12 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Arlington, VA [2023 Updated]

Arlington County in Virginia might be one of the smallest counties in the United States, but we are here to show you that it has lots of things the place can offer.

Here are the twelve best rooftop restaurants in Arlington, VA.

Don Tito

$$ | (703) 566-3113 | WEBSITE


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A whole 10,000 feet of space, Don Tito is packed with flavorful food and a vast area ready for a night of eating and hanging out.

Don Tito has it all for you, whether for a solo, couple, or night out with friends. You will surely enjoy the relaxing and warm ambiance of the rooftop resto.

Their menu is based on and inspired by tacos, tequilas, and beers. They have three menus: brunch, lunch, and dinner.

They serve many Mexican dishes, such as their house specialty ‘Pollo Al Carbon”, a hefty meal of grilled boneless chicken meat and yellow rice.


Dudley’s Sport and Ale

$$ | (571) 312-2304 | WEBSITE


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Dudley’s Sport and Ale can be your next restaurant stop for any sports enthusiasts. They offer many snacks and dishes perfect as you play the game on their multiple capacity televisions.

Their rooftop space is also great for outside dining as you enjoy their hearty and delicious foods.

The restaurant offers many items such as juicy chicken wings, salads, sandwiches, pizza, and many types of beer. Try out their unique Arlington hot chicken sandwich when you eat at Dudley’s Sport and Ale.

The sandwich is packed with crispy deep-fried chicken and their own Arlington hot sauce, mayo, lettuce, and pickles.


Whitlow’s on Wilson

$$ | (703) 276-9693 | WEBSITE


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Voted as ‘Virginia’s Most Popular Bar’ by Buzzfeed, Whitlow’s on Wilson is very well-known as a landmark in downtown Virginia.

If drinking and eating delicious hearty dishes is what you are looking for, Whitlow’s on Wilson is the place for you.

The rooftop area can be an excellent place to wind down and relax. As you cozy up in the resto, you can eat their delicious chicken wings, burger, and sandwiches.

You might be off-tracked and assume that they have blaring music and an energetic crowd, but this bar is quite relaxed and pleasant.


Buena Vida Clarendon

$$ | (703) 888-1259 | WEBSITE

Buena Vida Clarendon Best Rooftop Restaurants in Arlington, VA

A fine-dining experience with delicious and hearty Mexican food. The restaurant is filled with earth-toned decorations, warm lighting, and a bar in the middle of the room.

The rooftop area of the restaurant is accommodated by roundtables and a clear view of the sky.

The tables and seats are equipped with large and sturdy roofing if the warm radiating sun is your concern while eating on the rooftop deck.

You can try their ‘Chicken Enchilada Plate’ as you dine on the rooftop. The dish contains pulled roasted chicken with roasted tomatillo salsa, Monterrey cheese, and habanero oil.

Whether for a date night or group, visit Buena Vida Clarendon for authentic and delicious Mexican food.


Wilson Hardware Kitchen And Bar

$$ | (703) 527-4200 | WEBSITE


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Wilson Hardware is a multi-level contemporary restaurant ready to serve its customers new and progressive food with a modern twist.

They continue to mix and match various dishes for the current market. If you want to try out some new food to tickle and freshen your palette, try out Wilson Hardware Kitchen and Bar.

They have a wide array of dishes and drinks to fill you up.

If you try to dine in Wilson Hardware, you can order their gluten-free ‘Stuffed Chicken Breast,’ filled with spinach, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes glazed with white truffle sauce.

The meal also comes with a side of mashed potatoes topped with saffron olive oil and asparagus.


Clarendon Pop-Up Bar

$$ | (703) 469-2244 | WEBSITE


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A fun night out is what you are looking for? Clarendon Pop-Up Bar might be the best bar and events venue for you. Enjoy a nice drink as you party and dance all night at Calderon.

They have various specialty drinks for you and your friend’s delicate tastes. The bar also has a lot of food to go along with your drinks.

Enjoy a nigh-out of winding down and just having fun at Clarendon Pop-Up Bar.


Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill

$$ | (703) 528-3030 | WEBSITE

Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill Best Rooftop Restaurants in Arlington, VA

You can deeply enjoy the three-floor with lots of drinks and food options at the Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill.

You can freely watch the game on their television sets as a sports bar. Have drinks and a fun night on the rooftop area with a clear sky view.

They have large servings, perfect for group dates and hanging out. Their famous buffalo chickens and their delicious drinks will surely make your night.

Unwind and cool down from a tiring day at work at Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill.


Sfoglina Rosslyn

$$ | (703) 893-8000 | WEBSITE


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Sfoglina is a restaurant inspired by women who make their pasta by hand. Enjoy yourself with delicious, filling, and saucy plates of pasta made by chefs who are professional at crafting Italian dishes.

The restaurant is very classy, with warm lighting and aesthetically pleasing décor.

The fanciness of the resto does not stop at their decorations and interior.

The plating and presentation of their dishes are also very pleasing to the eye and the stomach. You will surely not be disappointed at the Sfoglina Rosslyn Pasta House.

Whether for a romantic date night, solo relaxation, or company lunches, Sfoglina is the Italian rooftop resto that can please your cravings.


Highline RxR

$$ | (703) 413-2337 | WEBSITE


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The Highline RxR has been a sports bar that serves delicious traditional American food and snack such as burgers and chicken wings since 2015.

They also offer thirty varieties of draft beers and other various alcoholic drinks. All of this wonderful food partnered with the majestic view of Arlington is truly a magnificent experience to try out.

Enjoy a fun snack and relax at the Highline RxR. Their cozy, clean, and warm interior will surely relax and cool you down after a day of activities.

Be sure to check them out and grab yourself a burger, sandwich, chicken wings, or a wrap.



$$ | (703) 875-9663 | WEBSITE


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The authentic and delectable taste of Balkan cuisine is what you will find in Ambar. The restaurant is an excellent place to start if you are unfamiliar with the food and dishes that belong to the Balkan Peninsula.

Delicious food and a fantastic view are perfect for winding down and enjoying yourself.

If you are unfamiliar with the menu and unsure what to buy, you can try their express lunch menu featuring small and many portions of their bestseller that will surely make you fall in love with the Balkan cuisine.

All of that for a flat price of twenty-five dollars. What are you waiting for? Try out Ambar now.


Amuse at Le Meridien – Arlington

$$ | (703) 351-9170 | WEBSITE

Amuse at Le Meridien - Arlington Best Rooftop Restaurants in Arlington, VA

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing dining experience at the rooftop restaurant at the Le Meridien Hotel.

Let your mind wander as you take in the picturesque scene from the comfort of the soft and cushioned chars. The restaurant is also well lit and very clean.

You can try out one of the Le Meridien Specials, such as the ‘Blue Crab Omelet.’ It’s a very delicious omelet with a side of roasted sweet corn and shitake mushrooms, sheep’s milk cheese, along with corn muffin with tomato jam.

You will fill your stomach with a delicious feast and fill your eyes with the gorgeous scenery.


Skydome Restaurant

$$$ | (703) 416-4100 | WEBSITE


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Located at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Skydome Restaurant offers a fine-dining experience unlike any other.

Get mesmerized as you look around the stunning landmarks around DC while you dine and relax. The place screams elegance and class, perfect for a classic winding down at an expensive hotel.

You can try out their Spanish Risotto, made of saffron rice and topped with chorizo sausage, shrimps, mussels, roasted cherry tomato, and peas.

Get ready for a classy night out filled with delicious food in intricate plating and a breathtaking view.

Whether for a date night, solo dining, or with friends and family, you will truly enjoy your time at Skydome Restaurant.



Arlington might be a small county, but it’s filled with big restaurants with delicious food and diverse cuisine.

We hope you get to take in the view at one of these twelve best rooftop restaurants in Arlington, VA.

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