16 Best Restaurants in Charlottesville, VA [2023 Updated]

There are a variety of restaurants throughout the city of Charlottesville, whether you’re looking for Southern comfort food, your favorite foreign dish, or even something new to try.

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat, here are 17 of the best restaurants in Charlottesville, VA.

Hamilton’s at First & Main

$$$ | (434) 295-6649 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA Hamilton's at First & Main

This restaurant is a true taste of Charlottesville. Hamilton’s at First & Main specializes in seafood, though this isn’t all they have to offer.

Their gourmet menu features a small selection of local favorite dishes, including chicken cordon bleu sandwiches, crispy fried oysters, and, of course, the fresh fish of the day.

The restaurant is located in the Downtown Mall in a pedestrians-only area, and large windows allow customers to watch people as they bustle around shopping; mall-goers can stop by Hamilton’s for a date, or just a gourmet bite to eat.



Mellow Mushroom

$$ | (434) 972-9366 | WEBSITE


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Founded in the 70s, Mellow Mushroom has been providing high-quality stone-baked pizzas to its loyal customers for nearly 50 years.

Its Charlottesville location has been popular since its creation in 2001, owing to its menu that boasts a wide and creative selection of pizzas, as well as plenty of toppings to choose from to make your own creation.

Mellow Mushroom pizzas can be made gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan; you can also order hoagies, burgers, calzones, alcohol, and desserts.

Outdoor dining space is available, as well as curbside pickup and delivery, so your next Mellow Mushroom pizza is never far away!



TipTop Restaurant

$ | (434) 244-3424 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Charlottesville, VA TipTop Restaurant

The decor in the TipTop Restaurant will bring you right back to the 1950s, and the food offered has an equally classic feel to it. Have a seat at the counter or in a cozy booth, and choose from the extensive menu the restaurant has to offer.

If you missed breakfast, it’s served all day long at this restaurant, from waffles to bacon to breakfast sandwiches.

For dinner, choose from anything from a hearty steak to a refreshing soup of the day, all at a reasonable price with fast, friendly service. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a full meal, this restaurant will take care of you.



Sultan Kebab

$$ | (434)-981-0090 | WEBSITE


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Nowhere in Charlottesville prides itself on authentic Turkish cuisine quite like Sultan Kebab. Whether you love Turkish food or you’ve never tried doner kebab before, this restaurant offers high-quality food in every dish.

Lamb, chicken, and beef are all offered in various dishes such as sandwiches and meal platters; vegetarians can also enjoy sandwiches, soups, and salads.

This restaurant has a lot of space, which makes it a great place to bring friends and family for an evening out with some good company and great food.



Public Fish & Oyster

$$$ | (434) 995-5542 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurants Public Fish & Oyster

For an intimate dining experience, there is none quite like the Public Fish & Oyster. This small restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood dishes for every preference, as well as their famous lobster rolls during their 4 pm-6 pm happy hour.

Their alcohol, fish, and other ingredients are all sourced from Virginian breweries and farms for the highest quality of local food.

Both large and small meal options are available, so whether you’re eating by yourself or feeding a family, Public has you covered.

Indoor and outdoor seating options are available, and reservations are encouraged, so call ahead and book your table today!



Maya Restaurant & Bar

$$ | (434) 979-6292 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurant Maya Restaurant & Bar

Well-made Southern comfort food is hard to beat, and Maya Restaurant & Bar knows this very well.

A tight-knit team of cooks has been serving classic Southern appetizers, entrees, and sides for more than 12 years, and customers have been very happy with their service.  Seasonal dishes keep the menu fresh and exciting for repeat customers.

Reservations are required to dine in the restaurant, but if you’re craving some Southern food right now, you can place an online order to have high-quality dish right to you.



C&O Restaurant

$$$$ | (434) 971-7044 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Charlottesville, VA C&O Restaurant

Fine dining doesn’t need to be black tie, and C&O Restaurant is proof of this. Their menu offers a variety of fine dining options, from New York strip steak with buttermilk blue cheese to honey-thyme glazed duck breast and many more.

The restaurant has friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the location itself has a quiet and charming atmosphere, thanks in part to its historical origins.

Two locales are available within the restaurant for private events: the Upstairs Dining Room, an open space with lots of ambient light; and the C&O Gallery, an intimate and versatile space featuring art from local artists.



Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

$ | (434) 202-1446 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is a hidden gem tucked away in Bond Street. You can fully customize a wrap, bowl, or pita pocket with veggies, proteins, and other flavors of all kinds to create the Mediterranean taste you love most.

The seating includes a window seat to watch activity outside the restaurant, as well as a casual atmosphere for the other seats as well. Cookies and baklava are also available to satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of your meal.



Miller’s Downtown

$$ | (434) 971-8511 | WEBSITE


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Miller’s Downtown combines the classic with the new: the menu boasts classic pub food that always hits the spot, with the new excitement of live music with your meal.

A few different dishes are featured every day, with your standard fare of burgers, wings, and sandwiches.

Their sides, such as grilled mac and cheese and kettle cooked chips, are sure to satisfy, Miller’s Downtown also features live music weekly, with different acts on different days. Be sure to check out their website before going to eat to find out who will be performing while you’re there.



Thai Cuisine & Noodle House

$$ | (434) 974-1326 | WEBSITE


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Thai Cuisine & Noodle House offers a wide variety of Thai dishes with prompt service at moderate prices.

Many appetizer options are offered, and for main dishes, fried rice, curry, noodle bowls, and pho are all available, with lots of customization options available to ensure what you order is exactly what you want to eat.

Outdoor dining options are available so you can enjoy your meal in fresh air. Delivery and pickup is also possible at this restaurant, so you can enjoy delicious Thai food at home.



Red Hub Food Co.

$ | (434) 975-2271 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA Red Hub Food Co.

Tradition reigns supreme at Red Hub Food Co., a little restaurant started by people who wanted to preserve and share their grandmothers’ barbecue recipes.

They offer an extensive menu featuring all of the classic dishes, including pulled pork, fried chicken, beef brisket, and all the sides you could hope for.

With generous portions and complementary homemade chips, eating here will bring you back to barbecues from childhood. Breakfast and lunch delivery are also available, for a taste of home earlier in the day.



East Garden

$$ | (434) 295-2888 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Restaurants East Garden

Why choose between eating only Japanese or only Chinese the next time you have a craving?

This restaurant is a buffet that features pan-Asian cuisine, so whether you’re craving sushi, General Tso’s chicken, or hot and sour soup, you’ll find exactly what you like here.

Dine-in and takeout options are available, and service in the restaurant itself is fast and friendly. Lunch specials are offered throughout the week, and East Garden prides itself on being affordable at all other times as well.




$$$$ | (434) 971-7800 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Restaurant Fleurie

Fine French dining is right at home in Charlottesville at Fleurie.

Enjoy three courses of French cuisine at the same fixed price; pair a lobster bisque appetizer with a venison loin and braised red cabbage entree, with creme brulée for dessert, or change any of these dishes with something more to your own tastes, all for $89 regardless of your choices.

Be sure to try a selection from the restaurant’s diverse list of wines and spirits available, with bottles from overseas and from local Virginia breweries.



Citizen Burger Bar

$$ | (434) 979-9944 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Charlottesville, VA Citizen Burger Bar

Referring to themselves as The Burger Bar for the People, Citizen Burger Bar prides itself on providing its customers and community with good-quality locally-sourced burgers.

Several varieties of burger are available on their menu, including a smaller burger for kids and non-beef options for their burgers.

Other sandwich options are also available, as are drink and dessert options. You can order a piece of birthday cake for yourself any day of the year, alongside a good burger and your favorite beverage.



The Whiskey Jar

$$ | (434) 202-1549 | WEBSITE


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For a taste of the country within the city, look no further than The Whiskey Jar.

Their menu changes seasonally, but the dishes offered rotate through a variety of Southern dishes, including hushpuppies and biscuits, catfish po’boy, and shrimp and grits.

The ingredients used are locally-sourced, up to and including wild ingredients foraged from the Piedmont region. And, of course, the whiskey here is served to you in a jar, as are the other alcoholic drinks!



The Ivy Inn Restaurant

$$$$ | (434) 977-1222 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA The Ivy Inn Restaurant

This restaurant has plenty to offer, from its delicious food to the history of the building itself.

Once part of a larger estate known as the Faulkner House, the Ivy Inn changed hands numerous times from its origins in the 1700s to the present, before it was established as the restaurant it is today in 1973.

In the modern era, this restaurant offers high-quality fine dining meals, friendly and attentive service, and a long list of wines and cocktails to accent your meal.

The Ivy Inn Restaurant puts their own spin on modern American food, with excellent service in mind.




No matter what your favorite flavors are, you’re sure to find a restaurant among the 17 listed here that can provide exactly what you like.

Whether you already knew about these restaurants or something new from this list has caught your attention, make sure to take advantage of some of the best restaurants in Charlottesville.

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