15 Best Restaurants in Stillwater, MN [2023 Updated]

Stillwaters is one of the tourist destinations you should visit to enjoy the scenic byways or the wonderful parks. Whether you’re visiting or a local, you can be sure to relax and enjoy your meals in some of the best restaurants in Stillwater, MN.

We give you a comprehensive review of some of the best places to dine in Stillwater so you never go hungry.

Lolo American Kitchen

$$ | (651) 342-2461 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Stillwater, MN Lolo American Kitchen

One of the best restaurants in Stillwater you can get finger-licking meals is Lolo American Kitchen. The restaurant has excellent space with beautiful dinner counters and tasty food that will keep you coming for more. You can order gourmet street food, seafood, dessert, or cocktails.

Lolo American Kitchen has a kids’ menu which your young ones can enjoy eating. The restaurant is part of the Lolo restaurant group and uses fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients to cook its foods. After talking with the management, you can dine in or take out your favorite meal from this restaurant.


Domacin Restaurant, Wine Bar, and Wine Shop

$$ | (651) 439-1352 | WEBSITE


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Go to Domacin Restaurant, Wine Bar, and wine shop in Stillwater to enjoy some food. The European-style building offers indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, enabling everyone to enjoy the atmosphere.

You can book a reservation and order your food, like beef tenderloin and pasta and favorite wine, anytime you’re around this place. The restaurant has a modern American menu and more than 600 wine selections, making it a good place to dine and drink. You can also do your private event in this restaurant or request takeout.


Brick And Bourbon

$$ | (651) 342-0777 | WEBSITE


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Dine or drink at Brick and Bourbon. What makes it one of the best restaurants in Stillwater is the type of food they offer for lunch and dinner. The restaurant operates late at night and has a stylish space where you can relax after a long day in the streets.

It specializes in American eats, and you can order fresh cocktails and draft brews anytime you’re here. Vegetarians have a place in this restaurant as they offer vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free meals as a special diet. But salads or desserts are also available to quench your cravings.


The Tilted Tiki Bar and Lounge

$$ | (651) 342-2545 | WEBSITE


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Another best restaurant in Stillwater to eat your favorite meal is The Tilted Tiki Bar and Lounge. You will be amazed by the tropical bar setting, which sends your mind to endless party mode. The restaurant also hosts live music from Thursday to Saturday, where you can shake a leg while eating or drinking your favorite meal.

You can order sandwiches, cocktails, burgers, tacos and delicious desserts. There are also shareable dishes and a vegan menu which you’ll love eating with your loved ones. This restaurant has been operational since 2016 and can also be your stay-cation destination in Stillwater at any time of the year.


Stillwater Proper

$$ | (651) 342-2053 | WEBSITE


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Stillwater Proper Restaurant is also amongst the best restaurants in Stillwater. You can have mouthwatering meals. The restaurant started operating in 2021 and offers a bar-food-inspired menu. It sources its meat locally and uses fresh organic products to make its meals.

The restaurant partners with local farmers and distillers to ensure they have the best service. You can order your breakfast, lunch, or dinner from Stillwater Proper as they operate from 11:30 am to 9 pm daily.



$$$ | (651) 571-3501 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Stillwater, MN Feller

If you’re in this city and looking for the best restaurants in Stillwater, consider Feller within the Lora hotel. The restaurant will also allow you to visit the Feller cave rooms and enjoy the unique setting while eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Unlike the other restaurants, the Feller will allow you to taste Minnesota traditional dishes as they have a hunter-gatherer-inspired menu. But you can also quench your thirst for wine from this restaurant from the adjacent bar space.


The Main Café

$ | (651) 430-2319 | WEBSITE

Stillwater, MN Best Restaurants The Main Café

The Main Café is also among the best restaurants in Stillwater. You can have breakfast or lunch. It’s popular for its omelets, burgers, and pancakes. But you can also order other American cuisines or get vegetarian or gluten-free foods from this restaurant.

You can come with your family to this restaurant as it’s family-friendly with its location allowing you to enjoy some cool breeze from the river. Since it opened its doors in 1989, this restaurant has ensured every customer gets the best meals.


Matchstick Restaurant and Spirits

$$ | (651) 571-0111 | WEBSITE


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Try out the Matchstick Restaurant and Spirits if you’re looking for a place to dine in Stillwater. This restaurant serves locally produced meat and vegetables from nearby farms, ensuring they are fresh from the source.

You can also enjoy various fine and unique wines after eating your food. What’s special about this restaurant is the intense flavor of food prepared from a natural wood fire grill or smoker.

You can also have private dining with your friends and colleagues. But if you love indoor or outdoor services, the restaurant has plans to meet your needs.


The Dock Stillwater

$$ | (651) 430-3370 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking forward to eating on an outdoor patio along the St. Croix River bank, the Dock Stillwater restaurant will give you such an experience.

It has tasty steaks and chops plus other American foods you will enjoy eating. It has vegan options and seafood. But you can also have drinks, salads, and sandwiches while enjoying the beautiful views.


Joseph’s Family Restaurant

$$ | (651) 439-3336 | WEBSITE


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When visiting a new place with your family, you will look for a family-friendly restaurant that will meet everyone’s needs. Joseph’s Family Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Stillwater that will meet your family’s needs.

The family-style restaurant ensures you get your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the appropriate time. It also has bar serving members who want to have some beer or wine. Those who love quality breakfast should visit this restaurant as they serve all-day breakfast and have won an award for that.


Nachos Mamas

$$ | (651) 439-9544 | WEBSITE

Stillwater, MN Best Restaurant Nachos Mamas

If you’re looking for Mexican grub, one of the best restaurants in Stillwater to visit is nachos mamas. The restaurant is popular for its tacos, quesadillas, and margaritas, which will leave you coming for more.

It serves lunch and dinner, so you can rely on them for your main meals. The atmosphere here is serene with great service. The restaurant also has various vegetarian options which cater to vegans.


Mad Capper Saloon and Eatery

$$ | (651) 430-3710 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Stillwater, MN Mad Capper Saloon and Eatery

The food and drinks in Mad Capper Saloon and Eatery will also make you rate it among the best restaurants in Stillwater. Currently, under new management, the restaurant serves its customers good food and is family-friendly.

It has delicious sandwiches and fresh pasta and allows customers to order specially made dinner. You will also love the services at the bar section, where they serve refreshing drinks.


Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop

$ | (651) 351-3943 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Stillwater, MN Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop

Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop will also enable you to eat finger-licking meals while in Stillwater, MN. The family-friendly restaurant serves burgers, banana splits, and malts.

But it’s also vegetarian-friendly and offers vegan options for customers. Its outdoor patio will enable you to enjoy the city’s atmosphere after a tiring day at work or on the street.


Gorman’s Restaurant

$$ | (651) 770-2476 | WEBSITE

Stillwater, MN Restaurants Gorman’s Restaurant

You will also love spending some time in this family-friendly restaurant with a great historical ambiance. It operates from 7 am to 9 pm, giving you options to order breakfast to super.

You can request malt or burgers anytime to quench your cravings. It’s a family-owned business that has been operational since 1980 and works towards meeting its customers’ needs.


Coffee Paw Café

$$ | (651) 342-0429 | WEBSITE


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You will love the coffee and food from Coffee Paw’s Café in Stillwater because it’s sweet and made out of love. The restaurant is dog friendly, allowing you to hang out with your pet.

The café will enable you to have brunch with friends and families out of town for a change of environment. You can also order your favorite fresh pastries made from within the house.



Everyone loves eating carefully prepared food from a restaurant that will keep them coming for more. That’s why when you’re in Stillwater, MN, you have to identify the best restaurants in Stillwater where you can enjoy your food and time. The above 15 restaurants will clear your hunger pangs and give you value for y

15 Best Restaurants in Stillwater, MN

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