seems small with just a few seats and tables, Sapore di Mare never fails to impress their customers with their service and food.

Aside from their main menu list, they also have a unique raw menu bar that consists of Rosė and Prosecco. The atmosphere is good as they use bright colors in their interior design that establishes a neat and clean look.



People have different food preferences. Hence, it is crucial to try the dish first. Then judge it based on your palate. Avoid making unnecessary judgments. If you find yourself craving an Italian taste, remember this list of 20 best Italian restaurants in Miami, FL, on your next food hunting trip!


Italian Restaurants in Miami, FL

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