12 Most Romantic Restaurants in Boston, MA

Are you meeting your dating app match for the first time? Or planning to spend your anniversary with a lover? You’re lucky to be in the Cradle of Liberty!

Fall in love with the majestic, most romantic restaurants in Boston, MA, and celebrate any occasion with your sweetheart.

Where you’ll eat on your first date makes a good first impression. It can be a hit or miss, so make sure to choose only the best food place – a sophisticatedly romantic one. Let’s begin!

Frenchie Wine Bistro

$$$ | (857) 233-5941 | WEBSITE


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Impressing someone on your first date starts with choosing the perfect meet-up spot. Frenchie Wine Bistro is one of the most romantic restaurants in Boston that’s great for meeting a love interest for the first time.

Frenchie Wine Bistro is a wine bar situated in an easy-going, friendly neighborhood in the heart of South End.

This bistro features a French-inspired menu, offering brunch every Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Coming inside this restaurant is a breath of fresh air. You’ll be welcomed with a lush garden vibe in an almost-outdoor dining setup.


MIDA Restaurant

$$ | (617) 936-3490 | WEBSITE


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Not far from our first restaurant is MIDA, another romantic restaurant situated along Tremont Street.

MIDA is a contemporary Italian eatery that presents an open kitchen and patio crafted by the award-winning chef, Douglass Williams.

This restaurant is perfect to make you fall in love with its fresh pasta dishes made with the best seasonal ingredients.

MIDA’s food alone can devour you as you feel the sultriness in every bite. Among MIDA’s best-selling dishes are the gnocchi cacio e pepe, Insalata mista, and Sicilian mussels.


No. 9 Park

$$$$ | (617) 742-9991 | WEBSITE


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No. 9 Park is a classic restaurant on Park Street, perfect for romantic dinners and exquisite dining experiences.

This restaurant features a front dining room with floor-to-ceiling views that proudly uplifts an unmatched service. This French-Italian diner is a luxurious and elegant place for a five-course menu.

This restaurant presents a spectacular view of the beautiful Boston skyline. Its warm, hospitable setting is great for dates and intimate gatherings.


Woods Hill Pier 4

$$$ | 617 981 4577 | WEBSITE


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Sustainable and romantic are two of the best adjectives to describe Woods Hill Pier 4. This restaurant offers deliciously flavorful meals from sustainable, nutritious ingredients.

Woods Hill Pier 4 features fantastic harbor views in the Boston Seaport District, giving a subtly romantic outdoor backdrop to all diners.

This ecological restaurant perfectly sets the mood for sunsets and cozy nights. Its in-house chef, Charlie Foster, proudly promotes its farm-to-table menu with locally-sourced ingredients from Woods Hill’s New Hampshire farm.


The Beehive

$$ | (617) 423-0069 | WEBSITE


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Fall in love with romantic live jazz, bohemian-style interiors, and Moulin Rouge vibes at The Beehive.

This restaurant is the place to be for clinking cocktails, top-class music, and, if you’re lucky, you get to watch a burlesque show. Its cabaret stage is much like a real-life set from Moulin Rouge!

The Beehive is a must-see romantic restaurant in Boston’s South End. Beyond its amazingly flavorful food, you can also enjoy this eclectic and elegant art space, sumptuous drinks, and world-class music.


Mamma Maria

$$$ | (617) 523-0077 | WEBSITE


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Who wouldn’t fall in love with different types of pasta and the romantic vibe of this restaurant? Mamma Maria is a romantic restaurant along N Square with unique rooms for intimate and large gatherings.

Mamma Maria isn’t just perfect for date nights. It is also an excellent choice for celebrating events.

This restaurant features Italian dishes with New England ingredients that give an incredibly fresh take on the cuisine.

Open daily from Mondays through Sundays, Mamma Maria serves guests good food and a romantic ambiance you surely wouldn’t want to miss.



$$$ | (617) 741-3404 | WEBSITE


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Pasta is indeed for lovers. Contessa is an amazing romantic restaurant in Boston that presents a Back Bay rooftop dining experience with checkerboard tiles, striped curtains, and lush greenery.

As you enter this restaurant, you’ll surely feel Marie Antoinette and Donatella Versace combined. Everything about this place is just luxurious!

Contessa not only has an aesthetically pleasing interior. It also features exceptional food that will leave you craving more. Among Contessa’s delicacies are the plump shrimp mezzaluna, Mediterranean branzino, and the Bistecca Fiorentina.


Nathálie Wine Bar

$$$ | (857) 317-3884 | WEBSITE

Nathálie Wine Bar Most Romantic Restaurants in Boston, MA

Are you looking for the perfect spot to meet up and have your first date? Head out to Brookline Avenue and look for Nathálie Wine Bar.

This romantic restaurant is a Fenway wine bar that would surely make a great first impression. This wine bar features an expensive, lush selection of drinks, natural wines, and little bites.

What adds up to the romance and sensuality of this restaurant is its sultry, spicy lighting. The vibe, ambiance, and dining experience you’ll get to try at this restaurant are superb.


Mooo Restaurant

$$$$ | (617) 670-2515 | WEBSITE


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You might think the name is silly, but this restaurant is impeccable! Mooo Restaurant is a great spot for romantic dinners, offering a variety of sumptuous dishes.

This restaurant is a sophisticated, elegant, and luscious place with a full bar featuring an award-winning wine selection. Mooo is perfect for couples wanting to wear a fancy dress out and suit up.

Being a popular steakhouse at the historic Beacon Hill, Mooo is known for its excellent steak and wagyu beef dumplings. Guests also get to enjoy its warm decor that gives off an inviting, romantic, and sultry atmosphere.


Bistro du Midi

$$$ | (617) 279-8000 | WEBSITE


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Enjoy the flavors and flair of Southern France at Bistro du Midi. As one of the most romantic restaurants in Boston, Bistro du Midi features dishes close to the world’s city of love: Paris. Its menu centers on Coastal New England’s gastronomy.

Bistro du Midi showcases a light-filled dining corner that gives guests a warm, sophisticated ambiance. What a lovely place to spend a romantic date!

To complete your dining experience, you can try its chicken with risotto and salmon paired with one of its excellent selections of wine.



$$$$ | (617) 412-4600 | WEBSITE


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Sorellina is one of the most romantic restaurants in Boston, regarded for its modern take on Italian-Mediterranean gastronomy.

This restaurant has an unparalleled array of wine, Italian staples, and extraordinary hospitable service. With its warm contemporary aesthetic, dining at this restaurant would be a lovely and elegant experience.

Choosing the finest romantic restaurant can get tricky for new couples, but you won’t make a mistake in choosing Sorellina. This place’s standards for luxury, hospitality and fine dining are superb!

Chef and owner, Jamie Mammano, proudly presents Sorellina’s modern spin on the cuisine, bringing the classic taste of Italian-Mediterranean dishes right to your table.


Mistral Bistro

$$$ | (617) 867-9300 | WEBSITE


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If you were to describe Mistral Bistro in three words, you would probably say elegant, sophisticated, and seductive.

This restaurant gives a fresh and extraordinary take on the uncomplicated French cuisine, with the finest seasonal ingredients you could ask for. This restaurant proudly serves delicious dishes from the south of France.

This romantic restaurant belongs on our list for a reason: it’s one of the best! Mistral Bistro is perfect for a wine date or even a private gathering with family and friends.

You can try its thin-crust pizzas, branzino meuniere, risotto, and other French delicacies you’d like you and your lover to experience.

For an even sweeter moment, order from Mistral’s wonderful selection of pastries and desserts, like the Belgian chocolate sorbet.

Warm Valrhona chocolate torte and the classic creme brulee are also available to level up the sweetness of your night!



Food is indeed for lovers! As they say, the way to your beloved’s heart is through their stomach, so choosing the perfect restaurant for romantic dinners can be quite a task.

But in Boston, that’s not much to worry about; Fortunately, the list of the most romantic restaurants in Boston is here to guide you, and you’ll likely find other gems at every corner. We hope you have a blast!

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