12 Best Restaurants in Vacaville, CA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Vacaville is a vibrant city located in Northern California, situated halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento, with an encompassing hot, dry climate.

Originally inhabited by the indigenous Patwin Tribe, the area was settled by pioneers named Juan Felipe Pena and Juan Manuel Cabeza Vaca, the latter being the namesack of the city and the former receiving an adobe in Vacaville named after him.

As the years passed, Vacaville became a culturally-lively city, holding celebrations such as the Vacaville Fiesta Days and opening the Nut Tree, an exhibit complete with a train for children to ride around in, and a gigantic chessboard.

In addition to these attributes, Vacaville is home to multiple fantastic eateries. The 12 most recommended restaurants in Vacaville are listed and reviewed below. The majority of these restaurants are considered reasonably priced, and each one is known for serving quality cuisine.

In addition to these attributes, Vacaville is home to multiple fantastic eateries that are known for their unique offerings, which will be highlighted below. Amongst other factors, these restaurants were also selected based on the ambiance of the establishment and the type of cuisine available.

1. Okashi Fusion

$$ | (707) 359-4090 | WEBSITE


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We begin the list with Okashi, a restaurant that combines unexpected tastes such as Hawaiian, Japanese, and others to create a flavor explosion. There is a Build Your Own Bowl option that allows you to sample a poke bowl filled with veggies and meats of your choosing.

Or if you have something more specific in mind, try the traditional Hawaiian ono bowl or the California bowl (basically a California roll in a bowl!). Guests call Okashi Fusion’s custom-made poke bowls the best in California!



2. Rose Garden Thai Restaurant

$$ | (707) 446-1624 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Vacaville, CA

This unique Thai restaurant serves cuisine crafted with care. Begin your meal with fried tofu, fresh spring rolls, or Thai pork belly. The citrus chicken combines tangy flavors with a juicy chicken breast, and the pad cashew nut is served with onions and red and green peppers.

The curry selection is impeccable – red, green, yellow, panang, and seasonal pumpkin chicken. Customers appreciate the low prices for the quality of food you receive, as well as the overall atmosphere of the establishment.



3. Backdoor Bistro and Wine Bar

$$ | (707) 685-9222 | WEBSITE


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Backdoor Bistro and Wine Bar is an exciting mix of multicultural cuisine. Try the Dixon lamb sliders, the polenta fries, and the duck carnitas tacos.

For a hearty entree, order the Five Dot ranch beef burger – a thick and juicy burger topped with red onions, cheddar, lettuce, and red wine aioli on a brioche bun.

The wine, beer, and cocktail selection will leave you wanting for nothing. Guests are especially impressed with the dishes and enjoy the outdoor seating options. They also love the casual ambiance.



4. Los Reyes Restaurante y Cantina

$$ | (707) 448-2113 | WEBSITE


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Los Reyes Restaurante y Cantina is an authentic Mexican BBQ experience. From the Botanas menu, start with the Vampiros – different cheeses mixed with tomatoes, cilantro, and meat on two tostadas. Or sample the chorizo and mushroom queso dip, a wild take on an old favorite.

For a classic dish, try the tamale plate or the enchilada plate. If you are there for the BBQ, order the chipotle BBQ tri-tip in spicy chipotle sauce. Guests are impressed by the excellent customer service and the delicious entrees.



5. Fuji Sushi Buffet

$$ | (707) 685-9783 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Vacaville, CA

Sushi buffets are (unfortunately) pretty rare, but thankfully there is Fuji Sushi Buffet to satisfy all of your sushi needs. The choices are abundant: tiger roll, dragon roll, caterpillar roll, spider roll, spicy ninja roll, rainbow roll, and even a Lion King roll!

On the Nigiri section of the menu, they offer albacore, unagi, and inari. Guests enjoy the fresh sashimi and the massive selection of amazing, hand-rolled sushi.



6. Falafel Corner

$$ | (707) 689-5665 | WEBSITE

Vacaville, CA Best Restaurants

Falafel Corner is a Mediterranean treat in the middle of California. Order the Greek salad, the gyros platter, or the flavorful falafel platter. If you can’t decide which tasty entree to try, choose the combination platter – hummus, chicken, gyros, salad, rice, and pita bread.

Guests truly enjoy the social atmosphere of Falafel Corner, the incredible hospitality provided by the staff, and the freshness of the entrees. They also love the diversity of the items available.



7. Cajun Crack’n

$$ | (707) 685-9366 | WEBSITE


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Who doesn’t love some awesome Cajun food? Start with the gumbo soup, a delicious twist on classic gumbo. Or sample the Cajun curry fries, a hot and spicy introduction to your visit. The fried catfish basket uses only the freshest of catfish.

And what Cajun restaurant would be complete with a menu section dedicated entirely to Po’Boys? Visitors to Cajun Crack’n love the fresh and delicious oysters, as well as the abundance of Cajun dishes to choose from.



8. La Borgata Italian Deli

$$ | (707) 685-9406 | WEBSITE

Vacaville, CA Best Restaurant

This deli has an Italian flare that is immediately evident once you sample their mouthwatering sandwiches. Try the chicken sriracha sandwich with provolone, lettuce, mayo, and onion on French bread. Or order the Abruzzese: salami and turkey with roasted peppers, lettuce, provolone, and tomato on Dutch crust.

If you are searching for a vegetarian option, order the Isola Capri – tomato basil combined with olive oil, pesto, and mozzarella on steamy French bread. Customers love the different sandwich choices and the flavorful add-ons.



9. Buckhorn BBQ + Grill

$$ | (707) 453-0648 | WEBSITE


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This lively BBQ joint provides you with incredibly filling platters, burgers, feasts, and even meat by the pound! The platters include baby-back ribs, New York steak, and the smoked sausage platter.

If you are looking for a smooth cocktail to wash it all down, Buckhorn has draft cocktails that are sure to make your night a more relaxing one. Guests enjoy the hearty entrees and the deliciously-sweet cocktails.



10. Merchant & Main Grill & Bar

$$ | (707) 446-0368 | WEBSITE


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Merchant & Main Grill & Bar offers an eclectic menu listing pastas, burgers, seafood, and much more. The appetizers include original “tater” skins, a large pretzel served with beer cheese dip, Canadian pot roast poutine, and char-grilled artichoke.

Then there are the handhelds – the Main Street burger, the ahi tuna burger, and the Merchant Street meatloaf burger.

But don’t rule Merchant out as just another bar and grill – there are also traditional breakfasts and champagne brunches, as well as an extensive list of wine and beer. Customers love the casual ambiance and great selection of food and drinks.



11. Pelayo’s Mexican Food

$$ | (707) 449-9365 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Vacaville, CA

Pelayo’s fuses Mexican and New Mexican cuisine for an overall contemporary taste all its own. As an appetizer, start with the mini-chimichangas – tortillas stuffed with your choice of meats, cheese, and beans.

If you’re looking for a kick to start off your visit, try the aptly-named inferno wings served with ranch. When it comes to your entree, Pelayo’s gives you the option to create your own combo. But if you’re craving something a little more specific, check out the Especialidades (specials) menu.

Simply put, Pelayo’s has something for everyone in your party. Guests compliment the salsa bar, the outstanding hospitality of the staff, and the great quality and freshness of the cuisine.



12. Clay Oven Grill & Bar

$$ | (707) 455-1313 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Vacaville, CA

Clay Oven Grill & Bar serves Indian-inspired cuisine. Start your meal with a vegetarian appetizer like the papri chaat (a spicy, sweet, and sour sampler) or the pani puri (potatoes and chutney stuffed into bread puffs).

For a non-vegetarian appetizer, sample the tandoori wings or the chicken pakoras. As your entree, you can try the Clay Oven Grill Special, which is lamb bathed in garlic basil lemon juice. Customers enjoy the diverse menu and the authenticity of the dishes.




The captivating city of Vacaville, California, not far from San Francisco, has a plethora of experiences to offer tourists as well as locals.

The choices of dining establishments are practically endless, which attracts various types of people – including those who have traveled around the globe and therefore are well-versed in culture. The best restaurants in Vacaville will not disappoint.

Best Restaurants in Vacaville

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  1. I live in Vacaville & While I agree with the majority of your choices I would swap out Fuji for the hole in the wall Ayame – best sushi spot around by far. Los Reyes has a nice setting downtown but after Covid I would swap it with el Azteca.


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