15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Miami, FL [2023 Updated]

With beaches and party spots, Miami is a known hotspot for tourists. If you are new or old to the area and looking for some Mexican food, you came to the right place. With this list of the 15 best restaurants in Miami, FL; you can quickly satisfy your cravings.

Mayami Wynwood

$$$ | (786) 660-1341 | WEBSITE


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Colorful and cozy, Mayami Wynwood resides in the known artistic neighborhood. The Mayan decors inspired the restaurant, creating a mix of old yet modern interiors. Their blend of Mexican fusion dishes will make you come back for more.

This bar and restaurant is an excellent spot if you want to party. With outstanding performances and music shows, it’s the place to unwind and have fun. Their exotic drinks will elevate your dining and introduce you to new exciting flavors.


Don Burrito

$$ | (786) 686-0430 | WEBSITE

Miami, FL Best Mexican Restaurant Don Burrito

Don Burrito is known for its delicious Mexican dishes, such as burritos and nachos. Their excellent service and food make them a perfect spot for a quick bite. Don Burritos is the place to be if you are looking for affordable Mexican food.

The restaurant is known for its homestyle Mexican food with an authentic taste. Their large portion is also praised by many of their customers.



$$ | (305) 396-7080 | WEBSITE


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Artsy, earthy, and modern, Bakan strives to bring the Mexican experience to 2nd Avenue. With its large variety of food, you can ensure that you will taste your Mexican favorites. Bakan is known for its tacos, enchiladas, and excellent alcohol.

Their 6000 square-foot area allows you both indoor and outdoor dining experiences. Being a restaurant bar, you will have a relaxing time at Bakan. They serve not just good food, but a great atmosphere as well.


Taqueria Los Nopales

$$ | (786) 362-5685 | WEBSITE


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Los Nopales Taqueria offers the authentic and traditional taste of Mexican cuisine. Although fusion dishes are on the rise, Los Nopales leans onto the original taste of taqueria-style food. This Mexican resto is the place to be if you love nachos, tacos, and burritos.

Sitting at the 1800 Professional Building, you can check out the authentic taste with their affordable prices. For less than $10, try out their delicious tacos and tostadas.


Pilo’s Tacos

$$ | (305) 800-8226 | WEBSITE


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Colorful and fun, Pilo’s Tacos gives off an exciting and artsy vibe. Their festive restaurant makes you feel like you are being transported to Mexico without leaving Miami. The traditional street tacos from Mexico inspire Pilo’s menu.

You can sit back and relax with their excellent food and wide range of margaritas. Their homemade guac will make you come back for more. Listen to the mariachi playing all day long for the full-on Mexican experience.


Mi Rinconcito Mexicano

$ | (305) 644-4015 | WEBSITE


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Besides the traditional quesadilla and burrito, one of the most exciting menus in Mi Rinconcito is their wide range of Mexican bread. Their panaderia selection can range from plain bread such as bolillos to a sweeter dessert such as polvorones.

Their best-selling concha and cuernitos are excellent on-the-go snacks if you are more into sweets. Their food serves a perfect blend of flavors with different fruity tropical drinks.


Tacos and Tattoos

$ | (305) 200-3441 | WEBSITE


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Tacos and Tattoos offers a humble yet delicious fusion between Mexican and Caribbean dishes. The family-owned restaurant serves a blend of traditional recipes with modern twists. Through their dishes, you can taste the flavors with new exciting additions.

Tacos and Tattoos are very affordable: for just $3.50, you can customize your tacos. Most of their food is also under $15, perfect for a quick bite to satisfy your Mexican food cravings. Their low price and wide selection of delicious food will make you return for more.


Socal Cantina

$$ | (305) 733-5349 | WEBSITE


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Socal Cantina is an excellent spot for friendly and cozy Mexican dining. The restaurant offers tacos, burritos, and rice bowls in true Mexican spirit. However, one of the stars on their menu is Gardener’s Margarita, an award-winning tropical drink.

The restaurant is also a pet-friendly spot. Every Saturday, they have a brunch program for dogs where they provide free treats and have them running around the area. It can be an excellent relaxing spot even if you don’t have a dog.


Jacalito Mexican Restaurant

$ | (305) 443-1336 | WEBSITE

Miami, FL Best Mexican Restaurants Jacalito Mexican Restaurant

If you want cheap yet authentic Mexican food, Jacalito is the best restaurant. It might not be the fanciest Mexican joint in the area, but the food is praised by its customers. Jacalito is an excellent choice if you want a casual quick bite.

Jacalito is known for its excellent service. The staff is hospitable, and the cozy vibe of the restaurant makes it a perfect choice to wind down and relax. Every month, the restaurant offers an original unique dish for you to check out.


Cantina La Veinte

$$$ | (786) 623-6136 | WEBSITE


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Although Mexican restaurants are known for their street-style food, Cantina La Viente is here to serve delicate dining Mexican dishes. Through the different avant-garde fusions, the traditional Mexican food has an added new twist. Most of their dishes, such as tortillas and guac, are made from scratch to ensure their freshness.

Cantina La Viente also offers American favorites through their fusion dishes. Their short ribs with guajillo puree and crepes de cajita are some dishes that mix different cuisines for unique flavors.


Xochimex Cantina Grill

$$ | (786) 452-8088 | WEBSITE


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Xochimex is the place to be if you want a serving of Mexican favorites. Their best-selling tacos, nachos, burritos, and rice bowl offers a great way to enjoy Mexican cuisine. The resto offers a unique yet familiar taste via their fusion dishes.

They also offer bulk orders, perfect for parties and gatherings. Whether you want casual or family dining, Xochimex can provide a pleasant atmosphere and excellent food. With their enormous servings and affordable prices, you can eat your favorites without breaking the bank.


México 1810 Taquería

$$ | (786) 399-3384 | WEBSITE


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Affordable and tasty, Mexico 1810 has served the Miami area for almost twenty years. Their artisan Mexican food will surely make you go back for more. However, their food is not the only factor to check them out.

The excellent interior of their restaurant makes it a perfect spot for intimate and family dining. The décor showcases a mix of colorful Mexican culture through arts. So, if you ever make your way to 36th Street, make sure that you check out this Mexico 1810.


El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant Kendall

$$ | (305) 382-9598 | WEBSITE

Best Mexican Restaurantsin Miami, FL El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant Kendall

El Rancho Grande has served the South Beach locals with fantastic food for thirty years. Try out their house specialties, such as Carne Asada and Plato Mexicano. For breakfast, their filling best-seller Conchita will give you the energy you need to start your day.

Their service does not end on tasty food; they also offer a wide range of tequilas and margaritas. The restaurant is perfect for casual and business dining. With their outside patio, you can ensure that you can have a very relaxing time.


Coyo Taco

$$ | (786) 773-3337 | WEBSITE


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With five locations, the restaurant is a household name in Florida. The Mexican restaurant is also featured in many magazines, such as Forbes and Eater. Fortunately, Coyo Taco also shares its food in Miami.

Coyo Taco has so much to offer despite having only taco on their name. Their menu contains best-sellers from Mexican cuisines, such as burritos, quesadillas, and more. With their made-from-scratch ingredients, the freshness of the food they serve.



$$ | (786) 347-5368 | WEBSITE

Best Mexican Restaurant in Miami, FL Tacology

Sitting at the Brickell City Center, Tacology serves a mix of Mexican dishes and drinks. The restaurant is known for its taqueria-style food, which means burritos and tacos are in the spotlight. Their low prices, excellent décor, and ample servings make it the best option for a quick bite.

Tacology does not stop with good food. Their wide variety of margaritas, cocktails, and wine serves as a perfect accompaniment to your food. With its modern affordable food, the restaurant is best for casual dining.


In Summary

With these 15 best Mexican restaurants, you can enjoy a fresh bite from Mexican cuisine. Whether you are low or high on the budget, there is a place for you to try. Be sure to save space on your stomach because you will be coming back for more.

Mexican Restaurants in Miami, FL

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