16 Best Steak Restaurants in Boston, MA

Nothing can go wrong with a piece of steak. If you wish to have it melt in your mouth, have it rare, and if you want more texture, have it well-done. If you wish to have good steak tonight, head to any 17 Best Steak Restaurants in Boston, MA.

Abe & Louie’s

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Steaks can be a bit boring if you already expect what they would taste like after many steakhouses you have been to.

However, Abe & Louie’s steakhouse offers you something exciting with their unique flavor combinations. They uphold excellent dishes and incredible service that will change your perspective.

Their steaks melt in your mouth like butter, and their seafood dishes taste like the ocean. The steakhouse offers one of the best porterhouse, which they topped with aged Vermont cheese. The sides are well-chosen to partner with the fat of the steak and complement its overall taste.


Alma Gaúcha

$$$ | (617) 420-4900 | Website

Alma Gaúcha Best Steak Restaurants in Boston, MA

Alma Gaúcha is a Brazilian restaurant offering a Prix Fixe menu that you may enjoy with your family.

Prix Fixe consists of courses such as two courses of prime meats at a fixed price. The steaks are prepared in a Brazilian way, which is by fire-roast. Their prime meats are not limited to beef but also their chicken, lamb, and pork.

You will surely love the place if you love salad as the restaurant has a buffet salad bar. The guests are satisfied with how well the buffet section is always clean and fresh even if there are many customers.


The Capital Grille

$$$$ | 617-262-8900 | Website


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The prices of the dishes might be high, but it’s one of the date nights you’ll never forget. The Capital Grille shows elegance from the moment you step in.

They, too, have an expensive taste for their interior design, having chandeliers hanging above, using African Mahogany for paneling, and other art decorations to warm the place.

The steakhouse is proud of its dry-aged steaks and is famous all over America for it. Dry-aging their steaks for 18 to 24 days allows the flavor to develop and gives a different texture fully. Their philosophy includes using exceptional ingredients and creative presentations.


Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

$$$ | (617) 358-9990 | Website

Boston, MA Best Steak Restaurant Eddie V’s Prime Seafood2

Are you looking for a good surf & turf around Boston? Eddie V’s Prime Seafood will not let you down. There are many options for portions of steak that they hand-cut. Additionally, their lobster tail and king crab are must-tries. You should try their Meyer Lemon Tarte, best paired with champagne.

The place’s ambiance has an earthy tone that contrasts their seafood while compliments the steaks. Their design has elegance even if they add colorful artworks. The staff greets the guests with warm smiles, which can already lighten their mood, and they assist the customers carefully.



$$$$ | (617) 670-2515 | Website

Best Steak Restaurants in Boston, MA Mooo.…2

If you’re staying at XV Beacon Hotel, have time to try the steak at Mooo…. restaurant. The steakhouse is inspired by modern styles and sophistication, creating a beautiful atmosphere. Add the culinary expertise of their head chef, and you will get a combination of classic and contemporary steak.

What better way to partner with red meat than a glass of wine? One of the reasons why the Mooo…. is a popular spot is their extensive wine list, which they call “The Wine Cellar.” This list gained recognition and won an award. Choose any great wines to partner with your steak.


Boston Chops South End

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Boston Chops South End serves a nose-to-tail menu, which means they waste no meat.

People love them for their top chops: the 14 ounces of chateaubriand, filet mignon, N.Y. strip, and prime rib-eye. Their guests highly recommend their popovers as they are the best ones they have ever had and are not commonly offered by other steakhouses.

They have a hardwood interior that brings natural warmth to the place. Their bar offers 2,000 wines, which almost has every wine you could think of. On top of that, they serve cocktails that show their originality in food and drinks.


Grill 23 & Bar

$$$$ | (617) 542-2255 | Website


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Grill 23 & Bar claims to be the first classic steakhouse with high-quality food and services around Boston.

They opened in 1983 and worked their way until they had enough reputation and savings to increase their standards. Now, they only serve premium natural meat; they have private dining rooms, have a bar, and even added a second floor as they are packed.

They have fantastic chefs that serve surf & turf classics, make a good crust for the steak, and create amazing appetizers and desserts. The owners also commend their staff for their dedication and hard work with the customers.


Fogo de Chão

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A Brazilian-style steak might be new for you. It is primarily a churrasco grilled in a skewer instead of pan-seared. The meats are grilled on each other, causing the fat to drip down on one another and creating a slice of excellent, juicy meat.

They also have all-you-can-eat meat for those who can’t get enough steak. Aside from churrasco, Fogo de Chão offers different cuisines with Brazilian touches.

The restaurant first opened in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1979. It captured the hearts of VIPs such as politicians and celebrities, which inspired them to open in different places.


Morton’s The Steakhouse

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Steaks can be repetitive over time. However, at Morton’s The Steakhouse, you can experience a seasonal menu for a limited time to cleanse your pallet once in a while.

Their seasonal menu is not limited to steak but also other entrees. They are also innovative with their cocktails, offering one-of-a-kind drinks. You can enjoy some jazz music with your meal as well.

If you’re having a party, business conference, or private dinner, this steakhouse is recommended by many guests. They make sure that they provide all your requests. No matter how many you are, they will serve incredible dishes consistently.


Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

$$$$ | (617) 357-4810 | Website

Best Steak Restaurant in Boston, MA Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse2

The next stop is an Italian restaurant, Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse. They have 10 locations, 3 of which are in Boston.

They focus on the customer experience and satisfaction, making it a great restaurant if you want to feel special. The steakhouse owner had even written a book, “It’s All About The Guest,” to guide other businesses to success.

Because Davio’s is an Italian restaurant, they offer pasta and red sauce dishes. The Guests reported that they couldn’t stop eating as they wanted every bite of their ordered food, especially the steak. The appetizers also blew them away.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House

$$$ | (617) 742-8401 | Website


Boston, MA Best Steak Restaurants Ruth's Chris Steak House2

Is it your first time eating steak and don’t have enough experience to know what is suitable for your liking? Don’t worry. Ruth’s Chris Steak House got your back.

The staff that will serve you are well-knowledgeable about the different steaks, doneness, and temperature. Just ask for assistance from the waiter, and they will gladly assist you.

If you do not know the differences between the steaks, you may also browse their website for information and the characteristics of different meat. The owner thought of giving a wonderful experience for those who love steak and those new to it.


Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House

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Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House is an 8-time award-winning restaurant in Boston. What makes them unique among the other steakhouses is their exceptional wine list, steaks, and their guests’ hospitality. They have in-house sommeliers to help you with the wine to partner your meal.

The steak house remained faithful to the American tradition while exploring modern techniques. You can meet various people at their bar while drinking their wine. What’s impressive is that if you want to split a steak, you can request it, and they will still plate it nicely in two separate dishes.


Smith & Wollensky Boston

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Smith & Wollensky is a steakhouse that is not afraid to fail. Instead, they make mistakes to improve their restaurant as they keep trying different things to bring the best steak to their guests.

They don’t stop with an excellent steak and will never stop until they create a masterpiece. It shows how dedicated the chefs of this steakhouse are.

The meats are hand-cut and cured in the restaurant to closely monitor them and ensure that the quality is up to their standard. The chefs are hands-on with the guests as they talk to them about their concerns.


Ocean Prime

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Ocean Prime is one of the best Cameron Mitchell Restaurants located in Boston. Just like the name suggests, they serve seafood dishes and prime-cut steaks.

The restaurant is famous for its best steaks and seafood in different cities. They season their meat well, and the seafood is always fresh.

What’s fantastic about the place is that every location has its unique interior design. It is a great idea to try out all of the Ocean Primes in different cities to adore the additional energy it gives. However, no matter where you are, there will always be elegance in their dishes.


The Palm Restaurant

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If you are not into a too fancy ambiance, you might enjoy dinner at The Palm Restaurant. The graphics on the walls are fun to watch, and the cartoons are well-drawn.

The staff doesn’t treat you like their guest but as their family, which brings a warm welcome as you enter the restaurant. The guests appreciate the gestures of their servers.

Despite their whimsical appearance, do not underestimate their steaks. The chefs did a great job at making the steaks and appetizers. People also talk about double-cut N.Y. strip that they serve, which can feed up to three people.


Bogie’s Place

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Bogie’s Place is a literal hidden gem in Boston. You can only find it behind the jm Curley bar room with a velvet curtain covering it. It contrasts the jm Curley, which is a casual restaurant and loud. Bogie’s place is more relaxing, quiet, and ready for romance.

The jazz playing in the background, extravagant booths, and the secrecy will make you feel like you are in a private club. Their menus are perfectly cooked, and their excellent wine selection complemented their steaks. It only accommodates 12 people, so you are assured that they will serve you well.



No one can eat enough steak. Once you have tried it, there’s no more going back. Luckily, steakhouses are everywhere. All you have to do is pick the one that you will love. If no steakhouse is occupying your heart yet, try these 17 Best Steak Restaurants in Boston, MA.

Steak Restaurants in Boston, MA

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